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Ralph, my KICU baby is up for adoption. <3 -
Ralph, my KICU baby is up for adoption. <3
What a cutie! He reminds me of a fluffy version of my Livia :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh that face! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Every time I pick Heather up from her shifts, I visit the cat rooms...and every time I leave without a cat I am shocked :P - Chris Topher
I really hope we don't go through another quarantine in the KICU, spending nearly a month with the same kittens... I'm so in love with this guy. They also have Chess for adoption, he's the little semi-feral that purrs non-stop when you hold him, and I have a crush on him too. - Heather
RT @pixelsandatoms: Horrendous. More than 25% of the Palestinians killed in #Gaza have been children.
RT @pixelsandatoms: Horrendous. More than 25% of the Palestinians killed in #Gaza have been children.
having a tough time seeing Israel as the victim here. - Heather
The only victims here are the Palestinian and Israeli people. - Johnny from iPhone
I'm disgusted with Israel's government, and with Hamas. I'm appalled and ashamed by what I've heard of the behavior of Israeli settlers. And by the behavior of Palestinians who idolize people who use bombs against other humans. It's a horrid situation full of wrongs everywhere you look. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
African Elephants in Zoos Threatened by Obesity : Discovery News -
African Elephants in Zoos Threatened by Obesity : Discovery News
"Just like humans, elephants with excess fat are more likely to develop heart disease, arthritis and infertility, Daniella Chusyd, a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said in a statement. Previous studies have shown an alarming number of African elephants in zoos have irregular or no ovarian cycles." - Heather from Bookmarklet
When women do it, it’s marketing. When men do it, it’s growth hacking. The masculine re-branding of marketing work as a technical skill — “hacking”, the implication of a more analytical or mathematical focus — is disingenuous, ahistorical. Marketing has always involved analytical and mathematical skills, and in technology, it has always required... -
"Growth hacking" sounds like a medical issue. - Heather
Healthy kittens that don't need to be in the ICU, but have to stay cooped up because of a precautionary quarantine, are INSANE!
I had 3 different cats decide the floor was the best place ever, I was chewed on by 2, had my head batted at by one, almost had a shoulder kitten, and in general everyone was going bonkers. It's like ADHD and cabin fever with claws. - Heather
Oh yeah, the first kitten I picked up... pawed me in the face to say hello. - Heather
But shoulder kittens are the cutest. - NOT THE CRICKET
#ThingsTheyDontTeachInSchool How to write email subject lines.
I read an article... and a half... They were for business people. I am socially handicap. >_< - Heather
Melly - #TeamMarina
I had two pairs of pants suitable for leaving the house in & one pair now has a hole in the bum. FML. #fb
That still leaves you with two pairs of pants suitable to leave the house. :) - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Ain't nobody needs to see that shit. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Patch it with adorable fabric so you know people will be looking at your bum and smiling. :) - Heather
Pretty sure the customer service guy at my credit union thinks I'm a total ditz.
It might be because I forgot my password, got locked out of my account, and wasn't 100% on whether or not I knew my account number. >.> - Heather
I never have a clue on bank account numbers but then I too might be a total ditz so you're not in the clear yet. :) - Steve C Team Marina
I keep trying to blame dyslexia, I think it's working. But I still got laughed at. (not in a rude way, more like "oh another one of these") - Heather
I've done that, but when they ask for my account, I always just ask if they'll accept my social. It's far easier to remember. - NOT THE CRICKET
Big Joe Silence
amazing how door-to-door sales people suddenly go blind when confronted with a NO SOLICITING sign. i think i'll add the excerpted city ordinance on this shit with key phrases highlighted. has gotten old.
