#SaturdayFF Ever since I learned the word, I wanted to be ambidextrous. I used to practice eating, writing, and other things with my left hand to try and "train" it. I never had the patience, but sometimes I still try and do things left-handed just to see how it goes.
(Inspired by Stephen Mack http://friendfeed.com/zeigen...) - Heather
Very cool. - Stephen Mack
I have a strange...well, I wouldn't call it a fetish, but I find left-handedness attractive. *shrug* - Derrick
My godmother was ambidextrous, but was deliberately trained out of it as a child. She can still pick up skills with her left if she concentrates on it, but is 'right handed' at this point, for the most part. Always thought that was really too bad :( - Jennifer Dittrich