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Andrew C (✔)
RT @shaunking: I'm telling you, our laws are bad at the point in which citizens & officers alike are allowed to kill innocent people when they imagine guns
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @macdrifter: Told the kid I went to Diagon alley to buy magical fruit while she was in school. She’s pretty mad.
RT @macdrifter: Told the kid I went to Diagon alley to buy magical fruit while she was in school. She’s pretty mad.
Mary Carmen
That moment where you are outside, with your oxygen tank, smoking a cigarette....yeah, you may wanna rethink that decision.
some times there is a victory in letting go and not giving a damn - Azemat
Is there victory in exploding? o.O - Soup in a TARDIS
Andrew C (✔)
RT @juliacarriew: This is how white supremacy sees Asians vs. Blacks and uses the framing of one (as docile) to tar the other (as violent).
Meg VMeg
Do you guys ever daydream that one day FriendFeed will get emancipated from Facebook, in, like, a "no hard feelings" kind of a way, and then the whole world will realize how great it is, and they'll all sign up, and then we'll be, like, the rock star elders of FriendFeed, and everyone will love and worship us?
Everything up to "and then the whole world" sounded pretty good. - Steven Perez from Android
I wish FF would get minor feature updates, at least. New Twitter API (?), Vine and Instagram video integration, HTTPS for Youtube, a bookmarklet that can handle whatever weird thing Tumblr does for photo gallery pages. - Andrew C (✔)
Yes. All the time. Although only if it stays sort of the same, or I get some kind of old-skool privileges like free lifetime ad-free membership. - laura x
Nope, for two reasons. One, "ad-free" would not be in the story, not unless it was a fee operation (you know, The Well is still around...). Two, I don't think we could have the sometimes-frank, lively, open, effective, non-trollish discussions we do if there were 100 million people on FriendFeed. (Take, for example, some of the librarian groups on FB. Please.) - Walt Crawford
as long as I'm dreaming up features, I'd like to have newlines in comments (I realize this can be abused), newlines preserved from imported content like Twitter, and some amount of optional markup, or at least spoilers markup. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew, new lines are preserved when posted - ffhound app displays then appropriately (well, android app, not sure about ios version anymore). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Meg, to be honest - yes. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Kind of like how Bill and Ted and the Wyld Stallyns band is so revered in the future. - Joe
I have daydreams of hiring Jimminy and setting up FF2 when/if FB ever gives up on this place. But there's no viable business model. The closest would be donations. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen, how much would it cost? - Meg VMeg
Bandwidth and hosting is likely costing FB at least $5k a month. A part-time sysadmin at least that as well. Any development costs would be double or triple that just for maintenance and minor features. If we can't raise $100k a year it's not worth even considering. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Huh. What if we sold ads that only showed up if people weren't logged in? And never fixed/added any of the stuff Andrew wants (sorry Andrew)? And got Blake to host it (sorry Blake) - Meg VMeg
I would pay for FF. - laura x from iPhone
I would pay for FF. - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
Yep, me too. I was thinking of how Metafilter is partly pay-what-you-will now, in addition to ads for non-members and for members who choose not to turn them off. - Meg VMeg
What if FB just relaunched FF with a new name and a graphical refresh? Like, "Hey", with a condensed Helvetica logo, all in black and white? #takethatEllo - Andrew C (✔)
Stephen, I dream of hiring Jimminy too. Maybe he could help add functionality to a Buddypress site? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
The guy developing hey just followed me on ello. Is hey a thing? - Joe
Searches in forums turn up many many postings by people who own properties in East and West Oakland bitching about section 8 and talking about "section 8 people" like we are the scum of the earth and less than human.
I think there should be a new law for humans. If you're going to make a statement like that, you should be forced to walk in their shoes! - Mo Kargas
One of the potential jurors was like that. I wanted to punch him in the face. - Anika
That's awful. :( - Jenny H. from Android
smh - Anne Bouey
been there and fought hard. Once when I was working in a restaurant peeps were bitching about sect 8 and such and how can they do that etc and I turned around and said I am one of "those" and never heard a word about it again. - GRANDMAFORSCARLETT
Most of the feedback I've gotten outside of here & Facebook is along the lines of "get a job stop wasting my tax money" because of course the assholes don't even understand how section 8 works or what it is. (this part is about jerks in general, not the landlord jerks) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I unfriended my aunt on Facebook because she was spewing ignorant hate speech about people who need government assistance and why hard working tax payers shouldn't have to support them. I wanted to tell her that my dad was on government assistance when he died, but I bit my tongue. I don't have room for that vitriol in my life. - Jenny H. from Android
Empathy is lacking because nobody (that's an asshat) realizes just how close we all are to economic collapse - one bad hospital stay for instance any unexpected thing can put us over the edge... Be well you are in my thoughts - WarLord
If I feel like engaging, which isn't often, I like to ask people what they were doing in 1983, 1993, or 2003? Because I was working 40+ hours a week for decades, paying sometimes pretty high taxes and paying into medicare & social security. Anyone who complains about me & their tax money can kiss my substantial ass. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Yeah, the calloused attitudes towards those who suffer hardship get on my very last nerve! Don't people realise THEY could be without a job due to circumstances beyond their control?. Don't people realise that the economy isn't exactly robust right now, and hasn't been for a good few years? Don't people realise that there are those who have no immediate or maybe even extended family... more... - "n"
Sarah G.
