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Holly's favorite Anna
When cooking ramen noodles on the stovetop takes far too long...
2014-09-21 12.38.22.jpg
Note: it costs $4.99, which seems pretty steep for appealing to the ramen crowd. - Holly's favorite Anna
I saw that in my store and looked at it. As I recall, it said it takes 5 minutes to cook the ramen. Since cooking time in boiling water is 3 minutes, I'm not sure how they are claiming it cooks the noodles in half the time. - Laura
You have to get the water to a boil, which can take a few minutes. Still... - Walt Crawford
I've heard weirdly positive things about it. - Heather
Melly - #TeamMarina
21 years since my Daddy died. This is one wound time doesn't heal. #fb
**hugs** - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm sorry, Melly. These kind of anniversaries are so very tough. Hugs to you and a hat tip to your dad, who played a big role in making you the Melly we know and love. - Corinne L
*hugs* - Johnny from iPhone
*hugs* - Heather
*hugs* - Big Joe Silence
*hugs* - Katy S
Sorry, Melly... - Wicked Bat Catcher from iPhone
*hugs* - Jenny H. from Android
(I know, same here) *hugs* - Xabaras (G.O.)
I called my parents an hour ago. They didn't pick up. And haven't called back. WTF parents, are you having a life or something? #AdultChildrenProlems
op sorry my cats borrowed them, didn't they return them? - Sir Shuping is just sir
They went camping. x_x - Heather
Silly Heather didn't check the woods - Steve C Team Marina
Melly - #TeamMarina
Back to work for Josh today. Melly has a sad :o( #fb
I have a day off - Johnny from iPhone
Wanna come over and help me do the dishes? - Melly - #TeamMarina
I'll come over! you have a transporter right? - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm doing my own dishes! - Johnny from iPhone
I'm doing the groceries first. - Melly - #TeamMarina
*snuggles* - Heather
*snuggles in on the opposite side from Heather to make a Melly sandwich* - Big Joe Silence
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
My brother flaked.... Damn
Yup, no con for me.... I was gonna see Wheaton and play dive games too dang it. Also the Doubleclicks go on a tour like right after so o won't get to hang out with Angela for a while. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from Android
Bummer. - Vampire Hunter DYSP from Android
:( - Heather
If you're broke when it comes around next year, contact them to volunteer. You won't be able to do just as you please, but you will get some time where you don't have to work and you can get in for free. Just about any con needs a lot of volunteers to run. - Spidra Webster
Is this for Rose City? - joey
Joey, yup. I really wanted to go today. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from Android
Joe, next year let me know...the organisers overlap with ECCC and I can help hook you up with them :) - joey
I'll take you up on that. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from Android
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I need a hug. :(
(gentle hug) *fixes broth and/or tea* - Corinne L
*hugs from M and I * - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
*hugs and hugs* - vicster: full-bodied
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze xxxx - Melly - #TeamMarina
*hug* - Kevin Johnson from Android
*hugs* - bentley
*soft shoulder punch* - Marie
*hugs* - Victor Ganata from iPhone
*huuuuuuug* - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
*squeezies* - Heather
***hugs*** - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
*EXEC HUGZ.BAT* - Mo Kargas
:))))))))))) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
*bunneh hugs* - Vampire Hunter DYSP
*hugs* You feeling better? - SAM
I have residual headache pain but it's calmed down considerably from the migraine I had yesterday. :/ But I'm eating well now. So I got that going for me. Which is nice. :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
*hug* - Stephen Mack
*belated huggles* - Alix May
Preventative *hug* for today. :) - Anne Bouey
Eric - It's My Thing
Words to live by
'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play - Eric - It's My Thing
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate - Eric - It's My Thing
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake - Eric - It's My Thing
shake it off, I shake it off - Eric - It's My Thing
Yep, this is what happens when my mind is alone with itself - Eric - It's My Thing
It's always something ,something,something,something - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break. And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. - Heather
Bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake - Eric - It's My Thing
Rakers gonna rake rake rake rake rake - Eric - It's My Thing
Adventures in pie making.
