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Surprise. Russia lied again. Military vehicles have tonight crossed the border into #Ukraine
This is what your post 9/11 cops look like. Great job, western world
RT @ASLuhn: With Strelkov's resignation following Borodai's, major Russian leaders phased out of #Ukraine conflict. Luhansk native Bolotov also resigned
RT @ASLuhn: East #Ukraine rebel general Strelkov has apparently received a better offer because he's resigning "to take a new job" @tvrain
A scrollable Korean horror comic. Bricks will be shat
Image: An old woman who fled the warzone with her cow, sits on a bench in Amiens, France, 28th March
Granny passed away last night, after a crazy weekend of moving her closer to the family. Enjoy the trip, Erna Dorn
Only in North Korea: Wi-Fi Access Sparks Housing Boom in Pyongyang
Don't ask. But I am watching Cannes award videos. I really really really do not enjoy this.
RT @JuliaDavisNews: Russia is using Red Cross flags on its convoy without the permission of the ICRC.
RT @ReadMatter: You’re 16. You’re a pedophile. You don’t want to hurt anyone. What do you do now?
And here is Robin Williams’ 10 months old AMA on reddit
RT @GorseFires: Here's a cracker: MFA Russia hopes for Kiev's full cooperation in providing security for humanitarian aid deliveries to East Ukraine (RIA)
Checklists for relaunching your website - here is a collection of links that I saved
280 Russian trucks have to wait at the Ukrainian border. Loaded with nothing but love and compassion.
Yessssssss! David Shing will speak at dmexco. Yalla, yalla! God is great.
Awful. You get up and Robin Williams has killed itself. Hello new day, anything else?
Going to sleep soon. I wonder if Russia is going to „assist“ the hell out of Ukraine tonight. On a totally humanitarian basis of course.
RT @PaulaChertok: MT @lennutrajektoor: AA radar for S-300 complex spotted next to humanitarian aid trucks at #Ukraine #Russia border.
Zombiewalk — ein paar Gedanken zu #Demenz, Würde und der Frage, ob es Glück auch im Vergessen geben kann
Time-Lapse Pyongyang. A Video About A City And A Brand. -
OMFG. I am supposed to say something about this year’s Cannes winners. Why? Why, my lord?
11 Years ago. Just saying.
Nice. Kremlin announces invasion of Ukraine. NATO denies HQ access to Russian diplomats. Just like in my childhood days in W Germany.
RT @BBCGavinHewitt: NATO chief sees 'high probability' of Russian intervention in Eastern Ukraine #Ukraine
RT @BreakingNews: Kremlin says Russia is sending humanitarian convoy into Ukraine in cooperation with Red Cross - @AP
"Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter" is now streaming on Netflix as "Generation War" - Germany’s most devastating WW II epic
Five Ways Nuclear Armageddon Was Almost Unleashed via @thenatlinterest
„Zombiewalk“ - ein paar Gedanken rund um Menschenwürde trotz Demenz
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