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RT @BoingBoing: FCC plans to announce new rules tomorrow that will kill Net Neutrality. Here’s how to contact the FCC commissioners:
Dear @TomWheelerFCC plain question and appreciate a plain answer. Will you recuse yourself from all discussions regarding network neutrality
RT @guygal: @om @FCC should start with @TomWheelerFCC recusing himself from proceedings given his career as a lobbyist for the cable industry
RT @fmanjoo: "There are reports that the FCC is gutting the Open Internet rule. They are flat out wrong." Statement from FCC.
.@fmanjoo so @TomWheelerFCC is saying thst @WSJ @nytimes stories are flat out wrong? Can u confirm please?
RT @NateSilver538: The three high-profile websites that recently launched all have pretty different philosophies, audiences, and business models.
RT @davidisen: #myFCC NYT: The principle that all Internet content should be treated equally...looks all but dead. #netfreedom
Dear tech leaders if we don't defend net neutrality now it will all come and bite us in the back soon. please do whatever you can
Dear @kwerb are you still defending @TomWheelerFCC whom you described as reasonable?
RT @richarddjordan: Add it to the list of disappointments “@om: Obama pledges Net neutrality laws if elected president (cc @BarackObama)”
Time for Silicon Valley donators to @BarackObama to withhold their donations and demand a clear defense of net neutrality
Dear Silicon Valley leaders who donate to @BarackObama aka @markpinc @marissamayer how about chiming in on behalf of network neutrality?
Obama pledges Net neutrality laws if elected president via @CNET from 2007 via @gruber (cc @BarackObama)
RT @jedgar: @om threats to the threat to the neutrality internet to my mind are more scary at the tire1 level.
Hey internet it is time for your to rally against @fcc and @TomWheelerFCC don't you think? Let's go, we need to speak up for net neutrality
RT @gigaom: Look out, internet: the FCC’s latest “net neutrality” plan is hardly neutral
RT @gigastacey: With the FCC ignoring the principles of net neutrality it looks like I wasn't worried enough when i wrote this
RT @SwanniOnTV: @om and who is the pal of the prez? Comcast's chief lobbyist, David Cohen #itschinatownjake
Why net neutrality is important for startups, innovation and future political donations #archive #2009
RT @tingilinde: @om @fcc @tomwheelerfcc but he told us he had no conflicts of interest
What is @BarackObama going to say about net neutrality now? I mean he pushed for @TomWheelerFCC/lobbyist to be the @FCC big dog.
Okay it is time to ask former cable industry lobbyist aka @fcc chairman @TomWheelerFCC to recuse himself from net neutrality discussions
“@markkawano: We released some new features for @storehousehq today. Here's a great overview from @panzer” congrats
RT @tomkrazit: .@om last year on Angela Ahrendts, who is formally joining Apple next week:
Mmmmmm chips!!!!!! So PowerFUL
On the new TheUpshot: "I will keep reading for a few weeks, only to see if it really is worth it"
Something seriously messed up with @Pocket today - errors galore!
Frequent Liars Club & my 9 other must read stories.
"The great players have great mental focus, but they are not uptight" #quote
You should subscribe to my pal @jdalrymple The Loop Magazine. It is worth the price.
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