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Premarin, because nothing says regaining your sex life like rubbing horse piss on your crotch.
I KNEW I was doing something wrong! - Big Joe Silence from iPod
I thought of it because Chris asked: PREgnant MARe urINe - Heather
Meg VMeg
How long has it been since you lived with a roommate/housemate? (let's say, shared space with someone who's non-familial and non-romantic, for longer than 6 months) Also, feel free to share your best/worst roommate stories.
About 5 years, give or take. I don't really have any terrible stories, just the normal occasional spats and fights over dishes. - Jennifer Dittrich
I graduated college 20 years ago this spring. I lived in a single room my last two years. So, 22 terrible/great stories. roommates were fine. - ellbeecee
I have never lived with a roommate. I did have a couple dozen floormates in college (19 years ago), and a shared coed bathroom, but we all lived in tiny monastic-cell-like singles. My favorite story from that time involves how someone got busted for his pet rats, and for the rest of the semester we all took turns having them live with us so no one got busted. I also really liked hanging... more... - Marianne
It's been about 8 yrs since I had a housemate (although for the last 4.5 years I've lived with family again so I have a number of the same issues, possibly even worse). Worst is probably the guy who moved in and didn't mention he was bipolar. I was the master tenant and thus responsible when I came home from a road trip to find him sitting drunk on the roof in the middle of trying to... more... - Spidra Webster
Last roommate was December of 2001, so 14 years. I had suite mates until May of 2004, but we all had our own bedrooms. I've never had a housemate or live-in partner. - Soup in a TARDIS
Edited to add "housemate", because that's really what I meant: sharing common areas, not a bedroom necessarily. I'm curious if I'm the only one "here" who shares living space like this (currently, it's out of financial necessity). I've only lived on my own for 2 years of my life, and even when I've lived with significant others, we had housemates. - Meg VMeg
Earlier this month, after I lost my job as the Red Power Ranger, I had an argument with my roommate and ended up stabbing him with a sword. It was self-defense, though. - Stephen Mack
Do Chris's parents count? It's more like being a kid than having roommates except that I have more to complain about. - Heather
It's been 7 years, though I was considering a roommate again until Philosopher and I got serious - Hedgehog from Android
I was starting to say college which would be 20 years but d'oh forgot the whole navy thing living with like 350 of my best buddies in a tin can for a 6 month deployment and then other underway periods of 1week to a couple of months. Of course those would be Navy stories, not roomie stories - Christina Pikas
My first roommate was the worst. She insisted on having sex in the room while I was still in it (like I'd be writing a paper and she'd be banging away) and she didn't "believe" in taking regular showers (maybe once every month or two). She was also cheap as hell, which meant she would only do her laundry when she went home for the holidays (where it was free). When she'd get out of bed in the morning and flip back her duvet a wall of heat and stick would fly across the room. Ugh. - Soup in a TARDIS
Hmm....I guess it's been seven years. I briefly shared a house instead of doing a daily 4 hour commute. It was okay until another person moved in. I found a studio apartment shortly after that. Honestly, I'd say people have more bad roommate stories about me. I just don't like sharing space with most people. My worst experiences were the year I shared a house with two other women while... more... - J. Marie B
Sophomore year of college, so ... good lord, 25 years. I am not a roommate person. - Catherine Pellegrino
Currently have a roommate. Have had roommates consistently for the past...20 years? It's just a comfortable arrangement and I don't really care to change it up much. We respect each others' space and still come together to hang out or share meals. It's kind of like living with family I guess. Nightmare roommates - I've had two, but one was by far the worst. He'd decided it was his god... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
19 years! - Andrew C (✔)
11 years. I sort of miss having housemates, actually, because I truly loved some of my housemate situations, but then every time I think about having one now I get squidgy. - laura x
Based on your parameters, Meg, never. Longest platonic roommate/housemate situation was 3 months and the last one was about 5 years ago. - Corinne L
