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holly #ravingfangirl
I rode a horse! (but not this one)
This is Chip, he's one of the 3 KICU kittens I took care of currently up for adoption. I had no idea how proud I would feel seeing the kittens graduate to the adoption floor. -
This is Chip, he's one of the 3 KICU kittens I took care of currently up for adoption. I had no idea how proud I would feel seeing the kittens graduate to the adoption floor.
I'm glad you've been finding the volunteering so rewarding! - Spidra Webster
Bad news: 2 of the 3 are back in the KICU, which is in quarantine. One of the kittens came up positive for panleukopenia (the kitty version of parvo). It's a little sad and scary, but the kittens should be fine and it was super quick getting them all taken care of. - Heather
Quick Question out of the Hobby Lobby thing: If I'm an employer who doesn't believe in Christmas/Easter, can I now make my employees work those days without penalty rates?
Christmas is a federal holiday, so no. - Heather
But doesn't that holiday now infringe on a Corporation's religious freedom? - Johnny from iPhone
The Hobby Lobby ruling never touched the First Amendment and never gave official, legal, religious rights to corporations. The ruling was that it was an extension of Religious Freedom Restoration Act which "aimed at preventing laws that substantially burden a person's free exercise of their religion." It basically made it so that privately held corporations are now lumped in with religious organizations when it comes to being exempt from paying for health plans that pay for contraception. - Chris Topher
The ruling will ultimately stretch to allow any number of awful things that a corporation might do in the name of the owners "religious" so yes a devout religious person could refuse to pay overtime to workers on a holiday that heir particular religion does not recognize they could aloe refuse blood transfusions and antibiotics and any number of treatment they do not "believe" - WarLord
There are other cases coming along that address the broader scope of this, but as of now it's "just" about denying women access to health care. I think they limited it they way they did so that it only looks like a women's reproductive health issue, because that's not enough to get upset about. - Heather
Warlord, blood transfusions were specifically mentioned in the decision and that this ruling in no way extends to those procedures, nor would it. - Chris Topher
Chris ys I read it BUT I'd only offer the arc of SCOTUS DOMA ruling to tell you that EVERYTHING is in play including blood transfusions and paid overtime and every god damn thing that can be mashed into a religious object ton - WarLord
Precedence. - Johnny
Easter has never been a Holiday where I work. - Janet
That's a good point, Janet. I'm pretty sure Easter is not considered a holiday at a lot of places. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
THIS too less than a day after Alioto and Hobby Lobby: Post-Hobby Lobby, Religious Orgs Want Exemption From LGBT Hiring Order @TPM - WarLord
Hobby Lobby gave $67 million to an organisation that promotes Christian values through law and politics. It was always bigger than just this case. - Johnny from iPhone
Hobby Lobby also invests in a pharmaceutical company that manufactures the very contraception that they don't want to provide for their employees >.> - Chris Topher
You jerks didn't tell me this book would make me cry.
the fault in our stars? "hey marie any john green book will make you cry" - Sir Shuping is just sir
*offers Marie a tissue* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Reread that on my flight from Sioux Falls to ATL until I had to stop! - L to tha B
Gah, need a unicorn chaser. - Marie from iPhone
I've been putting off reading this because I'm still in the deepest depths of cancer-related grief but it's sitting there, calling to me. - joey
*sends Marie a unicorn* - L to tha B
The book is there when you're ready, Joey. It is beautifully written. - Marie from iPhone
PS, thanx for the tissue and unicorn chaser, pals. - Marie from iPhone
I haven't finished it. I read it for one day (got over half way through) and the next day my eyes were sore and raw. I want to finish it, I'm just not sure when I'll be ready to. - Heather
How did you miss that it's a tearjerker? I mean, there's even a Buzzfeed list of tweets by people who were angry with John Green after the movie. - Holly's favorite Anna
I don't feel like I've been hit by a truck, I feel like it parked on my head. Migraine started last night just before bed. I woke up with it (called in sick for volunteering), napped, and I'm still feeling crappy.