Chick at print shop whined that my job took her all day and I was like "sorry for burdening you with my business." Aaand I've become my dad
Only if you hand write a complaint letter - sglassme
Never understood why anyone that gets paid by the hour (and not by the job) would complain about something like that. - April Russo
interferes with gold-bricking? - Big Joe Silence
Steven Perez
Department Of Justice Orders Ferguson Police To Stop Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets via @thinkprogress
Department Of Justice Orders Ferguson Police To Stop Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets via @thinkprogress
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
You ever see something so beautiful that you hate everyone? No? Just me then. Ok.
Steven Perez
I mean, if you don’t liek horses… RT @AmznMovieRevws: Seabiscuit.
I mean, if you don’t liek horses… RT @AmznMovieRevws: Seabiscuit.
21 years ago my very best dog, Brandy, was born. I miss her <3
<3 - Janet from FFHound!
Spidra Webster
"Now THIS is a suit!" Photo by uncalar on Instagram. Since Instagram doesn't work with FF Bookmarklet, I'm uploading a screenshot.
Screen shot 2014-09-27 at 12.57.45 PM.png
My first thought: "Is that Eivind?" - John (bird whisperer)
So not just me. lol - Heather
Steven Perez
You're adorable, Bunneh, but you won't be able to hop in that getup! - Signs Point to LB from Android
If it starts snowing, I won't be hopping so much as snuggling. :) - Steven Perez
Anne Bouey
34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING. - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing -
34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING. - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing
34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING. - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing
Show all
"It's known that kids say the darndest things...but this also holds true with their tears. Most times, they'll cry about absolutely nothing and everytime it's absolutely hilarious." - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
"He meet Bill Murray" LOL - Xabaras (G.O.) from FFHound!
"He didn't want to share his leg hole" :D - Eivind
Not being allowed to have more bacon is NOT nothing!!!!! - Melly - #TeamMarina
It might be when there's a fair bit of bacon already on your plate :P - Soup in a TARDIS
That's totally not the point! - Melly - #TeamMarina
"We took her to a Justin Bieber concert." <--that's not trivial, not even with a set of noise cancelling headphones! - April Russo
#14 & #22 seem related. - April Russo
Canadian Postal Worker's Apology for Non-Delivery: 'Bear at the Door'
Canadian Postal Worker's Apology for Non-Delivery: 'Bear at the Door'
Andrew C (✔)
Fox News Guest Under Fire for Internment Camp Comments - NBC -
"During a September 20th panel discussion on Fox News' Cashin' In, Hoenig said, "Let's take a trip down memory lane here: The last war this country won, we put Japanese Americans in internment camps, we dropped nuclear bombs on residential city centers. So, yes, profiling would be at least a good start." Hoenig was responding to a broad question by host Eric Bolling: "Are we trampling or treading on the Constitution by saying, 'maybe it's time to profile'?"" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"On his website, Hoenig published a response to his critics titled, "When Subtlety is Lost." "My comments regarding profiling on last week's Cashin' In did not praise the internment of Japanese-Americans -- quite the contrary," Hoenig wrote. "The point was to illustrate the brutal lengths this country went to win that war." " -- bullshit. - Andrew C (✔)
Glen Campbell
Andrew C (✔)
Police Chief’s Daughter Fired From Hospital After Tweets Go Viral - ABC News -
Police Chief’s Daughter Fired From Hospital After Tweets Go Viral - ABC News
"The daughter of a Pennsylvania police chief, facing assault charges, was fired today from her hospital job after allegedly posting photos and information about patients that potentially violate privacy policies. Lansdale Hospital-Abington Health told ABC News,“Effective today, September 25, 2014, Kathryn Knott has been terminated from her employment at Abington Health.” Knott, 24, had initially been suspended her because of charges stemming from her alleged involvement in an attack on two gay men in downtown Philadelphia." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"She was arrested this week with two men, Kevin Harrigan, 26, and Phillip Williams, 24, for her alleged role in the Sept. 11 fight. Her lawyer has said she is innocent, but her tweets going back to 2012 are going viral for what she had to say about foreign cab drivers, gay men and Asian people, among others. " - Andrew C (✔)
" Knott is the daughter of Chalfont Borough Police Chief Karl Knott, and other messages she wrote suggest she's received special attention because of her father's job. [...] A guy ran me off the road, called my dad ran his license, and got him ticket #sorrynotsorry #lovemydad — Kathryn Knott (@kathryn_knott) March 21, 2012 @garlicknott dad just let me kick down a door on a raid #epic — Kathryn Knott (@kathryn_knott) December 18, 2012" - Andrew C (✔)
