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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Daily goal 103.1% achieved on 2014-09-17! 1031.2 of 1000 points earned via Misfit
Misfit? - bentley
Misfit Shine it's a fitness tracker that's water resistant. I can swim with it! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Misfit - it's that thing where Zulema straps a midget to her wrist and uses it as a flotation device. - Steve C Team Marina
^Also that. Yes. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
<3 Steve - Heather
I am so sick and tired of this particular argument against increasing minimum wage:
"If one person works hard in school and studies hard, they should be getting an A. However, if another student does not and skips the final exam, they deserve an F. Continuing that analogy is that in the "everyone deserves a living wage" world both individuals would get a C, because that is fair. What sense does that make." - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
This is such a fallacy. The people that are making less than a livable wage are the ones working their butts off, while the ones raking in billions of dollars are rarely doing more than sitting around, playing golf, hanging out on their yachts, and glad-handing. If we were really to "continue the analogy", the assembly-line workers would be the ones getting the "A" in salary, while the executives would be getting C's or D's, at least. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I'm not necessarily saying that there aren't valid arguments (and completely ridiculous arguments) on both sides of this issue; I'm just really tired of hearing that particular one. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
The problem with the C conclusion is it misunderstands what the minimum wage is. It has nothing to do with the grades you get, it's about making sure that every student at the very least has access to a pencil and a desk so they don't have to resort to writing words on a wall behind the toilets with a stick dipped in blood. - Johnny
Man I wish I could "like" Johnny's comment. - Heather
The one I am tired of hearing is "The minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage. Those jobs are intended for young people still living at home. You shouldn't still be working a minimum wage job by the time you are grown. If you are, then it's because you are too lazy/too stupid/not ambitious enough/[insert other dumb reason] and you deserve the low wages that you get." And the... more... - April Russo
Dunno if I feel like chasing my history for the link, and it might not be true anyway - but somewhere in Washington - the state - the minimum wage was raised to $15. I really think the results of that as described are TOO good to be true - but they describe a restaurant owner predicting layoffs and depression. Instead, the story said he had to hire twice as many people and open several... more... - Mary B: #TeamMonique
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
What's your favorite energy drink? AMP, NOS, Bawls, Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar? Something I haven't thought about? I'm tired of coffee for alertness on my 16 hours shifts on the weekend. I'm looking for suggestions. :)
Water. - Anika
Golazo - only one that doesn't make me fidgety or crash later. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Iced tea - Heather
NOS, Rockstar Recover (yellow), Rockstar Zero (white/silver, tastes like Squirt), Redbull, Starbucks Refresher. - imabonehead from Android
Gurrnaid. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Rockstar Zero is tasty, and I've enjoyed the flavors of Mt. Dew Kickstart I've tried. Red Bull is effective, but I don't think it tastes as good as the others. I've had some of the Monster flavors and liked them, but I don't know which ones. - LB creeps me out. from Android
Rock*star sugar free isn't too bad. - Janet from FFHound!
I like Starbucks Refreshers - lime is my favorite. Avoid the orange flavor. - Corinne L
Iced tea, no sugar or lemon. I go through about a gallon of it each day. My daughter likes Red Bull, mixed with mango nectar to make it taste better. - April Russo
Coffee. - Jenny H. from Android
Pepsi Max Kick. - Melly - #TeamMarina
If you choose to do a lot of iced tea or dark colored may place yourself at risk for kidney stones. - Janet
I don't do anything but coffee & water, so I can't help. I know the ex-wife likes Starbucks Refreshers and will drink NOS if she can't find those. If you really want an energy drink, you might also want to consider 5-Hour Energy (didn't see that in your list). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Any able to explain this articles calculations? It's about birth control failure likelihood over time and it just doesn't seem right to me.
Http:// - Heather
Ugh, iPad linking sucks :( - Heather
The older I get the more obsessed with my Finn heritage I get. Is that a thing?
You know, I swear it is. I've been way more interested in some of our family traditions now than I was as a kid. Part of that is tied to family actually talking about it, but some of it just realizing as I get older that I wish I knew a bit more. - Jennifer Dittrich
My current thing is wanting to learn to play the Kantele. It's a string instrument with 5-38 strings (I think I'd stick with 5 strings). So pretty: - Heather
Same with me... I've been steadily getting closer to the German side of my heritage. Very fulfilling, even if there are dark sides to it. - Brent Schaus
Is it still "I've been hacked" if your friend grabs your unlocked phone and posts a stupid status update on Facebook? It's not RIGHT but by using the word "Hacked", does that downplay the seriousness of recent privacy violations (which are really cracks)? Sounds closer to pranked. I don't know.
We need a better ontology of online dickery - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
It sounds like they're trying to say hijacked and not quite getting it right. - Katy S
Pranced sounds right to me. In WoW I've seen some people have that kind of thing happen when they afk and a sibling starts posting. - Heather
We call it "cheesing" as in "I just cheesed Johnny". - Louis Gray
Who moved my cheese? - Yvonne Renee
When people do that on Twitter (usually kids posting for their parents or siblings pranking siblings), I call it "tweetnapped". - Spidra Webster
Jason Toney
RT @boingboing: 80% of female migrants crossing US-MX border are raped. To prepare, many take birth control.
RT @boingboing: 80% of female migrants crossing US-MX border are raped. To prepare, many take birth control.
