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Google App Engine

Google App Engine

A room to chat about working with App Engine
Prachi Agarwal
List of common challenges with Agile Product Development like the team members not being on the same page. Drutas offers a dashboard like interface to overcome them.
Yusuf KEF
Ertuğrul Haskan'ın Google APP Engine kitabını alan arkadaşlar görüş bildirirse sevinirim.
Marco Vanadia
Seyhun Akyürek
Minirealtime - .Gerçek zamanlı bir uygulama. Daha doğrusu bir oyuncak. Django, Django non-relational, App Engine, Push soket server tabanlı çalışıyor. Push mesajlar JQuery aracılığı ile client'ı güncelliyor. Denemek isterseniz buyrun. Friendfeed tarzı (hedefi klonu değil elbette) #django, #appengine, #realtime
Fatih Karatana
Dear #Google, I don't know if you are aware or not about your #GoogleNotebooks service had a bug. There is something wrong on that page which is the #Atom link on the "Export" page does not work!! I wish you find this issue and solve it as soon as possible
Arkadaşlar Google Notebook sayfasında Atom export ederken hata alıyorum sayfa bulunamadı diyor, benzer durum yaşayan var mı? #yay #up #google - Fatih Karatana
Ve bunu alakali alakasiz pek cok gruba da yollamanin nedeni? - Hakan Deryal
Alakasız derken @Hakan Deryal? - Fatih Karatana
türk web girişimleri @ fatih karatana? - zur
Böyle bir hata ile karşılaşan başkaları var mı, varsa yardımcı olabilirler mi ya da tartışabilir miyiz düşüncesi ile bu konu ilgisini çekebilecek arkadaşların olabileceğini varsaydığım ve abone olduğum grupların tamamına gönderdim sıkıntı çıkardıysam üzgünüm - Fatih Karatana
Michael R. Bernstein
Python 2.4, 2.5, and 2.7 packaged for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). Necessary for running the GAE dev server. - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
ehi, what did you call dead snakes?!? ;-P - tekNico
Google blocks access to GAE from Iran, possibly other countries (The fact) -
"There are United States export laws that prevent us from serving countries such as Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba, ..." " turns out that it is still illegal to export computation services such as App Engine to Iran, though some other services have been approved." - yjl from Bookmarklet
Michael R. Bernstein
appengine-mapreduce - Project Hosting on Google Code -
"AppEngine-MapReduce is an open-source library for doing MapReduce-style computations on the Google App Engine platform." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
This is actually an *incredibly* useful addition to the platform. - Michael R. Bernstein
Michael R. Bernstein
Fwd: Games on App Engine: An interview with Jay Kiburz, developer for Neptune’s Pride - (via
How to visit GAE apps in China, now it denied completely! - Google App Engine | Google Groups -
I think this thread would be very interesting. - yjl from Bookmarklet
from Google employee: - yjl
Michael R. Bernstein
Fwd: Just posted a question about AWS vs AppEngine vs VMware + Springsource as cloud stacks. Would welcome your thoughts: (via
Myroslav Opyr
"Error: Server Error" - FAIL (for 1h30m already)... - Myroslav Opyr from Bookmarklet
The site that was expected (and promised) to be hosted in separate datacenter (after publishing last big failure postmortem with "lessons learned") to always provide up-to-date information fails again. - Myroslav Opyr
Anyone's app is serving nice error page? Let me have something to enjoy at this happy downtime moment. (being forced to do nothing :D) - yjl was blank page but has "good face" at the moment, as Read-only mode was restored. - Myroslav Opyr
I think it just got fixed. - yjl
Wait, it said "As of 9:48am, all applications should now be available in read-only mode." - yjl
During the downtime even access logs were not stored in AppEngine dashboard. All downtimes that happened earlier were not that "deep". - Myroslav Opyr
Yeah, I noticed the log. But there is still error counts. This is what I had moments ago: - yjl
I think it has fully recovered, my app didn't catch CapabilityDisabledError anymore. - yjl
My app can write to Datastore as well now - Myroslav Opyr
Michael R. Bernstein
Michael R. Bernstein
"The Blobstore API allows your app to serve data objects, called blobs, that are much larger than the size allowed for objects in the Datastore service. Blobs are created by uploading a file through an HTTP request. Typically, your apps will do this by presenting a form with a file upload field to the user. When the form is submitted, the Blobstore creates a blob from the file's contents and returns an opaque reference to the blob, called a blob key, which you can later use to serve the blob." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Twimonial - Testimonials about Twitters