I'm stuck in that limbo between thinking I should take more meds to knock out the rest of it or wait and take more meds at the proper time. - Heather
:( Migraines suck. - Spidra Webster
Chris saw this and brought me meds. The hardest thing about migraines for me is that they used to be straight forward (OMG my head is going to literally kill me!) and now I get this foggy confusion where I'm not sure it's a migraine and I don't want to over medicate. Luckily if I get foggy and uncertain, Chris brings me meds. lol - Heather
Katy S
Are there any authors whose work, in theory, you should love but just don't?
For me it's Catherynne Valente. Every time her work is described to me, it sounds like something that I would love. Then I read it and I just don't. - Katy S
Lev Grossman. - Jennifer Dittrich
China Mieville. - RepoRat
I have mixed feelings about Mieville. I really liked his YA novel Un Lun Dun, but I haven't been as engaged with his adult work. - Katy S
Neil Gaiman. - Soup in a TARDIS
After slogging through two of the Bas Lag novels and hating them, I didn't even bother looking at Un Lun Dun. Possibly I should. - RepoRat
Kameron Hurley. There's such a thing as *too* grim-n-gritty. - RepoRat
I haven't been able to finish Perdido Street Station, but loved Un Lun Dun, City and the City and Kraken. They felt very different. - Jennifer Dittrich
Cherie Priest too, come to think of it. - Soup in a TARDIS
Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men was good in the sense that it had moral concepts and was a "thinky" book, but I've hated everything else I've read of his. I feel like The Grapes of Wrath is so classic I should read it, but I just can't make myself. He's also the only author I've started a book and stopped. - Heather
Charles Dickens. - Jennifer Dittrich
Guy who wrote Ulysses ? Ugh. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Victor Ganata
Stop Telling People To 'Cheer Up' - io9
"Psychologists have known for some time that uplifting encouragement is not always well-received by people with low self esteem. Now, in a paper published in the latest issue of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers examine why this is, and come away with some counterintuitive suggestions." - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"The upshot is that support in the form of encouragement or platitudes, no matter how well-intentioned, is often received by people with low self-esteem as alienating. 'They feel as if people don't understand their issues and don't accept their feelings,' explained University College at Waterloo's Denise Marigold, lead author of the study, in an interview with Today. 'It almost demonstrates a lack of caring.'" - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"Complicating things further for those who would provide support is the observation that people with high self-esteem tend to resort to positive forms of validation even when they've been warned not to." - Victor Ganata from iPhone
That makes a good deal of sense, though it seems to be the reflex for some people when they don't know how to comfort someone. I'd guess you fall back on the things that make you feel better, which isn't going to help someone who processes those things differently. - Jennifer Dittrich
Even when it's well intentioned "Things aren't that bad." or "It'll be ok." sound like trivializing my feelings as overreaction and the assumption that the other person knows more about my situation and has a more reasonable perspective. When I talk about my feelings I don't want to feel like I'm crazy for having those feelings. - Heather
Tried to activate the TracFone my mom gave me. They're sending me a new SIM card (3-5 business days). So I'm going to lose all the phone numbers that were already in it AND I don't get a working cell phone until maybe 2 Mondays from now.
TLDR: RAWR *drinks strawberry daiquiri* - Heather
2 kitties are now on the "Hide In My Pocket" list for next week. >.>
Wish I had my phone, you guys would get pictures of Fabio the semi-feral who is no longer terrified of my hand and purrs when I hold him, Ralph the Congested who makes all sorts of noises when he breathes but is still cute as hell and snuggly, and (not take-home kitties) the orange twins that are both super gross and super cute. - Heather
The orange twins like to eat criss-cross so they can spread food over as much of themselves and each other as possible. I mean seriously, faces, necks, and ears covered in dried on wet food. And they like to play tackle in the litter box. But they are kittens, so by default they are adorable. - Heather
Oh yeah, and a kitten named Heather was in under rabies quarantine because she's too bitey. (She's not actually sick, it's just a precaution.) - Heather
Melly - #TeamMarina
NTS: Don't see sad movies in the daytime cos you have to walk out of the cinema with red, puffy eyes.