you should just put up a sign that says "solicitors must pass three tests before proceeding. test one find a clue." - Sir Shuping is just sir
beware sliding sharpened metal plate beneath threshold. - Big Joe Silence
smile for our targeting and firing control systems. - Big Joe Silence
survive talking to the two year old for 20 minutes, you may then proceed - Sir Shuping is just sir
CAUTION: Excitable six-year-old may deploy suddenly and without warning. - Big Joe Silence
caution: cats maybe released claws first without warning - Sir Shuping is just sir
all the cats live over at my dad's. - Big Joe Silence
CAUTION: 73-yr-old poet with degree in middle-English literature and a farting fixation may deploy suddenly and without editing for duration or content. - Big Joe Silence
they don't need to know the cats aren't there :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
Years ago we used to get representatives of a certain religious group. Words had no effect. Our German shepherd was quite aggressive towards them and the only thing that helped was telling them I would open their truck door, send the dog in and see who would survive. Never seen them since. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
lately, it's mostly been AT&T pushing U-verse. - Big Joe Silence
They always come to the door saying "I'm not soliciting anything." I told one "Dude, if you're coming to my door to even ask my opinion on your hair, you are soliciting" He was not happy but he left anyway - Elena
EXACTLY. - Big Joe Silence
They always say, "but I'm not selling anything." Please. - Eric - Poppa Large
i wonder if THEY'RE that stupid or if they think I'M that stupid. i always conclude the former. - Big Joe Silence
The door to door funeral people disturb me. - Greg GuitarBuster
Water balloon bombs? - Heather
@Greg: i just tell them that i've been dead for years but nobody has noticed yet. they usually leave. - Big Joe Silence
"Are you my mummy?" - Betsy
i'd need the right kind of gas mask for that. also, someone might think it was a bad "Monsters" cosplay. - Big Joe Silence
I can't hear you, there's a gas mask in my ear. - Betsy
so i should try this with a banana? - Big Joe Silence
Starting Today, Some Texas Teachers Are Learning to Become Armed School Marshals | Dallas Observer -
Starting Today, Some Texas Teachers Are Learning to Become Armed School Marshals | Dallas Observer
"The first training class for about 20 school marshals begins today in Fort Worth. Villalba spoke with Unfair Park and clarified that the initiative stipulates the marshals' confidentiality to all but school leadership and local police force -- so don't expect any information on who the marshals are or which school districts are employing the service. "What happened for me was that I saw what happened at Sandy Hook," Villalba told us. "In Connecticut they have the highest level of gun control, every student was economically privileged, and they had security at the school including locked doors. But an individual seeking to perpetrate some crime against children will not be deterred."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Rather, marshal teachers can keep a firearm in a locked classroom safe or marshal administrators can carry a concealed weapon. Villalba noted that police officers already participate in open carry in several Texas high schools, and marshals will undergo similar police training. Marshals will also be subjected to a psychological examination and 80 hours of classroom instruction. "In the... more... - Jessie
:| - Jessie
"Even if there is a risk, it's outweighed by the protection we're offering our kids." Oh, is it? Thank you for making this decision on behalf of all students, parents, teachers and other classroom personnel. Thanks for that. #notreally - Jessie
So you aren't allowed to know if your child is sitting in a classroom all day with a frazzled gun carrying teacher. Great idea. I can't see any problems with that. - Heather
It looks like it is tied to open carry so presumably you (or your child) would see if there was a weapon present. It will be interesting to see if they see a high rate of parents pulling their kids from classrooms where a weapon if known to be present. - Soup in a TARDIS
I don't like this solution, so many things could go wrong. I am surprised that gun advocates are allowing restrictions, mandatory training and regular psychological testing, that they generally vehemently oppose. Why should the marshal's identity be kept secret? - Greg GuitarBuster
to prevent targeting. also, this is seriously fucked up. - Big Joe Silence
Well, isn't that sorta the point. How will students know who's in charge? Oh yeah, the teacher with a safe in the classroom. - Greg GuitarBuster
no, it'll be the teacher who always wears the open single-breasted jacket with the suspicious lump under the arm. - Big Joe Silence
"One of the most influential sixth-grade science projects ever conducted" -
"One of the most influential sixth-grade science projects ever conducted"
"A 12-year-old Florida girl's science fair project on invasive lionfish has surprised even seasoned ecologists, and led to the first published paper on lionfish freshwater tolerance. Lauren Arrington's relatively simple experiment (put captured lionfish in water of varying saltiness, see if they live) revealed that lionfish can survive much fresher water than anyone expected . . . meaning the rapidly-spreading invasive marine species may also pose a threat to vulnerable life in brackish estuaries." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"(Her dad, an ecologist, rejected her first proposed experiment, which required that he touch dead lionfish to see if their stings still hurt. Lionfish stings are excruciatingly painful, with victims reporting that they "wished they were dead," so her father's scientific obstructionism is understandable.)" - Jessie
Although this was the bigger of the two discoveries in my opinion, there was also a young man who was pub'd as a result of his science fair project - he discovered that something in Truvia kills fruit flies. Both are the children of scientists but it's still pretty damned impressive to discover something as part of your science fair project that adult scientists hadn't yet. - Spidra Webster
Man I wish I was more creative with my school science project. Kids these days are impressive. - Heather
Awesome. :) - Jenny H. from Android
"one of"? what are the others? - Ken Gidley
Has anyone begged for item donations from businesses?