I feel like if the police chief's daughter is allowed to kick down a door, that raid probably didn't need a door kicked down. - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, probably not. - John (bird whisperer)
No kidding. It's not necessarily unsurprising that the people who would just up and beat a random couple would be horrible, but it's interesting to see one of the three of them so openly eviscerated for being publicly so. - Jennifer Dittrich
Andrew C (✔)
RT @shani_o: Here’s Why The New York Times Television Coverage Is So Bad via @annehelen *puts on reading glasses*
RT @shani_o: Here’s Why The New York Times Television Coverage Is So Bad via @annehelen *puts on reading glasses*
"The “Angry Black Woman” piece, as it has now come to be known, was written by the Times’ chief television critic, Alessandra Stanley. It was racist, factually incorrect, and demonstrated an overarching lack of familiarity with Rhimes’ work in particular and contemporary television in general. Others have outlined exactly how and why with incision. But for those familiar with Stanley and television criticism at the Times, it was but the most recent and flagrant in a long history of gaffes, misunderstandings, and sublimated dismissals that demonstrate an insulting lack of investment in the medium. As Vox television critic Todd VanDerWerff told BuzzFeed News, “The Times thinks of TV as fundamentally vapid, so it produces dismissive criticism about the medium, and so far as I can tell, this is historically true of the publication.”" - Andrew C (✔)
"The best way to understand America today is by trying to understand television, which is really another way of saying that no medium better encapsulates our ideological moment, day in and day out. That statement has been true for decades — far before the rise of so-called “quality television.” But until the Times arrives at that conclusion, making the radical yet necessary decision to take the totality of television seriously, that’s a problem no number of columns from the public editor can fix." - Andrew C (✔)
See also Ellison's and LeGuin's and others' rants on the history of the NYT and SF. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Andrew C (✔)
Ayn Rand's Buffy The Vampire Slayer -
Ayn Rand's Buffy The Vampire Slayer
"BUFFY: My shoulders are naked and I am drenched in the blood of my enemies. You are my physical and mental equal. I wish to express my respect for you in the physical embodiment of my ideals: the act of love. Let us have sex now. ANGEL: Buffy, I can’t. You know that if I were to experience even a moment of perfect happiness I would lose my soul. BUFFY: This sounds like a problem for you, not a problem for me. ANGEL: I can’t – BUFFY: We’ll just do me, then. Kneel." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"BUFFY: Surely this kind of specialized labor merits compensation, if my skills are so highly valued on the free market. GILES: Well, we can’t really offer the Slayer money, if that’s what you mean. BUFFY: Then I will find someone who can, and work only for the highest bidder. [a group of vampires bash their way into the library and begin chewing on Giles] GILES: Buffy, help – BUFFY: If... more... - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew C (✔)
RT @mallelis: the entire series of Angel is just A MAN making money doing what Buffy does for free @dreamoforgonon
Smart, actually. - Jed from iPhone
This Grandmother Loves Making Massive Penis Quilts And Now You Can Own One -
This Grandmother Loves Making Massive Penis Quilts And Now You Can Own One
"The huge phallic creations are the work of grandma Holly Stewart, of Kansas City, who recently raised money through KickStarter to run an exhibition of her MA thesis work called “HollyPolyester: Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises.”" - rönin from Bookmarklet
Everyone needs a hobby. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Melly - #TeamMarina
From the September daycare newsletter <3
Andrew C (✔)
RT @maxsilvestri: Guy Fieri just said, "It's a culinary buoy in a shipyard of flavor!" Maybe give him a CAT scan?
Or a sharp crack in the noggin with a tack hammer. - Jennifer Dittrich
Melly - #TeamMarina
Josiah borrowed five JF books from the library yesterday; 26 hours later he's finished two of them. #thatsmyboy #fb
holly #ravingfangirl
as is often the case, i'm tired of eating this salad before i am actually full.
it's a good salad too! i'm just... - holly #ravingfangirl
CHEW ALL THE THINGS. - Signs Point to LB from Android
SO. MUCH. CHEWING. - holly #ravingfangirl
The question is not what he is doing there but what this piece of ham is doing on him. - Imgur -
The question is not what he is doing there but what this piece of ham is doing on him. - Imgur
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @badbanana: I like that Lincoln commercial where Matthew McConaughey is driving a carload of souls to the banks of the River Styx.
HA! - Marie
I mean, it's totally true right? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
have you seen the ellen version of the new commercial? - Marie
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