Efficacy of a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine in Children in Latin America — NEJM http://www.nejm.org/action...
Do You Own a Gun? In Florida, Doctors Can’t Ask You That http://www.nytimes.com/2014... via @UpshotNYT
RT @SeattleMamaDoc: Florida politicians try to mess with parents & pediatricians. This Will Not Change Our Resolve to protect children || http://seattlemamadoc.seattlec...
#anaerobe2014 Organoid culture useful as model system for toxin-mediated barrier disruption.
#anaerobe2014 Human intestinal organoids as a novel ex vivo C diff model. Exciting new approach.
#anaerobe2014 Moving from microbiome structure to function. Metabolomics of susceptibility to C diff infection in mice.
#anaerobe2014 Mouse models of C diff -- indigenous microbiota affects susceptibility and severity of disease. Monoassociation in GF mice.
#anaerobe2014 Protection using fecal transplant in hamster model requires live organisms.
#anaerobe2014 Suppression of C diff colitis by normal microbiota in hamster model
#anaerobe2014 early use of hamster model to fulfill Koch's postulates for C. difficile
RT @a2binny: #anaerobe2014 David Aronoff needs to be following this...
JCI - α–Intercalated cells defend the urinary system from bacterial infection http://t.co/0uzu2vA2lh #jci
Via @nprnews: Measles Hits Amish Communities, And U.S. Cases Reach 20-Year High http://www.npr.org/blogs...
RT @IDchat1: gonorrhea and chlamydia, next Wednesday at 9 PM EST! #idchat @apc_md @TimLaheyMD @gramstain @eliowa @IDDocHymes @DrJudyStone
RT @StephenAtHome: Who needs vaccines? Many American heroes were never vaccinated. Off the top of my head: FDR. Wait… bad example.
#PLOSONE: Lactobacillus crispatus Dominant Vaginal Microbiome Is Associated with Inhibitory Activity ... http://www.plosone.org/article...
RT @IDchat1: MRSA, VISA, and VRSA = the subject of today's #IDchat - please RT if you are going to attend! @TimLaheyMD @apc_md @eliowa @IDDocHymes
Preventable Diseases on the Rise - @DrPaulOffit on Colbert http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos...
A Deadly Fungus and Questions at a Hospital http://www.nytimes.com/2014...
Good #IDchat. Thanks, all.
RT @Laurie_Garrett: Language is tough, but the message is right: VACCINES WORK (shouted), so get over yourselves: http://pocketfulofgeek.tumblr.com/post... https://twitter.com/Laurie_...
RT @IDchat1: it's also about leadership. We need physicians, nurses, etc, to speak up on how vaccines save lives #idchat @apc_md @IDDocHymes @ZacharyHoy
RT @IDDocHymes: .@IDchat1 @TimLaheyMD mandatory vaccines? At the federal level? #hahahaha #aguycandream #idchat
RT @IDchat1: measles: airborne transmission still possible up to 2 hours after infected person left the area. very contagious #idchat
RT @IDchat1: Measles was eliminated in the United States through high vaccination coverage -- but now it's coming back :( #idchat
Vaccine coverage crucial. Even people with 2 doses MMR can (very rarely) get sick/transmit. See http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content... #IDchat
Lots of uncertainty among practitioners who haven’t seen measles or dealt with exposures. #IDchat
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