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Robert Scoble
Facebook just shot a HUGE hole in's business model. Why? Think about your phone books.
especially since it transfers engagement - Mrinal Desai
Facebook now has BOTH a "white pages" for people and a "yellow pages" for businesses. BOOM. Huge shift underway in business. Will take five years to play out, but remember this moment in time. It's huge. - Robert Scoble
huh? - Katy Pearce
LOL if thats what works then people will stop creating Groups like "lost my phone need numbers" which are probably the largest number of groups on there. - Hardeep Singh Dang
Didn't Google Maps / Local do that years ago? - andy brudtkuhl
interesting. - AJ
Phone books? They arrive here. I put them in the closet. I throw them out, untouched, when the next one arrives. - Ian May
Ian: now imagine what you can do with a good yellow pages in Facebook and location. - Robert Scoble
Here's what you can do with your old useless phonebooks: ... there must some recycling project we can do with our old useless website! ;D - Charlie Flowers
Phone books have been obsolete for a while now, wondering why I even keep one at home. I never use's website, Google Maps does everything I need. - Oliver
I don't use the phone book, I check online (say, and look up a number using a service that doesn't require me to log in and doesn't potentially keep track of the numbers I look up in a fashion that's tied to my actual name. - FFing Enigma
I agree with most commenters -- yellow pages for people that are active online users has been dead for years. I don't see any actual shift here. - Brian Sullivan
Haven't used phonebooks for almost 10 years. Between Yahoo-To-Go and Google Maps, I haven't needed it. My now 3 yr. GPS tells me everything I need and so does the GPS/Live Search on my phone. Why would I go to Facebook to look up numbers? - Anika
Brian: you aren't thinking enough. This is HUGE. Look at Google Latitude. What is missing? Businesses! - Robert Scoble
Well, at least I can tear Facebook in half! - Morgan
Eh? I find businesses via GMaps/Latitude all the time. And sorry, there's no way I'm going to "friend" my local sub shop. It sounds like a good idea...but the spam factor I expect to be atrocious. Businesses don't behave well in the social graph, as of yet. - Ken Kennedy
+1 Morgan! - andy brudtkuhl
Robert: remember I have experienced your immediate "this is huge, this is going to change my life and everybody else's" responses to "new" technology in the past. You have been right occasionally but mostly you have been wrong. - Brian Sullivan
I still don't see how this will make a huge shift. Sure maybe 1/3 of fb users might use it from time to time but Google has been doing this for several years now.. - _null_
Anyone video this so we can watch it ourselves? - Simon Wicks
I disagree with Robert. This probably isn't that huge. - Zach Underwood
"In the future, browsing the web equals logging into Facebook and viewing its content" - Prodigy, CompuServe, and AOL say "Great plan!" - John Craft
I just carried my yellow pages from the doorstep to the garbage without unrapping it, like I've done for the past 5 years - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
I've thought of facebook as pretty boring for the past few years. I still log in several times a week though to check the facebook mail and approve friend requests that's about it really though. It sort of freaks me out when I log on though and people start trying to chat at me. - Thomas Hawk
+1 John - Todd Hoff
everyone's missing the point here --- imagine you are walking/driving around looking for the next hangout to hit or something to do with the family and you fire up the old smartphone and search for "free kid's entertainment in peoria." if businesses are correctly utilizing local search/business listings, the top ten search results on any search engine oughta be chock full of IYP listings AND facebook entry for your local "free kids petting zoo," etc... there's no reason facebook and IYP can't co-exist. - Michelle
@Michelle never once have i thought about opening up facebook on my iphone to find something to do.. Why would you when you can just google it? or check yelp? or ask on twitter? - andy brudtkuhl
"Why would you when you can just google it? - Andy, on another post FB was referred to as a "Social Network Operating System." Imagine a FB response to Android - instead of Google being embedded in your phone, FB is. - John Craft
I help publish a small yellow pages directory in our town. We have a 60%+ senior population & design our book around this. We can compete with the much larger Qwest book because ours is developed with our community in mind. I can see light in the tunnel & where facebook is going with this but I still think there will be room for specialized local info & search. - Patrick Looney
@John Are you suggesting a FB mobile operating system? that will never happen. In the meantime though - no one will use facebook to "find stuff" - andy brudtkuhl
