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reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA -
"submitted by reddit to blog." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
Facebook buys FriendFeed: - I knew there was a reason not to use either one of them very much. LOL
Cynic! - Paul Jacobson
Well, yes, yes I am. - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
We have the best ISP provider on the face of the earth. Twin Valley is giving us great support today and through Monday for the launch
What, are you doing a Space Shuttle launch? ;-) - John: @johnhaydon
Some have compared Headway to something out of this world. So it might be a space shuttle v.2.0 - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
I am sorry but this is complete bullshit - I have good friends who are dr's and they would never do this
Obama pressing for extreme action based on faulty data, repeatedly...cap + trade, healthcare, economy. - Stephen M. Otto
And I think the public is starting to get wise to this too. Even our dem friends are starting to question his rhetoric - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Michael E. St.George
My name is Mike St.George. I have been practicing for 30 years and am in the process of expanding my home in order to move my office into my home. I can't wait to get out of my brick and morter office into my own home! Looking for advise on technologies, etc.
If you have any questions about working from home, drop a comment here. Also on twitter @grantgriffiths. You can also drop me an email at Working from home is wonderful. But, there are some issues you need to be prepared for. If there is one tip I can give it is to make sure you set rules for the family and yourself. - Grant Griffiths
And make sure you make time for being out of home to socialize in a meaningful way. Isolation, being in the house more than before can be a challenge. - Susan Cartier Liebel
A recycling system. You may have more control over how you recycle at the home office. Consider keeping baskets for paper, plastic, etc. Actually, consider going paperless (or as close as you can) by adopting note taking applications, printing to TIF or PDF rather than hard copy, etc. Congrats and good luck. - Charlie Wilson
Grant Griffiths
Should You Use Double Confirmation On Your Mailing List? | David Risley dot com -
Double opt-in - Grant Griffiths
Robert Scoble
Flash 10 coming for almost every smartphone except iPhone -
great, frankly flash drives me nuts... - Zee.
What about Blackberry? - Vaughn from twhirl
I'm with Vaughn, what about BlackBerry? We need this, BlackBerry users have been waiting too many YEARS! :) - Dr. Apps from twhirl
I don't miss flash on my iPhone. - Edgar Rodríguez from twhirl
Flash, who cares. What I really want on the iPhone is to be able to take video. So what about it Qik, is Scoble the only one to get it so far. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Grant: Qik isn't the one to ask about video on iPhone. That's AT&T and Apple. - Robert Scoble
why...... duh - Jason Calacanis
hahaha!! They need to get Flash, especially now that I just switched from BB to iPhone! - Susan Beebe
this is very very annoying. Does it work better to beg Steve or just ignore him? Sometimes, you gotta go reverse with guys like that. - Mark Schulz
pyschology, I mean - Mark Schulz
Logical, I'm sure youtube uses a Flash based player. Flash is also far more established than some web technologies, and I'd like to see people try deliver effective multimedia solutions online without it. - Mo Kargas
Yes, YouTube uses Flash. - Navarr
Grant Griffiths
Getting Email Delivered - The Email Deliverability Blog: 3 Reasons that Personalizing Subjects Lines Can Kill Your Deliverability -
3 reasons that personalizing your subject lines, in particular, can get you in trouble with spam filters - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
100 Design Articles To Keep You Motivated [Part 2] -
"Great list, thanks" - Grant Griffiths
Darren Rowse
I think it's quite amusing to watch internet marketing types jump on and hype up twitter as if it's the latest new thing.