*huggles* I saw Return of the King by myself and cried all the way through the credits. I didn't leave until I thought I was the last person. There were 2 guys still there and they smiled sympathetically as I walked out. And I'm sure you weren't the only one. - Heather
I feel bad that I got over halfway through and stopped reading. It's not that I disliked it, I loved it. But I loved it like one loves Doctor Who, or Sherlock, or Supernatural or anything else that makes you smile and then cry and then smile while you're crying.
The Fault in Our Stars.jpg
Yeah, ok. I read something on Pinterest that had a single line (the last) and I started cry. No idea how I'm supposed to finish this book, but as of now the only book I've ever not finished is Travels with Charlie (Steinbeck) and I don't want to turn that into a list. - Heather
Katy S
Who pissed off the retail clerk by not giving out her phone number? That would be me. And no, they don't need my email address, either. Just take my money and hand over your wares.
I just say "no thank you" and never get any cranky from them for it any more - back when they first started doing it, it would happen occasionally, but not so much anymore. - ellbeecee
I asked if she really needed it. Then she started in with the obscufation which annoyed me, at which point I declined to provide it. That's when she asked for my email address. When I declined to provide that, I could tell she was upset with me for not playing along. - Katy S from iPhone
We just make up numbers or start giving out a nice 800 porn number or psychic number. Email, make up a name and end it with .gov. - Janet
So here's a question: have you ever declined, but you end up subscribed to their list anyway? Is that through my credit card or phone wifi or something? - Meg VMeg
When I'm pissy I say "just use yours" - Brian Johns
when i'm flirty i say 'whats yours?' - chaz2b
When I'm obstreperous I say, "What's an e-mail address?" - Stephen Mack
999-999-9999 and [cashiers name] or [store name] at aol dot com. my standard unvaried response. I once got the "I can't do my job if you don't do you job speech." I blinked hard and asked for her manager. who confirmed that I did NOT work there therefore I had no job. BUT!! I'm started to amend my email policy when I get asked "would you like your receipt emailed or a paper receipt" - Lnorigb
I get being frustrated, because cashiers are often expected to hit a certain percentage, but the frustration should be at the company policy makers for being unreasonable. - Heather
Heather - I was mostly annoyed by the fact that she so clearly was annoyed at me for not giving her my phone number, not the fact that she asked for it. - Katy S
I tell them that I don't give it out because I don't like phone spammers. If they respond it's for other purposes, I give them all zeros. It makes them mad but I tell them I'll just take my business elsewhere. - Elena
Next time I'm going to use Stephen's solution. :) - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Why do they need your phone number, anyway? - Melly - #TeamMarina
I'd assume for marketing and customer profiling. - Andrew C (✔)
Where the hell are you all shopping that people ask you this shit? I've only ever been asked for my zip code or occasionally solicited for a loyalty card. Good lord shopping is getting tedious! - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
I've occasionally been asked if I'd like to join a mailing list, but that's it. - Melly - #TeamMarina
I hate this, too. I think you're buying their crap and that should be enough. Amanda, I get it at Victoria's Secret, The Body Shop, Ulta, and sporting goods stores. It seems to be increasingly more common. I'm glad they don't do that here. - Jenny H. from Android
Additional reasons to cut this nonsense off: - RepoRat
Oooh, Repo! Thanks for this link. - Janet
Lowes makes you given them your phone number when you buy, in order to do a return later. It's really annoying, but yeah, I give it to them if I'm buying anything big. - Kirsten
I've never had that happen at Lowes, Kirsten - I always go with the same "no thank you" and just get an ok. And I've had to return things there with no problem. Now Macys, with their emailed receipts it irritates me a bit because I do email to avoid more paper in my pockets, but I get a coupon every time. Usually for housewares, which I almost never shop for there. - ellbeecee
