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Paul Buchheit
Auto Facial Attractiveness Enhancement Engine - http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~tommer...
Auto Facial Attractiveness Enhancement Engine
Auto Facial Attractiveness Enhancement Engine
This is amazing. I think we should automatically apply it to all profile photos ;) - Paul Buchheit
Facial discrimination? - Jason
Impressive. - j1m
Can I get one for the body as well as the face? - Dion Almaer
Very interesting. Hope they post the download link soon so that we can all play with it. - Brady Brim-DeForest
It seems as if the main problem with most people in the examples shown is their forehead is too short or too narrow. Wonder if there's a subtle clue that big brains are beautiful there! :) - Lindsay
@Jason - that's an interesting concept. Would you be more likely to trust the girl on the left or right? Would you be more likely to talk to either one of them at a party (or more intimidated by either one?). - Lindsay
Right one looks more dumb... - Phil Smirnov
Notice that for all the women they soften the jaw, while squaring it for men. Everyone also gets a slightly thinner face and upturned almost smiling lips. - FFing Enigma
@SB yeah and the forehead adjustment... almost like there is a triangle with the forehead at the point and they flip it so the chin is the bottom of the triangle... weird. - Lindsay
They are different women! Blame Paul! : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
impressive - accexine
Lindsay: whenever sketching generic faces, the face starts as an inverted triangle and the eyes appear a third of the way down from the top of the forehead; lips and nose appear below and above (respectively) a line 1/3 up from the chin. Looks like these pictures are rearranged to meet that particular school of drawing. - FFing Enigma
That is interesting yet odd. Seems that the faces are slendered with the software. - Jim Goldstein from twhirl
I wonder what would come out of applying their algorithms to face of black or asian person? Different countries have different concepts of beauty. - arty
Paul - Think you should definitely add the option. "Click here to be beautiful without the expense of plastic surgery! .... and you may even get more 'Likey's" :)" - Charlie Anzman
Some of the stuff coming out of Siggraph this year is really freaky. How about combining this with the automatic video editing stuff? ;) - Joe Beda
without a doubt amazing. It's incredible how subtle the changes are yet massive difference. - Zee.
Huh, that's pretty crazy. Creepy, but cool. :) - felix
I haven't read the paper, but I wonder if it adapts to different notions of "attractive" (that changes from culture to culture ...) - Rui Pires
+1 @Claude I was thinking the same thing! Incorporate this software in wearable monitor glasses, and the whole world would be beautiful! I'll bet we can look for these on the shelves in the U.S. just before November. Social media and reality enhancement software have put Winston Smith out of a job. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
do i sense another manga-style meme starting? - anna sauce
So, if it turns me into Gilbert Godfried... what does that mean? - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
You know, if these guys had gotten together with the realtime video+photo enhancement folks and approached the Beijing Olympic Comittee then that singing girl in the opening ceremonies might not have had to been replaced with a body double. (Yeah, I just brought three of this week's biggest memes together. I'll be here all week.) - Kevin Fox
The artist proportions were laid out by the Greeks as the perfect human, that's not being used here. This beautification engine, I think, builds on top of a previous study where some students tried to mathematically identify attractiveness. They had participants rate the attractiveness of head shots from yearbooks. What they found was there was a high correlation b/w the geometrically "average" face and high attraction. That "average" is based on the proportions of the di - xero
stances between the individual elements of the face and their relative sizes. IIRC the software adjusts elements so they statistically/geometrically complement each other. It's not actually working toward a golden set of proportions, but a set of proportions appropriate for the individual as defined by the masses. I wouldn't think of it as "facial discrimination" so much as "deviation from ones potential". - xero
I'm waiting for the first Facebook application that automatically enhances your profile picture like this. Every social network should run this on the avatars. Beautiful people! - Benedikt Koehler
Can you imagine the controversy if dating sites got a hold of this? - xero
@paul automatically apply it to all profile photos, huh? are you sure you ready for results? check my picture - try to see wonderful cossacks writing infamous letter to Turkish Sultan :) - A. T.
I wonder if they'll turn Mickey Mouse into Mighty Mouse - Dave Q
@Lindsay; A)Maybe/? 1=Left 2=Right 3=N/A - Jason
this will have a lot of practical applications to create a (virtual) world of beautiful (or more acceptable facially) people. - Apostolos Tsompanopoulos
Just a complicated high tech implementation of beer goggles. - Hayes Haugen
Chris' comment is sooo tempting - Charlie Anzman
This is what came up as the top Google hit for paul buchheit friendfeed. - Spidra Webster
I just read the first comment and may I ask why we should apply it automatically to all profile pictures??? Who are we gonna kid that way?! - ani
it's long gone. - Big Joe Silenced
It's down :( - Burcu Dogan
cannot open this link,404 is there~ - 阿石
Mona Nomura
Facebook Employee Perks: First Day Goodies via @ptarjan - http://mona.posterous.com/faceboo...
