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incredible machine implementor, atcom ninja
I don’t get how using *inline* SVG is different from *imported* SVG when it comes to CSS styling #fuckedupcontext
RT @amazinmaps: All countries that don't use the metric system.
RT @amazinmaps: Heavy metal bands per 100,000 people
RT @jordanmoore: A good read from @stripe on using CSS animations to establish context when transitioning into different states —
RT @counternotions: Microsoft. Innovating. Again.
RT @grayj_: Solid response by Akamai (now rotating all affected keys, investigating implications for their security measures)
RT @grayj_: Akamai's OpenSSL patch to protect private keys doesn't work and isn't secure
RT @grayj_: Most interestingly, I would like to point out that Akamai would not have been aware of these issues if they hadn't shared the source code.
“Android users worried about privacy intrusions? Just root your device, install firewall & simply block such apps”
RT @siavash: Geeks and repetitive tasks. #True
RT @History_Pics: A fearless worker on the unfinished Golden Gate Bridge, 1935.
RT @CapeTownHipster: You may be hipster, but you'll never be listening to a record player at a coffee shop hipster.
RT @steveklabnik: I love reading iOS app update notes. "Fixed a bug preventing some users in Japan and Korea from setting their account's gender."
RT @Benioff: Zuckerberg is wondering if he should buy Dropbox for $30B as we watches @drewhouston announce a messaging service.
RT @BlueBoxTraveler: "What is Bower?" "A package manager" "How do I install it?" "Use npm" "What's npm?" "A package manager" "...."
RT @old_sound: Deploying to production with no integration tests:
The web just got safer today. Give a hug to your sysAdmin and thank him for taking care of some things you’ll never understand. #heartbleed
RT @charlesarthur: Google Android is at its more fragmented ever: 4 versions >10% share, 6 versions > 5%
RT @mathewi: Welcome to San Francisco — Kevin Rose's neighbours hand around leaflet accusing him of being a VC "parasite"
"There is nobody left to forgive us". Monument Valley game is a modern piece of surreal art.
lol if you use Dropbox to store your base #vagrant boxes
Writing an inconsistent, non-atomic test suite is worst than not using tests at all. Invest on learning how to write proper tests.
RT @feitclub: The best thing about pregnant women is the free Wifi
RT @Inferis: Last week, I made use of @qnoid’s excellent technique of sound debugging as presented at #nsconf So handy to hear what your code does.
RT @louroboros: This is what it looks like when I kill processes from my terminal. I can't tell you how satisfying it feels. #UNIX
Has anyone managed to make ChromeDriver 2.9 work with latest Chrome in CentOS 6.5? This crashes Chrome on startup
I generally dislike and avoid generalisation, but excerpts like this makes me reconsider. Kudos @gtzi
RT @BinaryBad: I feel sorry for dogs. They learnt to fetch newspapers, but newspapers are dying. Killed by an internet driven by cats.
RT @evankirstel: BREAKING: Yahoo buys ViewMaster
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