This brings to mind the other *mining* done by our healthcare. Our current (and former) system requires ethnicity. You may opt out by choosing Hispanic or Non-Hispanic. Why? - Janet
I've never had Lowe's ask me for a phone number. If they did I'd leave my stuff on the counter and walk out. The places I most commonly and frequently shop are REI, Sports Authority, Staples, Pier 1, Michaels, Raley's, Walgreens, and Target. None of them have ever asked for my phone number, just either a zip code or solicited a loyalty program. So FYI if you're looking for safe places to shop. - Hookuh Tinypants
Bed Bath & Beyond always asks for a phone number. "No, thanks," takes care of it. - Betsy
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
The Words That Are Most Known to Only Men or Women Didn't know the meaning of two 'male' words but I recognized them
The Words That Are Most Known to Only Men or Women Didn't know the meaning of two 'male' words but I recognized them
'Dreadnought' and 'bolshevism' I had to look up but I knew of those words. I knew they existed. :P - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I think I did pretty well with both lists. - Stephen Mack
Same. I recognized 'solenoid,' but had to look it up. Some of those make sense to me, and some just WTF. - Jennifer Dittrich
A couple of the "female" words I'm not sure about: mascarpone is a dessert, right? and bottlebrush, is that a brush to clean bottles? - Betsy
Ha ha, this will only make sense to Brits, but I really didn't expect Dean Gaffney to be holding that sword ;-) - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Really? "golem" is recognized more by men than by women? But hey, it's Slate reprinted from Business Insider, so it must be...never mind. - Walt Crawford
The only word I didn't recognize was "claymore." - John (bird whisperer)
Marscapone is a cheese that's used in desserts. It's awesome! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
what does it mean if i recognised and knew the meaning/definition of everything on both lists? - Big Joe Silence
I'm really shocked. I know my late husband knew (and used) all the "female" words, and the only "male" word I had think about was "codec". But then "claymore" and "scimitar" and "dreadnought" show up in a lot of history and historical fiction, so there's that. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Also is humvee a word? Like an actual word. Because it's the pronunciation of the brand name of that ridiculous big ass car! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
"humvee" entered the colloquial lexicon about 20 years back, so yes. - Big Joe Silence
"Humvee" is apparently in the American English online version of the OED - Victor Ganata
OED seems to adopt early. - Big Joe Silence
Well, I think OED tends to pick up words early because they're trying to document actual usage, not prescribe "correct English". - Victor Ganata
I have about as much familiarity with "scimitar" dreadnought" and "claymore" as I do with "decoupage" "taffeta" and "tresses"... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I still say humvee shouldn't be a word, yo. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
If we use it and people know what we're talking about, it's a word. :-) - Kirsten
@Zulema: thanks. So I guess I was half right about mascarpone? - Betsy
Am I the only one that clicked through to take the test? (scored 81% with no nonwords) - April Russo
I didn't even notice there was a test. I scrolled straight to the list. - Betsy
There was a test? oh! I got 84%. (no nonwords) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
84% with one nonword (I should listen to myself more). - Betsy
90% with zero nonwords, and I recognized "zloty" about a second after I said I didn't recognize it. ("bedaub" may be a word, but I'll continue not to recognize it.) - Walt Crawford
You got different words than I did. - Betsy
93% - Katy S
Could the female word list be any more stereotypical? Ugh. - Heather
87%, no nonwords. The words I missed were: inspectoral, tisane, whipstall, axil, trimaran, agronomics, scarfskin, tercenteniary, and coltsfoot. I got up to 91% with a retest. - Stephen Mack