Facebook Employee Perks: First Day Goodies via @ptarjan
Posted via web from Mona's Posterous - Mona Nomura from Posterous
I liked it, so I finally put a ring on it. - http://pikchur.com/Fz2
I liked it, so I finally put a ring on it.
Yeah. LOL. I just made it official, like in the Thriller video...except that I didn't turn into a werewolf and chase her through the woods.... - Rahsheen
Congrats!! - iTad
congrats - MiniMage
Congratulations to you both! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congrats!!! - RAPatton from iPhone
Very good, my dear Rah! - Derrick
Congrats, Rah! - Pete D
Congrats to both of you, Rah! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Congratulations! - Spidra Webster
Congratulations!!! - Michael Fidler
Congratulations, Rah! - Micah
Congrats Rahsheen! - Hutch Carpenter
Congrats to both of you! - Jandy
Way to go Rah! Congratulations! - DJ Stevie Steve
Nice work. - Louis Gray
Awesome... don't know her from Eve... But from what I've gleaned from you online. She's got a good guy. Congrats! - SAM
Congrats! - imabonehead
congrats then :) - webosapien (Burcu Tüzün)
Congratulations man :) - LANjackal
Congratulations, Rah! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! ^__^ - Abhishek
"it" ? ;) Congratulations though ! - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
*wonders if he should put on leotards, a metallic hand and run up the wall...* Congrats man! - Johnny
Congrats man!!! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Congrats! - LB needs a break.
ویدا بیا برات حلقه ازدواج خریده دوستت :)) - Mil∂d
Congrats! - jbrotherlove
Congratulations, dude! - Daniel B. Honigman
Woohoo! Congratulations! - Ordinarybug Heather
Congrats! - Shevonne
Congrats. :) - Kevin Winn
Congrats! - MoTO Boychick Devil
میلاد :)))))))))))) انگشترش رو دوست نداشتم نامزدی رو به هم زدم :دی - Viva Vida
Oh that's awesome!! Congrats! - Just Mrs. V
Congrats! - anna sauce
Yay! Congratulations!! - Yolanda
Congrats, happy for you Rahsheen!!! - YoYo_P
Congrats, Rahsheen!!! - Live4Emma (L4S) from iPhone
Congrats :) - Rodfather
Not fair that the lady gets to wear a fancy ring before we even do the church thing. What's the point of being engaged if you can't flaunt it? LOL. Thanks everyone :) - Rahsheen
Woot! Congrats. :) - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
Congratulations! Welcome to the ranks of those of us promised and intended to the love of our lives =) Aloha! - Arleen Boyd
woohoo! congrats! - Leslie Poston
Congrats, Young Sheen! - Bryan R. Adams
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) - Susan Beebe
congrats and good luck! :) - Tim Hoeck
Alright, Rah! Happiest best wishes to you both! - Ayşe E.
Congrats! - xero
Congratulations, Rahsheen and Trail! - Anika
Congrats Rah! - Justin Korn
woooooo hooooo! - metalerik
So very nice. Congratulations! - Martha
Congratulations!! - Erica Thompson Briggs
CONGRATS!!! - David Cook
Congratulations!! - Harold
Congratulations, Rahsheen! I had a similar thought for Harold when he gave me my ring: "Gee, kind of unfair the guy doesn't get to wear something too until the wedding." - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Congratulations! - Tracy Benham
Way to go... May you have a wonderful life together. - Mitchell Tsai
bump. - Rahsheen
bump^2 - imabonehead
A Possible Answer to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? - http://www.wooliebees.com/saveyou...
Carlos Granier-Phelps
There are ghosts in my Gmail theme. - http://skitch.com/cgranie...
There are ghosts in my Gmail theme.
