in SF!
In New York for one day only, for Dad's 53rd. How am I getting so old, and he's still so young?
First time going on the T since mid-90's trip to look at colleges in Boston. I heart public transportation.
will be in Boston then SF this next week. hit me up if you want to hang out!
karate kid and board games. am i getting more wholesome as i age, or just regressing? well, as my Dad taught, being a big kid is the best.
wishing i could cook like my mother.
have an odd mix of songs in my head - glee's version of iz's rainbow, and the reggae version of chicken it up
the bed is calling, but if i can find my wallet, i'm totally going out. on a saturday night. crazy!
Heading to the north shore for a weekend retreat with the ladies
was supposed to go skydiving today, in theory, but must do it this summer. who is up for it?
exhausted. hopefully,the happiness about finishing the semester and getting my Masters will kick in after i sleep for a month.
it is done! and now pizza and beer in my lovely backyard. yep, we're going outdoors!
in the Lifetime movie about this semester, i will be played by Tina Turner
the sense of triumph i expected when delivering my thesis to committee only arrived when watching "total eclipse of the heart" on glee. eh.
getting closer
in hiding. one day i will actually talk to people again, i swear.
Stand in support of Hawaii's anti-sex trafficking bill today 4/21 at 2:15p in rm 325 at the Capitol!
things may be getting very very busy
"i want to change the world, instead i sleep" - im
taxes are done, with hours to spare before April 15th. the sad thing is, i consider this timely.
what a day! and it's barely 1pm.
conference - presented, class - attended, dinner - eaten, beer - now.
"i'll get through this, i'll get through this, i'll say it ten times over" - jm
i think i just ate a cherry blossom flavored kit kat. kitto katsu!
My sister has arrived. Hooray!
entirely too cheery these days
Happy Birthday to my sister Tee! And Shana, and Gayle, and Rachel, etc. etc. and Sir Elton John.
"uh, what a long day" i said as i entered the door, unaware of the sunburn on my chest. so, the work we did happened to be by a beach...
tired, but happily full of homemade strawberry ice cream. i have the best roommates ever.
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