Dakin is doing a fundraiser even and looking for raffle and silent auction donations. Since it's not local, it's the only way I can help out. But I've never done this before. I don't know how to figure out which businesses to approach. I can get info materials to do the actual asking, I'm just not sure where to go because everything I think of is local (so not near the fundraising area) or a major chain. - Heather
So I took like 5 minutes and came up with a few things. I hate that I've lived here so long and still don't know much about what's around. Also, the even is called "Mutts & Mimosas" so it feels like it's fancy and the donations should be "nice" things. - Heather
I asked my mom if she could think of any shops she likes out this way. Her first thought? The yarn shop. #knitters - Heather
Heather, I've done this several times for charity events. What's worked for me is going to independent businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, hotel chains, boutiques, groceries, etc. Consumables are always good. - Corinne L
It's really best to visit in person and have a spiel ready for the manager, along with a letter of intent. Much harder to say no when someone's standing in front of you asking for a donation. With restaurants, go right after the lunch rush because otherwise they won't have time to talk to you. Grab business cards for managers/owners if the person you speak with can't make the decision re: donations. - Corinne L
If this event is geared toward more affluent folks, combine several items to make a prize pack for the silent auction. For example: a "Getaway Prize Pack" could include a one-night stay at a high-end hotel with a gift card for a nearby restaurant or cafe and maybe a couples' massage/spa treatment. - Corinne L
Hope that gives you a head start. DM me if you have any specific questions. I'm happy to help! - Corinne L
Brilliant! They're going to email me materials for in person or email once I let them know what business I'm talking to (they don't want multiple people going to the same place). Combining gift cards for nearby places is a great idea. Thanks. :) - Heather
Melly - #TeamMarina
If you read this, make sure you have tissues handy.
If you read this, make sure you have tissues handy.
I hope when the day comes, I can provide such a wonderful last day. - Heather
Yes, indeedy. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
sobbing over here. - Mary Carmen
Oh man. :( Devastating. - Stephen Mack
I cried but in a good way #wow - WarLord
Todd Hoff
The full range of human ingenuity and perversity is fully exposed by the infinite variety of shower controls. They all have basically the same function and they all manage to do it differently with an equal lack of clarity.
An interesting user interface issue. - Sean McBride
I don't know that they all lack clarity. Ours is a single nob and a channel pin. The nob has a regular hot-cold layout, pull out for pressure, turn for temp. control. And then you can pull the channel pin to block the tub spout. - NOT THE CRICKET
How far do you move a dial to get what temperature? Which way is cold? Which way is hot? Which way is off? How do you control pressure? And can you control it without looking? How long does it take to warm up? - Todd Hoff
Half-inch to the left, is warm, inch or further is hot to scalding, dial centered, about room temperature, half-inch to the right water-temp is about 50F, I don't know if it gets colder. Both lines stay under pressure to the control valve, so if you turn left you're cutting off the cold water intake, if you turn right you're cutting off hot water intake, so it's super smooth temperature... more... - NOT THE CRICKET
My favorite shower, that I've only seen once (at a camp ground) had a single knob. Turn left for hot, right for cold, pull for water, push to shut off. It's amazing how many showers tie pressure into temperature, they should all be logical enough to have them separate! - Heather
CNN Breaking News
David Legeno, werewolf villain Fenrir Greyback in "Harry Potter” films, found dead in desert.
RT @goldietaylor: Finish this sentence: Ain't nothing like a fresh _________.