"suggesting a FB mobile operating system? that will never happen." - Not exactly - FB apps making up a PRE-like UI. Never? There are 150 million + people on FB, 2% market share would be a very successful phone. - John Craft
@john there's no possible way you can correlate the number of people on facebook to mobile phone market share. I know people on Facebook who don't even have a computer. - andy brudtkuhl
robert, i still don't get it. i type "business name" "san francisco" into google and then click on either a google map result or a yelp result to get biz info. not sure how facebook pages will change that for me or anyone else. - Deva Hazarika
I can't remember the last time I used a phonebook. In fact I just threw a bunch of those old dead tree directories out a while ago. - Ernie Oporto from Nambu
wth is a phonebook? I haven't used one in years except as packing supplies. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
@Patrick - sure, but that threatens more than yellow pages imo - Deva Hazarika
I get really annoyed when phone books show up on my doorstep. Really I think the internet in general has made phone books obsolete. - Jason
somebody dropped one off on my doorstep the other day. I work from home so when it happened I tried to return it. The guy got mad at me for returning it. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Save a forest Bell South. This time I disagree with Robert. - Russellreno
What's a phone book? - Richard Akerman
The real game changer is happening this month with the go-live of .tel, which will add social media features to web-less directory lookups. Impacts will be greatest for the billions who have mobile phones but no computer. Doesn't look like FB or Plaxo or mEgo et al have a .tel strategy. My website? "Just .tel me." - A Mitchell
Paul Graham
Hello, world!
hello - Caleb Elston
ahhh geeks - Dobromir Hadzhiev
pg? on friendfeed? subscribed! - Benjamin Kudria
Welcome. - Gabe
subscribed! - Sarah Perez
Bienvenido! - Martin Añazco
Best "Like" of the day! - Erhan Erdoğan
World, hello! - Eren Emre Kanal
Hello. - Aaron Myers from twhirl
Wow, ripple effect. See what happens when one person likes? - Hao Chen
Hi Paul - sergiooo
hi, where are your services? - Alan Le
Hi Paul! You look familiar for some reason... - Franklin Naval
Well hello there!! - Matt Donders from fftogo
Ah, yes. I think I was watching a video of him on startups early this morning. - Franklin Naval
main() { printf("hello, world"); } - Heidi Moon
Welcome. - Jonathon
(prn "Hello, world!") - Jim Norris
@Jim damnit, thats what i was going to say - Sam Pullara
<?php echo 'hello world'; ?> - AJ Batac
Hello PG! - Jonathan Tang
This post is rated PG - Gabe
Hello there! - Paresh Jain
Welcome welcome !! - Suryakant Patidar
welcome++ ; - pramodp
aww <3 - Pınar Yanardağ
is it the real pg :) - Rakesh
welcome Paul - Sudha Jamthe
Just a "hello" ??????? : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Unbelievable : ))) Heard me? You added your feed after twenty minutes. : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Hutch Carpenter
Corvida’s Tremendous Perspective on Racist Rants -
I agree, actually I think her writing has been stellar and really connects with this new turn of events. It's true what she says, she is motived by her passions. - Phil Glockner
So I've apparently been living under a rock this week and am just hearing about this. What f-ing pigs. Corvida couldn't have handled it better though. God, if I had had her wisdom at 20! - Carla Thompson
When I think what a sputtering mess I was at 20, I'm amazed at Corvida. And to handle these public things with grace and perspective while telling us more about herself? Impressive. - Hutch Carpenter
awesomesauce!!!! - Nathan Eckenrode
she has an excellent attitude about life in general. I was a little stunned when I first realized she was 20 years old. - edythe
I just learned that last night when she called. I couldn't believe it. - Robert Scoble
Corvida will be in the Bay Area next week. I look forward to meeting her for the first time. - Louis Gray
quite a woman... - edythe
Louis - really? I'd like to say 'hi' myself. - Hutch Carpenter
Isaac Asimov said:"“That we have come as far as we have in forty years [the 1930s to the 1970s] is hopeful, though I believe it is more through the fact that Hitler's excesses made racism poisonous to any humane individual than through our own virtue. That we have much farther to go is incontestable.”. That was in the 1970s. 30 years on, here we are. - The Fat Oracle
Grace under pressure and brilliant writing too, kudos to Corvida; she sounds quite a lady. - Sally Church
Louis: why don't you have a Bay Area tweet up for the remarkable lady? - Sally Church
Charlie O'Donnell
One guess as to where this one goes:
Where does this go? - Rick
Having Karl Rove write weekly op-ed pieces about Obama in the WSJ is a bit like hiring Lamarck to write weekly editorials against Darwin.