90%, no nonwords, I missed acicular, syringa, yashmak, exponible, latria, strickle, and filature. I lost some time cackling at the non-word bodibator. #iam12 - Victor Ganata
93% on the retest. I missed borecole, redingote, instauration, imbrue, and complaisantly. - Victor Ganata
Familiar with all of the but would probably fumble trying to give an exact dictionary definition of solenoid and dreadnought. - Spidra Webster
83% on the test - ended up fat-fingering a couple of words I knew, but oh well. The ones I genuinely missed were random fashion/sewing accessory related. Take that, sexist word knowing thingie. Or something. - Jennifer Dittrich
Betsy: If the test is set up well, that will usually happen--e.g., I saw only one or two of Stephen's and Victor's words. - Walt Crawford
I hadn't realized people would get different words. I would've posted my missed words. - Betsy Words that I didn't know - falderal (didn't connect this as the same as folderal, darn my Texas drawl), hoatzin, paraxial, aquilegia, polyclonal, diplopod. - Greg GuitarBuster
81%. No non-words. Not bad knowing that English is not my first language. - Uli
thinking a lot of men thought decoupage was decolletage. :) - Elizabeth Brown
I thought a solenoid was a lonely noid - Pete : Team Marina
88%. I got three wrong. There were some funky words on my list. - Elizabeth Brown
It's interesting that the test doesn't require you to define the word, just agree that it is a word. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I think asking for definitions would be extremely difficult. What should the algorithm consider as a correct definition? I think only counting a verbatim dictionary definition (and from which dictionary?) would result in a lot of false negatives. - Victor Ganata
What Victor sez. - Walt Crawford
I'm imagining multiple choice of the rough domain the word is in. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I don't understand people who 'don't drink coffee'. I try to be open-minded, but wtf is wrong with you?
I'm allergic to caffeine. - Gabrielle
It used to give me heartburn (or I thought it did,) so I avoided it. Love it now, though. I figure it is like anything - some folks just don't have a taste for it. - Jennifer Dittrich
Only like it hot, and don't like hot drinks, unless it's soup. Or hot chocolate when I'm cold. - NOT THE CRICKET
It tastes like crap. And it's hot. I'm always warm and don't like tasting crap. - Steve C Team Marina
Coffee is gross. I've never heard someone say they liked it on the first try. Same reason I don't drink beer, I'm not interested in "acquiring" the taste. - Heather
i love the flavour of coffee but there's something, possibly oils, that gets my guts roaring in a bad way. - Big Joe Silence
My parents are big coffee drinkers and always insisted I'd end up drinking it, but I never much liked the smell. Whole beans smell good. Ground beans smell good. But once it's been brewed it always smells a bit burnt to me. Maybe I'd be ok with cold-brewed? I dunno. At this point I've got a rather firmly entrenched tea habit and don't see a reason to branch out. One addiction is plenty. - Kirsten
I can't stand the taste, but I love the smell. I agree that I don't know wtf is wrong with me ;) - Katie
My wife has gastric trouble with it. I dropped it for a while on doctor's advice. Lots of people don't like the taste--I'm open-minded enough to know there's essentially *no* taste that's universally loved. OTOH, Heather, I liked coffee on the first try. So, you know, different strokes. - Walt Crawford
I totally meant this as a drunken joke at my own expense for being so reliant on coffee to function. It's cool if you don't like coffee. I guess. I mean, I don't like ice cream, so there's that. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I like the smell of coffee. When it hits my tongue is where it loses me. - Deborah Fitchett
Well, for that, there are all the *$ "coffee drinks" that probably still have some coffee somewhere in them, and you get the smell of (nearly burnt) coffee when you enter the store. - Walt Crawford
So, kitties. Today was day 1 at the Kitten ICU (KICU). I didn't give fluids, but I did force feeding. After we finished with everything (less to do in the afternoon than am or pm) we can play with the kitties, but they were all napping.