Prince. - Micah
Outlook. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
blackberry pie. - Heather
pair of underwear. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
pot of coffee - John (bird whisperer)
Perfectly ripe tomato - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
set of sheets warm from the dryer. - Spidra Webster
new toothbrush - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
pair of baggies. Leapt the immediately to mind. Which probably means that Morris Day is my spirit animal. Edit: Which really isn't that far from Foghorn Leghorn when you think about it. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
loaf of bread out of the oven. - Jenny H. from Android
pair of contact lenses. - Janet
buffing - Slippy
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @littlepowder: I have no time for these selfish adults - The Battle Over Vaccinating Grandparents #WhoopingCough #immunisation
RT @littlepowder: I have no time for these selfish adults - The Battle Over Vaccinating Grandparents #WhoopingCough #immunisation
My friend ended up issuing the same ultimatum. Updated TDAP, or no time with the baby (with exceptions for her mother and aunt, who can't have the vaccine for health related reasons.) I think only one of her cousins complained, but then realized she was covered anyway. - Jennifer Dittrich
Man, seriously? My gyno prompted me to get my TDAP and I happily obliged. I don't even come in contact with children but I figured since it's covered by my insurance and you never know when I may come in contact with children, why not? Doesn't hurt me any...aside from the ridiculously sore arm for the next few days. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
I got mine when we had an outbreak of Pertussis here (one of my other friends caught it from one of the horde of unvaccinated children she was working with at the time) out of an abundance of caution. - Jennifer Dittrich
Seriously, if parents have rules about being around their kid, follow them or stay away. You have no right to override a parents wishes. Especially when it's a health issue. - Heather
^ That's what I think too, Heather. Even if you don't agree with their reasoning for something, they're the parents, they're the ones who get to make that decision. - Melly - #TeamMarina
I've heard that pertussis sucks balls for adults as well - incessant, rib-breaking coughing - so even if you don't come into contact with kids, it makes sense IMO. Herd immunity FTW! - Melly - #TeamMarina
Oh, yeah - my friend who had it (and her poor husband who got it from her) were sick for ages. Even after they were 'better,' they both had problems with coughing and wheezing for a ways after. It is really awful. - Jennifer Dittrich
I had whooping cough in 2010. It was devastating on my body. I've had tDap more than a few times too. I'll very likely be getting my titers run to check my immunity and requiring immediate family either to get vaxxed or gave their titers checked. Same w MMR vax. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Oh Lnor, that sucks. Brain dead right now and can't remember the technical term but I know some people don't develop immunity despite having the disease and/or the vax. Another reason I feel so strongly about everyone being vaxed if they can be - to protect people who can't be or who are incapable of developing immunity. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Anyone with #allergies try #Nasacort? Is it any good? Worth it?
I'm not sure if it was Nasacort or Flownase, but my mom was on one that smelled really flowery. She lost her sense of smell and even though it was effective she couldn't stand having almost no sense of taste. All the nasal sprays seem to be person to person on how well they work. - Heather
Andrew C (✔)
Man v Food star Adam Richman's #thinspiration rant halts new show -
"It is understood that Richman – a former competitive eater – was not aware of the link between the term "thinspiration" and eating disorders. But when an Instagram user pointed it out to him, he became enraged. "Without context, thinspiration may not seem like a bad word," the user told Richman, "but a simple Google search proves that it was created by a community of people with eating disorders to inspire each other to continue and celebrate their illnesses."" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"Richman shot back with the abbreviation "DILLIGAF", meaning, "Do I Look Like I Give A F---?" When confronted about his response, Richman accused one user of getting themselves a "tizzy", then said: "Seriously. Grab a razor blade & draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you." He told another follower: "Oh eat a bag of shit, dummy. No apology is coming. If it inspires someone to attain a... more... - Andrew C (✔)
I guess the PR hassle did "inspire" apologies after all, though, but the Travel Channel still decided to not air it: "That didn’t stop the Travel Channel scrapping the planned July 2 launch of his new program. The network did not comment on Richman’s outburst; it simply said it was "postponing" his program without saying when it would air." - Andrew C (✔)
Someone had a few too many before logging on, it would seem. - Akiva
He lost weight to get women, and we're supposed to take him seriously when he talks about health? Bullshit, dudes an ass. - Heather
Mayonnaise jar..... of mercury.
On the news, a family had to have a hazmat team clean out their house after a "forgotten mayonnaise jar of mercury" contaminated the house. GUYS, CHECK YOUR MAYO JARS FOR MERCURY! - Heather
When I was in elementary school I knew a kid who collected the stuff. His dad had some sort of job where he'd come across it, and he'd save it for him. He had jars of the stuff! He was always a little wacky, I think now it was probably mercury poisoning: - Ken Morley
I remember a couple of times at school when some kid would bring in a little bit of mercury from a broken thermometer. We'd all play with it, rolling it around on our hands. Back then, a broken thermometer was no big deal. - Betsy
I remember those days. It was difficult to clean up too. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
RT @DrJaneChi: A 16-year contraceptive implant that can be turned on & off? Yes please. H/T @Tempibones
Really interesting. I'd like a long term birth control (the pill is so annoying) but everything I've looked at is for women who have already had kids. If this is for anyone, I will be all over it. - Heather
holly #ravingfangirl
if you seasoned a cast iron pan purely by heating it in the oven, i'd have the most well-seasoned pan in the world.