Grad school. I lived in a big old Victorian house with my best friend from high school (Tim), my high school boyfriend who I dated on and off for a decade (Christian), and my friend's friend (Mary). The house was in a constant state of renovation, and the guys worked 3rd shift. I got up one morning to find they'd stripped all the carpet out while I slept. On another day I came home and... more... - Jenica from iPhone
!980, my one and only roommate - I was 14, pretending to be 19, and my roommate was a single mother with 2 kids, that I met in a homeless shelter in Santa Monica. She had recently acquired a job but didn't get her first paycheck, yet. She was hitting the time limit at the shelter and they were kicking her out. With no money, 2 kids, and no place to go, she was in pretty deep... more... - April Russo
About nine years. - Julian
If you don't count my first four months here in DC where I did live in a shared house situation, 8 years. And even then I was living with my parents and we have a pretty decent dynamic. The DC situation taught me I'm not opposed to having roommates, as long as I have my own bathroom. - Katie
since 2004 I think? so...10 years. some of that time i lived with family but yeah...nothing since then. the last roommate i had broke my desire to ever do that again. it was the woman that owned the house and she said she was a vampire, mortician, belly dancer. she liked to come home at 3 in the morning stomping up the stairs in 3 inch boots and when the other dude and i said something to her, her response was "its my house i'll do what i want." she was...interesting. - Sir Shuping is just sir
It's been 51 years (!). Sophomore year of college, first year in student co-op. He probably wasn't a terrible roommate (most of the house was engineering students, and "slacker" was not a 1963 term at UC Berkeley in engineering), but I was happy to get and keep a single the next year. - Walt Crawford
I had a roommate in ketchikan. But she was pretty cool. My first (and only) roommates in college though were horrendous. My freshman year RM his her weed in my backpack once. And she was a tottotal drunk. She spilled her beer all over my homework and wrecked it so I wasn't able to turn in the 50 point assignment. My second roommate was just weird. She picked skin off her feet and ATE it. - Marissa from Android
Man Clogs Toilet With Potatoes, Pulls Fire Alarm to Get Help Quicker | NBC 10 Philadelphia -
Man Clogs Toilet With Potatoes, Pulls Fire Alarm to Get Help Quicker | NBC 10 Philadelphia
"Looking to unclog his potato-stuffed toilet, a Delaware County, Pennsylvania man decided to try and get help by pulling his apartment building's fire alarm. It was a poor decision." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The three-story building was evacuated and police and fire officials came to the scene to investigate. Realizing there was not a real emergency, they questioned the man who explained what happened. Police placed him under arrest for ringing the false alarm. " - Jessie
I love that there's no explanation for the potatoes in the toilet. Like that's a thing that just happens. - Jessie
It's why I went to the link, and not finding an answer, I guess it's just potatoes, no biggie... - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Same here...why is he putting potatoes in the toilet? I WANT TO KNOW! - Anika
try it Anika report back - Steve C, Team Marina
I only have toilets here. No potatoes. - Anika
How can someone just leave toilet potatoes without explanation! - Heather
^^^^this - Kevin Johnson
Toilet potatoes happen. - Greg GuitarBuster
I don't have audio at work (and I'm too lazy to dig out the earbuds) -- Here's a video of someone demonstrating a toilet, with a potato. - bentley
I may have had direct contact with an Amish patient who felt the potato, though a sweet tater, could assist him with his constipation. If he only could have just reached the flush state. Vacuum, bowels, need say no more. - Janet
I clogged the toilet with a potato...WHEN I WAS FIVE. - Jenny H. from Android
I microwaved the cats food and now she's acting afraid of it.
another post today that I had to read twice... :-) - Kevin Johnson
She finally ate most of it. I thought cats like warm food. - Heather
It may have been too warm to eat. It also tends to make the smell of it stronger, so she may have been reacting to that. - Half Pint
TIL: Apparently, each NFL team is responsible for bringing their own footballs to use in each game they play. Like, except for kick offs, the ball used by offence is provided by offence. The refs or NFL aren't involved. Any way you cut it, that is just fucking dumb.