If you use the Gmail theme "Tea House" you may not have noticed that, late at night, the ghosts come out to play. Have you found any other easter eggs in Gmail's themes? - Carlos Granier-Phelps from Bookmarklet
Whoa. I use that theme on one of my accounts, but I never use that account at night. - Anika
haha. Love Easter Eggs. Thanks for pointing that out. Like Anika I never use that account at night. BUT I do like how the solar system rotates on my Gmail Theme throughout the day. Very fine. :) - Melanie Reed
LoL - TheHenry
Awesome find Alessandro. Thanks. - Carlos Granier-Phelps
I'm watching. Right now, the little fox is having dinner. :) - Anika
Apparently, it happens at 3:14am - Carlos Granier-Phelps from IM
Okay then. I'll have to live with the screen shot. :) - Anika
@Anika, check out Alessandro's link. It has a bunch of additional info on Google's theme easter eggs - and pics! - Carlos Granier-Phelps
coool - Zafarali
I use this theme, and i have never noticed. :) - Simon Wicks
In Singapore, I can also see some. Like in the Phantasea theme, usually water is deep blue, but when getting late (2200pm i guess), it will become purple. and deep in the night( 3 or 4 AM, not sure, because usually never bother to look at clock at that time) it will be like bloody red. - Kloan Zh
Leo Laporte
Attractive Women Make Men Temporarily Stupid - http://science.slashdot.org/story...
What was I saying? - Leo Laporte
ruh roh - Garmon Estes
is this really news? - paul kinsey
For many it seems to be a bit longer lasting... - Brian Kelley from PeopleBrowsr
Brian: Hopefully not more than four hours. - Eric Geller
That's because all the blood goes somewhere else... - David Semeria
doesn't surprise me one bit - Bryce Campbell
+1 Eric - Herb Hernandez
Just cut to the chase. When you meet a pretty lady, just buy her a car on the spot and skip all the whining. - Stan Augustyniewicz
I love how research dollars are being spent to confirm things everyone already knows. Next up: New Study Confirms Scientists Crave Validaton... Aren't there diseases to cure and stuff? - Shannon Paul from FreshFeed
Bah! I knew it all along. I can't talk in the presence of an attractive woman. - Faraz Mullick
No surprise there! - Riel Roussopoulos
Wow Don! I m in a soup if it gonna take that long... ;) - Rahul Deodhar
Temporarily? - tom murphy
David Chartier
YikeBike - The world's first super light electric folding bike. | Urban Freedom - http://yikebike.com/
I want!!! - Leo Laporte
Check out what the singer of the jingle in the video does with a loaf of bread in her music video - http://www.herasings.com/videos... - abbad0n
RE: YikeBike folding electric bike. Really like idea…it doesn't look safe. Need to be sold on safety. - Fergal Barry
Louis Gray
How do you like this e-mail signature? Every employee. Every e-mail. Think this company gets social media?
Picture 7.jpg
Disclaimer: Emulex is a client of Paladin Advisors Group, where I am GM of New Media (or whatever title I have these days) - Louis Gray
All those links in every e-mail are clickable, by the way. The B is for the main blog page. - Louis Gray
what's the last logo? oh... heh. - Jim #teamFFrank
You can see all these logos on their Web site in the bottom right corner as well: http://www.emulex.com/ - Louis Gray
Pea, I think that depends on the user's Outlook settings. It is optional. - Louis Gray
Oh if only Gmail allowed some HTMLy signatures! :( - travispuk
GMail receives the sig just fine. Tested there and .Mac and Outlook. - Louis Gray
So in other words, they don't "get" e-mail? :) - Steve Lynch from twhirl
If I saw an email signature like this, I'd click on all of the links just to see how active they are. Some people have all these accounts but aren't active, so what's the point? But of course this doesn't apply to you Louis. I'm just saying in general. - Violet Mae Lim
Violet, these are active. I promise. :) - Louis Gray
If that company were REALLY into Social Media, it would have just one link, to your Google Profile: http://www.google.com/profile... ;-) - Robert Scoble
Logical: I'm just having some fun with Louis. I personally hate tons of icons on things. So complicated. How do I pick? ;-) - Robert Scoble
At some point, will you discuss the Paladin Advisor's Group more fully? - DGentry
Robert has a free pass to tease or criticize anything I do. It's 100% fair game. I think Google Profiles aren't known well for folks to click through to yet. That said, Robert, bring it on. Here's the company's profile: http://www.google.com/profile... - Louis Gray
And DGentry, yes, we can talk about Paladin soon. Promise. - Louis Gray
LE: None. That's been fixed. :) Probably not thinking too much about it. - Louis Gray
Logical: Twitter is the new website. - Robert Scoble
Logical: actually I was joking about the Google Profile thing, not kidding about the Twitter thing. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, but where's your email address? LOL - David Libby
Didn't you hear....E-Mail is Dead! - Owen Greaves
you can do html in gmail, with a firefox plugin Blank Canvas http://blankcanvasweb.com/pages... - Robert Higgins
Yes, e-mail is dead. It is also required in order to create an account on how many Web sites!?! I think I was required to link my OpenID account to an e-mail address. So much for Identitiy 2.0.... - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Looks sharp imho. - Rob Schieber
what, no My Space link? - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Louis - I like the links on the home page, but EVERY employee gets that? I can tell you that lots of storage people are going to be scared by all of the "interwebs" stuff. I <3 the Emulex guys and know they're trying to update their image, but I'd think that most of them have bigger issues that learning to explain what FriendFeed and SlideShare are when people look at them funny. - Stuart Miniman
Stu, I think I should use the word "optional". It's optional to everyone and every e-mail. And it's fine if some conservative industries aren't ready yet. It's time to shake it up. - Louis Gray
Is it using Wisestamp? Very nice. FYI - Wisestamp is free, works w/ Gmail, Posterous, even the links. - Liza + = ?