I don't think I've been this relaxed making pie since the first few times I did it. Maybe baking alone with the radio is key. - Heather
Bunny will eat all the apple peels you give her. And your fingers if they smell like apple. - Heather
Disposable tins are waaaaaay shallower than my pie plate. Much spillage. So smoke. Wow burn-y-ness! - Heather
I swear this smoke alarm is a bastard. It went off, Chris took the batteries out and we aired out the house. It's chirping. He puts the batteries back in.... It's still chirping! *strangles smoke alarm. - Heather
I can't cook much, but damn can I bake a pie. - Heather
Melly - #TeamMarina
Don't read the comments... don't read the comments... don't read the comments...
good practice - MoTO: Team Marina
There are exceptions (Whatever, for example), but the rule works 99% of the time. - Walt Crawford
It's so hard to not - Eric - It's My Thing
Comments are like the dust that collects under the fridge. Sometimes you know how bad it's going to be anyhow, but you look and feel worse about it. Just remember, if you do look, nothings actually changed. - Heather
Andrew C (✔)
Not that I saw Doctor Who's "Blink" episode, but what about staggered blinking, one eye at a time? Seems like that would suffice.
It's been done. (I tried it and it makes me blink both eyes reflexively.) - Heather
I tried this out for a good minute or two before tweeting this and I felt relatively confident in my staggered-blinking abilities. - Andrew C (✔)
Possibly related, I did manage to train myself to do the one-eyebrow-raised thing as a kid. Though I only learned with my right eyebrow. - Andrew C (✔)
Only if you kept the Angels in direct line-of-sight. Even a micron outside of visual range would doom you. - Vampire Hunter DYSP
The New York Times
Science has a sexual assault problem via @nytopinion
Not to demean this at all, but is there a profession or social group that doesn't have a sexual assault problem? It doesn't seem that way. - Heather
My thought, too. But I think many scientists like to think they're above this. - Spidra Webster
Victor Ganata
I gotta admit, being an American with Filipino ancestry does bias me towards supporting independence in (almost) all cases.
The same is true of my Irish Catholic ancestry. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm an Anglo Canadian, so I default towards skepticism at best. - Andrew C (✔)
Since I discovered Finland wasn't a country until after my great grandparents left, I've been a big supporter of independence too. (Don't tell anyone my relatives used to be Swedish!) - Heather
If Scotland does end up voting for independence, I seriously doubt it will be in anywhere near as terrible shape as the Philippines was when the U.S. finally granted it independence after it had been ravaged by WWII, with Manila and its major industries in ruins. - Victor Ganata
fire! - WarLord
Trying to get my eating habits regular is going to be impossible for the next 5 days. I have almost no appetite on prednisone. - Heather
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Daily goal 103.1% achieved on 2014-09-17! 1031.2 of 1000 points earned via Misfit
Misfit? - bentley
Misfit Shine it's a fitness tracker that's water resistant. I can swim with it! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Misfit - it's that thing where Zulema straps a midget to her wrist and uses it as a flotation device. - Steve C Team Marina
^Also that. Yes. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
<3 Steve - Heather
I am so sick and tired of this particular argument against increasing minimum wage:
"If one person works hard in school and studies hard, they should be getting an A. However, if another student does not and skips the final exam, they deserve an F. Continuing that analogy is that in the "everyone deserves a living wage" world both individuals would get a C, because that is fair. What sense does that make." - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
This is such a fallacy. The people that are making less than a livable wage are the ones working their butts off, while the ones raking in billions of dollars are rarely doing more than sitting around, playing golf, hanging out on their yachts, and glad-handing. If we were really to "continue the analogy", the assembly-line workers would be the ones getting the "A" in salary, while the executives would be getting C's or D's, at least. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I'm not necessarily saying that there aren't valid arguments (and completely ridiculous arguments) on both sides of this issue; I'm just really tired of hearing that particular one. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
