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Atlanta Area: Auditions for Wheel Chair Dancers (no prior experience necessary -
Dances With Wheels posted a new topic: AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT Full Radius Dance is holding auditions for male/female dancers with and without physical disabilities. Paid rehearsal and performance. Monday, August 5 at 11:00 AM The Atlanta Ballet Cobb Studios 2000 Powers Ferry Road, SE Marietta, GA 30067 Successful applicants will demonstrate the ability to: 1) work within a collaborative environment; 2) follow directions and apply corrections; 3) show respect for the rehearsal process, for fellow dancers and the artistic director; and 4) demonstrate good body awareness and, if used, chair control. Full Radius Dance recognizes that dance training opportunities for persons with physical disabilities are extremely limited. Therefore, for dancers with disabilities, no previous dance experience is necessary. Dancers without physical disabilities should have a professional level of modern dance technique. Dancers who possess an adventurous spirit are particularly suited for the work of Full... - GimpGirl Community
Wheel Chairs and emotions : Thoughts requested -
Dances With Wheels posted a new topic: Greeting my fellow gimps, border gimps and otherwise alternatively locomotive folks, I am currently commissioned to write up an essay and I am looking for some input. I won't use any direct quotes, names etc unless you give me the ok. Basically, I've been coming across recently a good deal of post about either A) I *HATE* my wheel chair, or B) The WORLD hates my wheel chair C) Because of my chair, I HATE being out in the world. As I understand the issue is complex and we all roll our eyes at the "accessibility" or lack there of the world, it does strike me that "chair hate" CAN be seen in a broad sense an aspect of self hate/body issue/esteem issue etc. So I am looking for some brave folks who can tell me (in no more than 100 words or so) what they LIKE about their chairs. Then maybe your thought on the "hate chair as extension of other esteem issue". I am hoping to open up my understanding on this curiosity of mine and would like your thoughts.... - GimpGirl Community
@gimpgirl I'm not disabled; I'm challenge Accepted. Let's follow each other. -
@gimpgirl We are based in the Southeast of Ireland If you want to find out more leave a message on our twitter page Seasamh 12 -
@gimpgirl We Are Self Advocates For our Self & For Are friends who Cant talk up for them Selves -
@gimpgirl with independent support. Seasamh recognises every degree of participation. -
@gimpgirl run by and for people who access disability services, -
@gimpgirl The Seasamh Model Seasamh is a forum for people with an intellectual disability -
@gimpgirl I am 58 retired doctor w cerebral palsy. Good luck w your mission. There is a female Doc at Washington UNiv St Louis w CP -
Snapshot of shop features my #superhero #creation #'GimpGirl #1940's#pinup#painting #Art#Deco # mirror -
So excited to be going @boxpark for @HospitalRecords to be Gimped! @TheGimpGeneral #GimpMe #GimpGirl #GimpsAreTakingOver -
@gimpgirl We saw a disabled girl & her mom stand up to employees trying to throw them off a ride @Dollywood yesterday. So sad, shocking! -
@gimpgirl invites you to think about using our virtual tech to make this hang out virtual in real time #F -
@gimpgirl Please RT: Vote for PerMMA, a robotic wheelchair in NSF's IGERT Video contest for public choice award: -
Damn there are a lot of stairs in Vegas, fucking both ankles up this trip. #allwork #noexcuses #gimpgirl -
The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword: Blurring the Lines -
@gimpgirl -7 yr old with CP hip hop dancing at her recital video at 1.01 is priceless -
Omg I get to see @mollyallin12 today!! #gimpgirl @livrule -
@gimpgirl Please can you RT for us? We're raising awareness of the needs that disabled fans have at grounds across the country -
Pondering what I can wear that will look good with a sling.... #nothing #gimpgirl -
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