It's a bit much - Rodfather
The nice thing about Wisestamp is you can delete the icons in gmail, if it is going to someone who you think has no idea what Slideshare is. Otherwise, wd be a pain. - Liza + = ?
Yeah, I like simple signatures. - Andrew C (✔)
All the hyperlinks scream I'm spam & it will likely be treated as such by many mail programs. - Rick Frank
Rick, very good feedback. It will be considered. - Louis Gray
Too much. Too busy. I'd get rid of the office line, the link to lousgray.com, and definitely the emulex logo. Anyway that's just my opinion :) - Eric Florenzano
They get it better than I do. I have to admit, I do not recognize all of those icons as they do! - Randy Rambo
check out http://www.socialmediav.com they have a killer signature widget, both for personal and corporate brands! :) - sera aktüre
Office and mobile phone? You need Google voice. I was able to get a cool number, (areacode) 4 Julio F - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Just a simple link to a homepage should be enough, small description about what you do, and phone numbers if you're into that kind of thing. - Peter Stuifzand
Too many links in an email signature can cause the email to be flagged as spam. you need to test it out before using it. never can be 100% certain... - Mike Nencetti
Are those custom icons, or something pulled from the web? - Spencer
yes but what's it mean? More is not bettter. - Jeremiah Owyang
Personally, it seems way too cluttered to me. I would rather just have a link to a page on the company's website that lists all of their various connections. I'm almost as jaded to those icons as I am to banner ads. If I want to know about the company I will be looking at their website first, then their blog, then whatever other services interest me, but I'll always go to their website first. If that's not impressive then it doesn't really matter what they're doing in other spaces. - Lindsay
Looks good to me. Simple. IMO, I would (1) bump name size +2 pts (2) maybe italicize title or choose different font, so it will jump out at you, but not as much as name (3) remove "www." from website. (4) I haven't seen this in real-life to look at overall point sizes. Often people's business cards need ALL pts sizes +2 to +4. As my 72-yr old Dad always reminds me, older people can't... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Simple and To The Point!!! The Purple " B" Logo...What Brand is That??? - @CtrlFollow
I had same question - never seen it! - Susan Beebe
@louis - how'd you create a company google profile? - andy brudtkuhl
Andy, A Google profile is just assigned to a GMail account. So if you create a centralized GMail account, you can make a company profile. This one, for example, is emulexinc@gmail.com. More on the strategy here: http://www.louisgray.com/live... - Louis Gray
I think if they are all business related and it is for marketing- why not. There is another app nomee.com that does a card also. It is flash based so won't work on the iphone - Kathleen Cercone
April Buchheit
Note to self: Don't 'friend' your boss on FB and then bitch about your job.