I created this website because I do not know why should I follow when someone tweets a list of Twitters for #FF (Follow Friday). Why would I follow them if I know nothing about them. So if we have a website which have testimonials, then you can get a better idea about this Twitter you are about to follow. You can also make a list of twitters and post with #FF, so people can read your testimonials and know why you recommend those Twitters. - yjl
This is a sample page for tweeting "#FF @postsecret @cookingupastory @claraskitchen @ImprovEvery" My followers can check out that link and read the testimonials I have written about those four twitter users. - yjl
I revamped it a bit. Please go check it out. I am looking forward to hearing anything from you and read your testimonials. It's easy to add one, just tweet "blah blah blah #twimonial @someone" then Twimonial will pick it up and add. No sign-ups, no authorizations required. You can compose your #FF list and Twimonial will generate a tweet for you to tweet. Give it a try, thanks! - yjl
Can you make it work with as well? - Michael R. Bernstein
I think I could but that would be a separate app. (not sure if that would violates GAE TOS) - yjl
@Michael R. Bernstein, there you go, [edit] - yjl
Very cool (and thanks), but I meant make the same app work for both... - Michael R. Bernstein
And why would that violate GAE's TOS? - Michael R. Bernstein
They have different user bases (bob in may not be bob in twitter), I don't see if there is a reason to put them together. I don't want to increase the size of datastore. And I thought that might violate TOS because the code is almost the same, but I think again, it should not be a problem since they are not the same app even the code is almost the same. - yjl
Ok, I get that you want separate apps for separate user-bases (although I'll note that they do overlap somewhat), but I still don't get your concern over the TOS. What's wrong with having multiple copies of an app? - Michael R. Bernstein
I think you can not have multiple copies which serve for same purpose on GAE under your account, but I am not quite sure now. As for overlap... I am too lazy to code for the overlap. :) (That's my main reason that I want to have a separate app, it's easier to code.) - yjl
As far as I know, Google frowns on using multiple app instances to get around the quota limits. Is that what you mean? - Michael R. Bernstein
Yes. - yjl
Well then, you don't have anything to worry about. - Michael R. Bernstein
New Google Chrome Extension for reading testimonials right on Twitter profile pages. - yjl
Nice find! - TrafficBug
Michael R. Bernstein
OpenID on App Engine made easy with AEoid - Nick's Blog -
"I'm pleased to present AEoid, a new App Engine library that aims to make user authentication with OpenID on App Engine simple. AEoid is extremely easy to install, comprising a single piece of WSGI middleware, and its interface mirrors that of the App Engine Users API." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Michael R. Bernstein
'Most popular' metrics in App Engine - Nick's Blog -
"One useful and common statistic to provide to users is a metric akin to "7 day downloads" or "7 day popularity". This appears across many sites and types of webapp, yet the best way to do this is far from obvious." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Dentimonial - Testimonials about users (
A twin of Twimonial (, the code base is almost same. PS. this is a rush release (5 hours coding), if you seen any problem, please let me know. [reposted to right groups] - yjl
Stoyan Zhekov
JIT News - Just In Time News - subscribe to news topics by keywords (powered by Collecta) or by feed (powered by Superfeedr) and start getting news directly to your XMPP (Jabber) client -
Stoyan Zhekov
ReaTiWe - Real Tiime Web Playground - microblogging via XMPP, feeds aggregation etc. - Let's play together - for more information
Michael R. Bernstein
Topical River - Realtime feeds of trending topics from across the web. -
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So. Comments, critiques, suggestions for improvement? - Michael R. Bernstein
Don't know about Collecta and its API, but can we choose a topic? - yjl
Not yet, there are a couple of other improvements I want to make first. Note that the code is open source if you would like to make improvements. - Michael R. Bernstein
Can I pull the source from a repository? - yjl
Not yet. The current tarball is here: - Michael R. Bernstein
There is a link to the source from the footer. I know that it's hard to find and click right now. - Michael R. Bernstein
Note that the code is released under the AGPL. - Michael R. Bernstein
Yes, I noticed the tarball. - yjl
OK, so to date, no one has expressed much interest in the source. I haven't put these projects up on a project-hosting site largely because my favorite one (Google Code Project Hosting) won't accept AGPL-licensed code. And I haven't found a second choice I like. Do you have any preference? - Michael R. Bernstein
