The @BrightRoll deal is testimony to the fact that building longterm value takes a long time. I saw @todsacerdoti slug it out for a while
Big day for @todsacerdoti and @BrightRoll (and @jcal7) does this mean Tod you will now pay for my coffee at ombucks?
Congrats @marissamayer for bringing @todsacerdoti one of the best founders I know & @trueventures family member @BrightRoll into @YahooInc
Net neutrality debate & today’s legislative challenges
At least one person who finds my bad jokes funny. Upside of early morning meetings! #hipstamatic
"Visual is the medium of communication for generation mobile." The real challenge of @Twitter $TWTR
Ruins of today are canvases of tomorrow! #Portugal #Porto #latergram @ Porto - Portugal
RT @gigaom: The biggest danger to net neutrality is now political, not legal. Here's why: (By @jeffjohnroberts)
Can we call today @peterfenton day? Also @sweetlew I was spot on the timing of your IPO. Now you owe me a drink - guava juice will do!
The only question to ask Twitter
Our design conference Roadmap is next week! Join me and @katiefehren at our new venue @ SF Jazz center! #design
RT @pkedrosky: Baating up a large-cap public company growing at 100%+ a year for lacking "vision" is like beating up Taylor Swift for lacking clarinets.
RT @superglaze: Explanation of Obama's Title II push by @gigastacey #netneutrality
Who else thinks President's latest move on #NetNeutrality is political gamesmanship & way to appease big tech donors
Here is Walter Price on @Twitter & Apple in Oct 2013. He hates Twitter now. Just pointing out....
"“I like Twitter and its management." Walter Price of Allianz Global’s Technology Fund in Oct 2013. Now he is hypercritical of same @dickc
Does anyone know if Walter Price Allianz Global’s Technology Fund portfolio manager critical of @dickc & @twitter even on Twitter?
Looks like @KarlTheFog is blowing wet kisses in Outer Richmond - question is why am I so far away from SOMA & not losing it?
Words without meaning & the reality of networked communication
Just published “A random walk along Rio Duoro in Porto” on @storehousehq
25 years ago there was innocent hope for a United planet. Today it is more divided & we live with mistrust & fear.
Because it's New York and time to say goodbye to it, for now :) #latergram @ Flatiron Building
Don't you think @FiftyThree Paper and Pencil should work on the iPhone 6+! It would be very much like a back pocket sketch book we carry!
"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be…
You never know! #NYCin3Words
Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. That should make @JohnLegere super happy What's your speed? #speedtest
From @katiefehren my co-host for our Roadmap conference: 10 things I can't wait to see at Roadmap 2014
While @FoxBusiness & @CNBC anchors go to war/mud slinging @BloombergTV calmly steps forward into relevance & actually serving its audience.
RT @design: We're open-sourcing the entire @Twitter emoji set. 🎉😍👏💓🙌😘🎁🎊
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