Holy crap, I don't think I can put this filling off any longer. Actually, I think I might be getting my first root canal. *pain*
Yikes! Definitely, if you can, get to the dentist ASAP. If you have to delay, I think a few folks here have mentioned that clove oil (found at the drugstore) is pretty effective short-term for pain. - Jennifer Dittrich
Orajel is also useful for the same purpose (topical painkiller). - John (bird whisperer)
Had a good cry and the pain is drastically reduced. Is that a known pain reliever? Also have an appointment for tomorrow at 12:15. Hopefully they just scold me for putting off the filling and tell me it's stress or referred sinus pain. Really, really don't want a root canal. - Heather
Yeah, they're both known pain relievers that are applied topically. I think clove oil (eugenol) is sold in packages labeled as "tooth first aid kit" or something like that with tweezers for applying it. - John (bird whisperer)
Well, if it is stress or sinus related (or just being aggravated by them,) I can see how a good cry might have really helped. Either way, I'm glad you're able to see them tomorrow - I hope it isn't too awful in the meantime. - Jennifer Dittrich
Do yourself a favor and don't watch Marathon Man until it's fixed. - Jason P
:( feel better soon, :( - chaz2b