El. Oh. El. You gotta be some sort of stupid to friend your boss before your probation period is up. Fired in front of friends and family? PRICELESS. - Anika
She's a f*ing idiot. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine at an ad agency, who accidentally texted "my boss is a fucking cunt" ... to her boss. She didn't get fired or reprimanded, but she freaked out about it. - LANjackal
It floors me how much people openly vent about their jobs on public feeds like FriendFeed. Even if your boss isn't a direct contact, how are people so sure that a boss or co-worker won't stumble across it? - Mike Doeff from iPhone
If I have complaints about work, I try to mask them as much as possible or make them more about me personally than the job itself. At the same time, I really try to stay mum about any job I have.. - Jonathan Hardesty
Mike and how are you so sure that other people don't know who you are talking about? There's a person here on FriendFeed who complains about their coworker. Even though I live in a different city, I know that coworker. - Anika
+1 Anika. I generally refrain from talking bad about my employer/coworkers ANYWHERE online. Even on anonymous accounts. You just never know who might freak out and file an unmasking court order. It's happened before. - LANjackal from IM
Maybe the more general rule that comes into play here is to never say anything about someone you wouldn't tell them to their face. - Ken Sheppardson
Well said Ken. - Benjamin Taylor
What an idiot... When people claim we don't need guidelines for employees using social media, I just have to point out cases of extreme stupidity like this... - Badger Gravling
this is huge! - Loic Le Meur
OH those lessons learned the hard way. - anna sauce
This is great! Don't bite the hand that feeds especially if you're friends on FB. - Gabe Diaz from iPhone
Why friend your boss in the first place, especially if all you do is complain about the job? - Adrian McMillan
Ouch… :P - Daniel Schildt
Well someone has to make room for other people! From the sounds of it, she was probably already canned anyway. - Robert Fisher
Well that was a bit dumb. The thing about social media is it's just so much a part of our lives. We are encouraged to pour our views and feelings into it but we have to remember who is going to be reading it. In the end we have to censor ourselves so as a result our lifestream is a watered down stream. There are no directors cuts. - Parvez Halim
Absolutely priceless! - Robert Couture
Oh and I forgot the LOL. - Parvez Halim
this is something that may occur very often. More than we think! - Rui
@Rui I remember a colleague of mine did a similar thing. Luckily they got away with a written warning and no pay rise for that year. - Parvez Halim
HUGE! - Nathan Guetta
Interestingly, every time I consider complaining about my job via any social media platform, I stop and think "how can I make my job better? how can I improve myself?" and then end up writing about that instead. It has made me a much happier person. Really. - mike fabio
OMG ! this is awesome - Franck Nouyrigat
OUCH! - Retno Nindya
.. and that's why I'm private. I'm pretty good about not talking about work, but never know when I may say something completely stupid - Rodfather
I think there is a serious point here: Your on-line social network pals will be supportive of you regardless of whether you are right or wrong. That's what friends are for, kind of. All the boss does is let in a bit of reality. - sjjh
Maybe she wanted to be fired by her boss? Just questioning... - Torsten Eckert
Splendid. Too bad the story isn't real. OR IS IT...? - Francesco Balducci
haha! - orionstarr
Where did you get this? I'm trying to verify that it is actually a real event. Looks too 'perfect' and to generate this much hype I believe it is just two friends that wanted to laugh about how stupid the world is... - Brian J. Reeves
I wondered the same myself. The language suggests it's from the UK - LANjackal from IM
... or somewhere else where the British style of speech dominates - LANjackal from IM
April - you can't imagine how many people e-mailed me screenshots of this :) - Charlie Anzman
I wish I was here in order to press the "Like" button. - Clément Cailly
social media and your boss don't mix well :) - Dave Q
Zing! - Nick Mutton
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
The Ultimate Conference T-Shirt
http://www.gnomedex.com/ - If I'm not wearing a t-shirt, I'm usually wishing I was wearing a t-shirt. I love t-shirts. For my annual tech conference headed into its ninth year (Gnomedex), we're producing a very special t-shirt in conjunction with <a href="http://go.tagjag.com/jinx">J!NX</a>! This is going to be a special edition t-shirt which all conference attendees will receive - but even if you're not coming to Gnomedex, you'll be able to order the t-shirt online. Soon thereafter, I'll be working on a special LIMITED EDITION SIGNATURE SERIES of t-shirts with J!NX - yes, with my signature. :) Stay tuned! - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
"When you eat it, you'll shit bricks" - Jemm from Bookmarklet
Delicious Front Page beta
YouTube - Sour 'Hibi no neiro' (video music youtube design webcam art inspiration cool fun viral movie pv film funny videos videoclip awesome trends creativity collaboration musicvideo clipe videoclipe \xe9\x9f\xb3\xe6\xa5\xbd crowdsourcing video, collaborative analog *best adobesystems) - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
YouTube - Sour 'Hibi no neiro' (video music youtube design webcam art inspiration cool fun viral movie pv film funny videos videoclip awesome trends creativity collaboration musicvideo clipe videoclipe \xe9\x9f\xb3\xe6\xa5\xbd crowdsourcing video, collaborative analog *best adobesystems)
Jeremy Zawodny
dude with the sign looks hungry - Tyler Gillies
classic! - Shannon
Derrick eats chicken. - Derrick
don't forget the cows! and they do add beef to their chicken. - rob
Ketchup and Mustard Dispenser Are Grosser than Gross #wow - http://gizmodo.com/5302619...
