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OH: ThIs is a mixed marriage. Sarah is 5', and Matt is 6’2”. We are happy to announce that they will raise their children as tall people!
Just watched 2 neighbors in the IL HS girls volleyball semifinals. They didn’t win, but came damn close against team ranked #18 nationally!
How cool is this? "Experience Relativity Firsthand In MIT Video Game That Slows The Speed Of Light"
Sigh…my style of discussion/debate was SO not designed for 140 character snippets!
Really enjoying the chance to learn the #play framework - although rediscovering the joys of class paths and IDE configuration…not so much.
Stayed up late last night trying to "catch up" on Twitter. Seriously? You can't "catch up" on Twitter. WTF was I thinking??
Hiding in the political closet, or Why I've Avoided Talking Politics For So Long
FEMA closes disaster centers "due to weather" - another great federal gov't success story!
RT @asymmetricinfo: It's so cute that there are adults who actually think that in his second term, Obama will do something about climate change.
It's been said that the Republican leadership "despises their fellow citizens". Do folks really believe that? If so, why? #bipartisanship
RT @philnelson: Well now that that’s over with: Obama isn’t that great. Really. He kills people with robots and listens to your phone calls.
PBO is providing lots of policy details. Too bad they're not about his policies but the straw man he wishes he was running against! #debates
RT @JD_Tuccille: I don't want regulators encouraging business. I don't want them doing anything. #debates
Yowza, sounds likes some folks are coming unhinged...RT @johnfreiler: YOU SPECIFICALLY UNBALANCED BUDGETS FOR BAIIN CAPITAL YOU LYING GOBLIN
Sigh... Putting kids to bed made me start the debate 30mins late. Never did I think technology would now make me regret time shifting!
RT @TAThorogood: @antirez : Totally Not a Douchebag - Yesterday the creator of Redis posted …
Taliban? Austerity? I do not think those words mean what you think they mean…
…and I'm not just saying nice things about Biden 'cause I'm in Delaware this week!
Truth be told - especially after last week, and given Biden's reputation - Joe did a pretty solid job this evening. #debate
RT @irosen: Twitter makes these debates so much more engaging #VPdebate
Interesting how critical of Ryan's budget VP Biden is, given how THERE HASN'T BEEN A BUDGET FOR 3.5 YEARS #debate
RT @asymmetricinfo: Joe Biden's answer is nonsensical, but clearly quite popular.
RT @AlbertBrooks: RT @artistkimberlyb: Picture of Biden noticing an errant boulder coming through the roof
RT @mattyglesias: FACTCHECK: Leap years RT @jdickerson: Bi-partisanship agreement: The calendar works the same every year.
Ok, here's what I don't understand. Why would our only purpose in Afghanistan be to get Bin Laden? Isn't that just… revenge? #debate
So the government is gonna spend almost $1t in stimulus. A Congressman thinks its a bad idea so his constituents shouldn't get any? #debate
RT @JorgeO: Watching the Vice Presidential Debate? Track your sentiment in real-time with (by @chimeracoder!) #debate
RT @kevin_nealon: So far Ryan wins for darkest hair. #VPdebates
Did Biden really blame the Libya attack on a lack of Congressional spending? Seriously?
RT @mattb: Java: "SingletonTypeInjectableProvider". me: "did you just tell me to go fuck myself?" Java: "I believe I did, Matt."
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