The problem with the C conclusion is it misunderstands what the minimum wage is. It has nothing to do with the grades you get, it's about making sure that every student at the very least has access to a pencil and a desk so they don't have to resort to writing words on a wall behind the toilets with a stick dipped in blood. - Johnny
Man I wish I could "like" Johnny's comment. - Heather
The one I am tired of hearing is "The minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage. Those jobs are intended for young people still living at home. You shouldn't still be working a minimum wage job by the time you are grown. If you are, then it's because you are too lazy/too stupid/not ambitious enough/[insert other dumb reason] and you deserve the low wages that you get." And the... more... - April Russo
Dunno if I feel like chasing my history for the link, and it might not be true anyway - but somewhere in Washington - the state - the minimum wage was raised to $15. I really think the results of that as described are TOO good to be true - but they describe a restaurant owner predicting layoffs and depression. Instead, the story said he had to hire twice as many people and open several... more... - Mary B: #TeamMonique
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
What's your favorite energy drink? AMP, NOS, Bawls, Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar? Something I haven't thought about? I'm tired of coffee for alertness on my 16 hours shifts on the weekend. I'm looking for suggestions. :)
Water. - Anika
Golazo - only one that doesn't make me fidgety or crash later. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Yes. - LB: Water Witch from Android
Iced tea - Heather
NOS, Rockstar Recover (yellow), Rockstar Zero (white/silver, tastes like Squirt), Redbull, Starbucks Refresher. - imabonehead from Android
Gurrnaid. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Rockstar Zero is tasty, and I've enjoyed the flavors of Mt. Dew Kickstart I've tried. Red Bull is effective, but I don't think it tastes as good as the others. I've had some of the Monster flavors and liked them, but I don't know which ones. - LB: Water Witch from Android
Rock*star sugar free isn't too bad. - Janet from FFHound!
I like Starbucks Refreshers - lime is my favorite. Avoid the orange flavor. - Corinne L
Iced tea, no sugar or lemon. I go through about a gallon of it each day. My daughter likes Red Bull, mixed with mango nectar to make it taste better. - April Russo
Coffee. - Jenny H. from Android
Pepsi Max Kick. - Melly - #TeamMarina
If you choose to do a lot of iced tea or dark colored may place yourself at risk for kidney stones. - Janet
I don't do anything but coffee & water, so I can't help. I know the ex-wife likes Starbucks Refreshers and will drink NOS if she can't find those. If you really want an energy drink, you might also want to consider 5-Hour Energy (didn't see that in your list). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Any able to explain this articles calculations? It's about birth control failure likelihood over time and it just doesn't seem right to me.
Http:// - Heather
Ugh, iPad linking sucks :( - Heather
The older I get the more obsessed with my Finn heritage I get. Is that a thing?
You know, I swear it is. I've been way more interested in some of our family traditions now than I was as a kid. Part of that is tied to family actually talking about it, but some of it just realizing as I get older that I wish I knew a bit more. - Jennifer Dittrich
My current thing is wanting to learn to play the Kantele. It's a string instrument with 5-38 strings (I think I'd stick with 5 strings). So pretty: - Heather
Same with me... I've been steadily getting closer to the German side of my heritage. Very fulfilling, even if there are dark sides to it. - Brent Schaus
Is it still "I've been hacked" if your friend grabs your unlocked phone and posts a stupid status update on Facebook? It's not RIGHT but by using the word "Hacked", does that downplay the seriousness of recent privacy violations (which are really cracks)? Sounds closer to pranked. I don't know.
We need a better ontology of online dickery - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
It sounds like they're trying to say hijacked and not quite getting it right. - Katy S
Pranced sounds right to me. In WoW I've seen some people have that kind of thing happen when they afk and a sibling starts posting. - Heather
We call it "cheesing" as in "I just cheesed Johnny". - Louis Gray
Who moved my cheese? - Yvonne Renee
When people do that on Twitter (usually kids posting for their parents or siblings pranking siblings), I call it "tweetnapped". - Spidra Webster
Jason Toney
RT @boingboing: 80% of female migrants crossing US-MX border are raped. To prepare, many take birth control.
RT @boingboing: 80% of female migrants crossing US-MX border are raped. To prepare, many take birth control.