I can't even... - Heather
You know how much time and planning could be avoided if we didn't have to wash ourselves regularly? #teamnoshower.... only #notreally
i accidentally did this today. only realised what happened this evening and immediately threw my stinking half-corpse into The Scalding Shower Of Doom. - Big Joe Silence
How often do I have to bathe for it to qualify as "regularly"? #teamdirtyhippie - laura x from iPhone
It's one of the things I miss most about short hair -- doesn't take much to clean up, and I didn't spend any time drying or styling it. - Holly's favorite Anna
Sometimes before I go for volunteering I skip the shower and Chris does my hair in the kitchen sink. - Heather
HALP! I have a mom guilt situation.
My mom called yesterday to tell me the job I had previously with her is basically back. It's an as needed thing. She called it an internship, but assured me I would get paid at the end of the call. - Heather
The problem is, Chris would have to drive me 45mins on Monday, I would stay at my parents that night, work Tuesday too, and my mom would drive me back out here (and just over an hour home). - Heather
I hated the job (cold calling), it's a commitment for both me and Chris, it's going to cost gas money, and I'm not happy with my mom because of how she's been talking to me about getting a job. - Heather
The only pro is that I would get paid, probably. - Heather
Thoughts? - Heather
my initial response: do what's best for you and Chris FIRST. everything else is secondary. i think your first responsibility is to the pair of you, not your mom. - Big Joe Silence
Basically, if there's no written guarantee of a paycheck, and it requires an outlay of funds from you, then I'd give that the big thumbs down. Even if pay is guaranteed, if it doesn't significantly cover your expenses (and time commitment,) also a no. - Jennifer Dittrich
Honestly the stress built in in all that looks to exceed the monetary gains unless your mom's got deep pockets. - Steve C Team Marina
What everyone else said. There ain't nothing like mom guilt, but this is a perfect opportunity to establish some boundaries. - Corinne L
I love you guys, seriously. I haven't had any positive thoughts towards this and I feel a lot better knowing I'm not just coming off as a petulant brat. Standing up to my mom for the way she talks to me about getting a job is a long time coming, so it wont be easy. I really hope it makes future conversations smoother though. - Heather
Girl, I was there many, many times with my mom. It took a long time for her to stop haranguing me about jobs - and even when I would be doing well, she'd be full of ideas about where I could work or who might need a good writer. Work on keeping your voice level when discussing job stuff and don't hesitate to hang up if she gets nasty (prefacing it with something like "This isn't up for discussion, mom, I love you, hanging up now"). Good luck! - Corinne L
monorail.... - Heather
Monorail! - John (bird whisperer)
What's it called?! - Jennifer Dittrich
.... MONO!!!........ D'oh - Johnny
Is it true the tracks will bend? - Jed
Steve C Team Marina
Double standard: We condemn Ray Rice; but what about Mayweather? | -
Double standard: We condemn Ray Rice; but what about Mayweather? |
Here are two star athletes embroiled in the same issue: domestic violence. One plays football. Or played football, anyway. A video released this week shows him striking his then-fiancée, now-wife, in an elevator, knocking her unconscious. It’s impossible to watch the footage and not feel sick to your stomach. The other is a boxer. He has been accused of domestic violence on multiple occasions, including recently. He has gone to jail for assaulting one mother of his children, the charge reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. As recently as Tuesday, speaking specifically about the other athlete’s video, he told reporters, “I think there’s a lot of worse things that go on in other people’s households, also. It’s just not caught on video, if that’s safe to say.” It’s not. Not safe. Not smart. Not humane. It’s impossible to hear that and not feel sick to your stomach. The implication is enormous: Other men beat their wives worse, so what’s a woman in an elevator knocked out cold … The... more... - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"In a Washington Post story published this week, Mayweather said, “Things happen. Malcolm X been to jail; Martin Luther King been to jail. The list goes on and on. You live and you learn. But I think the main thing, I think people should just learn from the mistakes that are made. And I’m not saying that when I went to jail it was a mistake. But things happen and you live and you learn.” I don’t know where to even start with that. I mean, really?" - Steve C Team Marina
I don't think there's a double standard for the most part. The same people who think Rice should be arrested for his abuse think that Mayweather is just the same. In my Twitter TL, most everyone was saying that Mayweather should shut up. These are the same people who won't support Chris Brown or R. Kelly. Of course, these people are mostly black women. Other people are willing to... more... - Anika
I think there's a media double standard as I actually hadn't heard of Mayweather stuff till now as I don't pay attention to boxers or boxing at all but I'm guessing even non-football fans have heard of the Ray Rice stuff. If ESPN covered the Mayweather stuff extensively I would have known more since I do watch a lot of sports shows. - Steve C Team Marina
I'm not a boxing fan and I couldn't avoid the Mayweather stuff. It was all over my Twitter TL and just around town people were talking about it. - Anika
I saw the Mayweather story all over some of my timelines, but it was mostly among people I'd expect to see sharing news about domestic violence, rather than news about sports stars themselves. With Rice, I see it cropping up in both places. - Jennifer Dittrich
The Ray Rice story is a bigger story than ever because they tried to cover it up. - Eric Logan
I agree with Steve, we don't hear about things equally. I had no idea Mayweather was so horrible. I guess I don't dtay connected enough to know about much other than the top stories. - Heather
I don't know how to keep going right now.