Ketchup and Mustard Dispenser Are Grosser than Gross #wow
no. - Derrick
WANT - Shevonne
ROFLMAO I need those! - Anika
Oh no! Great find Shevonne LOL - BEX
That's awesome. - John (bird whisperer)
I'll pass, thanks. - Shawn Whitmire
خاک عاااالم! - لیلا
Eww. - Alix May
yes! - Pete D
hehe - it's a pity they didn't demo it with some Sweet Relish! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Uh... ok. - Michael McKean
hee hee hee - Andrew C (✔)
crazy!!! - Jo Aan
Must have! - Beau Liening
gross :P - comix aka martha
Why couldn't condiments have been this fun when I was 9? - Mike Lewis
its funny lukin gross wierd disgstin,i min u cud go on nd on! - Jo Aan
Love 'em! - Jenny Morman
haha ew! - Anamarie
Mona Nomura
Robert Scoble
The business card scanning service I used is http://www.cloudcontacts.com -- freaking awesome service. Joins cards to social networks.
Allen Stern does a great job with this. I am a satisfied customer. - Louis Gray
Still need to do mine...maybe I'll get a CloudContacts.com t-shirt so I can wear it on photo shoots - Jesse Stay
I'm not sure how cheap a personal assistant/employee you need to break the cost of $3 a card, but my kids are cheaper :) I saw this first from Tim Ferriss. I hate to admit I read him, but he's one of the best sources for "get your life done w/ less hassle," out there. Cheesy? Yes. Great guy to watch? Afraid so. Not big on engaging folks like Robert here. - Jason Nunnelley
thanks very much - jesse as soon as i make shirts, you will be the first to get one - and you will have to send me the SM/DQ in return :) - Allen Stern
I wonder if there's a cool iPhone app to do this. Snap. Drap objects to identify name, company, position, phones, etc. Save. :) - Dave Q
Laurence Gonsalves
"We made this video using a technique called "pixilation", which is a fancy term for stop-motion animation done with real people instead of puppets. We shot it, frame by frame ... over a period of nine months." - Laurence Gonsalves
Is that how it's done? - Paul Buchheit
So that's how babby is formed! - Gabe
Nice. That looks like quite a bit of work fo a 20 second video - Robert Felty
You mean, I did it all wrong?! - April Buchheit
Aha, monetizing the offspring before it's even born, let Stella know what harsh world she's been brought into. - ianf ⌘
Mike Bracco
I think a Mac app that is not talked about enough but should be is Curio. It's a jack of all trades app that isn't a category leader in anything but whose true strength lies in it's versatility to do a bunch of things well - from mindmapping to brainstorming to general creative idea collection. I am a huge fan -...
Looks like link got cut off, it is: http://www.zengobi.com/product... - Mike Bracco
@Christopher - haven't tried that program..I'll definitely check it out...but yes, Curio is pretty steep in terms of price. - Mike Bracco
Mike, don't you think that this jackery of all trades might be the factor that speaks against it? If there's anything that computing history teaches us, it is that simple, instantly-graspable functionality trumps complex learning curve any day. Add to it the steep-price sticker, and there you have it – a niche product going nowhere fast (because it'll almost never attract enough of a critical mass of users to become mainstream..) - ianf ⌘
I agree...the whole project management aspect to the program is a complete feature set I don't use and could really go without. However, it is liberating to have an app that is so flexible. If I'm creating a mindmap in OmniFocus (which I love), I might also want to create a list or record a video about something or drop some pictures in. Curio handles that perfectly. I do agree also that the price would need to change to become more mainstream. - Mike Bracco
It's goal is not to output a certain type of document (like a mindmap or a list or something like that). It's to coalesce random thoughts and ideas and make sense of them. THEN at that point, once sense is made, you can migrate to a more specialized app to create whatever the final product is. Trying to hand jam those random thoughts into an app that is only focused on one thing just doesn't make sense - at least to me. :) - Mike Bracco
In this day and age of (practically) free software, it is indeed strange that a company doesn't build a product in such a way that the basic functionality is free (while acting like a live ad for itself), while enhanced functionality has to be purchased separately. But then perhaps their product would never be used beyond that free-basic level. - ianf ⌘