I can't even... - Heather
You know how much time and planning could be avoided if we didn't have to wash ourselves regularly? #teamnoshower.... only #notreally
i accidentally did this today. only realised what happened this evening and immediately threw my stinking half-corpse into The Scalding Shower Of Doom. - Big Joe Silence
How often do I have to bathe for it to qualify as "regularly"? #teamdirtyhippie - laura x from iPhone
It's one of the things I miss most about short hair -- doesn't take much to clean up, and I didn't spend any time drying or styling it. - Holly's favorite Anna
Sometimes before I go for volunteering I skip the shower and Chris does my hair in the kitchen sink. - Heather
HALP! I have a mom guilt situation.
My mom called yesterday to tell me the job I had previously with her is basically back. It's an as needed thing. She called it an internship, but assured me I would get paid at the end of the call. - Heather
The problem is, Chris would have to drive me 45mins on Monday, I would stay at my parents that night, work Tuesday too, and my mom would drive me back out here (and just over an hour home). - Heather
I hated the job (cold calling), it's a commitment for both me and Chris, it's going to cost gas money, and I'm not happy with my mom because of how she's been talking to me about getting a job. - Heather
The only pro is that I would get paid, probably. - Heather
Thoughts? - Heather
my initial response: do what's best for you and Chris FIRST. everything else is secondary. i think your first responsibility is to the pair of you, not your mom. - Big Joe Silence
Basically, if there's no written guarantee of a paycheck, and it requires an outlay of funds from you, then I'd give that the big thumbs down. Even if pay is guaranteed, if it doesn't significantly cover your expenses (and time commitment,) also a no. - Jennifer Dittrich
Honestly the stress built in in all that looks to exceed the monetary gains unless your mom's got deep pockets. - Steve C Team Marina
What everyone else said. There ain't nothing like mom guilt, but this is a perfect opportunity to establish some boundaries. - Corinne L
I love you guys, seriously. I haven't had any positive thoughts towards this and I feel a lot better knowing I'm not just coming off as a petulant brat. Standing up to my mom for the way she talks to me about getting a job is a long time coming, so it wont be easy. I really hope it makes future conversations smoother though. - Heather
Girl, I was there many, many times with my mom. It took a long time for her to stop haranguing me about jobs - and even when I would be doing well, she'd be full of ideas about where I could work or who might need a good writer. Work on keeping your voice level when discussing job stuff and don't hesitate to hang up if she gets nasty (prefacing it with something like "This isn't up for discussion, mom, I love you, hanging up now"). Good luck! - Corinne L
monorail.... - Heather
Monorail! - John (bird whisperer)
What's it called?! - Jennifer Dittrich
.... MONO!!!........ D'oh - Johnny
Is it true the tracks will bend? - Jed
Steve C Team Marina
Double standard: We condemn Ray Rice; but what about Mayweather? | -
Double standard: We condemn Ray Rice; but what about Mayweather? |
Here are two star athletes embroiled in the same issue: domestic violence. One plays football. Or played football, anyway. A video released this week shows him striking his then-fiancée, now-wife, in an elevator, knocking her unconscious. It’s impossible to watch the footage and not feel sick to your stomach. The other is a boxer. He has been accused of domestic violence on multiple occasions, including recently. He has gone to jail for assaulting one mother of his children, the charge reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. As recently as Tuesday, speaking specifically about the other athlete’s video, he told reporters, “I think there’s a lot of worse things that go on in other people’s households, also. It’s just not caught on video, if that’s safe to say.” It’s not. Not safe. Not smart. Not humane. It’s impossible to hear that and not feel sick to your stomach. The implication is enormous: Other men beat their wives worse, so what’s a woman in an elevator knocked out cold … The... more... - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"In a Washington Post story published this week, Mayweather said, “Things happen. Malcolm X been to jail; Martin Luther King been to jail. The list goes on and on. You live and you learn. But I think the main thing, I think people should just learn from the mistakes that are made. And I’m not saying that when I went to jail it was a mistake. But things happen and you live and you learn.” I don’t know where to even start with that. I mean, really?" - Steve C Team Marina
I don't think there's a double standard for the most part. The same people who think Rice should be arrested for his abuse think that Mayweather is just the same. In my Twitter TL, most everyone was saying that Mayweather should shut up. These are the same people who won't support Chris Brown or R. Kelly. Of course, these people are mostly black women. Other people are willing to... more... - Anika
I think there's a media double standard as I actually hadn't heard of Mayweather stuff till now as I don't pay attention to boxers or boxing at all but I'm guessing even non-football fans have heard of the Ray Rice stuff. If ESPN covered the Mayweather stuff extensively I would have known more since I do watch a lot of sports shows. - Steve C Team Marina
I'm not a boxing fan and I couldn't avoid the Mayweather stuff. It was all over my Twitter TL and just around town people were talking about it. - Anika
I saw the Mayweather story all over some of my timelines, but it was mostly among people I'd expect to see sharing news about domestic violence, rather than news about sports stars themselves. With Rice, I see it cropping up in both places. - Jennifer Dittrich
The Ray Rice story is a bigger story than ever because they tried to cover it up. - Eric Logan
I agree with Steve, we don't hear about things equally. I had no idea Mayweather was so horrible. I guess I don't dtay connected enough to know about much other than the top stories. - Heather
I don't know how to keep going right now.
