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RT @armano: Videos coming out of Ukraine should be scaring the hell out of a lot of people.
Has @dropbox actually reacted at all to people fleeing the platform to protest against hiring this war criminal? #DropDropbox
Right. This means I really have to #DropDropbox? So be it.
Oculus Rift + Gaming: does the VR headset have to be connected to a computer? Or does it work autonomously?
Okay, I will just play this thing from now on whenever I enter a room
On Peace and War: "The Slaughter Bench of History" - Ian Morris, The Atlantic
Fewer people died of violent causes than at any moment in history
The coolest music video concept that I have seen in a while
Nice! Super well executed Baseball presentation by ESPN
RT @Billbrowder: @NATO The point of "concern" about eastern Ukraine was 3 weeks ago. Now it should be "terrified" or "furious". Time passed for diplospeak
North Irish youth shouting at British soldier in Northern Ireland, unknown date
Eastern #Ukraine seems to be in desperate need of some Russian ‚peacekeepers'...
Socially conscious hiphop anyone?
Hypnotic and totally wonderful
If you are a Redditor you may know problem: just being absent from Reddit for a week results in at least fifteen major memes that you simply incapable to... -
Bad amazon reviews mix quite well with the actual movie posters
You will like this. Yes, you will...
15 Free High-Resolution Corporate Identity Mockup Templates
Awesome! Vodafone Celebrates An & Ria’s #First flight. -
Ah...okay... security flaws are apparently now subject of major branding efforts
Inside The New Yorker’s digital strategy
RT @jonathanellis: We’ve updated our #Heartbleed Hit List again. You should change your Instagram and Pinterest passwords, too.
RT @DarthPutinKGB: Evidence emerges that "pro Russian" forces on #Ukraine's border are not an elite force.
Marta / jerrythejunker / @martakalka
A very grey Freiburg
Gifs from a Japanese game show in which contestants have to find which pieces of furniture are chocolate
Interesting: "How Western Union Transformed Its Digital Experience"
How to Optimize Your Emails for Gmail's New Image-Heavy Inbox
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