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By the way: Hamas DID NOT kidnap the three Israeli teens according to the press guy of the Israeli police
Neue Bellona: ein Blick auf #MH17, Verschwörungstheorien und die Sache mit Russland
Ein paar sicherheitspolitische Gedanken von mir zu Verschwörungstheorien, Russland und #MH17
Why banner bashing is stupid. Especially if you work in an agency
Ouch. Paul's Boutique is 25 years old today. Thanks Beastie Boys.
The Dutch police is looking for photo and video evidences of Flight #MH17
The sad truth: World’s 85 richest earn more than 3.5 billion poorest: UN report
"I like to jump like a horse“
Video: Weird Al's incredible attention to detail
Usually when people bomb save UN havens others discuss if the attackers should be bombed. Unless the bombed ones are Palestinians. #Gaza
Third airliner crash in 7 days. Theory of probabilities where art thou?
Fresh on davaidavai: Email Killed The Social Media Star
Back To Basics? Email Killed The Social Media Star. -
Just if you need a hint for winning in Smarty Pins: the answer to all questions about Britain is „London"
Okay, this is cool. I didn't know you can download customized Google Analytics dashboards. But you can
13 Essential Copywriting Tips to Help You Rank in Search in 2014 [Infographic] -
Washington Just Signed Off on This Year’s Biggest Arms Deal
How to be happy in an ad agency - this is how you fix some key problems
Image: Directional Sound Finders - used to detect enemy planes in World War 1 #history
Image: Last farewell. Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old organ donor shortly before his death
How To Live A Happy Life in Ad Agencies
Cheat Sheet. How To Live Happily In An Agency [Slideshare]. -
Error in Judgement“ - a Sky reporter apologizes. Somehow I understand youm Mr Brazier
„Error in Judgement“ - a Sky reporter apologizes. Somehow very understandable Mr @colinbrazier
If you want to keep track of Russian governmental editing attempts on Wikipedia: @RuGovEdits_en #MH17 #propaganda
NATO gets bold. Worth a read if you are interested in poltics of security
25 Design Principles by Google. A Slideshare Deck
Ukrainian separatists who are totally not supported by Putin have downed two Ukrainian jets with weapons totally not delivered by Putin.
RT @W7VOA: #Ukraine says 2 of its Sukhoi-25 fighter jets have been shot down in the east by pro-#Russia rebels. #voaalert
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