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incredible machine implementor, atcom ninja
Apartment hunting in SF could be tough. Or extremely enjoyable
That moment when you paste an error from your web server logs to google only to get 1k results of the indexed error page
RT @kneath: The problem with thinking in "MVP" is that the MVP for someone to care, someone to try, to use, and to switch are all different products.
RT @anildash: Seems like @Groupon got a discount price on low-quality legal advice & decided to pursue an absurd attack on GNOME:
RT @naveen: Bezos on Usenet, 1994: "Well-capitalized Seattle start-up seeks Unix developers"
RT @owenrog: AWS builds its own electricity substations simply because the power companies can't build them fast enough to meet demand. #reinvent
RT @wif: AWS is handling 7 trillion DynamoDB requests per month in a single region. 4x over last year. same jitter. #reinvent
Everyone is talking about a big Docker announcement on @AWSreInvent this week.
Has anyone managed to run a Celery daemon on Elastic Beanstalk in a non-hacky way? cc @awscloud
It’s been a while since I've been so excited about a new(?) album. The Endless River by Pink Floyd on @RdioUK:
In remembrance @ Tower of London
RT @solarce: The new official #devops greeting:
This single article touches so many aspects of my previous self #operations #print #design #dev. Really enjoyed it
RT @iamdevloper: When making talk slides, remember to only include quotes which are < 120 chars (leaves room for @username), else your #brand will suffer.
Looking for a decent 1080p projector, mainly for movies. Any suggestions?
I just ruined Amazon recommendations forever. Probably for everyone.
Currently in my Amazon basket: Onkyo 5.1 Surround, Raspberry Pi B+, Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action Mop, 16 Piece Cutlery set - Gift Boxed #yep
Ohai London, let's be friends
RT @cpsaltis: Probably the best Machine Learning cheat sheet I've ever seen
Reminds me of one of the ridiculous default photoshop gradients #astypalaia #greece @ Αστυπαλαια
#amorgos #greece #beach @ Μούρος, Αμοργός
RT @kateho: If developers wrote commit messages like bloggers write link bait titles ... #devchat
RT @JamilMaatouk: I don't know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.
20 lines just to describe a favicon. Sure why not?
Gotta love web standards
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