There is no valid reason why this should occur in a professional sport. - Johnny from iPhone
I did some homework on this, because when I learned about all of it, it too, made no flipping sense and I didnt understand why the refs don't have their own pile of "official sanctioned balls" or whatever, and it basically boils down to: it's Peyton Manning's fault. (Quick research, don't quote me on that.) But apparently the refs DID used to have their own balls, but Manning fought for... more... - Miriella from Android
A few QBs were part of it (including Brady and Manning) because they like different types of texture I guess. It's still dumb, they survived before they got to customize their balls. - Heather
I can get that they wanted a specific texture but the fact they aren't handed off to an independent official for pressure testing beforehand is mind boggling. - Johnny
They are Johnny. Each team submits the balls for measuring and they are approved of. The problem is that there is an acceptable range of pressures and as long as each ball falls within that range, they are good. Some QBs like balls at the lowest, some like it at the highest. It's all personal taste. The pressures are not recorded though, they just get a yes or a no. Also, the rule that... more... - Chris Topher
That's the thing, I wouldn't call that professional pressure testing. Professional testing is taking each ball, filling it to a predetermined pressure then handing it off to an official to administer the balls when required. You don't get to pick which pressure you prefer. This shit is just clown shoes. It just invites either abuse or questions. - Johnny
The only sport where I could draw a comparison is tennis where each player can reject a ball and send it back to the ball people for a new one if the pressure isn't right. That being said, it's from a selection of independently sourced balls and they are cycled for new balls during the match. How did anyone not think issues like this would arise? - Johnny
I do agree that having ONE pressure would solve a lot of things. - Chris Topher
Gonna have to teach these guys Rugby, Johnny - Mo Kargas from Android
Now that you brought up the tennis ball comparison, I'm curious what the rules are about golf balls. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I just looked at USGA website apparently they test then publish a list of "conforming" equipment. I think I also saw that golfer uses one ball per round. - WarLord
They use one type of ball but can swap individual ones out at the end of each hole if they have knicks or dents etc. - Johnny from iPhone
Jason Wu for Target dresses, NWT, size small.
If you're still looking to do something with these, I'll take them. - Heather
Heather, yep! Just DM me the address you want them to go to. - joey
I keep forgetting, I got them and love them. - Heather
Oh, I'm so glad on both counts! - joey from iPhone
Blah, cat got sick immediately after eating... Again.
:( - Johnny
Is she maybe eating too quickly? - Laura
Our puppy did that. I ended up putting her food in a tiny muffin tray so she had to stop and move to each section so she couldn't gulf it down in one go. - Johnny
I'm wondering if it is maybe the wet food that she is getting. She seems to be ok with dry food, but that could also be because it takes her longer to eat that. - Chris Topher
Bob does that with some foods - it seems like all of the ones he had trouble with had a lot of liver in them. I give him smaller portions and avoid those foods, and it doesn't happen anywhere near as often. - Jennifer Dittrich
Going to try using a plate instead of a bowl and putting it up on something. - Heather
We feed small portions specifically because our younger cat tends to WOLF IT ALL DOWN and CHUCK IT ALL UP. It helps. Some. - Walt Crawford
RT @trublu: Just saw the vid of Brady jumping around like Serena after that interception. #Priceless
I WAS JUMPING JUST LIKE THAT. But with a lot of screaming - Julie Kane from iPhone
That game was crazy. I would have been fine with either team winning. Pats didn't win it, Seattle lost it. - Miriella from Android
Nah, we won. - Heather
Unless you can score negative points, the team who has the most points won the game. - Johnny
Well, sure. Just saying, you make a terrible call and you lose the game. - Miriella from Android
I get that but it's more like you make a bad call and do not win the game. The Pats made more meaningful correct calls and that was reflected on the scoreboard. The assumption that if they made a different call then they would have scored is just an assumption and discounts the other team's ability to neutralise that call. - Johnny
Well I did just say Seattle "did not win the game" what are we getting all nitpicky for? The beauty of the sports is having to play the game for the entire duration. The Knicks can't just go home after 3 periods even though they're getting blown out. So, if you break the game down to that one call, Seattle lost the game. (But still could have failed that drive in a number of other ways)... more... - Miriella from Android
I get nit picky because you said "Pats didn't win it, Seattle lost it." That's highly disrespectful to the Pats. I don't follow either team but the notion of "it was someone game to lose" a false one. - Johnny
Similar to the way GB lost the NFC champ game, or Andy Murray "losing" the AO. But not really. :) - Miriella from Android
Well, I understand your view. But really, the Patriots got bailed by a bad call AND they made a great play. I just really mean that Seattle didn't have to gamble and throw when they had a number of other options to score at the end of the game. - Miriella from Android
That's not me :) - Miriella from Android
I've seen team "lose the game" by making really bad plays. I didn't think the pass was bad, I thought the Patriots made a good interception. It was close. That's why I disagreed. :) - Heather
Zoey likes the Puppy Bowl better than the Super Bowl.