That is totally unfair to Lamarck. Modern schoolbooks contrast Lamarck with Darwin and basically leave you with the impression that Lamarck was wrong and kind of stupid and that Darwin kicked sand in his face, but in reality Lamarck was a pioneering scientist who made tremendous contributions to invertebrate biology and gets a lot of credit for proposing the idea of evolution in the... more... - ⓞnor
/like nor's comment - Adewale Oshineye
Jason Calacanis
Charlene Li on Why I'm leaving Forrester -
good look to the super smart Charlene! - Jason Calacanis from Bookmarklet
Loic Le Meur
Here is a $6 million tweet :)
Jason Calacanis
Very simple 4 bloggers to deal with the AP News:ignore them. their thinking+behavior shows exactly how irrelevant they may eventually become
I don't think its that simple. The wires spend tons of cash staffing bureaus such as Baghdad, Kabul that don't bring in money for them but they've gotta be there, its expected. The wires need help figuring this new era out. Their current thinking is certainly not correct but we shouldn't just turn our backs. Disclosure: Wire guy trying to work it out talking - Jon Dillon
ditto jason. Relevance means adapting, and they're content with not changing anything. - Glen Stansberry
Some in AP are maybe not content with changing but I bet you many are itching to change. I see the same chez moi - Jon Dillon
Thomas Hawk
Will FriendFeed Become a New Source for Fast Quotes for Bloggers and Journalists? -
"FriendFeed Becomes a New Source for Fast Quotes for Bloggers and Journalists" - Thomas Hawk, from FriendFeed - Steve Isaacs
haha, go for it Chris, meta, meta, meta. - Thomas Hawk
Takes the 10 second soundbyte to a new level. As a source, scareee. Now we have a long thread about Disqus and the rights of comments. - anna sauce
meta verse launches inside FF - my vision... LOTS of blogs will move here, and many new ones will start here! - Susan Beebe
I'd like to let everyone know that I'm charging $10 per quote. I accept PayPal. :) - Mike Doeff
Actually I think blog comments, posts, etc. have always been fair game for journalists to use. They are public posts. But I think the immediacy of FF and the ability to selectively target a subject is what might give it utility for blog and journalism quotes. Exactly how Marshall used it. I'm writing an article about XYZ, what are your thoughts, etc. Efficient. - Thomas Hawk
Yes. Let's incorporate our FF comments. Let's make a chart like the AP did. And let's also blow off CC and fair use. And absolutely NO satire. In fact, not one little hint of an iota of a smidgen of irony. Hey, if it works for the Associated Press, we can be idiotic, too! yay! - Christine Cavalier
I wonder if anyone ever used to use Usenet or message boards in this way: to crowdsource interview material? - Mark Dykeman
Mark: more then than now, using bbs's, talkers, usenet or boards and forums to "crowdsource interview material" was/is common practice... - Marcos Marado
It's already happened for me with Twitter --journalists have quoted me there - Jeremiah Owyang
Bret Taylor
Tracking Former Yahoo Execs - Where Are They Now? -
Funny that none are in Facebook - wonder what that says about Google versus Yahoo.... - Mrinal Desai from twhirl
*like* @Mrinal Desai's comment - sebmos
Louis Gray
New Blog Post: Why Disqus Is Winning the Web Comment Battles, and What's Next @danielha @duncanriley
Yeah, that would really help cure the comment fragmentation problem. - Rich
Louis Gray
Dave Winer
Daily Mail (U.K.) piece on McCain's first wife.