I'm ok but I'm scared. Not going to hurt myself, don't worry please. Just need to let this out somewhere. - Lo
((hugs)) If you need something, please let me know, Lo. Peace to you. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Well it's hard not to worry. So if you keep trying I'll try not to worry. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
*hugs* What WoH and MoTO said, too. - vicster: full-bodied
*HUGS* if you to vent or anything let me know Lo - Sir Shuping is just sir
Is there anything any of us can do to help??? - Friar Will
Best wishes on pulling through this time. - Steve C Team Marina
Stay strong! - Mary Carmen
You got this, Lo. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
You're a tough cookie, Lo. *hugs* - Jenny H. from Android
If we can help in any way, please let us! *hugs* - Stephen Mack
*hugs* You are strong and amazing, even when you don't feel it. And if you need some helping hands, I've got 2. :) - Heather
(((Lo))) How're you doing? - Anne Bouey
One breath, one step, one day at a time. Repeat as necessary. It won't make it better, it just gives you something else to focus on, when everything else is too overwhelming. *hugs* - Bette Cooper
I was just thinking I was finding my way out of this long depression/trying to figure things out period and after 9 months of unemployment I had a lead on a job handling desserts for a new restaurant. Husband started new job with Americorps which is a great fit for him, but doesn't make much money. I've been trying to use my difficult secondary relationship as a venue to improve my mood... more... - Lo from Android
Last week I had some really bad fights with secondary, struggling that even trying to use every tool in my box, and some new ones, but it's still going badly. I send him an email asking that he actually attend couples therapy with me, and went to the park to swing for a while. Healthy coping skills & stuff. - Lo from Android
I don't know how but I fell off the swing, broke my left arm and wrist and fractured four vertebrae. I'm in a brace for three months. probably can't do the restaurant job. Don't know how long before I will be able to earn money. I don't even know if I'll be able to dance again. The pain is unreal. My husband is stresses caring for me and afraid he will have to quit his job. I cried most... more... - Lo from Android
I am sure i will get through this and it'll be funny someday, but I haven't felt this relentlessly like dying since I was 23 and completely out of it. - Lo from Android
It's hard because the feelings are much stronger now, but the coping skills I have been learning are sometimes useless. I can't take deep breaths or go running, really get any exercise at all, so calming down takes a fucking hour. I can't share my feelings as freely with husband for fear of breaking his spirit. And idiot boyfriend is being extea-suppprtive, but still kinda clueless,... more... - Lo from Android
And I'm being extra bitchy thanks to pain. I look in the mirror and I'm like JUST STOP YOU ASSHOLE. - Lo from Android
For some reason I haven't felt comfortable talking about this. I haven't even told my parents. So it is big for me to share. Thanks, guys.I totally went on for a while, but I know you guys will be nice about it. I really appreciate that. - Lo from Android
One of my favorite fb friends really hurt my feelings yesterday so I suspended my account, as I'm too sensitive right now and I make mistakes typing with one hand and painkillers... But I'm glad, it reminded me to come here. Still feels safe, after all this time. - Lo from Android
Yikes. I'm sorry you were injured! Are you still in Madison? I imagine you already know your resources but just in case: Was the original work taken care of in... more... - Spidra Webster
Thanks, Spidra. I have no idea what I'm doing actually, just figuring out what to do and what I need. The ER were like, okay, you're cool, go home, take some advil, put some ice on that wrist if it hurts. My stoicism in crises often misleads doctors, they weren't even going to take x-rays of my spine initially and were stunned over the course of the evening as they discovered each... more... - Lo from Android
Next time you see a doc, bring the form for a disability placard. You can get a temporary one and you have as much reason to need one as someone who's got a leg in a cast. I can imagine that it affects your stamina and how far you can walk. If you get it, it can help a little financially with paying for any meters. Even if you don't own a car, the placard is assigned to you. That is, you can use it with any car you're being ferried in. - Spidra Webster
If your household income qualifies, definitely apply for any and all help you can get with food, utilities and things that may not be healthcare. If you can get help with overall expenses, it may help the healthcare costs cut less deeply. (It's depressing to me how many of these programs are for only for mothers. It's like if you don't breed, you don't matter. But try to ignore that and use what you can. Like low income utility assistance.) - Spidra Webster
Sorry to be responding in a "fixit" way if you just wanted to vent. I do really get how depressing it is to be in pain all the time. - Spidra Webster
That is a lot for anyone to take in Lo, so far I haven't heard you express any feeling that isn't completely understandable under those circumstances. I don't have any magic answers for you but hope if you just hang in there especially through the physical healing some peace will come. - Steve C Team Marina
thanks folks :) - Lo from Android
*hugs* That is a seriously sucky string of events. Writing helps me get through emotions that I feel like I can't talk to people about. Sometimes I write like I'm talking to someone I'm having trouble communicating with or make up a character to be my avatar and put them in dire straights so I can get a kind of relief from what I'm going through. I know you said you're typing one handed, you could scribble it out in pencil? Good luck with the next appointments and if you need more venting, go right ahead! - Heather
Heather reminded me that Dragon makes speech recognition apps which are free or cheaper than the desktop equivalents. Best to download those and practice with them so you can not do a lot of one-handed typing. Innocent one-handed typing... - Spidra Webster
Thanks for the update, Lo. We're here to listen as much as you need. - Anne Bouey
Thanks for sharing, Lo. Hugging you from here...and, like Anne said, we're here to listen whenever, doll. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
*gentle hugs* We're here for you when you need to set some of that stress down. I hope you heal quickly and completely. - vicster: full-bodied
Thanks guys. I cannot enjoy real hugs or snuggles for some time, so I am taking all the ehugs I can get :P - Lo
Steven Perez
Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired
Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired
holy crap - Steve C Team Marina
Ugh. I know it's bad wherever it happens, but being in MA is worse to me. I want to go there and chew them out. - Heather
So thankful I wasn't alone in the KICU today, seeing as I only managed to get 3 kittens done in the time she did 11. Arrived late, emergency bathroom break, and sitting in a dark room for a while to combat dizziness/nausea added up to starting a half hour late.
