Om Malik
I think google has no big ideas. this morning they announced a to-do-list. FGS. Remember the milk MUCH better.
RTM ftw - andy brudtkuhl
Aye, but I hate the fact that RTM doesn't have an outlook sync - Seang-Lim Tan
Om, we need to have lunch. :) Also today: (Google is funding research on the Singularity). Yesterday, a full picture of the world's oceans, plus the ability to see historical imagery as slices over time. Recently, a completely open-source mobile operating system. Also recently, a fast web browser with a distinct philosophy of ease-of-use and radically improved security abstractions. - Matt Cutts
Also in the last week: New details emerge of Google's research into crawling the deep web. It's live on now and has substantially improved Google's relevance and coverage over other search engines. - Matt Cutts
Also in the last week: Google releases a whole set of tools to make broadband measurements more easy. This has long-term implications from net neutrality to censorship to debugging desktop applications: - Matt Cutts
Also in the last week: an update on the dozens of ways that Google is pushing open-source forward, from direct contributions to software packages to post-commit hooks on Google Code, our open-source project hosting: . The latter allows anyone to kick off all kinds of flexible HTTP POSTs to the open web after a commit. - Matt Cutts
Also in the last week: offline Gmail. "Oh well, other companies have already introduced that," you say. Absolutely right; we took more time to make sure that offline Gmail worked well. But in many cases, that offline ability is based off of Gears, which was a big idea proposed and pushed forward by Google. Gears is a big idea that enables all sorts of useful innovations. - Matt Cutts
looks like M.Cutts just laid out the innovation smack down! - shayne catrett
Also in the last week: mentions of major research funding for the next Big Ideas in search and beyond: These are important ideas that Google is encouraging in academia. - Matt Cutts
Look, a to-do list might not seem like a Big Idea. And that's okay. Not every launch is going to be a Big Idea. Sometimes it's going to be iterating and improving. I think a ubiquitous to-do list accessible via mobile/xhtml phone, Gmail, or web/gadget is pretty handy. But Google still has plenty of Big Ideas and ways that we're pushing the web and the world forward. - Matt Cutts
The ocean project seems like big enough idea to me. I completely second Matt Cutts that Big G is not out of big ideas :) - Varun Mahajan
Google really doesn't need any more big ideas IMO. They're behaving like a more mature company and doing more with their current ideas. 'Big ideas' often turn out to be a big waste of time and a distraction from the core business - hence the pretty radical trimming that has taken place lately. [edit] So something like Google Books which has been taking place for ages ... will finally pay off after the settlement is finalized. *That* is a big idea, but it's one they've had for 5+ years. - AJ Kohn
I think it can be safely said that Malik's off-color comment has been ceremoniously dismantled - coldbrew
Om pwned. --ET - Charlie Wood
Google has *too many* ideas, I think, is the real problem, and they rarely anymore bother to make anything truly great. Matt, I wouldn't be bragging about Google Offline either. I had to discontinue use after one day b/c it kept switching me to offline mode and I kept getting "Still working...." messages throughout the day, despite being connected to my home internet connection with no problems or slow downs in any of the other sites or services I had open. - C. K. Sample III
Where is the answer from Om? - Edwin Khodabakchian
So I did end up posting my response -- sure Matt makes good/great points in some cases but also glosses over a few things. Of course, we are disagreeing. - Om Malik
For me, it seems that some of my favorite Google projects have been messed with without direction. They integrated Bookmarks with Notebook, now have stopped work on Notebook(?) Now they add tasks to gmail only. I use notebook all across the web, including gmail. It's just confusing to me. I wonder if my RTM account is still valid. - adam garrett
The need of the hour is a good open strategy and let other dev's improve on ideas the Google has already implemented. There are API's but they lack the control one wants. - Ritesh
For me, it was Google Earth's upgrade but did anyone stop and think that Google is throwing a bunch of stuff out there (using their current resources) to find out what becomes 'the big idea' ? - Charlie Anzman
@om, hypothetically speaking, what if google's to-do saves 10, 5 or 1 million people (30m total users) 10 extra minutes/day, 5 days/week? Certainly nothing small about that right! Same goes for any and all efficiency tools/features put out by yahoo/ms/fb - if even 1/2 of those extra minutes get re-invested/re-converted back into productive labor, the impact/effect will be quite large over the long-term. :) - Will DeLuca