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I just warmed up a towel in the dryer and gave it to my dog to sleep on. I wish I could find something that would make me THAT happy. #fb
RT @emwatson: @lordvoldemot @HeforShe Become an engineer.
I really hate it when I get distracted before I even
I know, that's the - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yeah, - bentley
"Groundhog Day" is on sale for $4.99 via iTunes thru Monday. #PSA #fb
My dog could be the smartest dog in the world if she could figure out that you can't get under a blanket while being on top of the blanket.
Watching the original pilot for "Cheers."
RT @evandotpro: How to properly earn the trust and respect of your team: Treat them even BETTER and MORE RESPECTFULLY than you'd expect in their position.
I'm at the grocery store for Wite-out and an onion. #OddlySpecific #BadRecipe
Don't judge me - Glen Campbell
We partially settled my parents' estate last week. There wasn't a great amount of money, but I didn't want it all to sort of disappear into bills, vacation, and so forth, so I spent a goodly chunk on a really nice watch; something that I hope will become a sort of heirloom.
RT @chrismorata: Just got an email from a recruiter looking for someone with "JSON Responsive Design" experience. They’re just making shit up now.
RT @miss_jwo: OHHH! Python for PHP programmers - Just up my street :)
OH: "%&^$%^ %*^&* openvpn (&*^#$! SSL $^&^%^*& certs"
If software development is like herding cats, then open-source development is like cats herding themselves.
OH: "I have not yet begun to beard."
"Pro" Bowl? Are they playing flag?
They're avoiding hang nails too I bet - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
The average Rotten Tomatoes score of films showing locally is 14%
"Napoleon Dynamite" is more culturally-significant than"Avatar." Discuss. #FB
You're welcome at my desk
You're welcome at my desk
Amazon's new anti-theft device?
Amazon's new anti-theft device?
Not sure how to dress today: near freezing this morning but near 80°F this afternoon. #texasweather #firstworldproblems #fb
How I spent my Sunday afternoon.
How I spent my Sunday afternoon.
I figured it was ok to head to Five Guys with three minutes left in the game. #GBvsSEA
Why does there seem to be an inverse correlation between the quality of a restaurant's location and the quality of its food? #fb
OH: "If you think about it, bourbon is basically vegetable juice. You're welcome."
Watching Star Trek (2009) again. When does Spock become a Jedi? I can't recall. #FB
RT @irtermite: Please give a HUGE congratulations to @Rackspace #PrivateCloud 's @eglute for being elected to the @OpenStack Board! She deserves it!
Yes! "@shelbelle94: Remember the excitement at the beginning of the year when you rushed out to buy the new dictionary?"
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