And I didn't even smuggle one home in my pocket. - Heather
Second day at KICU was better. I gave fluids and force feeding was a tiny bit easier. But like last time, someone had to get a kitten of my shoulders. Being short the kittens look at me like an easy climb. - Heather
Glad you had a better day! I think the 'kitten cat tree' problem strikes tall and short alike, it just takes less time for them to get to the top :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, I'm about three steps: "hey, no climbing", "oh crap, get down", and "can I get a hand?" If I could get both front paws I could get them down no problem, but it unhook one and the others firmly stuck. - Heather
Victor Ganata
This is really what this flower is called. I was so certain it was shopped. (via cognitivedissonance)
Aggressively Forward Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris - Victor Ganata
Aggressively Forward Bearded Iris wants to know why you still aren't returning his phone calls. He's called your home, your cell, your work, and your parents. He just wants to hang out a little bit and if one thing leads to another then hey, that's cool too. Can't you at least call him back? - Brian Johns
^LOL - Tamara J. B.
sounds like we need some Restraining Order Tomato Stakes and nylon twine. - Big Joe Silence
Aggressively Forward Bearded Iris considers your restraining order a badge of honor regarding his devotion to you. #NotAllFlowersButDefinitelyAggressivelyForwardBeardedIris - Brian Johns
bumping for props: this inspired my poem for yesterday. thanks! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
"here's a selfie as I photosynthesize. txt me" - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
L to tha B
Monorail! - John (bird whisperer)
Mono - d'oh! - Andrew C (✔) from Android
:) - L to tha B from Android
<3 - Heather
What's it called?! - Jennifer Dittrich
I heard those things are awfully loud. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Melly - #TeamMarina
Old bastard up the back just threatened to shoot the neighbours' dog again - this time he said it in front of Emily >:o| #fb
Ugh. I don't get how people can think like that, let alone say it outloud. - Heather
All the details have been added to the last report I made on him. - Melly - #TeamMarina
I don't understand why people make threats like that. It is basically admitting a firm intent to break the law (assuming that there are limitations on minimum distances where you live as well) and a firm disregard for people's safety. People like that should have their license revoked permanently. - Stephan #TeamMarina
Gah. - Stephen Mack
I have no idea if he even has a gun, but he'll be in pretty big trouble if he steps a foot wrong because of the existing reports against him. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Shannon - GlassMistress
I didnt share the photo ... you should THANK me. Just sayin' - Shannon - GlassMistress
Oh, dear. - L to tha B from Android
x_x - Heather
Maybe it's for guys who wear these: - Anika
This is Peter. Peter is one of the cutest kittens ever. Peter wants to play by latching into your hand and making you bleed. -
This is Peter. Peter is one of the cutest kittens ever. Peter wants to play by latching into your hand and making you bleed.
I have 5 clear claw marks, most on my fingers. Chris wants me to keep an eye on the red (most likely to be infected) one. - Heather from Bookmarklet
Also, Dakin has lots of black cats so their doing a special, $25 adoption fee for black cats 6months and over. I WANT A KITTEH! - Heather
Went shopping for washable shoes today. Bought pj shorts instead... o.O
The shorts are like guys athletic shorts. I really needed them, all my other pj shorts are indecently short. - Heather
But I really need shoes I can clean off easily if I get kitten sick on them. - Heather
Shannon - GlassMistress
Question you are asked often? Go!
"Are you wearing contacts?" - Shannon - GlassMistress
"What's in the fanny pack?" - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
"Can you stop making a scene?" - Jed rocks the party. from iPhone
"Can I ask you a question?" - Eric
"Do you have boyfriend?" - شاهید
"When are you due?" - Tamara J. B.
"What's the weather like up there?" - Slippy
"What's it like being a God?" - Steve C Team Marina
"Would you like another?" - SAM
"Did you see me close the garage door?" - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
"Where are you/your accent from?" - Betsy
"What's wrong with you?" - Hookuh Tinypants
"whatcha drinkin?" - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
"Have you read every book in the library?" - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
"Are you a student here?" - YvonneM
"What does your license plate mean?" - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Steve. - Janet from FFHound!
"Do you have a minute?" - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
"When can I pee" - Janet from FFHound!
"Are you going to finish that?" - Glen Campbell
"what project ur working on now ?" - Peter Dawson
What's for dinner?/What do you want for dinner? - Lnorigb from FFHound!