Lets sling some more mud around. Slander before issues every time. - Michael Tefft
So it's fair to assume you said the same with all the michegas about Rev Wright? - Dave Winer
I don't support John McCain at all, but WTF does this have to do with his campaign? It's incredibly stupid. - Dewald Pretorius
Mudslinging is fine... it's part of the game... slander is a different matter. They're all the same anyway, so I just enjoy the entertainment of it all. - Kenneth LeFebvre
It is slanderous, but also true. - Noah Carter
That is besides the point. Whether it is slander or not, the issues are not being discussed. Too busy slinging mud. - Michael Tefft
Slander by definition is not true. - Michael Tefft
Could some of you Brits clue us Yanks in on the reputation of The Daily Mail? - Thomas Ho from fftogo
Let's be honest instead of self righteous. If the same thing happend to your wife, could you say with 100% honesty that you would do different? Men leave wives for younger women all the time. I personally know someone who left his wife when she had breast cancer. People are human. So is John McCain. - Michael Tefft
I had read something (from other sources) very similar to what you have posted while doing my homework on both candidates before the primaries. It concerned me then as well. It has been my observation than there are others, who like myself, have had concerns over both choices. I appreciate you posting this. What I hope this does is help us all to look to character and why it is not always an either or choice. It also begs the question of how we got here with both. - Melanie Reed
Mr. Tefft, very respectfully, would you feel the same if it had been you and the situation had been reversed? This is not a little thing with God as we have excused it in ourselves. Women are not disposable items and neither is the marriage covenant. It is precisely there to ensure that it is honored and kept. There is no ambition worth breaking a vow and your word and breaking another's heart whom you promised not to betray. - Melanie Reed
The Daily Mail is an upmarket version of The Sun, Germany's Bild or The New York Post. It contains the same sensationalist, bullshit stories but is made to appeal to the middle-class. Typical reader is an angry, white, christian, self-righteous, xenophobic, conservate (Republican) middle-englander. - Paul Grav
millions and millions of others. I am unclear how this makes him a bad person... unless your a religeous zealot? - Soulhuntre from twhirl
Paul's spot on with analysis. Most thinking people wouldn't bother with it except for some mindless entertainment on the train. - IanBlackburnold
This will, however, come out sooner or later. Everything does in a campaign. - Francine Hardaway
Dave Winer
His answer to HRC: You can be the health and education czar.
Loic Le Meur
One of the best known US sexologist is on Seesmic right now to discuss the G point with us, join us it is happening now (I know I know...) -
LOL - Jamie
Ha! Awesome Loic. - Andrew Dobrow
always thought it was the g spot - Tyler Gillies
"g-point" :-) - Jamie
a bunch of nerds asking how to find it. this is priceless. good work loic! - Jamie
I know it's a serious post Loic, but I couldn't help cracking a smile. - Mike
It was a good thread, which started humourous but ended on a serious note. - Jonathan Leavitt
really glad you all loved it, we had tons of fun here! Congrats Rachael. - Loic Le Meur from twhirl
Louis Gray
New Blog Post: TweetSmart Offers Real-Time Twitter-Powered Group Link Blog @twsm @morganb
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