Chris Myles
Who says RSS is dead? @scobleizer could use @googlereader to get his lost blog post's html back. RSS as backup.. don't forget to use the full feed option.
I'm not exactly sure how to link Disqus back, maybe it's as simple as re-adding the old posts with the same title/date i.e. Url (I don't use it or wordpress). Yet another reason to use FULL RSS feeds (instead of summary). - Chris Myles
CAUTION: georss information gets stripped from the feed so Reader is NOT a complete database, there may be more!! I would LOVE to know if the Reader team plans to fix this. I've asked.. but I haven't heard *anything* from them (, yet another brick in the Google Wall of Silence. - Chris Myles
Does anyone know of a feed aggregator, that supports simple georss and has a good API? Friendfeed would be perfect if it supported tags and html (for the entry). - Chris Myles