Seriously though, I was just barely useful today. I hope I'm better tomorrow. - Heather
Also, after my shift I got bit by a rabbit. Finger tips bleed a lot. :( - Heather
Owww. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:( You're a volunteer. You do what you can do. - Spidra Webster
It's hard to remember, but you're totally right. I'm going in tomorrow too, so hopefully I can feel redeemed after a second shift. :) - Heather
Your all-time favourite soup:
I has a butternut squash soup this one time—it put me over the top. So, squash. - Micah
Clam chowdah - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
French onion. Or possibly tomato with a bit of cream. - Jennifer Dittrich
Clam chowder as well... or fish. - Ken Morley
It was laksa, but yukgaejang is slowly taking over. - Anika
French Onion. - Spidra Webster
tomato basil - Big Joe Silence
Carrot noodle. - David Lounsbury
Split peas. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Wait, why are you asking these personal questions. WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN AGENDA? - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
I can't decide. I kind of just love soup. (though I will shank a bitch for some avgolemono most days) - Hookuh Tinypants
Double tomato soup. (reg tomatoes and sun-dried) - Corinne L
Probably some variant of squash soup. But I like a lot of other soups, too. - John (bird whisperer)
Crab Bisque, chili then beef stew. - SAM
Tomato basil - Jenny
Soupy sales - Todd Hoff
Clam chowdah +1 - Stephen Mack
this rosemary farro garbanzo thing I make is heavenly. I never turn down cream of asparagus. But I do just love soup. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Sun-dried tomato with walnut. - LB creeps me out. from Android
French onion. - Katy S
Cream of Mushroom or New England Clam Chowder. - April Russo
Manhattan clam chowder, I guess. It's the default soup at White Spot, an iconic BC chain. - Andrew C (✔)
New England Clam Chowder most of the time; not necessarily because it's the greatest soup I've ever had, but because it's usually the most consistently good. My favorite kind of soup is probably actually either beef & barley or good old chicken noodle. Unfortunately, it's just as often that I find those that I don't like as it is that I find good ones. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Clam chowdah or lobster bisque. - Kristin
My Mum's pea & ham. - Melly - #TeamMarina
French Onion if I'm eating out. Kale, sausage, & potato (like the one at Olive Garden) if I'm cooking. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Broccoli and cheddar. Followed very closely by clam chowder. - Heather
Dahl. Does Dahl count as a soup? - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Barley. I love soup in general, but I love soup with barley in it extra much more. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Cioppino! - Marie
I love all sorts, but my new favorite is mulligatawny soup. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Hot & sour. Or if available, steamed chicken soup. French onion or lobster bisque if going Western. - rönin
Carrot & ginger soup. - Margot from Android
Jenny wrote "mulligatawny"! \(^_^)/ - Eivind
I do love soup in general, but Uli's split pea is my favourite. - Kirsten
I think I just grew a couple inches. But the things that Kiki makes - soups, stews, and the like, are all so very good. Love split pea, lentils, and tomato soups (all my own recipes). - Uli
I can't pick between split pea & bacon or French onion. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
This thread has spurred me to make a soup this weekend. Which one should I make?!? - Marie
some variant of red lentil soup with sizzle sauce. - kendrak
Marie, whichever you go with, pics please. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Campbells Tomato made with milk instead of water. - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Soup in a Tardis - Steve C Team Marina
Steve C wins. - LB creeps me out.
<3! Love ya, Steve :D - Soup in a TARDIS
French onion - MisterQ
If you owned a full-scale medieval catapult, what would you do with it?
Knock over my neighbor's house. With them in it. - Anika
What Anika said. - Spidra Webster
Fling a piano into an open field. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
Plant herbs in it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Sell it. - Jennifer Dittrich
I have a couple of old cars I'd like to toss with it. - Ken Morley
Can I have a trebuchet? - Heather
Nope. Heather gets a catapult with inscription that says 'Not Trebuchet' in Comic Sans. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
*throws gas on catapult and lights it on fire* FINE THEN! *goes and cries in the corner* - Heather
I'd use it to launch me into the sky with my wing-suit. - Stephen Mack
I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. obsessed with comic sans. I would take it to the Punkin Chunkin in Delaware. - Joe
Throw as many chandeliers at one time, as possible - Meg VMeg
Fill it with rotting oranges from the area trees and use the catapult to fling said oranges on rowdy hipsters and partiers who roam the neighborhood on weekends. - Corinne L
It's not the thing you fling .. it's the fling itself. - Kristin
FETCHEZ LA VACHE!! - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Storm the castle - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
PUDDING! - April Russo
Seriously, my retirement dream: a trebuchet capable of launching cows - Kevin Johnson
So all the warnings I gave a work colleague about allowing her 12 year old daughter to have an Instagram/Snapchat/Kik account have now come back as her complaining about Instagram/Snapchat/Kik.