meg stores onions and root veg in the oven. i haven't started a fire... yet. - jambina
that would not end well for me. - holly #ravingfangirl
How else do you season a cast iron pan? - Akiva
well, usually you have to put oil on it, otherwise, you are just... heating the pan. - holly #ravingfangirl
Why you gotta be so technical and shit. - Akiva
BECAUSE INTERNET. - holly #ravingfangirl
The best way to season it is to just use it CONSTANTLY. Ours is a no-stick now! - Zamms from iPhone
I AM BRAGGING! - Zamms from iPhone
BRAGGART! - holly #ravingfangirl
Next time you put the pan away, throw a pad of butter in it. - Heather
Because nothing says awesome food more than decaying butter. - Akiva
Yeah, I just store mine on the stove and when I'm done I wash it *immediately* with a little water (so it sizzles and when I'm done washing the residual heat's enough to finish drying it by evaporation). Is possible oils remain and dust falls but I use it often enough that this has not yet posed any kind of health issue. - Deborah Fitchett
Faces of Vaccine Denialism
Faces of Vaccine Denialism.jpg
denialism ne demek - moreya
İnkarcılığa rahatsız gerçeği ile ilgili önlemek için bir yol olarak gerçeği inkar seçmektir. - Eivind
I'm not an anti-vaxer, but my moderate distrust of flu shots is influenced by the fact that of the couple of people I know who regularly get them, one developed Guillain-Barré syndrome within a week of receiving the shot. The CDC says the correlation is negligible, but my personal study indicates it's closer to 50%. :) - Ken Morley
I think you just highlighted an important problem. Lots of "personal studies," often based on news items and dodgy sites, end up with numbers like that, or worse :) - Eivind from Android
thanks :))) - moreya
Or maybe the CDC is lying to us. ;) - Ken Morley
Sure. More like Center for Mind Control, amirite? :) - Eivind from Android
You can definitely get Guillain-Barré from the flu shot, but it's like 1:1 million (EDIT: sorry, 1:100,000) , so I haven't seen any cases yet. - Victor Ganata
It took him about a year to mostly get back to normal. He never did regain his fine motor control completely. - Ken Morley
correlation does not imply causation. the flu shot isn't that likely to have caused it, no matter how awful his suffering. - Big Joe Silence
There was a statistically-significant increase in risk though, but that was the 1976 swine flu vaccine. We don't really know the mechanism. But, yeah, Guillain-Barré can certainly happen even if you aren't vaccinated. - Victor Ganata
I mean, you can get Guillain-Barré after getting the flu—it's probably the exact same mechanism—but who really knows? - Victor Ganata
It's possible my sample size was not large enough to be statistically significant (n=2). Your results may vary. :) - Ken Morley
I've gotten a flu shot twice, so I'm 100% sure it has no side effects. :) I also got the HPV vaccine with no side effects, so it's also 100% safe. - Heather
I'm pretty sure my n is somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 by now, but it's definitely not powered enough to see Guillain-Barré. I'm just taking the CDC at its word. - Victor Ganata
at the risk of being classified as your friendly vaccine denialist... I suggest you read CDC and then search for official Finnish news on Pandemrix effect, ie. gooogle for _pandemrix finland site:yle.fi_ - непростые коротышки
first GSK simply denied effect goes above (their) statistic expectations, then they denied scale of effect, then they denied that most vulnerable between 4 and 19... then they denied those who "reported too late"... and then they used Finnish state as last-line "insurance" for damage over their 30 million EUR fund (in 2011 official number had been 92, but official confirmation of link had been in 2012 only). - непростые коротышки
Ever medicate a chinchilla?
The closest I've come is a rabbit - lris
Was it squirmy? - Zamms
Oh yes, and scratchy and bity. - lris
You know how it is. - Zamms
Oh yes. - lris
I had to give eye gel to my bunny, she was squirmy but otherwise fine. Giving her oral meds (oral syringe) was more difficult and she was pretty fighty (not biting though). - Heather
The nurse at the vet recommended swaddling him in a towel so his hands were wrapped up. It worked the first time, but the second time his hands got loose. Fortunately, he liked one of the meds and held the syringe as I fed him. He liked the other med less. - Zamms
Wait, you have a chinchilla? What's its name? - Meg VMeg
Pepe! - Zamms
I love the mental image of him holding the syringe. I'd love a digital image more, though. ;) - lris
How is Pepe? When I've had to medicate the guinea pigs, we did the towel trick. It took practice to wrap them up right. Eventually, the for used to it. - kendrak from Android
Only like every day. GAH! </Napoleon-Dynamite> - Akiva
Euphemism? - MoTO: Team Marina
Finally switched on my TracFone. Now I can actually use a cellphone to make phone calls!