I'm ok but I'm scared. Not going to hurt myself, don't worry please. Just need to let this out somewhere. - Lo
((hugs)) If you need something, please let me know, Lo. Peace to you. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Well it's hard not to worry. So if you keep trying I'll try not to worry. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
*hugs* What WoH and MoTO said, too. - vicster: full-bodied
*HUGS* if you to vent or anything let me know Lo - Sir Shuping is just sir
Is there anything any of us can do to help??? - Friar Will
Best wishes on pulling through this time. - Steve C Team Marina
Stay strong! - Mary Carmen
You got this, Lo. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
You're a tough cookie, Lo. *hugs* - Jenny H. from Android
If we can help in any way, please let us! *hugs* - Stephen Mack
*hugs* You are strong and amazing, even when you don't feel it. And if you need some helping hands, I've got 2. :) - Heather
(((Lo))) How're you doing? - Anne Bouey
One breath, one step, one day at a time. Repeat as necessary. It won't make it better, it just gives you something else to focus on, when everything else is too overwhelming. *hugs* - Bette Cooper
I was just thinking I was finding my way out of this long depression/trying to figure things out period and after 9 months of unemployment I had a lead on a job handling desserts for a new restaurant. Husband started new job with Americorps which is a great fit for him, but doesn't make much money. I've been trying to use my difficult secondary relationship as a venue to improve my mood... more... - Lo from Android
Last week I had some really bad fights with secondary, struggling that even trying to use every tool in my box, and some new ones, but it's still going badly. I send him an email asking that he actually attend couples therapy with me, and went to the park to swing for a while. Healthy coping skills & stuff. - Lo from Android
I don't know how but I fell off the swing, broke my left arm and wrist and fractured four vertebrae. I'm in a brace for three months. probably can't do the restaurant job. Don't know how long before I will be able to earn money. I don't even know if I'll be able to dance again. The pain is unreal. My husband is stresses caring for me and afraid he will have to quit his job. I cried most... more... - Lo from Android
I am sure i will get through this and it'll be funny someday, but I haven't felt this relentlessly like dying since I was 23 and completely out of it. - Lo from Android
It's hard because the feelings are much stronger now, but the coping skills I have been learning are sometimes useless. I can't take deep breaths or go running, really get any exercise at all, so calming down takes a fucking hour. I can't share my feelings as freely with husband for fear of breaking his spirit. And idiot boyfriend is being extea-suppprtive, but still kinda clueless,... more... - Lo from Android
And I'm being extra bitchy thanks to pain. I look in the mirror and I'm like JUST STOP YOU ASSHOLE. - Lo from Android
For some reason I haven't felt comfortable talking about this. I haven't even told my parents. So it is big for me to share. Thanks, guys.I totally went on for a while, but I know you guys will be nice about it. I really appreciate that. - Lo from Android
One of my favorite fb friends really hurt my feelings yesterday so I suspended my account, as I'm too sensitive right now and I make mistakes typing with one hand and painkillers... But I'm glad, it reminded me to come here. Still feels safe, after all this time. - Lo from Android
Yikes. I'm sorry you were injured! Are you still in Madison? I imagine you already know your resources but just in case: Was the original work taken care of in... more... - Spidra Webster
Thanks, Spidra. I have no idea what I'm doing actually, just figuring out what to do and what I need. The ER were like, okay, you're cool, go home, take some advil, put some ice on that wrist if it hurts. My stoicism in crises often misleads doctors, they weren't even going to take x-rays of my spine initially and were stunned over the course of the evening as they discovered each... more... - Lo from Android
Next time you see a doc, bring the form for a disability placard. You can get a temporary one and you have as much reason to need one as someone who's got a leg in a cast. I can imagine that it affects your stamina and how far you can walk. If you get it, it can help a little financially with paying for any meters. Even if you don't own a car, the placard is assigned to you. That is, you can use it with any car you're being ferried in. - Spidra Webster