"Have I seen you in anything?" - joey
"Have you (done this thing i never mentioned to you, tho i'm pretending i have) yet?!?" - Big Joe Silence
"When did your last album come out?" - Big Joe Silence
"Can you get (person i've never met)'s autograph for me?" - Big Joe Silence
(Well? Can you?) - Betsy
A few: 'Is that your real eye color?' 'Where does your name come from?' And these final variations, all from Audrey: 'Do you have anything new?' 'Is there anything new in Minecraft?' 'Any new books?' - Akiva
Are you Russian? - Brent Schaus
@Betsy: i dunno. who is it? - Big Joe Silence
How are you feeling? - Just VAL #TEAMMARINA
How did you get to be so awesome? - Jed rocks the party. from iPhone
Who's on first? - Spidra Webster
no, Who's on SECOND? - Big Joe Silence
@Joe: y'know, famous guy. He was in that thing with that other guy. - Betsy
Do you have time to talk? How do l [insert social media related task]? - Corinne L
you know who you look like? - ellbeecee
"Are you working right this minute?" - April Russo
By near strangers: "Are you in college?" followed by "Oh, so what do you want to do?" Once they know about Chris "Why haven't you gotten married yet?" - Heather
"when are you due?" and I usually tell them, "1997". - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
"How do you like Norway?" "Are you speaking Norwegian yet?" - Jenny H. from Android
Well, do you? Are you, Jenny? - Uli
"What is wrong with you?" - Steven Perez from Android
"No. Where are you *really* from?" - Anika
Is your hair naturally curly? - Jenny
Are you one of THOSE Kennedys? - Marie
One m or two - FLEMING from Android
"How can you not like 'Seinfeld'?" - Brent Schaus
All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls" -
All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls"
I think it's pretty amazing to have this list, but I have a major problem with listing something like this in alphabetic order by title. Order of appearance people! - Heather from Bookmarklet
Also, of course an Aussie took this on. Crazy people. - Heather
Good lord I'm a nerd, I just scrolled through my "Nerdage" Pinterest board and found a second pin of all the books read/mentioned on Gilmore Girls. - Heather
This is very cool. - Friar Will
How I know horse racing has become popular: It's cool to bash horse racing.
*shakes fist at hipsters* Get off my infield! - Heather
(Totally jk about the infield, hipsters can't afford it since they redid Churchill Downs. Now those were the tickets anyone could get. #TheGoodOl'Days) - Heather
They had the author of "Seabiscuit" on NPR this morning and I loved the story she told about CA Chrome's history and owners. - Spidra Webster
Dakin (the humane society I volunteer at) is having a Flea Market and asking for baked goods donations for their table. I want to make something, but I'm afraid something will happen and I wont follow through. :/
Puppy Cookies.JPG
Ack! *bites the bullet and sends email asking if there are any preferred items* - Heather
By the way, if you search "puppy cookies" you get hella cute results. - Heather
Caught Reading | Pinterest -
Caught Reading | Pinterest
Lamoille Union Middle and High School Library - Heather from Bookmarklet
What a cool idea! - Spidra Webster
Anne Bouey
What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades - -
What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades -
What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades -
"Does handwriting matter? Not very much, according to many educators. The Common Core standards, which have been adopted in most states, call for teaching legible writing, but only in kindergarten and first grade. After that, the emphasis quickly shifts to proficiency on the keyboard. But psychologists and neuroscientists say it is far too soon to declare handwriting a relic of the past. New evidence suggests that the links between handwriting and broader educational development run deep. Children not only learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand, but they also remain better able to generate ideas and retain information. In other words, it’s not just what we write that matters — but how. “When we write, a unique neural circuit is automatically activated,” said Stanislas Dehaene, a psychologist at the Collège de France in Paris. “There is a core recognition of the gesture in the written word, a sort of recognition by mental simulation in your brain. “And it seems that this circuit is contributing in unique ways we didn’t realize,” he continued. “Learning is made easier.”" - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
"Children who had not yet learned to read and write were presented with a letter or a shape on an index card and asked to reproduce it in one of three ways: trace the image on a page with a dotted outline, draw it on a blank white sheet, or type it on a computer. They were then placed in a brain scanner and shown the image again. The researchers found that the initial duplication... more... - Anne Bouey