Not sure whether to "like" this or not; depends on what kinds of warnings you gave her, and what the ramifications have been. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Basically all the warnings I gave about ducky-face, sexully suggestive poses, random follwers, no record of Snapchats, peer pressure, boys etc. I tried to lay out how this will go and she still let her daughter do it... and now complains about those exact things like "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!?" - Johnny
Ugh. I watched my niece go down the path of mom and dad not monitoring her FB. It's all very not good. - Heather
No bueno. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Victor Ganata
If you’re a boy writer, it’s a simple rule: you’ve gotta get used to the fact that you suck at writing women and that the worst women writer can write a better man than the best male writer can write a good woman. And it’s just the minimum. Because the thing about the sort of heteronormative masculine privilege, whether it’s in Santo Domingo, or... -
"Every time I’m teaching boys to write, I read their women to them, and I’m like, 'Yo, you think this is good writing?' These motherfuckers attack each other over cliche lines but they won’t attack each other over these toxic representations of women that they have inherited… their sexist shorthand, they think that is observation. They think that their sexist distortions are insight." - Victor Ganata
"And if you’re in a writing program and you say to a guy that their characters are sexist, this guy, it’s like you said they fucking love Hitler. They will fight tooth and nail because they want to preserve this really vicious sexism in the art because that is what they have been taught." - Victor Ganata
"It’s the same way when people write about race. If you didn’t grow up being a subaltern person in the United States, you might need help writing about race. Motherfuckers are like ‘I got a black boy friend,’ and their shit sounds like Klan Fiction 101." - Victor Ganata
"The most toxic formulas in our cultures are not passed down in political practice, they’re passed down in mundane narratives. It’s our fiction where the toxic virus of sexism, racism, homophobia, where it passes from one generation to the next, and the average artist will kill you before they remove those poisons." <— why representation is a big fucking deal - Victor Ganata
"mundane narratives".... *ponders* ... also, is this a verbatim? - MoTO: Team Marina
I think it might be a transcription of a talk. - Victor Ganata
"People know art, always, because they are uncomfortable. Art discomforts. The trangressiveness of art has to deal with confronting people with the real." - Victor Ganata
Doesn't "with the help of a community" seem like just another tired received formula? It reads just like another person trying to pummel their received wisdom into our heads. Which is another way of hiding from the real. - Todd Hoff
In the context of this talk? No.This isn't 'received wisdom,' it's a distillation of his experience as both a writer and a teacher of writing. He's not talking the whole 'wisdom of crowds' meme, he's saying that if you want to write about people that are vastly outside of your experience, falling back on stereotypes is typical, lazy, and bad writing. Better writers will actually talk to people who do have those experiences, rather than assuming a tired cliche covers all they need to know. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, I disagree with this Diaz across the board on this one. Women writers will craft well-written male characters as well as poorly-written male characters. Same with male writers and female characters. I reject such a blanket declaration. - Jed
He's also talking specifically of the context of writing workshops and creative writing classes he's taught, so he's not necessarily talking about a broad, ill-defined "community". - Victor Ganata
Well, I think Diaz is just talking about the dynamics of privilege in general. And while it might read as a blanket declaration, it also sounds like he's run into these things in the workshops he's participated in, the classes he's taught, so it's not just some ill-informed abstraction. - Victor Ganata
Seriously, though, why is the default response to immediately try and invalidate someone's personal experience? When talking about things like this, I don't really think it's necessary to preface it with #notallmen #notallheterosexuals #notallwhitepeople #notallcispeople I think that's just a given. - Victor Ganata
The "real" is just code for saying I know what's truly important and has value. This is shown in the rather narrow and self serving view of art and the declaration of a process you must follow to be accepted as real and thus truly artistic. - Todd Hoff
Maybe so, but this is said in the specific context of resisting what the powers-that-be prescribe as "real". In context, this seems more like a description of a process he's actually participated in, not necessarily some abstract, theoretical, unpracticed universal prescription for "realness". - Victor Ganata
All of my white friends are people who grew up among non-white people. The way they talk and interact is vastly different than white people I know who have always been around just white people. When I write my white people, I base them on friends. In workshops and classes, I've been told by white people of the former group that my white people are 'unrealistic'. Why? Because they've... more... - Anika
I don't read it that way Victor. I read it as a standard that if you fail to meet you are doing it wrong. The problem is found in Anika's experience. Everyone has a different experience of what feels real to them in a character. - Todd Hoff
That's fair. Of course everyone has their own sense of "realness" but there's also the fact that some experiences of realness contribute to problematic representations that have real world negative consequences, and maybe it might be worth examining those experiences instead of clinging to them unexamined. - Victor Ganata
Do you think that process was about examination? An examination could lead to various end results. Here we are told the process and the desired end state of real art. That avoids the real, the real of differentness. It seems like just another layer of simplistic distortion. - Todd Hoff