Launchpad? (I <del>rather rather</del>rarely rarely use bzr [edit]), bitbucket (Hg!) - yjl
Schadenfreude, I don't think Ohloh has project hosting. - Michael R. Bernstein
I absolutely hate all the SF-derived sites, including Savannah. - Michael R. Bernstein
Launchpad is a possibility. Strange I hadn't considered them for this. Hmm. - Michael R. Bernstein
Is there any reason that you have to license under AGPL? I like Google Code's interface. - yjl
@Schadenfreude, I don't like SF, either... it looks so complicated. - yjl
Schadenfreude, the design and organization of SF gives me hives. And AGPL is the license I've chosen to release my code under. - Michael R. Bernstein
It doesn't work on my Firefox 3.6 beta/Mac. Don't know why. It does work on Safari. - Meryn Stol
Meryn, do you have Flash blocked? The app uses a small flash file as a proxy to get around same origin policy for XMLHTTPRequest (necessary to set up the XMPP PubSub subscriptions). - Michael R. Bernstein
Michael, yes I have Flashblock installed. Butt for Safari I have "ClickToFlash" (which does about the same) so I thought it couldn't be that. Seemingly the flash file you use gets through ClickToFlash's filter. You could consider showing a notification if flash isn't loading right. - Meryn Stol
The flash file is inserted dynamically, and isn't visible in any case. - Michael R. Bernstein
Your request for user notification is well taken though. Thanks! - Michael R. Bernstein
Preview Appstats: RPC Instrumentation for Google App Engine - google-appengine-python | Google Groups -
After saw Michael R. Bernstein posting his creation. I think I should do the same thing for my app which I created last month, Let Secrets Out (, which is a place to let you post your secrets anonymously. PS. you may have seen a similar post at Appetite ( )
Let Secrets Out » Post your secrets anonymously and freely_1260433901449.png
I think I should list some things it uses because this is App Engine group. LSO is really not an advanced app. It uses bundle Django 0.96 + i18n, Gravatar, Disqus, Google Translation API for language determination. I think that's all. And anything about it would be welcome... especially your secrets on LSO! :) - yjl
tipfy - Hai, can I haz new App Engine frameworkz? -
tipfy - Hai, can I haz new App Engine frameworkz?
"Totally. Here we go: Tipfy is a cute little Python framework for App Engine which follows the basic concepts of and webapp. It is built on top of Werkzeug's WSGI utilities and is really small but powerful. " - yjl from Bookmarklet
And the migration to app engine is finally complete is running live on app engine :) I can't wait for the backup and recovery tool from app engine, migrating large datasets at moment is really very slow if you're using the remote api..
that is awesome. migrating data is a pain. - harper
GoogleWave: Ok guys we all know there are people that have a Wave account here :). Impressions? Sneak peaks? Suggestions about dev?
Screen shot 2009-09-18 at 2.19.22 PM.png
just google can invite to google wave? - Mil∂d
Lucio: my impression is "a mess" - alieb
yes, for now google has selected few people, we expect for the end of the month other 100.000 account on sandbox for developers and users that asked for. - CantorJF
With its current UI, a "huge" mess, even though I'm a big fan (and very used to) fast-moving, messy interface such as Friendfeed. - Jérôme
A mess of a UI, confusing features, and, worst of all, HORRIFICALLY slow. - Craig Eddy
My problem with the developer preview is that there are so many waves flying around addressed to *everyone* using the sandbox. That's a lot of noise. If you strip all those messages away and use it like a real communication tool instead of a chat room, then it suddenly becomes more useful. It's still not cooked enough for public consumption though, so I hope they've got a more stable version ready for when they open it up to Google Accounts on the address. - Tony Ruscoe
still can't wait for an invitation tho.. Lets bring in some more developers and fix up the interface. Wave really has the potential to redefine the web. - Maarten
sorry, but google wave has no "wow" to me. it needs more work before release to the public (reference to gmail)~ - Moses
"So, as we all know, GWT hosted mode on the Mac with OS X Leopard didn’t work with Java 6 because Java 6 on the Mac was 64 bit only and the libraries used for hosted mode were 32 bit. You’d get java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError. The workaround was to use Java 5 for hosted mode. The release of Snow Leopard put paid to this scheme. In Snow Leopard you only have Java 6. A look at the installed Java versions shows 1.5 has been replaced by a link to CurrentJDK and CurrentJDK is 1.6." - CantorJF from Bookmarklet
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