We've been watching the kitten bowl. - Jennifer Dittrich
We watched some of it. The Puppy Bowl is our half-time routine though. - Heather
Mark H
Atheist Stephen Fry Delivers Incredible Answer When Asked What He Would Say If He Met God -
Atheist Stephen Fry Delivers Incredible Answer When Asked What He Would Say If He Met God
Show all
""I’ll say: bone cancer in children, what’s that about? How dare you how dare you create a world where there is such misery that’s not our fault? It’s utterly, utterly evil. Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid god who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain? The god who created this universe, if he created this universe, is quite clearly a maniac, an utter maniac, totally selfish. We have to spend our lives on our knees thanking him. What kind of god would do that? Yes the world is very splendid, but it also has in it insects whose whole life cycle is to burrow into the eyes of children and make them blind.”" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Attenboroughesque :) - Eivind from Android
see also Pratchett's Patrician :) - Pete
God might reply, "when you can create a world without injustice and pain, then we can talk" - Todd Hoff
Worl, as an individual I can't. Nor Stephen. Nor Todd. But God? God *could*. Question is, why not? Ah, theodicy. - Pete
Thus, god is not perfect. - Joe
God never said he was, it's people,that said that. And perfection doesn't aloow for free will, which is a handy thing to have. - Todd Hoff
Granted that the creator of the universe is not perfect. I would also say the force/energy/being is not all knowing either. (Edit to add- I would say that the creator is an experimenter.) - Joe
You guys are in full swing here but I guess I'd ask what your definition of perfect is? - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Generally, that which can't be improved. What is improved? There you go. - Todd Hoff
I think for a lot of us "perfect" is "what satisfies me" - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
"The Problem of Evil" is what led me to abandon my faith when I was 11 or 12. No one around me at the time was willing or able to provide an answer to it. I've since reconciled it for myself, more or less, but it's an ongoing struggle, I must admit. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Recently, for example, I've been reading "The Gulag Archipelago", and it's rattling my faith. I think a part of me seeks to learn about these things for that reason: to rattle my faith, and see how it fares. Probably why I stay on FriendFeed, too LOL - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Yeah, The Problem of Evil in the wake of 9/11 and the subsequent lies leading to the invasion of Iraq broke my belief as well. Coincidentally, I started reading a lot of Philip K Dick novels at the time, and his theodicy is probably the only one I'd be willing to believe: God isn't actually omnipotent. - Victor Ganata
I think Mr. Fry got it in one. Cancer. Why would anyone allow that if they had the power to prevent or stop it? And if they don't have that power, why the hell should we blindly hand over our lives to them? - Heather
Okay, God gets rid of cancer. Then what? - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
If God is omnipotent and benevolent, why does cancer even exist in the first place? - Victor Ganata
Then cancer gets rid of God. #notatheologist #noideawhatthatmeans - Stephen Mack from iPhone
*reserves spot to comment from beyond the grave* - Micah from iPhone
Ya'll are going with the assumption that a creator thinks like its creation and feels as its creation feels. That's where modern religion seems to go off the rails in my mind. - Michael W. May
A Baha'i friend once asked me 'If you met God and he asked you what you had done with your life, what would you say?' I said 'I might ask the same of you.' - Pete
Could an imperfect human being possessing free will exist in such a way to rail against his creator (or really against the decaying, entropic universe he resides in) if everything was perfect, self-sustaining, and infinite? Guess it depends on what your assumptions or beliefs about God is. If it has human-like attributes but imbued with supreme power, then perhaps we can say the... more... - Mo Kargas