Almost as amusing as mainstream media and those in the US Congress jumping on the twitter and blogging band wagon as if they discovered it. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Oh's so ridiculous. There is a package or something for wordpress that I came across that will automatically tweet your new posts...OMFG! how awesome! It's gonna bring your LOADS of traffic! - Rahsheen
@unmarketing makes a good point. It will be the Internet marketing types who will totally screw up twitter by trying to monetize it. That is all we need on twitter is ads. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
I'm not sure how internet marketers ALL got a bad name. There are crap ones and good ones. The good ones figure out how to actually keep good products and services around. - AJ Kohn
Just don't make the mistake of lumping all internet marketers together. There are some who understand the way Twitter works and don't abuse it at all, and then there are those who make the rest look bad. - David Risley
"Oh man this twitter is sooo HOT man you gotta try it out!" ha, ha! glad you could finally show up to "join the conversation" OMG did I just say that out loud?! - Susan Beebe
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Home Office Warrior » Virtual Assistants, Unite?? -
"Good post about how virtual assistants are looked at when they work on a short term project vs. a long term project." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Home Office Warrior » Virtual Assistants, Unite?? -
"Good post about how virtual assistants are looked at when they work on a short term project vs. a long term project." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Home Office Warrior » Virtual Assistants, Unite?? -
"Good post about how virtual assistants are looked at when they work on a short term project vs. a long term project." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Home Office Warrior » Virtual Assistants, Unite?? -
"Good post about how virtual assistants are looked at when they work on a short term project vs. a long term project." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Home Office Warrior » Virtual Assistants, Unite?? -
"Good post about how virtual assistants are looked at when they work on a short term project vs. a long term project." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Why Reddit is Better than Digg -
"Looks Reddit is going to replace my Digg button in my browser. I have never been a huge fan of Digg as I have always thought it favored the A-listers anyway." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Why Reddit is Better than Digg -
"Looks Reddit is going to replace my Digg button in my browser. I have never been a huge fan of Digg as I have always thought it favored the A-listers anyway." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Why Reddit is Better than Digg -
"Looks Reddit is going to replace my Digg button in my browser. I have never been a huge fan of Digg as I have always thought it favored the A-listers anyway." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Why Reddit is Better than Digg -
"Looks Reddit is going to replace my Digg button in my browser. I have never been a huge fan of Digg as I have always thought it favored the A-listers anyway." - Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths
grantgriffiths on Why Reddit is Better than Digg -
"Looks Reddit is going to replace my Digg button in my browser. I have never been a huge fan of Digg as I have always thought it favored the A-listers anyway." - Grant Griffiths
Jim Kukral
It's interesting to me how the "a-list" are freaking out about losing control. Why? Because friendfeed and everything else is loosening in their hold and leveling the playing field. This is why you see so many clammoring for followers. It reminds me of why sites...
like Revenews failed as a meta blog years ago because people no longer needed a meta blog to blog. Anyone could do it. The same is true with what were seeing now. Anyone can be an "a-lister" and be part of the conversation and get tons of followers and get known. The lines of fame are fading fast for the elite. I think that's a good thing. No offense to those at the top, I'm just saying. - Jim Kukral
Hmmm. I think the opposite is going on. There is great concentration of influence in a relatively small group of A-listers. The current crop of social media tools is widening the attention/influence wealth gap. - John McCrea
Aaron, you know who I'm talking about. Nothing against them, but before things like Twitter and Friendfeed, it was easy for them to remain "on top". But tools like these have really leveled the playing field. If you put in the effort to work these channels you can rise quickly and get "known". That's all I'm saying. - Jim Kukral
And by the way, I'm not a-list. I'm z-list, according to Feldman anyway :), and yes, I do clamor for followers on my blog and other places. Well, I promote my signups at least. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. - Jim Kukral
Ya I'm not saying it's not happening but I haven't seen it- maybe because I'm not paying attention to these A-listers, in which case, I have humorously underlined part of your comment :-) - Brian Carter
I see FriendFeed, twitter and other social networking tools putting those of us who aren't on the a-list on the same footing as the so called a-listers. A tool on the Internet is doing just what the Internet did for small business, solos and for people who work at home, narrowing the gap to large business. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Social networking tools narrow the gap between a-listers and the non-a-listers. But you still have to be willing to take advantage of the tools available. You can't just stand by and hope the tools available will just work because they are there. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Isn't that what I said Grant? :) - Jim Kukral
Jeremiah Owyang
Who would be the logical running mates for Obama and McCain?