Yes, I do think it's about examination. Sure, art can be used for lots of different purposes, and sure, all of those different purposes can be valid. But I don't think this is an ontological discussion about what is and what isn't art. - Victor Ganata
I certainly don't think this is a universal prescription for what art should—I think that's reading too much into it and not considering the actual context. What it seems, though, is that it's a discussion about trying to produce art that has fewer unexamined prejudices in them, unexamined prejudices that have actually come up in workshops—actual experiences, not hypothetical constructs. - Victor Ganata
Is this the only central aim in art? No, of course not. But is it an aim worth pursuing? Well, I think that depends on the person. - Victor Ganata
I think you're reading into the article a give that's not there. I've been told any woman can write about my experience without resorting to stereotypes, which I highly doubt, that I've been told women aren't real human beings, which is laughably untrue, and that I went to college thinking women are for doing in both senses, also laughably untrue. The unexamined prejudices are all over... more... - Todd Hoff
Well, OK. I mean, I don't think that's what he's actually saying, but, you're right, that's not in that excerpt. The underlying idea is that regardless of our backgrounds, our class/race/gender/orientation, we all tend to get taught the same default normal concerning people. Yes, of course there are exceptions, yes, of course not everyone is like this, but this really need to be qualified? - Victor Ganata
The thing is, if you're not *actually* one of these default normal people, you still end up absorbing the tropes about what being default normal is about (and, yes they're tropes and cliches but they are literally constantly being reinforced in all forms of media, all the time.) So people who are not default normal often end up constructing both the default normal identity and their own personal identity. - Victor Ganata
Although, again, not everyone successfully does this, and some default normal people can conversely successfully construct ideas about non-default normal people that aren't ridden with pre-packaged stereotypes. - Victor Ganata
So, be insulted if you want, and yeah, the excerpt is deficient because the full context isn't there, but I think there's still something there behind the hyperbolic language, and if you don't want to look at it, that's also fair. - Victor Ganata
Nice twist there. - Todd Hoff
More context if you're truly interested: 'The Baseline Is, You Suck': Junot Diaz on Men Who Write About Women - The Atlantic - Victor Ganata
Interviewer: "It sounds like you're saying that literary 'talent' doesn't inoculate a write—especially a male writer—from making gross, false misjudgments about gender. You'd think being a great writer would give you empathy and the ability to understand people who are unlike you—whether we're talking about gender or another category. But that doesn't seem to be the case." - Victor Ganata
Junot Diaz: "I think that unless you are actively, consciously working against the gravitational pull of the culture, you will predictably, thematically, create these sort of fucked-up representations. Without fail. The only way not to do them is to admit to yourself [that] you're fucked up, admit to yourself that you're not good at this shit, and to be conscious in the way that you create these characters." - Victor Ganata
Diaz: "It's so funny what people call inspiration. I have so many young writers who're like, 'Well I was inspired. This was my story.' And I'm like, 'OK. Sir, your inspiration for your stories is like every other male's inspiration for their stories: that the female is only in there to provide sexual service.' There comes a time when this mythical inspiration is exposed for doing exactly what it's truthfully doing: to underscore and reinforce cultural structures, or I'd say, cultural asymmetry." - Victor Ganata
*dithers over weighing in ... figures, "what the hell"* ... Within the context of young writers and the mistakes they're prone to, and given that Diaz is well respected within his profession, I take his comments seriously. Also given the dreadful representation women get in popular media, I'm guessing he's probably in the ballpark for many professional writers too.Also, isn't there a... more... - MoTO: Team Marina
I mean, I think it would totally be possible for you or I to write a book or short story about a totally clichéd non-default normal person and not be called names. I think we'd be able to get it published and even win awards and critical acclaim and even have a movie made out of it because that pretty much seems to happen all the damn time. So, no, I don't think the "both sides do it" argument flies in this case either. - Victor Ganata
From Barry's Tumblr, I think Gene Yang pretty much touches upon a lot of the same things, though perhaps in a less inflammatory fashion - Victor Ganata
"We have to allow ourselves the freedom to make mistakes, including cultural mistakes, in our first drafts. I believe it’s okay to get cultural details wrong in your first draft. It’s okay if stereotypes emerge. It just means that your experience is limited, that you’re human." - Victor Ganata
"Just make sure you iron them out before the final draft. Make sure you do your homework. Make sure your early readers include people who are a part of the culture you’re writing about. Make sure your editor has the insider knowledge to help you out. If they don’t, consider hiring a freelance editor who does." - Victor Ganata
"And let’s say you do your best. You put in all the effort you can. But then when your book comes out, the Internet gets angry. You slowly realize that, for once, the Internet might be right. You made a cultural misstep. If this happens, take comfort in the fact that even flawed characters can inspire. Apologize if necessary, resolve do better, and move on." - Victor Ganata
I think it just comes down to this: if you're going to write outside of your experience, you're probably going to get it wrong. Expect to be criticized. Perhaps savagely. Especially if you're in a creative writing class that's being taught by Junot Diaz. And hopefully you can make things better before you publish. I suppose the whole asymmetry between the experiences of the privileged vs. the non-privileged (in whatever axis) can be regarded as wholy speculative if you really want/need it to be. - Victor Ganata