I dunno, wouldn't an omniscient and benevolent God understand and empathize with its creation? - Victor Ganata
I tend to think we imagined God as the omnipotent, omniscient version of ourselves, warts and all. Where we are vengeful, capricious, insecure - God is the Most vengeful, capricious, insecure. I tend to think that *if* there is a "creator," it is indifferent to us entirely. I can imagine that creator's response to Mr. Fry: "Cancer, blindness, bugs...they all fit within a cycle of... more... - Bren from iPhone
Inconsistent human qualities applied to something beyond us. - Mo Kargas
No really, nobody answered my question, what next? - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Well, ok. About what are we talking? The utterly apart Islamic God of Tawhid? The immanent yet transcendent God of the Incarnation? The Demiurge of the Gnostics? The utterly ineffable of Lovecraft? Cos if we don't know *that* all the rest of it is wandering in a maze. - Pete
But the original question isn't about "next". It's about why things are the way they are in the first place. - Victor Ganata
The monotheistic God Fry is likely talking of is *claimed* to value humans. But a Creator does not necessarily have to value or care, at least in a way which is understandable to us. - Pete
Sure, the easiest form of theodicy that doesn't do away with God entirely is to say that God isn't what we think God is, but the obvious logical consequence of that line of thinking is therefore many of the world's religions are utter bullshit. - Victor Ganata
It also assumes that we are the snake in the cage, not the mouse bred for food. - Johnny from iPhone
Well, and quite, Victor. - Pete
The original quote assumes both that God is powerful enough to affect th course of the world and demands worship. The God of many religions fits that. If you change the parameters, you are creating a new context. - Heather
That context will change from human to human regardless, due to that initial assumption. - Mo Kargas
Heather, like Isaac Newton's Clockwork Universe. Put all the pieces together and let it run. - Johnny from iPhone
Letting it run, to me, sounds like not having investment in the proceedings. Which (again just my perspective) would not require devotion and worship. If God made everything and walked away, why follow rules or pray? - Heather
The fact is that many world religions explicitly state that God is active in the proceedings of the Universe, though. - Victor Ganata
OTOH, we give our lives over to many entities that aren't omnipotent or omniscient but are nonetheless more powerful and/or (allegedly) more knowledgeable than we are—government, the free market, etc.—so if God isn't omnipotent nor omniscient, that isn't necessarily a reason not to worship or offer to service to Him/Her/Them. - Victor Ganata
Not all NDE's are of heaven. - Mike Nencetti
ooo dış mihraks fiğdini bulmasyone. otporumsu paralelizasyon - furi from Android
Victor Ganata
The current scientific theory of creation requires us to assume that all of this arose from a random quantum fluctuation that got expanded to massive scale by cosmological inflation. It doesn't require the existence of an underlying purpose or a superhuman entity guiding creation, but it doesn't preclude it either.
But once you start accepting the idea that random quantum fluctuations can influence large scale processes, you've opened the door to Boltzmann brains and who is to say there *aren't* superhuman sapient entities floating around in our universe? - Victor Ganata
*cue appearance of Q* - Micah from FFHound!
"...who is to say there aren't superhuman sapient entities floating around in our universe?" - agnosticism in a nutshell. - Bren from iPhone
The same people who reject Russell's Teapot. - Heather
The difference is that Russell's Teapot doesn't affect your existence even if it exists, while a Boltzmann brain very well might. - Victor Ganata
Boltzmann brains are, probably, a delicacy in some multiverses. - Micah from FFHound!