I do like the free + pay for more features model. Evernote does this perfectly. Even companies like Adobe are starting to do it...they offer a version of Photoshop Express free as a web app I believe. I think that the move to cloud computing will accelerate this type of business model as users might be less willing to pay for an app they access online. - Mike Bracco
I may be seriously off the mark here, but I think that in-itself-interesting applications of that magnitude, functionality- and targetwise, are doomed to fail simply because they create walled-off gardens of knowledge. That, and the fact that in order to use them effectively, one has to adopt their syntax of categorization and grading. Without having looked at this, or any other... more... - ianf ⌘
In terms of this specific app, it's pretty much anything in and anything out. Curio's docs are also saved as packaged directories so any file you bring into a document is simply located within the packaged file. I am a huge proponent of data portability and think anyone who lives in their own sandbox is doomed. However, another side to me feels that standards and always having to be... more... - Mike Bracco
Mike, my walled-garden metaphor was not on this physical data format level (that goes without saying), but more general: I simply cannot conceive of it being of much use, if, in order to gain additional insight into my own thoughts and actions(?), I'd have to kowtow to some mindless mindmapper app crap out there (rhymes, too!) - ianf ⌘
I gotcha :) yeah I am a big fan of mindmaps and think they are a great tool in the world of schools that teach you like robots to make lists since your 5 years old. Humans learn by association - that is what mindmapping is about...lists are terrible at associative learning. It's kind of a corny video but check out http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Mike Bracco
This is kind of perennial pet peeve of mine, but, to make this instantly grokkable, I'll speak in terms of a (future/ imaginary) iTouch-like device that'd be my primary terminal, store and gateway to the digital world: everything that comes its way, whether by email, IM, or when browsing the web (etc) gets indexed and mapped in the background (to a selectively deep, but pretty-granular... more... - ianf ⌘
Mona Nomura
Google Talk Hidden Emoticons http://www.gtricks.com/2008...
Google Talk Hidden Emoticons.png
Google Talk Hidden Emoticons-1.png
Gtalk emoticons should be universal! - Mona Nomura
Cool pages... - Mitchell Tsai
Cowbell! - Jemm
found the Skype emoticons chatting w/ my boss one day... http://www.skype.com/intl... - Richard Walker
Gtalk smilies RULE! - Mona Nomura
oooh >>>> thanks - tariq ez alden
My pleasure! Sharing is caring. ;) - Mona Nomura
Piggie!!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
skype ones are good too - cysko
awesome, just what I was looking for :) - Rohit
Robert Scoble
Hmmm 87,845 are following me on Twitter. 20,079 of those are on friendfeed. I assume the other 67,000 are bots cause they don't listen. :-)
That ratio sounds about right :-) - Brian
Robert Scoble
Noteboek on Vimeo -- coolest video I've seen in a long time. Thanks Jared Spool for sharing this! - http://vimeo.com/4116727...
Noteboek on Vimeo -- coolest video I've seen in a long time. Thanks Jared Spool for sharing this!
Really excellent. - Michelle McCormack
White Stripes!! - Michelle McCormack
That is one impressive notebook. Crazy dutch. - Mitch
Amazing! I am envious of this person's creativity. :) - Cheryl Jones
I want one. For real. - phil baumann
If only my notebook started as fast or shutdown as quick! - Shivanand Velmurugan
I like the face scan! :) - dafire
very clever! - Kevin Eklund
Cool! - Tony C
Wow. This one merits a triple-like button. - Eric Johnson
Edmund Tay
The Open Company - Running your business as if it were an Open Source Project. - http://e-texteditor.com/blog...
"The Open Source movement has shown that loose groups of people, each working of their own accord on whatever they feel is important or interesting, can create great software. Not only has this worked for small hobby projects, but also for huge well known projects such as Linux, Firefox and OpenOffice." - Edmund Tay from Bookmarklet
Edmund Tay
125 More Excellent Blogger Templates (The Best Yet!) - http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2008...
125 More Excellent Blogger Templates (The Best Yet!)
Show all
"If you are looking for a fresh and beautiful design to complement your Blogger blog, here is a treat in store for you!" - Edmund Tay from Bookmarklet
Edmund Tay
"PHP's creator offers his thoughts on the PHP phenomenon, what has shaped and motivated the language, and where the PHP movement is heading" - Edmund Tay from Bookmarklet
Edmund Tay
50+ Cool Laptop Sleeves and Bags You Can Actually Buy - http://www.hongkiat.com/blog...
