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Open-access, open-data journal/database from the BGI and BioMed Central
A swift addition to our GigaDB public datasets: genomic data of Chaetura pelagica #opendata
Anna's humming bird (Calypte anna) genome now in GigaDB It's not Anna's, it's #opendata!
Supporting materials from "Think globally and solve locally: secondary memory-based network learning" also in GigaDB
RT @F1000Research: "F1000Research and GigaScience have always required data supporting publications to be publicly available" - @iainh_z
Guest posting from @iainh_z in GigaBlog: Many journals have determined that they can assist in data sharing #opendata
Think globally, solve locally: 2° memory-based network learning for automated multispecies function prediction #afp13
Recently highlighted in the 100 most endangered birds list, Crested Ibis genome new in GigaDB
RT @assemblathon: A rare Assemblathon blog post: The Assemblathon 2 paper is the winner of the 2013 BioMed Central award for Open Data
RT @aphillippy: I cannot overstate the positive impact @assemblathon has had on the community. Congrats @kbradnam et al on winning the BMC Open Data award!
Beyond the PDF in #HongKong government! Kenneth Chen aware that linked data is the "new normal" #opendata #odhk
Getting great insight into government #opendata in #hongkong from the LegCo Secretary General Kenneth Chen #odhk
Another until now unpublished dataset has flown! Genomic data of the Little Egret just released in GigaDB #opendata
RT @SCEdmunds: Implementing Reproducible Research available from all good bookshops (well Amazon & preprint
RT @iainh_z: New book on reproducible research inc. a chapter by me, and @SCEdmunds All preprints free:
Useful authorship taxonomy scheme highlighted in @naturemagazine Publishing: Credit where credit is due
Q&A from Wolfgang Huber, Thomas Wachtler & Christophe Pouzat on dynamic documents & reproducible research in GigaBlog
Looking forward to this RT @olivesophierose: Do not forget to come to our panel on data visualisation TONIGHT at 7pm
A shrewd move for #opendata, newly released in GigaDB: Genomic data of the Chinese tree shrew (Tupaia chinensis)
Off to the 1st @opendata_hk hack night, where @bobbledavidson will be helping host #odhk
More on our neurophysiology paper in @science2_0 Neuroscientists, You Now Have No Excuse Not To Share Raw Data
@ZzeoezZ you can also see more on GigaGalaxy in our blog and this poster
RT @BGI_Events: Laurie Goodman talks BGI & @GigaScience in the Hacked Matter panel at @MakerFaireSZ More pics
RT @businessweekly: From Mexican wave to retinal wave – more than a no brainer
@elhong @winhide you can see more on how we are integrating workflows into papers using our #usegalaxy server here:
Shame the Samuel L Jackson slide wasn't allowed here RT @ReinhardSimon #isb2014 what is big data?
@MMMarksman @lexnederbragt will contact the consortia now. Really useful, thanks!
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