I'm so cranky about seeing these pictures of topless or nearly topless women, and apparently entire FF accounts too. Someone tell me there's a whole account just for crotch bulges and people who favorite naked men on Flickr.
apparently flickr is bursting at the seams with porno groups. - Big Joe Silenced
blast, why don't I ever get to see any of these pictures of men? - MiniMage
Apparently I'm not exploring Flickr enough. - rønin
A lot of sites use them as free storage. They post them there then ... AHEM... pull from there for their site to reduce bandwidth - Johnny from iPhone
I meant that I see people's Flickr favorites pulled into FF and the past few days hid FF accounts of topless women. It's feeling a bit sexist, but maybe I just don't know about all the raunchy male nudity that's lurking around outside my feed. - Heather