GoogleWave: Ok guys we all know there are people that have a Wave account here :). Impressions? Sneak peaks? Suggestions about dev?
Screen shot 2009-09-18 at 2.19.22 PM.png
just google can invite to google wave? - Mil∂d
Lucio: my impression is "a mess" - alieb
yes, for now google has selected few people, we expect for the end of the month other 100.000 account on sandbox for developers and users that asked for. - CantorJF
A mess of a UI, confusing features, and, worst of all, HORRIFICALLY slow. - Craig Eddy
My problem with the developer preview is that there are so many waves flying around addressed to *everyone* using the sandbox. That's a lot of noise. If you strip all those messages away and use it like a real communication tool instead of a chat room, then it suddenly becomes more useful. It's still not cooked enough for public consumption though, so I hope they've got a more stable version ready for when they open it up to Google Accounts on the address. - Tony Ruscoe
still can't wait for an invitation tho.. Lets bring in some more developers and fix up the interface. Wave really has the potential to redefine the web. - Maarten
sorry, but google wave has no "wow" to me. it needs more work before release to the public (reference to gmail)~ - Moses