Mini Me???? - Roberto Bonini
Hillary Clinton makes the most sense for Obama. Not sure with McCain - Christian Burns
Clinton or Edwards for Obama, each would help to guarantee certain voter blocs. For McCain, Huckabee would help to secure the evangelical vote, Romney would aid in securing the moderate vote. - Greg Hollingsworth from twhirl
I think Richardson for Obama and Romney for McCain. I bet Romney is kicking himself for dropping out so early. McCain did absolutely nothing with his giant head start. - Shawn Farner
Shawn. I would like to kick Romney. I thought he would be a better candidate than McCain. - Michael Tefft
Gore for Obama.... - Craig Thomler
I think each needs to make a bold move to shore up independents. For Obama, that might be R Neb Sen Chuck Hagel; fallback could be VA Sen Jim Webb. For McCain, it could be Lieberman, though he doesn't bring the vibrancy you'd want (and has lost a lot of credibility this year). Mitt is the obvious safe choice as someone who understands the economy and could help in western states (CO, UT, ID) but would not be a bold choice. Hillary or any "old style Dem" would undercut Obama's message of political change. - Barry Graubart
I think Obama has lots of good choices, with VA's Webb being one of them. I think if Obama wins either OH or VA, he'll win the election. For McCain, I predicted 4 years ago that he's run with Lieberman, but that would mean a double-Droopy like boring ticket. So to make it interesting for McCain, I'll just punt and say A-Rod or Madonna. - Mike Reynolds
If Obama can get Colin Powell, he's in - Ryan Underdown
Obama and Hillary are natural choice; but Obama and Al Gore could make an interesing pair. McCain could make the race really interesting if he could convince Condoleeza Rice to be VP. - Shaun Connolly
too much backlash for Obama to choose Hillary and he's in big trouble (come first debat) on his foreign policy stance, so I think he needs to go with a VP with military background or strong international ties. McCain's requirement is to go young and actually probably go more right wing than he is - lock down the bible belt. - John OBrien
Jeremiah, just wrote a post on this - It's clear to me Hillary would be Barack's best choice, more for the people are are not so internet connected - with Obama didn't reach as well. For McCain.... my guess he'll go for a Colin Powell or maybe Jeb Bush (just a wild guess, here). - Marshall Sponder
I disagree on an Obama/Powell ticket. It will be hard enough for the country to put it head around one black canidate. I have always thought a McCain/Rice ticket would be his best pick. My problem is I don't really like either canidate this election. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
I think it is too early to tell for either. McCain is stuck in a hard place b/c any move to try and minimize dmg amoung base R's risks alienating independents and vise versa. Obama seems to be exprcng a similar struggle to a much lesser degree. As things solidify over the next couple of months and it becomes clear which states are truly in play the logical choices will become easier to see. - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Obama will have his pick ready for the convention. I think whether he picks Hillary will depend on the convention. Will the delegates insist and will the convention be a blood bath? The Dem convention will be interesting to say the least. If anything he is going to have to pick someone closer to the middle than he is. Of course that won't be hard. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Think about this one. McCain/Clinton ticket. Why not. She grew up republican and she may just be pissed off enough at the Dems for not giving her what she felt she was entitled to. McCain/Powell would never fly. Two military veterns on the same ticket. The left would eat that one for lunch. Again I am a bit indifferent this election. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
McCain would NEVER choose Hillary. The entire republican base wouldn't even vote if that were the case. McCain/Powell would be interesting. Obama def. has to chose someone more moderate (yes, not hard to do) cause his record is going to be called into question sooner or later, and his record suggests he's more liberal than Ted Kennedy. - John OBrien
Of course I didn't say McCain would pick Hillary. But it would be fun to see how the country would react to that one. I just don't see McCain/Powell as a viable choice. McCain/Rice makes more sense to me. But that would connect him to Bush and that is not something his advisors will allow him to do. If I had to make the call right now on who McCain would pick, I would say either the... more... - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
MCCain and Andy Rooney - Fred Grott
Condi Rice would be a great VP, but she resisted the effort to get her to run for Pres. many of us tried to convince her to run but she is to smart to run for President. - Robert Hafer
I agree Condi would be great - in fact I think it should almost be a requirement to be involved in the state department before running for president/vice president. I know people in the state department and they are a hell of a lot smarter and diplomatic than govenors who came to power via a ton of money and congressmen/women who vote based on party and how it'll look in the long run. - John OBrien