Anne Bouey
If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair -
If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair
Show all
Just like normal people. :) - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
I sorta give the Elsa one the side-eye, because I've got two different friends with her white-blonde hair color -- no roots, but the Pocahontas one cracks me up every time. - Jennifer Dittrich
Elsa has naturally white-blonde hair, so I think they're stretching for that one. Ariel and Pocahontas are like expectation vs reality. - Heather
With Elsa, I wish they'd show a bunch of hair just not in the braid since it isn't secured or anything. I mean, my hair pokes out of braids even when it /is/ secured. - Jennifer Dittrich
Despite me loving the cast, I'm cautious cause a good cast, whatever gender, isn't enough to save shitty franchise scripts. #Ghostbusters
Same. I worry a lot more about the writing than the cast, which is full of great comedy talent (much like the last one.) - Jennifer Dittrich
No trust in Dippold? - Andrew C (✔)
No. There isn't a story that is desperate to be told. It's a reboot or rehash driven by studios. Unless you are a big time writer or director with freedom, you're a studio monkey with a typewriter - Johnny from iPhone
I can think of some premises that would be really interesting. I hope the story is worthy of the talent. - Heather
I'm not all that enthused about the cast, myself. I love the idea of the Ghostbusters being women, but I find one or more of the chosen cast members to be extremely annoying. Granted, I might have felt the same way about Bill Murray before he was in the original if I hadn't been so young when it came out. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Of course, part of the strength of the original was in the rest of the cast - without Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, and William Atherton, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. Part of Ramis' genius was in letting people who /weren't/ the actual Ghostbusters carry large parts of the story. - Jennifer Dittrich
Has anyone used hairball control food? We have some even though the cat doesn't have hairball problems. A quick search says that it might not be that healthy.
I have, and some seem to work a lot better than others. The ones I've had recommended by the local store tend to use fiber that would be in a normal diet. The Wellness "Indoor" version has that as part of the formula. - Jennifer Dittrich
Zoey hasn't had hair balls, but she's drinking a lot of water (hairball control has a lot of fiber and that takes more water) are had been sick a couple times after eating. Just not sure what the problem is, she could be eating too fast. - Heather
I'm just trying to figure out if the food is ok for her if she doesn't need it. - Heather
My cats aren't, but I've found that their hairball production has dropped since I started drizzling oil on their food. I do it for Plum's itchy skin issues. It's an added benefit. - Katy S from iPhone
I'm just about to start Noah on one (mixed with his weight management food) because he's hoiked up a couple this week. - Melly
Has she ever had hairballs? - Melly
Not that I know of. I think Chris's mom bought the food as a preventative thing. I'm just worried that it might be like taking medicine for a problem you don't have. - Heather
Maybe check with a vet? I've had four cats - one of them had hairballs very infrequently that were easily treated with a laxative. I'm only putting Noah on this hairball food for a couple of weeks until I'm sure he has no more. - Melly
The X Games uses a guy with a GoPro to get the downhill shots.
They (ESPN) also used a drone for live shots. - Julian
Haha, GoPro dude just crashed. >.< - Heather
m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
#SaturdayFF - I was reading about inefficient airplane exiting and I remembered my high school assemblies. Before the first one in Ninth Grade we were told to watch what the front rows did. Seniors sat in the first rows, then Jrs, etc. When we were dismissed, only the first row stood up. They left from each end of the row, one by one, and started..
..up the aisles. When they had cleared the seats, the next row stood up and filed out. Quietly. No talking. And each row did the same. It looked impressive and worked efficiently. We also had a rule that we could talk quietly in our seats beforehand, but at 8:58 we must stop without prompting. The assembly began promptly at 9:00. The first words from nearly every guest speaker were about how impressed they were. So of course we felt all smug about showing off our dismissal routine. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I often wished someone could implement that routine for inter-departmental meetings and such. And bus trips. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
That's how our schools were. I'll never understand people mid-plane who get up at landing and just stand there. - Anika
We had our assemblies in a movie theater next to the school (it was downtown) and there was a big clock so we all knew when to quiet down. And raked seats so we could all see. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Why can't they just TELL people to wait for dismissal? Be sporting and let the back row go first once in a while. Or Bingo the rows for fun. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Wherever I am, I'm one of the last people to leave. I hate the body jam to get out as fast as possible. Everyone else can body check each other, I'll be in my seat not getting stepped on thanks. - Heather
^Yes. - Janet
Steven Perez
Home. Back hurts. Feet hurt. Brain hurts. All is pain.
