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Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

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Fwd: The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outage - (via - the cause of and IT Conversations down time last week.
Activa Pico, con la potenza del processore Intel® Core™2 Duo, è il PC più compatto disponibile sul mercato, riesce a concentrare tutta la potenza di un personal computer all’interno di un elegante design poco più grande della vostra mano. (tramite
And we all hope that someday, people are going to click on that catnip ad nexttothevideo, justifying the cost of all this processing power and all these IPOs - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Joel Greene
Todd Cochrane
Sort of surprised how many people are not familiar with friendfeed
It's very addictive - once you get into it. At least it's not a "time-waster". The wealth of information and news I find here is valuable for me. - saskia
I am learning how to use it effectively, as well as for fun. It seems to be able to do both now that rooms have been added. - Paul Barton
its interesting but is taking a while for me to figure out - raincloudcat
What is so great about friendfeed is it is a depository of all the popular social medias online. It does not replace any of them. For example to really use twitter, you much either go to twitter's website or use 3rd party software like Twirl. I love friendfeed because I can share what I read online with others very easily. - Brandon
Yep, for someone whose not that tech-savvy it can be somewhat difficult to comprehend but with agile high-speed minds like me, it's like boxing for 15 years and being in your greatest shape (don't ask me about reminding me that simple real-life responsibilities where I do suck have specific schedules and patterns to follow, contrary to the undefined sleep timeline of the web) - Zu from AOD
I think FriendFeed is Twitter 2-3 years. With much better implementation. So it is a great place to be in - Jose
Shhhh Let's keep FriendFeed our little secret! - Humerus
Thomas Ward
brie sansotta
The guy on Time Warner says he is only the PR guy - did not make bandwidth policy
Joel Greene
I need to know the default password to Wordpress. I am using mamp. I have low badwidth and I am in a place where I can not put my Mac online.
The Science of Star Trek | Popular Science -
Podcasters are in up in arms over -
So where are Todd and Mike going to go? Mogulus? Mogulus does not seem to load very well for me ... maybe it is all those UStream.TV people moving to Mogulus! - Darren
Stickam has a lot of adult termed stuff on it, so I would stay away from it if you want to remain family friendly. - Darren
Actually Mike talk to Brad over this and they are going to keep there until it is determined what type of opt-out solutions. Brad said something to sharing revenue and other such payment options. Even something like 100 to 400$ amount not to display ads!! - Paul
Is Spore Worth 49.99? -
I probably would have thought so, but certainly not with its DRM. - Tony Miller
Todd Loren Sinclair
Super Digg 50 news items 50 mouseover popups say "Right click for details" ANNOYING!
brie sansotta
This is hysterical - for all system administrators -
This is hysterical - for all system administrators
Man, that is hilarious! More! More! - Jack
More! More! ;p - Zu from AOD
Todd Loren Sinclair
How old people have fun! ... I laughed so hard coffee flew out my nose... -
id like some. like minded friends, dont get many geeky girls out this way ;-)
Joel Greene
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Alert: Storm Worm virus -
Something to talk about on your next podcast - Paul from Bookmarklet
brie sansotta
Gov. Computer News cited critical vulnerability in Firefox 3. Mozilla is working on it -
Always something that's for sure! - Todd Cochrane
If you are into socialization online, then try using Flock. It is a Firefox based browser with added programs that makes socializing online a lot easier. Flock can use most Firefox addons. - Brandon
Joel Greene
Joel Greene
Joel Greene
Looking for a developer to help with a website. any takers
WordPress 2.6: Launching Tonight -
Tom Newman
Hello Everyone
Hi, all you GNC fans - brie sansotta
Welcome Back - Scott
Mike Abair
I am watching the podcamp video from the GNC page. That is fantastic
Todd Cochrane
Welcome Geek News Central Listeners let follow one another to stay on top of events in the space.
Hello Todd, I think this could become very useful. - Jim Williams
I agree it should allow the audience to really Jell - Todd Cochrane
Hey Todd, another great place for the Ohana to participate in the Geek News Central podcast happenings. - Sam Garcia
I am in. Looking forward to seeing how all this works out. I am using it for other collaborations and have already seen it payoff. - Paul Barton from twhirl
Wow. how do you keep up with all the info and place to find it. I have created a folder in firefox called geeknews that opens just all the stuff from gnc - Mike Abair
This is great! - raincloudcat
brie sansotta
Firefox Site Down
I know.. I am trying to get it downloaded.. I think it'll only get worse before it gets better. - Mike Wills
Tried to download, now that ver. 3 is up, but all the "million" downloads have dragged the site down. - brie sansotta
Here's what Firefox admin told me:we're having a few technical glitches because of the high traffic to the site, check back in a little while. Here's the status: You can also follow this live at - brie sansotta
got the link this a.m. Dave Gray of the GlobalGeekPodcast says over 5 1/2 million downloads so far - brie sansotta
If you've got the Ink, I've got the Link!: You too could win!!! -
brie sansotta
New Advertiser, AIM call-out. I checked with my brother in FL who calls New Zealand a lot. Mostly, though, they use Skype -
How is it working out? - Todd Cochrane
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