I HATE what @Walmart has done to Bob Ross. You should be ashamed of yourself.
I saw that yesterday and wanted to throw something. - ellbeecee
What? - bentley
Uh-oh. Do I want to know? - Stephen Mack
http://www.ispot.tv/ad... (this is the commercial I saw. Glen may have been referring to something else). - ellbeecee
Boo! Hiss! - bentley
No, that was it. Makes me livid. - Glen Campbell
Yeah, that made me sad in the pants when I saw it. Like super sad in the pants. Like, I almost went pantsless in public as a result. - Hookuh Tinypants
Sic'em Bears!
Stiles Switch BBQ at lunch. Anyone around? #fb
Misjudged that curb @ Starbucks https://instagram.com/p...
Misjudged that curb @ Starbucks https://instagram.com/p/0vFXhaGTYG/
Just another fucking beautiful day in Northern California
RT @ellotheth: That short span of time between building a thing and realizing it's a bug-ridden pile of horse manure is why I do what I do.
Welcome to my home (actually, check this out and let me know that it works for you): http://broadpool.com/backyar...
Will we be watching you eat dinner on the deck? :) - Anne Bouey
There's a plane going overhead! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Oh, cool :-) There should be lots of wildlife this spring, and the camera has infrared lights at night (not sure how far they'll go, however). - Glen Campbell
The image looks great on my old ipad2. - Joe
If you're on an iPad, you're probably not seeing the video widget: it's in Flash, unfortunately. - Glen Campbell
I've added a link to the video for non-Flash folk - Glen Campbell
Yes, I am a nonflashy kind of folk. - Joe
Works w/Safari in OS X 10.10.2. - rønin
Saw another airplane. :) - Anne Bouey
Sorry for the downtime; I remounted it using masonry anchors and had to turn it off for a few minutes. - Glen Campbell
"The clouds are like headlines in a new front-page sky." -Tom Waits #fb
RT @troytoman: More space in San Antonio! http://www.therivardreport.com/its-not...
RT @troytoman: More space in San Antonio! http://www.therivardreport.com/its-not-rocket-science-wait-yes-it-is/
Is FriendFeed dead yet? Updated for your convenience. #fb http://isfriendfeeddeadyet.com/
Awww, I was hoping for a countdown widget. - Stephen Mack
Your wish is my command. - Glen Campbell
What time zone is that set to? GMT or Eastern time? - Joe
All men are mortal: Socrates is a man; therefore, all men are Socrates. #syllogism #fb
OH: "Born too late for tall ships and too soon for starships" #fb
Embroidery Trouble Shooting Page: this web designer is an unsung genius #fb http://sewingandembroideryware...
My workout music this morning was Charles Ives Symphony No. 2. STOP JUDGING ME. #fb
Photo "Café du Monde" by Glen Campbell (@glenc) #500px https://500px.com/photo...
Photo "Café du Monde" by Glen Campbell (@glenc) #500px https://500px.com/photo/102187219
RT @markedwards: Perhaps the most important story of the day. 'Sharknado 3' Gets Full Title, Premiere Date http://www.thewrap.com/sharkna...
RT @markedwards: Perhaps the most important story of the day. 'Sharknado 3' Gets Full Title, Premiere Date http://ow.ly/3xwrBk
When you get a coffee mug as a souvenir of your vacation and find yourself still trying to remove the price-tag residue 25 years later. #fb
Prince Harry to quit British army after a decade of service #prince #harry. http://yahoonewsdigest-intl.tu...
When that first cautious sip of coffee scalds all the skin of your tongue.
RT @saramg: https://wiki.php.net/rfc... has been accepted. Get your typehinting on, people.
'smores pie from Lucy's Fried Chicken in Austin https://instagram.com/p...
'smores pie from Lucy's Fried Chicken in Austin https://instagram.com/p/0QGakPmTVA/
Trying to figure out supper this evening. What goes with Tabasco Family Reserve?
When does District 9 3/4 reach cinemas? #fb
RT @terryandrob: Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.
Carriage ride @ Jackson Square https://instagram.com/p...
Carriage ride @ Jackson Square https://instagram.com/p/0G3COgGTW3/
RT @eliw: How to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day http://buff.ly/1F9yZiH
RT @eliw: How to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day http://buff.ly/1F9yZiH
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