Mike Chelen
USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) Water-Quality Web Services - http://qwwebservices.usgs.gov/
"USGS and EPA are working together to provide scientists and policy-makers an easier way to integrate access to their large water-quality databases. A common suite of web services allow for the automated sharing of water monitoring data via a common format and terminology. Initial web services are now available. A web service is a computer-to-computer protocol that allows for the direct sharing of information. The services will provide the ability to combine data from USGS's NWIS and EPA's STORET systems. The services will produce data formatted according to the Water Quality Exchange (WQX) Outbound XML schema, which has been developed collaboratively by EPA and USGS. Applications such as internet portals can use the web services to access data from both NWIS and the STORET Warehouse without needing an authorized database connection." - Mike Chelen from Bookmarklet
made a basic YQL open data table for this service, see http://friendfeed.com/watergo... for example - Mike Chelen