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RT @PatSchloss: @gramstain microbiota=individual bugs and microbiome=the community. At least that's how we try to differentiate. distinction w/o a diff?
Hard (and expensive!) to set up germ-free facilities. Big barrier to entry in field. #IDchat
Can I make a terminology pitch? microbiota=microbial communities/species. microbiome=collection of genes from microbiota. #IDchat
T1 (cont): Evidence from animal models interesting. Most human data so far is cross-sectional — very hard to draw real conclusions. #IDchat
NEJM: Transferable Vancomycin Resistance in a Community-Associated MRSA Lineage Dr Planet!
RT @IDchat1: tonight at 9 PM EST the #IDChat resumes, will discuss microbiome, Martin Blaser's new book
Is #IDchat not happening this week? @IDchat1
RT @nycHealthy: #Measles cases in NYC reach 25: @NYCHealthy urges NYers to vaccinate their children at 12 months. FAQ:
Anti-vaccine crusaders are, as always, wrong via @TIMEIdeas
A Randomized Trial of Hyperimmune Globulin to Prevent Congenital Cytomegalovirus @NEJM
Meet the Anti-Vaccination Pediatrician Catering to California’s Rich, New Age-y Parents via @slate
RT @Skepticscalpel: Dr. Paul Offit: 'Journalism Jail' For False Equivalence In Medical Reporting
How to Think About the Risk of Autism
Remembering How to Fight Measles by @DrPaulOffit
Sorry to have missed it! “@IDDocHymes: Thanks all as usual for a great #IDChat!
RT @mwpeczuh: Tonight! MT @IDchat1 don’t forget the #Idchat tonight at 9 PM EDT about tuberculosis. please RT!
Q4:Several cases of severe influenza in pregnancy (including need for mech ventilator) this season. #IDchat
Latecomer here. Sorry. Adam Ratner, Peds ID at Columbia #IDchat
Cigarette smoke may increase microbial virulence.
Flu Shot Tied to Healthy Pregnancy
RT @Atul_Gawande: Mark Bittman throws down the gauntlet on the SG's bland statements on obesity: Our M.I.A. Surgeon General
Via @nprnews: Did Penicillin, Rather Than The Pill, Usher In Age Of Love?
Vaccinating kids against rotavirus protects adults, too. Have seen this before (e.g. pneumococcus)
Ignoring the Science on Mammograms
Shingles vaccine: too underused. My guest article at the Lakeville Journal.
NYT: The high cost of free office snacks.
RT @bookculture: Some of the kids are so creative.
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