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The Gigaom interview: Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza on how “we live in a streaming world”
RT @davewiner: White House Hosts 'Next Generation' Young and Rich. #oligarchs
The Ferry Building clock tower in the evening glory. #latergram #sanfrancisco @ San Francisco Ferry…
RT @aral: “We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.” —Eric Schmidt, Google. In 2010.
So @nike has a wearable - it's a shoe. All they need to do is figure out how connect it to the phone. That's their unique value proposition.
Nice work @AlexSalkever: Three Super Angels (@timferriss) are responsible for 64.5% of committed syndicate capital
"In some way's music has lost a lot of its value & emotional bond that you would have with a record" @robgarzamusic
Now I have seen everything .... @taskrabbit
Aereo's CEO on the future of Netflix, TV sports and the public airwaves
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, R.I.P.
Single Author Blogs
"You see all these sites coming out that are basically just recreating the old model” @monkbent tells @mathewi
The @Gigaom interview by me: Thievery Corporation's @RobGarza on how "we live in a streaming world"
Drones 101 and why your August smart lock hasn’t shipped just yet
The price of being webscale: Google spent $2.35B on infrastructure in Q1 2014
Best part of the day - group hug with my homies - @katiefehren & @lizgannes celebrating Katie's birthday early. Happy b-day KF
dear @joshk will you promise to reveal your real age this year or do you insist on being timeless. either way, happy birthday ex-neighbor
happy birthday @djrekha and thanks for keeping it real by spinning the real #bhangra Lot of memories there. Hope it was a good day for ya
My definition of media? "Anything which owns attention."
"Super Bowl related ads on @YouTube have been viewed over 300 million times" Google says. $GOOG
Google in Q1 2014 had 50,000 employees. Microsoft ended 2013 with 100,000; Apple w/ 80,300, Cisco w/75,000 & Facebook w/ 6,337 #techstats
no one knows IBM better than @SteveLohr: "IBM's challenge: how fast does the future come? #BigData
"media industry continues to feed a myth to consumers that foregoing privacy is necessary cost of free content on Web"
Comcast will disclose on its website political contributions to candidates, parties, committees & tax-exempt orgs
RT @adambain: We are launching a new way to promote mobile apps to 1 BILLION devices, both on and off-Twitter
Media continues to be under the influence of deflationary forces of the internet.
Facebook like all big companies doesn't have the luxury of a singular focus like a startup
RT @gruber: @om It’s a 9-inning game now.
"4 of 10 pay-TV households would be likely to cancel their TV service & replace with Aereo"
Wow, all these years later, Pink Floyd is still magic. Taking me back to a different time and place in my life. Comfortably Numb, so awesome
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