If your household income qualifies, definitely apply for any and all help you can get with food, utilities and things that may not be healthcare. If you can get help with overall expenses, it may help the healthcare costs cut less deeply. (It's depressing to me how many of these programs are for only for mothers. It's like if you don't breed, you don't matter. But try to ignore that and use what you can. Like low income utility assistance.) - Spidra Webster
Sorry to be responding in a "fixit" way if you just wanted to vent. I do really get how depressing it is to be in pain all the time. - Spidra Webster
That is a lot for anyone to take in Lo, so far I haven't heard you express any feeling that isn't completely understandable under those circumstances. I don't have any magic answers for you but hope if you just hang in there especially through the physical healing some peace will come. - Steve C Team Marina
thanks folks :) - Lo from Android
*hugs* That is a seriously sucky string of events. Writing helps me get through emotions that I feel like I can't talk to people about. Sometimes I write like I'm talking to someone I'm having trouble communicating with or make up a character to be my avatar and put them in dire straights so I can get a kind of relief from what I'm going through. I know you said you're typing one handed, you could scribble it out in pencil? Good luck with the next appointments and if you need more venting, go right ahead! - Heather
Heather reminded me that Dragon makes speech recognition apps which are free or cheaper than the desktop equivalents. Best to download those and practice with them so you can not do a lot of one-handed typing. Innocent one-handed typing... - Spidra Webster
Thanks for the update, Lo. We're here to listen as much as you need. - Anne Bouey
Thanks for sharing, Lo. Hugging you from here...and, like Anne said, we're here to listen whenever, doll. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
*gentle hugs* We're here for you when you need to set some of that stress down. I hope you heal quickly and completely. - vicster: full-bodied
Thanks guys. I cannot enjoy real hugs or snuggles for some time, so I am taking all the ehugs I can get :P - Lo
Vampire Hunter DYSP
Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired
Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired
holy crap - Steve C Team Marina
Ugh. I know it's bad wherever it happens, but being in MA is worse to me. I want to go there and chew them out. - Heather
So thankful I wasn't alone in the KICU today, seeing as I only managed to get 3 kittens done in the time she did 11. Arrived late, emergency bathroom break, and sitting in a dark room for a while to combat dizziness/nausea added up to starting a half hour late.
Seriously though, I was just barely useful today. I hope I'm better tomorrow. - Heather
Also, after my shift I got bit by a rabbit. Finger tips bleed a lot. :( - Heather
Owww. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:( You're a volunteer. You do what you can do. - Spidra Webster
It's hard to remember, but you're totally right. I'm going in tomorrow too, so hopefully I can feel redeemed after a second shift. :) - Heather
Your all-time favourite soup:
I has a butternut squash soup this one time—it put me over the top. So, squash. - Micah
Clam chowdah - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
French onion. Or possibly tomato with a bit of cream. - Jennifer Dittrich
Clam chowder as well... or fish. - Ken Morley
It was laksa, but yukgaejang is slowly taking over. - Anika
French Onion. - Spidra Webster
tomato basil - Big Joe Silence
Carrot noodle. - David Lounsbury
Split peas. - Wicked Bat Catcher from iPhone
Wait, why are you asking these personal questions. WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN AGENDA? - Wicked Bat Catcher from iPhone
I can't decide. I kind of just love soup. (though I will shank a bitch for some avgolemono most days) - Hookuh Tinypants
Double tomato soup. (reg tomatoes and sun-dried) - Corinne L
Probably some variant of squash soup. But I like a lot of other soups, too. - John (bird whisperer)
Crab Bisque, chili then beef stew. - SAM
Tomato basil - Jenny
Soupy sales - Todd Hoff
Clam chowdah +1 - Stephen Mack
this rosemary farro garbanzo thing I make is heavenly. I never turn down cream of asparagus. But I do just love soup. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Sun-dried tomato with walnut. - LB: Water Witch from Android
French onion. - Katy S
Cream of Mushroom or New England Clam Chowder. - April Russo