!.............................................................:-) - Nispell
:( Feel better soon. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
:( - Heather
:( What did you do? - Greg GuitarBuster
Walked two miles with two armfuls of groceries. I'm thinking of buying a shopping cart. - Steven Perez
Felling a little better now. A trip on the Nap Bus made everything hurt less. Now to catch up on AGENT CARTER. - Steven Perez
The office cat at Gypsy's vet is 22 years old. O.o #goodadvertising
Impressive! - RepoRat
There are also office parakeets, parrot, lizard, and two more cats who "tend to stay in the back." This vet is half zoo. - lris from Android
Office pets are awesome. My doctors office has an office dog, but she's kind of aloof to me. Still makes me happy to see. - Heather
Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V -
Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V -
Starts out pretty funny but then gets a lil' disturbing (to me at least) from the middle on as they discover the joys of random violence. - rönin
Although now I kinda wanna get the game. =p - rönin
That's hilarious - Rodfather
They did another vid of them playing CoD online. - rönin
I wonder what happened to Old Grandma Hardcore. I used to love watching those videos - Rodfather
I watched the CoD multiplayer video. I like how the old Asian dude wanted to get better. - Rodfather
Too many good quotes to include. - bentley
CoD was hilarious. - Heather
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
What Your Favorite Curse Word Says About You -
What Your Favorite Curse Word Says About You
I've found some new ones I want to try out now. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
Lord, this is somewhat true: "You got: SHITHEAD You have a bit of a temper. You also sort of just hate people. Which is understandable because most people are shitheads. I’m sure you’d agree." - Jennifer Dittrich
My results: "You got: FUCK You are logical. You probably excel in board games and always know the right move to make in Jenga. And if you don’t, you knock ‘em all over shouting, “FUCK THIS STUPID GAME!”" - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
"You got: DUMBFUCK You are fiery. You have a bit of a hot temper and you’re often a little more intense than you need to be. You’re kind of like Scar from “The Lion King,” only you’re not that mean and you’d never kill a lion." - Big Joe Silence
Ahahahahahahahahaha "You got: FUCKWIT You are hardcore. You have very little patience for stupidity and people don’t really get your sense of humor. That’s mostly because it’s usually mean-spirited, but also because you come across like you’re not actually joking. You could probably use a good massage, but you won’t get one because you think that’s stupid and you don’t need one. But you do. Massages are nice, ya fuckwit." - Heather
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I have an outline of a short story. A vague idea of it and an overwhelming feeling of dread when I think about fleshing it out so...
I have a story like that. In my head it's so good. Then I go to type it and get...aloof (?) I almost don't want to share it with anyone and my fingers can't type what my brain imagines. - Anika
I know that feeling too! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I get that feeling a lot. It turns out I usually have very little story and my brain tricks me into thinking I've built a massive world. - Heather
I JUST noticed I'm sore from PT yesterday.
Tried to do wall push ups like at PT. Ow. - Heather
Son of Groucho
Experiences are more important than possessions. People trump both.
I don't know...I know a lot of people who make me prefer my things. - Anika
But animals come in number 1. - Heather
Unless they are destroying your things. - April Russo
Jason Toney
RT @buzzfeed: This woman is traveling around the world weight-lifting objects with her vagina
RT @buzzfeed: This woman is traveling around the world weight-lifting objects with her vagina
So this is happening. - Micah from FFHound!
You don't have to do this! - Heather
Kegel Weights Xtreme - Big Joe Silence
Vagina kung fu. Uhhh, so glad my Nana is not alive for this one. I would not want to explain this to her. - Gabrielle
How am I the same species as this person? - Jenny H.
You complete me, FriendFeed... - Brian Johns
Jenhy, you have to accept the shared species thing in your heart — it'll feel great, like a weight being lifted. #_# - Micah from FFHound!
Micah++ - Andrew C (✔)
Things I explained in English class today: "Bless your heart."
