Tooth update: My mouth smells like cloves.
I got a medicated thingy on my tooth with clove oil and an antibiotic Rx to baby my tooth until I can get in for a filling. It's either $295 next week or I might be able to get into a clinic sooner and cheaper. They think it can get by with a medicated filling. I've been told if worse comes to worse, I can live normally without the tooth. :( - Heather
I'm glad they were able to get you some immediate relief, but :((( - Jennifer Dittrich
The one draw back to having a tooth pulled is that the other teeth move to fill in the gap, and that can be problematic too. Best to fix what you have and keep it if you can. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Yeah, if I could move the teeth intentionally, I think it would be ok since my front teeth are crowded. But that's not realistic. And with what my dad's gone through with his teeth, I'd like mine to stay as healthy as possible! - Heather
I hope they get you in soon. - Spidra Webster
FUCK! I totally spaced on calling a clinic today. >.< - Heather
Poop :o( - Melly
Are you in the Pacific Time zone? You've got one hour left! - Spidra Webster
East Coast. :( At least the scheduled appointment isn't too far away. - Heather
Talked to Mom. She said not to bother with a clinic, she rather the dentist I saw did the filling. She's paying for it (I'm so freaking lucky my parents tolerate me) so I'm going with it. Started my antibiotics today. Who do I thank about the reasonably shaped caplets instead of pudgy tablets? - Heather
I'm glad your mom is helping you out. Tooth infections are no joke. - Spidra Webster
I'm so glad that your mom is helping out and you'll be able to get it totally taken care of. Teeth are way too important. - Jennifer Dittrich