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"Top 10 Skills We Wish Were Taught in School, But Usually Aren't" good read
RT @Hermida: Timely advice: "You do not talk to your students; you listen to them." What students want from professors via @slate
And a week's holiday off work begins...
I just uploaded "The D1RadioHour | Live on | 14-08-14" to Mixcloud. Listen at
RT @smarimc: Fracking is a losing game. The only way to win is not to play. Frackman, a game I designed:
A reminder for tomorrow's #D1RadioHour - 'Shorts', a 2 hr special with over 80 songs, all under 2 mins long. #TTNS
'Russell Brand: Robin Williams’ divine madness will no longer disrupt the sadness of the world' < a touching eulogy
Delays, cancellations & hold-ups - there goes catching that 09:00 meeting *sigh* #morningcommute
Difference between privatised & state rail in UK? Delays announced with apologies (rather than not at all). Not sure 'sorry' is enough tho.
"Levitating Speaker Is Like Your Own Bluetooth Audio Death Star" wow!
RIP Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)
RT @Kirst3nF: Obama on #netneutrality: My administration is against Internet fast lanes
"Ofcom: six-year-olds understand digital technology better than adults | Technology | The Guardian" good read
'Graphical excellence requires telling the truth about the data' #Tufte
'Graphical viewer the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space' #Tufte
"Ray Bradbury: “I Am Not Afraid of Robots. I Am Afraid of People” (1974)"
Leaving work on a Fri PM with inbox at zero - a good feeling - it's been a while!
Oh good - too few carriages on the train again. Love starting my 2 hr #morningcommute standing up. Do train co.s not plan for anything?
Another chance to catch up with last week's emergency broadcast of eclectic, experimental electronica #D1RadioHour
"Why Creative Side Projects Are Good for You" nice
Picture-perfect strategy: Why killing Aperture means Apple will rule the cloud
Charge your iPhone from solar-powered benches
Very happy with new #Sony headphones - that's the audio finally sorted out for commutes then :)
RT @dangillmor: Definitive report from Human Rights Watch and ACLU on the damage NSA et al are doing to journalism:
RT @digiges_ch: UN privacy report a game-changer in fighting unlawful surveillance (@privacyint) #VDS #BÜPF #NDG
RT @BoingBoing: Spain pushes for 'Google tax' that would end free linking online #canonAEDE #EnlaceLibre
RT @shellypalmer: Get ready for FAST internet: London's mayor just promised his city will have 5G speeds by 2020.
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