Manhattan clam chowder, I guess. It's the default soup at White Spot, an iconic BC chain. - Andrew C (✔)
New England Clam Chowder most of the time; not necessarily because it's the greatest soup I've ever had, but because it's usually the most consistently good. My favorite kind of soup is probably actually either beef & barley or good old chicken noodle. Unfortunately, it's just as often that I find those that I don't like as it is that I find good ones. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Clam chowdah or lobster bisque. - Kristin
My Mum's pea & ham. - Melly - #TeamMarina
French Onion if I'm eating out. Kale, sausage, & potato (like the one at Olive Garden) if I'm cooking. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Broccoli and cheddar. Followed very closely by clam chowder. - Heather
Dahl. Does Dahl count as a soup? - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Barley. I love soup in general, but I love soup with barley in it extra much more. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Cioppino! - Marie
I love all sorts, but my new favorite is mulligatawny soup. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Hot & sour. Or if available, steamed chicken soup. French onion or lobster bisque if going Western. - rönin
Carrot & ginger soup. - Margot from Android
Jenny wrote "mulligatawny"! \(^_^)/ - Eivind
I do love soup in general, but Uli's split pea is my favourite. - Kirsten
I think I just grew a couple inches. But the things that Kiki makes - soups, stews, and the like, are all so very good. Love split pea, lentils, and tomato soups (all my own recipes). - Uli
I can't pick between split pea & bacon or French onion. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
This thread has spurred me to make a soup this weekend. Which one should I make?!? - Marie
some variant of red lentil soup with sizzle sauce. - kendrak
Marie, whichever you go with, pics please. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Campbells Tomato made with milk instead of water. - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Soup in a Tardis - Steve C Team Marina
Steve C wins. - LB: Water Witch
<3! Love ya, Steve :D - Soup in a TARDIS
French onion - MisterQ
If you owned a full-scale medieval catapult, what would you do with it?
Knock over my neighbor's house. With them in it. - Anika
What Anika said. - Spidra Webster
Fling a piano into an open field. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
Plant herbs in it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Sell it. - Jennifer Dittrich
I have a couple of old cars I'd like to toss with it. - Ken Morley
Can I have a trebuchet? - Heather
Nope. Heather gets a catapult with inscription that says 'Not Trebuchet' in Comic Sans. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
*throws gas on catapult and lights it on fire* FINE THEN! *goes and cries in the corner* - Heather
I'd use it to launch me into the sky with my wing-suit. - Stephen Mack
I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. obsessed with comic sans. I would take it to the Punkin Chunkin in Delaware. - Joe
Throw as many chandeliers at one time, as possible - Meg VMeg
Fill it with rotting oranges from the area trees and use the catapult to fling said oranges on rowdy hipsters and partiers who roam the neighborhood on weekends. - Corinne L
It's not the thing you fling .. it's the fling itself. - Kristin
FETCHEZ LA VACHE!! - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Storm the castle - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
PUDDING! - April Russo
Seriously, my retirement dream: a trebuchet capable of launching cows - Kevin Johnson
So all the warnings I gave a work colleague about allowing her 12 year old daughter to have an Instagram/Snapchat/Kik account have now come back as her complaining about Instagram/Snapchat/Kik.
Not sure whether to "like" this or not; depends on what kinds of warnings you gave her, and what the ramifications have been. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Basically all the warnings I gave about ducky-face, sexully suggestive poses, random follwers, no record of Snapchats, peer pressure, boys etc. I tried to lay out how this will go and she still let her daughter do it... and now complains about those exact things like "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!?" - Johnny
Ugh. I watched my niece go down the path of mom and dad not monitoring her FB. It's all very not good. - Heather
No bueno. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
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