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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here" (413)813-7036
She got up, so I put the iPad on my lap. She meowed at me and demanded her spot back. - Heather
This is the gist of the relationship. Bunbuns does not give one single solitary frac.
Yeah, I'm going to be that kind of cat person.
<3 - Alix May
Finally got to meet the fur baby. Totally in love
She likes the bird toy I got her, but I haven't gotten a pic yet. - Heather
Daisy (parents dog) is turning a pie crust box into a puzzle.
6 books for $7. Oh, and one is a Christmas present. #LibraryBookSale #TheGoodThingsInLife #HowToMakeMeHappy
The gorram raccoons are too gorram curious!!
Ain't it the truth. - Spidra Webster
3 were at the front of the house. I opened the window to scare them, but one thought it was a invitation inside. Then I threw a cup of water at them and one came back and looked in the window on the door. - Heather
I'm still kind of devastated I don't get to foster a cat. But after my shift someone asked me to spend time with a super shy cat in one of the free roam rooms and he was really in to me scratching his neck, so that felt pretty good.
I'm sorry. But I'm glad you are helping the shy cat to socialize. - Spidra Webster
I'm sorry that you cannot foster, but it sounds like you still are making a big difference for the kitties. - vicster: full-bodied
pants off dance off - Steve C Team Marina
are we supposed to wear pants?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
CAT HOSTING! For a week. ^_^
Dakin is like overfull so they need people to foster until next week's adoption event. Cross your fingers we end up adopting! lol - Heather
Any advice on making guest cat feel welcome? - Heather
Will they have any beds or blankets that are theirs coming with? I usually try to put those, or a fresh towel, someplace a little secluded in case they need a retreat. - Jennifer Dittrich
False alarm, others got there first. But I guess I'm on the list for if they get more cats. - Heather
I'm too excited about NaNoWriMo too early. I can't maintain this kind of enthusiasm for over a month. How do I put emotions on hold?
You can always throw your own one for October? (OctoNaWriMo actually sounds pretty cool...) - Jennifer Dittrich
Schedule days off. Not only to give you a break but you'll probably have some "Oh, I've got an idea" moments and when you hit the pages again you'll be energised - Johnny
When I get an idea, I try to turn it into outlining, but I keep finding myself mentally writing scenes. I'm heavily basing this NaNo on myself, so it's kind of hard not to think about it. lol - Heather
I also made 2 Polyvore outfits relevant to my story. >.> - Heather
LOL One of the baby name websites I use has an "Are you a writer?" link at the top of the page. They're on to us! #WriterHacks
I have NO stamina. KICU shift was looooooooong. Last time we were done in 2 hours, today I finished after 4. Then we went shopping at BJs. I still have bruises that look like giant hickies from yesterday's PT. I just want to do NOTHING tomorrow. </end rant>
I hope you have the day off! - Spidra Webster
Wonderful day of doing nothing. Tomorrow is nephew-by-proxy's birthday. About 40 people apparently. *braces* - Heather
Chris and I were looking at paint samples (killing time between dr appointments) and he pointed to the blue that he thought was his room color. I said it was a gloomier, greyer blue and pointed to the one I thought it was.
It was called Monday Blues. - Heather
*happy dance* Chris's mom was looking at adoptable cats! ^_^
Serious question: Why don't we all have closet systems like Cher in Clueless?
Thinking about spending money on an app that's basically Polyvore for just your own clothing. I wish I was tech savvy enough to make what I want. Also, I wonder how expensive motorized closet racks are.... >.> - Heather
Bunatar: The Last Haybender
I'd watch that twice. - Steven Perez
So. Yeah. Just watched the Legend of Korra Book 4 trailer ( AND I CAN'T EVEN.
So not Complaining, but who gets a PT appointment less than 24 hours from calling?
Tried sleeping on the couch to help my shoulder. Now both shoulders hurt and my back is stabby. WTF body, I'm only 30!