I have been a fan of Condi Rice since for sometime. She has always been my choice for McCain's VP. Hell, she was my choice for President this time too. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Lieberman has already said we wouldn't accept a McCain offer, I don't think McCain/Rice will happen as McCain tries to avoid a Bush 2.0 label. Powell is a huge wildcard, I don't think he'd switch to Obama but after Obama's Iraq flip-flop I think it's at least somewhat possible, and Powell can't be happy with the Rep. party right now but McCain might be exempt from that. - David Knight
Condi Rice? Could someone give specifics as to why she would be a good VP based on her experience as NSA and Secretary of State. Am I wrong, but she was a contributor to a botched war and as SoS hasn't been effective. - AJ Kohn
I'm with AJ. Condi will fuel every Democratic argument that McCain is running for Bush's third term, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. At least Powell openly regrets his role in the push for war -- but he wouldn't exactly be a great running mate for McCain when he'll probably pull the lever for Obama in November. - Kevin Hessel
As for Obama, Clark blew himself up with his McCain comments (and appropriately so, but he pulled himself out of contention), Webb doesn't want it, Hillary is a terrible choice (she's the liberal Bush when it comes to divisiveness and brings along Bill(bo) Baggage) and Edwards is a proven loser. I'm still leaning toward Sebelius. Pro-choice, female Democratic governor in one of the nation's reddest states. - Kevin Hessel
I wouldn't say she's been ineffective as SoS at all...just not been in the news much (like the whole bush administration). I think a lot of people obviously want all aspects of bush administration gone, but I think Condi is a bright spot and would be good for the transition if McCain were elected and she was VP. - John OBrien
@John: I'm open to hearing what Condi has done well as SoS, but I can't find a bright spot. How about a top five accomplishments as SoS? - AJ Kohn
Victor Medina
I may have an excuse to get a Macbook Air in the next month or so. How cool is it to be me?
I may have an excuse to come to NJ to kick your butt if you have an Air and Kindle. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Jeremiah Owyang
Hvae you downloaded Firefox 3? Any bugs? How long have you used it?
been using it since the download day. no problems here, and I use a decent number of plugins. - Rob Diana
I've been using it since Download Day and haven't had any problems with it at all. - Kevin Bondelli
i have noticed that some links that should cause ff to launch make it hang. i have to kill the process and run FF first, THEN click the link(s) - Eric Ortega from twhirl
Using it since early beta. Hogs memory, still. Crashes when loading Flash sometimes (that's a developer problem). Renders really well. 8/10 with IE 7 scoring 5. - mj
Thanks Rob, Kevin, and Steve, that's enough to sway me forward. downloading now. - Jeremiah Owyang
I've used it exclusively for about a month; testing life solely with a browser / no client apps. Using a ton of extensions. Experiencing a handful of daily crashes on a PC with it. Otherwise, it's fantastic for me. - Kevin C. Tofel
Switched from Safari since release. I use maybe a half-dozen extensions. I find it slower than Safari. Causes my MacBook Air to shutdown the second core occasionally. Never happens with Safari. Still haven't switched back though. - Jack Baty
I'm still waiting. i want all my plugins to be ready to go when i upgrade. I installed one of the late betas and it seemed good -- but having two firefox installs send a couple things (like password manager) a bit screwy - john conroy
OBSERVATIONS: It kept all of my bookmarks, so far so good - Jeremiah Owyang
Observation: The download went smoothly, on this PC I'm using vista. - Jeremiah Owyang
I've absolutely loathed Firefox until this new version. Been running it in place of Opera since beta 3, I think, and it's been quite good. No crashes since RC1 for me. (Adding that I'm using it on several Vista machines; 64- and 32-bit.) - Akiva
crashes 5-10 x daily and always at the worst times. - LPH™ and his dog P™
I have no problems with Vista, been very reliable for quite some time. - Jeremiah Owyang
FF3 has problems with the keyboard control using Windows XP - sometimes I cannot enter text, especially in the URL-bar. In both, Windows and Mac OS X the application terminates sometimes without notification in advance. In addition, FF3 sucks a lot of resources out of my old iBook. Safari is much faster here... - Ansgar Wollnik
+ 1 Jeremiah (I am on XP though)... I am loving FF3 - awesome!! - Susan Beebe
There are some issues with crashing that seem to be related to Flash on OSX and I've seen a few others mention it. Hopefully they fix the issue soon, I do love the new improvements. Especially the Mac-likeness. - Daniel Smith
Some of Addons arent working (As expected), youtube is kinda slower - Jassim
I started using FF3 when it was in Beta. Public version is more stable IMHO. I like the overall experience of FF3. The one issue I have had in Mac OSX is that sometimes when you paste a URL in the address bar, it won't refresh and go to the site. Just sits there and does nothing. All of my favorite plugins and add ons are up and running now, which is good. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