I wish I could find the source, but I remember something about George R.R. Martin's introduction of Daenerys Targaryen starting with her thinking about how her boobs felt moving under her shirt. I've also seen him being praised for writing women so realistically. I think sometimes men get too much credit for writing "realistic" women because they are slightly less stereotypical. Just a thought. - Heather
Yeah, and Weiss and Benioff definitely make GRRM look a lot better in comparison. But I don't think it's a *huge* stretch to say there's always room for improvement. - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
Video Games, Misogyny, And Terrorism: A Guide To Assholes - Badass Digest
"Social justice is such an inherently positive thing - literally everyone benefits from greater equality - that it’s impossible to see its enemies as anything but sociopathic. Hatred of Social Justice Warriors can be seen as a broader hatred of social justice itself." - Victor Ganata
"Central to the self-centred psychology of these people is that they see themselves as the targets of a grand conspiracy of feminist, progressive journalists and game developers that seeks to destroy their ability to...something. They have no actual issue. It’s all perceived persecution at the hands of political correctness." - Victor Ganata
"These 'theories' are so narcissistic, so devoid of substance, that the only way to explain them is through delusion. And I mean, I get it - justifying one’s shitty behaviour with a made-up conspiracy probably feels better than confronting the painful truth that one is an asshole." - Victor Ganata
"Why are these people so terrible? Is it games that are doing it?" - Victor Ganata
"The inevitable #NotAllGamers hashtag has sprung up on Twitter in the past few days, and I get where that comes from. I play video games too, and I’m not a total dick! Hooray for me. But I also think the hashtag misses the point in the same self-serving way that #NotAllMen did. This is a problem endemic to gaming, and everyone is part of that problem." - Victor Ganata
"There is a culture of harassment, abuse, and bigotry in the rotten core of multiplayer gaming; it has been allowed or even encouraged to fester by developers; and it has created some of the most toxic individuals on the Internet." - Victor Ganata
"As stated earlier, abuse has been around in games far longer than just this week. Seas of bile and hatred are poured onto developers by fans, or onto journalists by fans, or onto other fans by fans, every single day. BioWare writers have been targeted by death threats for daring to end a game their way. The comments section of virtually every mainstream gaming site is invariably filled with vitriol." - Victor Ganata
"What is it about gamers that fills them with such fury? Why can gamers only seem to interact with the world in a hateful manner? For an industry ostensibly built on fun, it’s a bizarre way to go about existing." - Victor Ganata
"I have a friend who plays a lot of Call of Duty…. One of his favourite aspects of the game is verbally abusing other players - he LOVES it. It’s another game within a game. But it doesn’t matter if you’re the funniest or cleverest abusive dick on a server - you’re still being an abusive dick, and you’re still perpetuating a problem that has visibly grown way past that comparatively innocent context and into actual terrorism." - Victor Ganata
"There’s no reputable research that states violent video games create violent video gamers, but I’d be curious to see whether they create abusive ones." - Victor Ganata
"It feels like they’ll just keep going, going, going, until there’s no more good people in the world and all that’s left is a bunch of antisocial asshole bros high-fiving each other with memes." - Victor Ganata
This shit is so old it's tiring, but the new means are terrifying. The idea of a bunch of jackoffs trying to harass women (and those who defend women) out of video games makes me want to stand up and scream at them. But then again, I don't want to get shot by a SWAT team or have my parents getting explicit 3am phone calls. Talk about effective tactics. I think terrorist groups could learn some new tricks on 4chan. - Heather
Ken Morley
In these home improvement shows they keep tearing out the ceiling fans. I'LL GIVE YOU MY CEILING FAN WHEN YOU PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS!
And my popcorn ceiling! - Ken Morley
Seriously! - LB creeps me out. from Android
Well, you can have my ceiling. But in GA, there's a reason for the fan! - LB creeps me out. from Android
I hate when they do that. There is a reason why they are there!!! - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
It's not really worth putting in a/c here as it's only required a couple of week a year, but the ceiling fans have been going non-stop for the past 6 weeks. Plus I'd rather have the doors and windows open. :) - Ken Morley
I remember hating that even back in the days of Trading Spaces. - LB creeps me out. from Android
I am looking at ceiling fans right now to replace one that got dislodged in our earthquake. - Anne Bouey
I hope all these ceiling fan haters live with heat flashes.....they will change their tune. ;) - Janet from FFHound!
Ceiling fans are pretty useful. - John (bird whisperer)
I think it stems mostly from the fans that they had were rather ugly and wouldn't go with what they were changing. That being said, I enjoy ceiling fans and there are some amazingly beautiful fans that are available. But I can't stand popcorn ceilings... - Chris Topher
Older houses with high ceilings do well with ceiling fans. There's someplace for the heat to rise, and lots of clearance. Things are out of proportion in a more recent, low-ceilinged house. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Popcorn ceilings and shag carpets are going to be a thing again soon. Mark my words. ;) - Ken Morley
... I forgot avocado appliances. :) - Ken Morley
Have both and hate both. I'll deal with the fans, but popcorn ceiling has looked tacky since I was a kid. This is the first place I've lived in in almost 24 years that has popcorn ceilings. So gross. - Anika
Another decade and my 1993 decor is going to be awesome! - Ken Morley
:) - Jenny H. from Android
Can't stand popcorn ceilings!!! The popcorn ceiling here makes the rooms look gloomy (all the shadows) and hold smooshed bug remains. I like ceiling fans better than ac though. - Heather
I had a dream about the Kitten ICU. I think it was triggered by guilt for not making either shift last week.