Wait till you get to 40. It's more awesome. I guarantee. - Eric - It's My Thing
If it keeps up like this, I won't make it past 50. - Heather
I called my parents an hour ago. They didn't pick up. And haven't called back. WTF parents, are you having a life or something? #AdultChildrenProlems
op sorry my cats borrowed them, didn't they return them? - Sir Shuping is just sir
They went camping. x_x - Heather
Silly Heather didn't check the woods - Steve C Team Marina
Adventures in pie making.
I don't think I've been this relaxed making pie since the first few times I did it. Maybe baking alone with the radio is key. - Heather
Bunny will eat all the apple peels you give her. And your fingers if they smell like apple. - Heather
Disposable tins are waaaaaay shallower than my pie plate. Much spillage. So smoke. Wow burn-y-ness! - Heather
I swear this smoke alarm is a bastard. It went off, Chris took the batteries out and we aired out the house. It's chirping. He puts the batteries back in.... It's still chirping! *strangles smoke alarm. - Heather
I can't cook much, but damn can I bake a pie. - Heather
fire! - WarLord
Trying to get my eating habits regular is going to be impossible for the next 5 days. I have almost no appetite on prednisone. - Heather
Mr. 3 (nephew by proxy) came in the living room with the bunny out. He tried handing her a few toys and then "pet" her by poking her in the head. It was too cute.
Any able to explain this articles calculations? It's about birth control failure likelihood over time and it just doesn't seem right to me.
Http:// - Heather
Ugh, iPad linking sucks :( - Heather
The older I get the more obsessed with my Finn heritage I get. Is that a thing?
You know, I swear it is. I've been way more interested in some of our family traditions now than I was as a kid. Part of that is tied to family actually talking about it, but some of it just realizing as I get older that I wish I knew a bit more. - Jennifer Dittrich
My current thing is wanting to learn to play the Kantele. It's a string instrument with 5-38 strings (I think I'd stick with 5 strings). So pretty: - Heather
Same with me... I've been steadily getting closer to the German side of my heritage. Very fulfilling, even if there are dark sides to it. - Brent Schaus
Stab myself with a needle, again. #cantbetrustedwithsharpobjects
HALP! I have a mom guilt situation.
My mom called yesterday to tell me the job I had previously with her is basically back. It's an as needed thing. She called it an internship, but assured me I would get paid at the end of the call. - Heather
The problem is, Chris would have to drive me 45mins on Monday, I would stay at my parents that night, work Tuesday too, and my mom would drive me back out here (and just over an hour home). - Heather
I hated the job (cold calling), it's a commitment for both me and Chris, it's going to cost gas money, and I'm not happy with my mom because of how she's been talking to me about getting a job. - Heather
The only pro is that I would get paid, probably. - Heather
Thoughts? - Heather
my initial response: do what's best for you and Chris FIRST. everything else is secondary. i think your first responsibility is to the pair of you, not your mom. - Big Joe Silence
Basically, if there's no written guarantee of a paycheck, and it requires an outlay of funds from you, then I'd give that the big thumbs down. Even if pay is guaranteed, if it doesn't significantly cover your expenses (and time commitment,) also a no. - Jennifer Dittrich
Honestly the stress built in in all that looks to exceed the monetary gains unless your mom's got deep pockets. - Steve C Team Marina
What everyone else said. There ain't nothing like mom guilt, but this is a perfect opportunity to establish some boundaries. - Corinne L
I love you guys, seriously. I haven't had any positive thoughts towards this and I feel a lot better knowing I'm not just coming off as a petulant brat. Standing up to my mom for the way she talks to me about getting a job is a long time coming, so it wont be easy. I really hope it makes future conversations smoother though. - Heather
Girl, I was there many, many times with my mom. It took a long time for her to stop haranguing me about jobs - and even when I would be doing well, she'd be full of ideas about where I could work or who might need a good writer. Work on keeping your voice level when discussing job stuff and don't hesitate to hang up if she gets nasty (prefacing it with something like "This isn't up for discussion, mom, I love you, hanging up now"). Good luck! - Corinne L
Moms have a way with presenting something you don't want to do in a way that's almost impossible to not do.
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