The postdocs wanted to know if there was a phrase in English that sounded positive but actually wasn't. This was the first thing that came to mind. - Jessie
Then they wanted to know, if someone said this to them, whether they should punch them. - Jessie
"With all due respect" your opinion is crazy. - Joe
Haha thanks Joe. Any others? - Jessie
"that's interesting..." - ellbeecee
"Great story, bro." - Jennifer Dittrich
^great^cool - Stephen Mack from iPhone
"Thank you for sharing" is another one. - Corinne L
Isn't that nice. - Heather
Conversely, they asked if there was a negative phrase that had "mercy" in it since that's such a positive word, and I came up with "May God have mercy on your soul." They said that sounded very refined and they would probably thank someone who told them that. - Jessie
"Lord, have mercy" when said with the right intonation can mean, "You about to get yo ass beat in a minute." - Anika
Hahaha thank you Anika, they should probably know that one. I will tell them at the next class. - Jessie
Had a dream I was dating half the guys from @BuzzFeedVideo Which ones? I'll never tell!
I'm so curious! - Heather
*freaks out* I just realized I had a dream last night that I realized was a dream. I don't remeber that ever happening before!
I've had that happen a few times, where in the middle of the dream, I think, 'Oh, this is a dream'. - Greg GuitarBuster
it's been a regular feature of my life since i was 7. the neat thing is that sometimes you can alter how the dream progresses. Lucid Dreaming FTW. - Big Joe Silence
That was the thought I had. "Oh this is a dream, that means I should be able to control it." Unfortunately I can't remember anything after that thought! It was my first go at it (that I know of) so maybe next time. :) - Heather
Andrew C (✔)
RT @mcclure111: France just jailed a 16yo for posting a cartoon, in fact literally a Hebdo cartoon w/the Muslim swapped for white guy
RT @mcclure111: France just jailed a 16yo for posting a cartoon, in fact literally a Hebdo cartoon w/the Muslim swapped for white guy
"It represents a real Charlie Hebdo cover that was published in July 2013, days after the military coup in Egypt. It caused outrage at the time because of its cruelty and insensitivity. It shows an Egyptian protestor being shot through a copy of the Quran he is holding. The text says, “The Quran is shit, it doesn’t stop bullets.” Assuming that the mock Charlie Hebdo cover is the one shared by the youth on Facebook, this incident sums up the sheer hypocrisy of France’s current national mood. Anything mocking and denigrating Islam and Muslims is venerated as courageous free speech, while anything mocking those who engage in such denigration – even using precisely the same techniques – can get you locked up." - Andrew C (✔)
That's awful. - Stephen Mack
This is why I can't stand the glorification of Charlie Hebdo. They don't represent free speech and all the crap that's being put on them. They represent a huge problem in France. Getting shot doesn't make you a saint. - Heather
^Agree. - Jenny H. from Android
^Agree. - bentley
Andrew C (✔)
Oh man, Valentine's Day will start a three day weekend thanks to President's Day. No es bueno.
Hey, I'm both on call and work on that Monday, so hurray for the single life. - Jennifer Dittrich
}^[£?|%]*|' Candy sales won't start until Tuesday at the earliest! Rawr! - Heather
Ideally singles could be placed in induced comas for the the entire weekend. - Andrew C (✔)
I'm pretty sure my plans of sitting around playing video games when I'm not working might count. - Jennifer Dittrich
Haha! Well then, I'm proud to be part of the solution. - Andrew C (✔)
Mark H
Over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA” - The Washington Post -
"A recent survey by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics finds that over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA,” about the same number as support mandatory labeling of GMO foods “produced with genetic engineering.”" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Polls repeatedly show that much of the public is often ignorant of both basic scientific facts, and basic facts about government and public policy. Just before the 2014 elections, which determined control of Congress, only 38 percent realized that the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives before the election, and the same number knew that the Democrats control the Senate.... more... - Mark H
I literally smacked my forehead. Dumb people, stop clouding legitimate issues! - Heather
A weird (almost trap) question to ask, yes? - Johnny from iPhone
Murica. :( - Jenny H. from Android
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