using the portable versions and can't get links from thunderbird open in new tab. always open in new window. anybody know the solution? - Matthias Henze
Only other issue is the lack of a way to combine open FF windows into one like you can with Safari. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Yes - About a week after launch. It crashes too often. But I still love it. - Russellreno
@jowyang, Yes and it's stable for me. - Czar
Yes I have. I've been using Firefox 3 since its RC days. Bugs? Where? I haven't had any problems. - Corvida
I've used it since the first BETA, so I've used the buggy versions. This version has not crashed on my since the first day. It's far superior, far better on the memory, and less likely to crash. - Ben Parr
Downloaded on the day of the launch on my mac; a couple of days later on office PC. Safari still remains my primary browser on Mac; Firefox was always the choice on Windows despite the crashes which are pretty much consistent even after the upgrade. - Parth Awasthi
My friends regularly say about FF3 bugs:( - Igor Poltavskiy
Having problems with ff 3 and gmail. Ff keeps crashing when ever I open gmail - Martin Liechti from fftogo
Using it since early betas. Very slid, very fast, very few bugs. - Patrick Jordan
being using it since beta1, it's been getting better and better, ver3 is nothing like ver2, never made me look back - Dobromir Hadzhiev
problems with Gmail - jonathan
It crashes more for me than FF2 does. Might be new extensions, though. - Sarah Perez
@Sarah yeah any issues I've had are with the extensions. FF3 is running sweet and fast - Shey
I'm getting a little mixed results. I've been a long time corporate IE user, and FF3 has some nice features. It looks like some of my early "stops" are repaired and the browser does seem faster in most situations. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge from twhirl
Liz Strauss
Can/Should a small business owner get out of Jury Duty? -
How do you handle it when jury duty will cause a real hardship? - Liz Strauss
Judges are reluctant to allow people out of jury duty due to a job. If it was allowed, we would not have anyone on a jury who worked. So what would we end up with. Juries would be made up of the elder and the unemployed. Not the best pool of jury members to pick from. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Dan Covington
Using Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer (version: 0.0.4) -
Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer finds all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed and automatically subscribes them. - Dan Covington
Does it work - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Well crap, I see it is only windoze - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Funny you ask. It does not work. Used it like 5 times last week-ish, and best it ever did was pull almost first half of tweeple into my ff. So here we go ... my first time to use a buzzword ... FAIL. - Dan Covington
On a lighter note, if you use google reader, neat "shared items" page is a bit of an egg. - Dan Covington
Grant Griffiths
@dancovington You oughta what? Hit the wrong key in FF did you?
actually, how do you like it on your g2Phone (if "2" were superscript, it's better) - Dan Covington
How do I like what? Hahlo or the new FF for iPhone? - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
yup ... hahlo - Dan Covington
Hahlo is pretty cool on the iPhone. I need to play around with it some more. And the new FF interface for the iPhone is cool too. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
it's luck for twitter that I can't tweet on ffeed when twitter is taking some time ... er ... - Dan Covington
wonder what is friendfeed's version of the failwhale (but not wondering aloud, cuz bet that ones made laps already) - Dan Covington
Deborah Cole
Marketing Observation: Vegas airport does not have any Presidental Lounges. They want u 2 use your time wisely. i.e. Gamble
True, but they do have free wifi - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
here is a write up as well as a half dozen links to other write ups - Christian Anderson
it definitely reels junior high school to me as one of your commenters commented. i couldn't get into friendfeed at first, but i saw it's potential. i cared to want to get into it. though i've signed up for plurk, i know i have no intentions of using it. - Lynne d Johnson
agree, lynn. plurk has that spitwad / notes-in-class feel to it and certainly has a ways to go, but it could get interesting if they can get the APIs right and get lucky with some momentum - Christian Anderson
I like friendfeed better than Plurk. And maybe that is because I have few followers on Plurk. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
the low number of followers is also an issue for me on plurk. the funny thing, everytime i try to import my gmail contacts it doesn't work, so all i have there are my twitter contacts. so i feel like i'm on twitter, just with a different UI. - Lynne d Johnson
@erwiest My kids have always been late risers. I'm lucky that way, I guess...
Because I am against the death penalty, my conservative friends call me a moderate. Oh well. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Strange, I commented on your death penalty twit and it put it here on FriendFeed - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
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