"The effect goes well beyond letter recognition. In a study that followed children in grades two through five, Virginia Berninger, a psychologist at the University of Washington, demonstrated that printing, cursive writing, and typing on a keyboard are all associated with distinct and separate brain patterns — and each results in a distinct end product. When the children composed text... more... - Anne Bouey
"It now appears that there may even be a difference between printing and cursive writing — a distinction of particular importance as the teaching of cursive disappears in curriculum after curriculum. In dysgraphia, a condition where the ability to write is impaired, usually after brain injury, the deficit can take on a curious form: In some people, cursive writing remains relatively... more... - Anne Bouey
Cursive or not, the benefits of writing by hand extend beyond childhood. For adults, typing may be a fast and efficient alternative to longhand, but that very efficiency may diminish our ability to process new information. Not only do we learn letters better when we commit them to memory through writing, memory and learning ability in general may benefit. CONTINUE READING THE MAIN STORY... more... - Anne Bouey
Makes sense to me. - Steve C Team Marina
Also, I just love seeing everyone's unique writing and how it evolves over time. When my joints aren't acting up these days, I'm a handwriting fiend. - joey - a restaurant receipt from HK from quite some time ago. I was really struck by the beautiful calligraphy on such a prosaic item. - Andrew C (✔)
I was talking to a mom at school about this. I make my kids write cursive, despite their teachers trying to make me give it up. The mom told me it helped their brain development. I was more concerned because not everything has been digitized. When they come across old letters or documents in their research and all I hear is "I can't read this." When they should be able to, I realize how much they'll lose out on knowing later. - Anika
In high school and college my notes were always a mix of cursive and print. It's faster for me to write that way. And sure, now so many students have laptops in class they can type notes, but with autocorrect, mistypes and generally not having to think about what you're writing I doubt it's nearly as effective. Plus, studies show that doodling helps recall and you can't doodle on a keyboard. - Heather
I seem to remember a recent court case in the news, can't remember what about. But one of the witnesses was a young woman who said, when asked by one of the lawyers to read something, said she couldn't read it and it turns out she can't read cursive. - Betsy
Anyone who wants to hone their cursive reading skills should work for a doctor or lawyer. Well, that was true 20 years ago, anyway. - Corinne L
Corrine, that's still true. :) - Anne Bouey
Betsey, that was Rachel Jeantel during the Zimmerman trial. Cursive hasn't been taught in schools for so long. Since she's an immigrant, she may have missed that part of education depending on what age she arrived here. - Anika
Karina hates having her nose wiped with a tissue, but she's totally fine wiping her nose on my pants/shirt/arm/leg. I don't get it.
I think they are all like that. - Yolanda
Cloth hanky? - Heather
Wet/Dry vac? - Steve C Team Marina
After blowing my nose about 5000 times in the past two days, I get it. Tissue hurts sensitive noses! I would love a hanky supply right now. :) - Jenny H. from Android
I think the key word is "having". She is in command and control in your other examples. Also it gets a reaction when she does it. - MoTO: Team Marina
So, is there anyway to do some writing research on 13yo girls without flagging the authorities? I don't want to explain Harry Potter fanfic to cops.... >.>
Yeah... thinking I'll just not do searches... For how teens dress it's about 1/3 how to make your teen dress conservatively (because God) and 2/3 about why or how teens should/could/do dress like sluts. - Heather
For clothes, maybe look at the websites of the hot/trendy/inexpensive stores. Need names? Try the nearest large shopping mall. - Betsy
When will 3D-modeling and robotic scissor arms take over hair cut service? Never mind - wish I'd never put that picture in my head.
Why robotic scissors instead of LASERS? - Andrew C (✔)
On Face Off someone made a hairdresser robot. I think I'd learn to cut my own hair. - Heather
It seems like it would be much easier for the robot hairdresser to pick strands of hair up with vacuums than robotic fingers. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
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