The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows -
ma che roba meravigliosa - La Rejna
Oddly Satisfying
Henning M. Lederer – Geometry -
The Moon evolution in 30 seconds -
Death Cab for Cutie - Black Sun -
Death Cab for Cutie - Black Sun -
Matt Stone's memo to MPAA about the South Park Movie -
This Video is in Reverse/This Video is not in Reverse -
Molto like al panino - effemmeffe from Flucso
4 su 10, praticamente penoso. - giavasan
6 su 10. Ho centrato le americane e londra. Il resto era buio - Annarella e i trombonisti
7 su 10! (a culo) - Valentina Quepasa
The Hobbit: The Tolkien Edit -
qualcuno doveva pur farlo :) - Edal
20 things that happened on the internet in 2014 -
A bounty hunter, a smuggler and an archaeologist walk into a bar -
3-Word Phrases With Most FB Shares In BuzzFeed Article Titles -
Dalai Lama is not amused with all this terrorism crap -
The Animator’s Survival Kit logo (in glorious 4k) -
New Prodigy album teaser -
New Prodigy album teaser -
The Day Is My Enemy, to be released March 30th. - giavasan
Said the Gramophone's Best Songs of 2014 -
Grande classico. - mschwarz from iPhone
Mystery of belly button lint solved -
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