And I have to change my phone number with like 100,000,000,000 places. - Heather
Jason Toney
RT @webinista: Banana pudding funnel cake from @whatthefunnel
RT @webinista: Banana pudding funnel cake from @whatthefunnel
Dammit, now I want fried dough. - Heather
holly #ravingfangirl
I rode a horse! (but not this one)
This is Chip, he's one of the 3 KICU kittens I took care of currently up for adoption. I had no idea how proud I would feel seeing the kittens graduate to the adoption floor. -
This is Chip, he's one of the 3 KICU kittens I took care of currently up for adoption. I had no idea how proud I would feel seeing the kittens graduate to the adoption floor.
I'm glad you've been finding the volunteering so rewarding! - Spidra Webster
Bad news: 2 of the 3 are back in the KICU, which is in quarantine. One of the kittens came up positive for panleukopenia (the kitty version of parvo). It's a little sad and scary, but the kittens should be fine and it was super quick getting them all taken care of. - Heather
Quick Question out of the Hobby Lobby thing: If I'm an employer who doesn't believe in Christmas/Easter, can I now make my employees work those days without penalty rates?
Christmas is a federal holiday, so no. - Heather
But doesn't that holiday now infringe on a Corporation's religious freedom? - Johnny from iPhone
The Hobby Lobby ruling never touched the First Amendment and never gave official, legal, religious rights to corporations. The ruling was that it was an extension of Religious Freedom Restoration Act which "aimed at preventing laws that substantially burden a person's free exercise of their religion." It basically made it so that privately held corporations are now lumped in with religious organizations when it comes to being exempt from paying for health plans that pay for contraception. - Chris Topher
The ruling will ultimately stretch to allow any number of awful things that a corporation might do in the name of the owners "religious" so yes a devout religious person could refuse to pay overtime to workers on a holiday that heir particular religion does not recognize they could aloe refuse blood transfusions and antibiotics and any number of treatment they do not "believe" - WarLord
There are other cases coming along that address the broader scope of this, but as of now it's "just" about denying women access to health care. I think they limited it they way they did so that it only looks like a women's reproductive health issue, because that's not enough to get upset about. - Heather
Warlord, blood transfusions were specifically mentioned in the decision and that this ruling in no way extends to those procedures, nor would it. - Chris Topher
Chris ys I read it BUT I'd only offer the arc of SCOTUS DOMA ruling to tell you that EVERYTHING is in play including blood transfusions and paid overtime and every god damn thing that can be mashed into a religious object ton - WarLord
Precedence. - Johnny
Easter has never been a Holiday where I work. - Janet
That's a good point, Janet. I'm pretty sure Easter is not considered a holiday at a lot of places. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
THIS too less than a day after Alioto and Hobby Lobby: Post-Hobby Lobby, Religious Orgs Want Exemption From LGBT Hiring Order @TPM - WarLord
Hobby Lobby gave $67 million to an organisation that promotes Christian values through law and politics. It was always bigger than just this case. - Johnny from iPhone
Hobby Lobby also invests in a pharmaceutical company that manufactures the very contraception that they don't want to provide for their employees >.> - Chris Topher
You jerks didn't tell me this book would make me cry.
the fault in our stars? "hey marie any john green book will make you cry" - Sir Shuping is just sir
*offers Marie a tissue* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Reread that on my flight from Sioux Falls to ATL until I had to stop! - LB: Unable to Can
Gah, need a unicorn chaser. - Marie from iPhone
I've been putting off reading this because I'm still in the deepest depths of cancer-related grief but it's sitting there, calling to me. - joey
*sends Marie a unicorn* - LB: Unable to Can
The book is there when you're ready, Joey. It is beautifully written. - Marie from iPhone
PS, thanx for the tissue and unicorn chaser, pals. - Marie from iPhone
I haven't finished it. I read it for one day (got over half way through) and the next day my eyes were sore and raw. I want to finish it, I'm just not sure when I'll be ready to. - Heather
How did you miss that it's a tearjerker? I mean, there's even a Buzzfeed list of tweets by people who were angry with John Green after the movie. - Holly's favorite Anna
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