50+ Cool Laptop Sleeves and Bags You Can Actually Buy
50+ Cool Laptop Sleeves and Bags You Can Actually Buy
"There are a lot of really nice sleek and cool laptop sleeves and bag out there, and chances are one must be perfect for your machine. If you want to be slightly different from the rest of the crowd, we want to show you some laptop sleeves and bag we thought really nice and purchasable." - Edmund Tay from Bookmarklet
Edmund Tay
Set Up a Computer for Kids with Qimo - Live CD - http://lifehacker.com/5182339...
Set Up a Computer for Kids with Qimo - Live CD
"Looking for a simple way for a young child to use your computer without messing everything up? Qimo is a lightweight, kid-focused Ubuntu distribution you can install or boot from a CD or thumb drive." - Edmund Tay from Bookmarklet
Bill Dunphy
The Crisis of Credit Visualized on Vimeo - http://vimeo.com/3261363
Part of media design student Jonathan Jarvis's thesis work, this 11 min 10 sec animated video is a pretty good summary of the sub-prime mortgage mess. It's engaging and simple, without sacrificing the content - Bill Dunphy
My wife is beautiful. She is my best friend. That is all :D
man....that's awesome! - Live4Emma (L4S)
She just rang me up to say I love you... What made it epic is I was in a flustered mood and getting really angry at a situation. After a 40 second call, my mood has now changed for the better. She's awesome like that :D - Johnny from IM
that's deep, Johnny....when she has that ability to soothe the savage beast...to melt away the worry and pain...no matter how large or small that pain may be...then YOU KNOW you have someone special...no questions asked...and no doubts in your mind....you're a lucky man to have someone like that...hold on to her dude! - Live4Emma (L4S)
That's the plan. I lost her once (early on in our relationship) becuase I didn't know what special person I was with and my immaturity made me push her away. The good graces of fate brought us back together a year or so later. That time without her I count as the darkest and most miserable time of my life. She took me back and for that I am forever grateful. Everyday I try my best to... more... - Johnny from IM
Thank you Johnny - Rodfather
HAHAHAHA....well yeah, that last bit helps FOR SURE! but damn, she sounds like a wonderful and amazing woman! you know, the ones like that...the ones that can see past the crap and love LIKE THAT? Those are the ones you read about in fairy tales or dream about late at night...it's so cool you got that "second chance" with someone like that...i don't blame you for counting your blessings and trying to live up to what she is to you...to EVERYDAY try to show her she was RIGHT to chose you! - Live4Emma (L4S)
You are my world babe,you know that. I love you and i will always love you. Everyday that i wake up next to you is a great day!!!!! - Rachael Worthington
:D... except those times I wake you up, right babe :P - Johnny from IM
I agree! Your wife is beautiful, and she's my best friend! ... wait, that didn't come out right ... - Steven Perez
Sounds almost as great as my wife. ;-) - Vaughn
You da man, Johnny - Josh Haley
johnny and rachael sitting in a tree... k-i-s-s-i-n-g... sweet post! - Trish Haley
Awwwwww - Shevonne
in the same boat with my wife...she is the best! - (jeff)isageek
naked pix or it didn't happen! - Morgan
Morgan. I enjoy my testicles in their current location and configuration, and posting such pics would cause that to change drastically I fear. As much as I'd love to help you out, the Bell Hops come first :D - Johnny from IM
hhmm, great ;) - Vicey
yes, tmiothy say right. MARRY her :) - خیزران
keeping testicular location is a good thing - Morgan
Daniel Sims
"People will stop by and ask you what your USB Pet Rock does. Each time, you can make up a new story; for no matter what you say, it will be greater than the truth - because these USB Pet Rocks don't do a dang thing. Except make you smile." - Daniel Sims from Bookmarklet
Hmm I am not going to spend for this, but it may be cool - TrafficBug
any diffrence between normal stone and it? - Chris Qie
Here are the technical specs: http://www.thinkgeek.com/images... - Daniel Sims
app? - Zulkarnain K.
I figured a USB device could go either way, and I didn't think there was a peripheral room. Although I did just find a gadget room: http://friendfeed.com/rooms... - Daniel Sims
Sasha Kovaliov
Karaokeparty.com - Free Online Karaoke Party Game. Search and sing. - http://www.karaokeparty.com/en
Karaokeparty.com - Free Online Karaoke Party Game. Search and sing.
Free Online Karaoke Sing karaoke online in your web browser. Practice your singing and increase your score. Challenge your friends in becoming the next karaoke champion. All you need is a microphone, built in or connected to your computer. - Sasha Kovaliov from Bookmarklet
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