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Nothing like a country lane for a slow ride! #italy #italy2014 #cloudporn #tuscany
RT @trueventures: New post: Congratulating Sifteo and 3DR!
Our fourth annual experience design conference Roadmap will kick off on November 18 and 19. Join me & @Katie fehren
As design becomes the fabric of our connected experiences, it becomes invisible
RT @carlquintanilla: @om @dickc more out of the loop than lazy.
So CNBC is so damn lazy/out of loop that they need #askcostolo to help them with Q&A for @dickc. My question: why is @dickc not verified?
RT @wesleyverhoeve: Foursquare App Store Reviews Pre-Swarm (4*) vs. Post-Swarm (1.5*). Overwhelming requests to revert in the comments.
Looking out of the car window, Tuscany looks like a series of postcards moving at high speed. I love…
RT @gino: Zillow + Trulia for $3.5billion. Real estate tech has arrived, now let's see if the incumbent industry can catch up.
FYI, @KarlTheFog is on an Italian is proof over on @storehousehq #italy #fog #tuscany.
"Lost time is never found again." Benjamin Franklin #quote #startup #life #advise
RT @bijan: (new blog post) Intention and choices we make every day
The Tuscan Blues -- clouds came, so did the rain and just like that greens went into hiding. #tuscany
The @Vimeo iPad app is a hipster revenge on normal people. It is frustrating & a perfect illustration of minimalism gone horribly wrong
Enjoying "Off-roading in Kashmir" by Sajid Ahmed on @storehousehq
Dead end!!!! I think this is the final picture of the day. It was also the end of a street where I…
The art of equilibrium – Salvatore Ferragamo
Amazon's estimated revenues for 2014: about $91.5 billion. Apple's estimated revenues from iPhone alone for 2014: roughly $ 99.4 billion.
"We must not act as a trailer park full of strangers here in post-Constitutional America"
I went to the Museum of Salvatore Ferragamo and learned so much about the brand and the man, how he…
Some bits of yesterday in Tuscany #italy2014 #italy @ Chianti
RT @gruber: “The meaning of our existence is just waiting for him to kick the bucket.” Classy.
WallStreet must be popping to much Xanax. Otherwise can't explain why they r deviating from old routine: "$AMZN loses money & stock goes up"
Florence is a celebration of polymaths; a reaffirmation that science, math, art, beauty & divine are necessary for humanity's advancement.
So where are they popping champagne bottles -- @TheVerge or @Bloomberg
"You know, from my point of view, I'm the luckiest cat on the planet." Hugh Hefner! #cat #tuscany
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