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RT @klustout: "Senator Cruz: #NetNeutrality is not Obamacare for the Internet." - The @Oatmeal ht @melissa_cnn @christinelu
RT @glynmoody: "four times as much money was spent on fossil fuel exploration as on renewable energy development" - just insane
RT @fractals: 52 of the world’s most widespread myths and misconceptions, debunked
Even better - train cancelled! #grrr #morningcommute
Oh hooray - no Northbound train services out of Brighton. #stuckatHassocks #morningcommute #signalfailure
I found 567 people do not follow me back via
"Master the Core: Web Design Code of Ethics" good read
RT @freemusicarchiv: Australians' Stored Metadata Could Be Used In Any Civil Case, Including Against Copyright Infringement:
RT @valariekaur: Americans don't want fast lanes on the #Internet. Read @vanschewick on why our govt must start listening: @CNNOpinion
RT @OKFN: If you think the public domain should be a public commons rather than locked up by corporations, vote @jwyg:
What's the actual point of 'report anything suspicious' announcements at UK train stations. Define 'suspicious' for starters!
RT @benhammersley: The worse consequence of NSA/GCHQ realisations has to be that everyone is now performance-snarky about frankly quasi-magical tech. So dull.
RT @keen_io: Trending on github: An open source repo for responsive dashboard templates
RT @dangillmor: FBI impersonated journalist. Law enforcement is truly out of control.
RT @fukumimi: 39/100 are Japanese. Thompson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators 2014. via @gen
RT @greg_savage: The secret is this. Do today what others won’t, so you can do tomorrow, what others can’t. That’s it!
RT @netizenrights: #Russia: Internet Economy Slowing Down, Hampered by Crisis and Hostile Laws via @globalvoices #NetFreedom
Top quality #D1RadioHour last night - might even move to 23:00 slot in 2015! Thanks to all in chat that made it so engaging #TTNS
Remaining 20 minutes of the #D1RadioHour - join us in the chatroom (if you’re still awake) #TTNS
On the radio for one (late) night only this month - tonight. #D1RadioHour from 23:00 UK time #TTNS
"Top 10 Skills We Wish Were Taught in School, But Usually Aren't" good read
RT @Hermida: Timely advice: "You do not talk to your students; you listen to them." What students want from professors via @slate
And a week's holiday off work begins...
I just uploaded "The D1RadioHour | Live on | 14-08-14" to Mixcloud. Listen at
RT @smarimc: Fracking is a losing game. The only way to win is not to play. Frackman, a game I designed:
A reminder for tomorrow's #D1RadioHour - 'Shorts', a 2 hr special with over 80 songs, all under 2 mins long. #TTNS
'Russell Brand: Robin Williams’ divine madness will no longer disrupt the sadness of the world' < a touching eulogy
Delays, cancellations & hold-ups - there goes catching that 09:00 meeting *sigh* #morningcommute
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