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Good #IDchat. Thanks, all.
RT @Laurie_Garrett: Language is tough, but the message is right: VACCINES WORK (shouted), so get over yourselves:
RT @IDchat1: it's also about leadership. We need physicians, nurses, etc, to speak up on how vaccines save lives #idchat @apc_md @IDDocHymes @ZacharyHoy
RT @IDDocHymes: .@IDchat1 @TimLaheyMD mandatory vaccines? At the federal level? #hahahaha #aguycandream #idchat
RT @IDchat1: measles: airborne transmission still possible up to 2 hours after infected person left the area. very contagious #idchat
RT @IDchat1: Measles was eliminated in the United States through high vaccination coverage -- but now it's coming back :( #idchat
Vaccine coverage crucial. Even people with 2 doses MMR can (very rarely) get sick/transmit. See #IDchat
Lots of uncertainty among practitioners who haven’t seen measles or dealt with exposures. #IDchat
NYC measles outbreak now >25 cases. Many times that many exposures. Concentrated in northern Manhattan. #IDchat
Have seen more measles/measles exposures in the past month than in the past 15 years. #IDchat
RT @Laurie_Garrett: Big thanks to @FrankBruni for his terrific @nytimes slam on #JennyMcCarthy & her claim "I was never anti-#vaccine ".
RT @IDchat1: #IDchat in 5 minutes!
Most recent DOH summary of NYC measles outbreak here: #IDchat
MT @nycHealthy: No new measles cases confirmed in NYC. #IDchat
RT @IDchat1: #idchat tonight- we will be discussing measles! please RT
Autism and the Agitator
Novartis Unveils Major Restructuring Big potential implications for #vaccines if goes through.
RT @PatSchloss: @gramstain microbiota=individual bugs and microbiome=the community. At least that's how we try to differentiate. distinction w/o a diff?
Hard (and expensive!) to set up germ-free facilities. Big barrier to entry in field. #IDchat
Can I make a terminology pitch? microbiota=microbial communities/species. microbiome=collection of genes from microbiota. #IDchat
T1 (cont): Evidence from animal models interesting. Most human data so far is cross-sectional — very hard to draw real conclusions. #IDchat
NEJM: Transferable Vancomycin Resistance in a Community-Associated MRSA Lineage Dr Planet!
RT @IDchat1: tonight at 9 PM EST the #IDChat resumes, will discuss microbiome, Martin Blaser's new book
Is #IDchat not happening this week? @IDchat1
RT @nycHealthy: #Measles cases in NYC reach 25: @NYCHealthy urges NYers to vaccinate their children at 12 months. FAQ:
Anti-vaccine crusaders are, as always, wrong via @TIMEIdeas
A Randomized Trial of Hyperimmune Globulin to Prevent Congenital Cytomegalovirus @NEJM
Meet the Anti-Vaccination Pediatrician Catering to California’s Rich, New Age-y Parents via @slate
RT @Skepticscalpel: Dr. Paul Offit: 'Journalism Jail' For False Equivalence In Medical Reporting
How to Think About the Risk of Autism
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