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incredible machine implementor, atcom ninja
Are you using feature toggles in your web/mobile apps? If so, why? Beta testing? Gradual rollout? Something else? ( now supports live reload. If you’re into responsive design you should check it out.
Wonderful surprise from today's @mailbox inbox zero
Pretty sure I’ll regret that I didn’t run this in a vagrant box.
RT @markaufflick: I, I don’t, I don’t even… @troyhunt /via @trib @QantasAirways
RT @mitchellh: Announcing Terraform, a tool for safely and efficiently building, combining, and launching infrastructure.
RT @mattgemmell: A sobering look at one indie iOS app's income figures: (Unread is on my Home screen.)
RT @jegtnes: I struggle to think of another area where standardisation went more wrong. 20 lines for a single icon.
If you’re trying to be “everything for everyone” you’ll most probably end up being “nothing for no one”. Laser focus your efforts.
Are there any implementations for Mobile Web Notifications?
RT @hugs: There are 4 kinds of CI systems: 1) Too simple. 2) Too complex. 3) Abandoned. 4) Eff it, I'll build my own. How hard could it be?
RT @jbrjake: Continuous Integration
New wallet just arrived #tgt
Afternoon run view @ Άλσος Συγγρού
Relax people, keeping a service like @rdio online 24/7 isn’t easy. Stepping back to offline mode, I have only 3 albums, @rdio u better hurry
Genius SEO tip: 1. Unlock your premium content 2. Wait 2 months for the bots to index everything 3. Add a paywall 4. Profit #newyorker
RT @shanselman: American out of office: "I'm on vacation but will check email hourly. Reach me on my mobile." European: "I am unavailable until September."
RT @andreasgal: Google dropped support for any browser other than Chrome in Hangouts. This is not the Web we want.
RT @PSFK: Trending: Adaptive Hearing Aid Focuses Users Only On What They Want To Hear - PSFK
RT @paul_irish: Sorry Flash. Heavy flash sites will now get a warning & smaller link in Google search results. http://googlewebmastercentral....
RT @jessenoller: Opeth makes everything better.
Amazing drone video from my hometown, Corinth, Loutraki, Perachora (Greece)
RT @geekgrrl: Cannot. Stop. Laughing. RT @lmorchard via @embee: what happens when non-tech people discover web developer tools
Not all those who wander are lost. - J. R. R. Tolkien -
Not all those who wander are lost. - J. R. R. Tolkien
RT @bibakis: .@mattgemmell @goldstein so that I constantly have to check if the glass is perfectly placed on the center of the coaster ? No thanks.
RT @mattgemmell: Productivity tip: buy circular coasters, so you're not constantly making sure they're parallel to the edge of the desk.
RT @sugarenia: So proud of our team in @Workable right now. There’s nothing those people can’t do.
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