I wasn't alone today! The guy who filled in was really nice, he's actually fostering one of the kittens that was in the KICU before. And we finished by 2:30. - Heather
Current YouTube binge: Hula
OMAN I wish I could move like that. - Heather
Imma dance like an uncoordinated duck pretending it's hula for several days now. - Heather
The uncoordinated duck's image will haunt my brain all day long. - Xabaras (G.O.)
Steven Perez
kanrose: iammakingperfectsense: insidemymmind: Okay, so in Science class yesterday we were talking about sleep cycles and melatonin and my science teacher said, “if you’re trying to sleep, avoid one colour. Blue. Your melatonin levels decrease when looking at the colour blue because it’s the colour of the sky.” GUYS, I KNOW WHY NONE OF US SLEEP.... -
Aw crap, my FF background is blue too! - Heather
CONSPIRACY! - Steven Perez from Android
Melly - #TeamMarina
A Not-To-Do List for the Chronically Ill | Psychology Today
A Not-To-Do List for the Chronically Ill | Psychology Today
Turn off that awful internal critic with its malicious self talk. Don't say anything to yourself you wouldn't say to a friend or even a stranger - WarLord
#8 is the worst for me. I'm always thinking about what I used to be able to do. - Heather
Me too, Heather. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
That moment when you find out it's WORSE than @femfreq says. MT: @AdamGoodallYes: No Misogyny Problem In Gaming...
That moment when you find out it's WORSE than @femfreq says. MT: @AdamGoodallYes: No Misogyny Problem In Gaming...
Sheesh - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I read this to Chris and he said no, what she showed was perfectly accurate. So... This guy is looking to kill people in video games and getting which one is more terrible backwards. - Heather
My whole world is turned upside down. RT @llacigart: ~Sanrio's Shocking Reveal: Hello Kitty Is NOT A Cat via @LAIST
My whole world is turned upside down. RT @llacigart: ~Sanrio's Shocking Reveal: Hello Kitty Is NOT A Cat via @LAIST
Has anyone told Dear Daniel? - Heather
Andrew C (✔)
If White Characters Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature -
"1. He looked at her longingly, as he imagined her exotic, mashed potato skin laying gently against his." - Andrew C (✔)
#16 bwahahaha. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
... I think I just lost one FB friend because they felt this post was racist. - Andrew C (✔)
Now I'm the one saying shitty things like "I'm sorry you were offended" and "I don't get why this is racist". Bleah. - Andrew C (✔)
Well, it is racist, but that's kind of the whole idea: it's pointing out how literature tends to portray PoCs in gross, objectified ways with the gimmick of flipping the script. It's supposed to offend. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
The idea that just because something is racist, we shouldn't talk about it ever just helps prop up de facto white supremacy IMHO. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I imagine their point might have been "you could call out those gross literary devices without counter-racism". Maybe. Not sure, haven't heard back from them besides the initial call-out. - Andrew C (✔)
I know I'm very naive on this, so that might be why I didn't think marzipan and cauliflower were all that bad... - Heather
I dunno, I guess it depends on the context. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
It's funny because it's weird. I remember reading books describing skin like porcelain. I hated that shit. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
What isn't explicitly said is how many black people are tired of always being described as foodstuffs. I think the piece is powerful BECAUSE it sounds racist. An in-your-face way of saying "well how would YOU feel?" - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I knew a white guy who'd call me all sorts of variations of chocolate, but would get violently mad when I called him 'mayo', 'milky' or 'Wonder bread'. - Anika
I would think it hilarious if a black friend called me "Wonder Bread." Heck, I'd probably find it hilarious if a white friend called me "Wonder Bread." - Steele Lawman
I think in the buzzfeed piece, the "mayonnaise legs" line was both the funniest and probably the most offensive. - Andrew C (✔)
Alabaster is another one used to describe white people in books. But that makes them sound like rocks. Haha! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
For me: "her complexion was that of a woefully under ripe tomato, the kind one finds in salad bars during winter." - maʀtha
I find the original post hilariously funny and effective satire. One of their points, I think, is that the skin color of white people in fiction often isn't describe at all, because they are, you know, "normal". And when people of color are described, their skin is often compared to coffee, chocolate, or other foods, but one never sees white people compared to food. And, yes, people of color are often described in ways that are racist. - maʀtha
skin like cheesy grits? was that in there? tl;dr - Big Joe Silence
But some of my best friends are white. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Home alone.
do the face! do the face! or at least tie some paint cans up to sling at bad guys - Steve C Team Marina
I was thinking more along the lines of salting the doors and windows and finding something made of silver. - Heather
Something CRAZY just happened outside, no idea what. It involved a tree, "whoop whoop" sounds, and angry cats though.
Ugh, I'm so goofy. Simple internet search tells me the "whoop whoop" was probably raccoons. Either a straight up raccoon fight or kits being protected from a cat. YouTube CAN be educational! :p - Heather
The air conditioning situation in this house has become so annoying to me, I'm dreaming about it.
Also, damn! I didn't know I could be a sassy bitch in my dreams. - Heather
work it girl - Steve C Team Marina
^ lol - Spidra Webster
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