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Russian separatists want to transfer the #MH17 to Russian authorities. Yeah, right.
RT @b_judah: Figures are coming in: All 295 are dead. 80 are children. 23 are Americans.
RT @susancandiotti: Photos said to be crash debris of Malaysia 777 in Ukraine from @MatevzNovak
RT @W7VOA: RIA: #Russia Pres. Putin discusses #MH17 crash with US Pres. Obama.
RT @steven_pifer: Separatist leader Strelkov claimed on VK at 17:50 local they shot down #Ukraine AN-26 near Torez. Did they hit Malaysian Air 777 instead?
Russia (not the separatists) has shot down two Ukrainian jets in Eastern #Ukraine this week alone
If this was a missile killing Malaysia Air #MH17 over Donetsk, we can all say: Well done Mister Putin.
You don’t shoot down a civil airliner at an altitude of 10km with should launched weapons. You need a proper Russian surface-to-air system.
RT @Diplomat_APAC: BREAKING: Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Shot Down Over Donetsk, Ukraine
Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli ‘knock on roof’ missile warning revealed in remarkable video
Video: "Street Fighter - Crazy Drunk Russians Edition"
The only thing worse than attending a funeral is being sent to the wrong cemetery at the right time.
Strategic & Tactical Dashboards: Best Practices, Examples -
Oh Nice: Poltergeist Under Couple's Bed Turns Out to Be Meth Head
A Windows 8 Design Cheat Sheet for whoever needs it
I guess the new Old Spice campaign is quite a bad idea. Which man wants to be painted as an overweight nerd android?
Nike Air Max Lunar 90SP. This thing should not exist
A wonderful Tumblr for agency Creatives: "Your Selfie Concept Is Not An Original Idea. It's Shit." http://yourselfieideaisnotorig...
Third time in my life to hit @reddit frontpage. Just saying.
US support Qatar with $11bn in weapons. Qatar is reportedly funding ISIS. Yes. Just like in the 80s.
A wonderful Tumblr for agency Creatives: "Your Selfie Concept Is Not An Original Idea" http://yourselfieideaisnotorig...
Content-Marketing-PDF - Yahoo Advertising -
Lovely project of the day. If you have grandkids like this, what should possibly go wrong?
Back to not normal: Russia warns of targeted strikes against Ukrainian border forces
How Fan Loyalty Changed During the World Cup #Infoviz
One day after a happy, joyful German world cup pretty much all German flags are gone from Berlin’s streets. That what I like about Germany.
RT @sickjew: In the last six days, Israel has fired 2,161+ missiles on Gaza— one every three minutes.
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