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incredible machine implementor, atcom ninja
Looking for a decent 1080p projector, mainly for movies. Any suggestions?
I just ruined Amazon recommendations forever. Probably for everyone.
Currently in my Amazon basket: Onkyo 5.1 Surround, Raspberry Pi B+, Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action Mop, 16 Piece Cutlery set - Gift Boxed #yep
Ohai London, let's be friends
RT @cpsaltis: Probably the best Machine Learning cheat sheet I've ever seen
Reminds me of one of the ridiculous default photoshop gradients #astypalaia #greece @ Αστυπαλαια
#amorgos #greece #beach @ Μούρος, Αμοργός
RT @kateho: If developers wrote commit messages like bloggers write link bait titles ... #devchat
RT @JamilMaatouk: I don't know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.
20 lines just to describe a favicon. Sure why not?
Gotta love web standards
RT @mdo: Earlier today I wrote literally everything you need to know about how we designed and built the new @github Issues:
Custom maps created in older GMaps, are not supported in newest version while they’re showing up on Earth for iOS but not on Earth for Mac
While Google Maps supports importing KMZ, it doesn’t support KMZ exported using Google Earth.
While Google Maps does support importing KMZ, it doesn’t support KMZ exported using Google Earth.
Amazed on how broken Google Earth/Maps ecosystem is. All I want is to create a list of places and send it over to iPhone. Nope, I can’t.
RT @Dexwell_: Best business model EVER
RT @tonyszhou: The news is official: no more Studio Ghibli features. What a run. I raise a glass to the best who ever did it.
RT @History_Pics: Great Depression irony as people wait in breadline in Ohio, 1937.
RT @cwaring: Main lesson recently: every setback is an opportunity for something better. Important not to dwell on decisions and just keep moving.
RT @christiantlang: Wunderlist 3 launch control
RT @sacca: @zseward @mathewi I'm serious though. Go look it up. You're a FB MAU if you authenticate into any app using FB credential.
Impressive sync speed on the new @Wunderlist
RT @awscloud: Route 53 now supports domain name registration & management. We've also added geographic routing with Geo DNS:
RT @AlbertoNardelli: EU youth unemployment rate: 22% Greece 56.3% Spain 53.5% Italy 43.7% Poland 23.6% France 22.4% UK 17.9% Germany 7.8%
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