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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here" (413)813-7036
I feel bad that I got over halfway through and stopped reading. It's not that I disliked it, I loved it. But I loved it like one loves Doctor Who, or Sherlock, or Supernatural or anything else that makes you smile and then cry and then smile while you're crying.
The Fault in Our Stars.jpg
Yeah, ok. I read something on Pinterest that had a single line (the last) and I started cry. No idea how I'm supposed to finish this book, but as of now the only book I've ever not finished is Travels with Charlie (Steinbeck) and I don't want to turn that into a list. - Heather
So, kitties. Today was day 1 at the Kitten ICU (KICU). I didn't give fluids, but I did force feeding. After we finished with everything (less to do in the afternoon than am or pm) we can play with the kitties, but they were all napping.
And I didn't even smuggle one home in my pocket. - Heather
Second day at KICU was better. I gave fluids and force feeding was a tiny bit easier. But like last time, someone had to get a kitten of my shoulders. Being short the kittens look at me like an easy climb. - Heather
Glad you had a better day! I think the 'kitten cat tree' problem strikes tall and short alike, it just takes less time for them to get to the top :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, I'm about three steps: "hey, no climbing", "oh crap, get down", and "can I get a hand?" If I could get both front paws I could get them down no problem, but it unhook one and the others firmly stuck. - Heather
Lost yet another ball of my belly button ring. I go through those things like most girls go through bobby pins.
This is Peter. Peter is one of the cutest kittens ever. Peter wants to play by latching into your hand and making you bleed. -
This is Peter. Peter is one of the cutest kittens ever. Peter wants to play by latching into your hand and making you bleed.
I have 5 clear claw marks, most on my fingers. Chris wants me to keep an eye on the red (most likely to be infected) one. - Heather from Bookmarklet
Also, Dakin has lots of black cats so their doing a special, $25 adoption fee for black cats 6months and over. I WANT A KITTEH! - Heather
Went shopping for washable shoes today. Bought pj shorts instead... o.O
The shorts are like guys athletic shorts. I really needed them, all my other pj shorts are indecently short. - Heather
But I really need shoes I can clean off easily if I get kitten sick on them. - Heather
All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls" -
All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls"
I think it's pretty amazing to have this list, but I have a major problem with listing something like this in alphabetic order by title. Order of appearance people! - Heather from Bookmarklet
Also, of course an Aussie took this on. Crazy people. - Heather
Good lord I'm a nerd, I just scrolled through my "Nerdage" Pinterest board and found a second pin of all the books read/mentioned on Gilmore Girls. - Heather
This is very cool. - Friar Will
How I know horse racing has become popular: It's cool to bash horse racing.
*shakes fist at hipsters* Get off my infield! - Heather
(Totally jk about the infield, hipsters can't afford it since they redid Churchill Downs. Now those were the tickets anyone could get. #TheGoodOl'Days) - Heather
They had the author of "Seabiscuit" on NPR this morning and I loved the story she told about CA Chrome's history and owners. - Spidra Webster
Dakin (the humane society I volunteer at) is having a Flea Market and asking for baked goods donations for their table. I want to make something, but I'm afraid something will happen and I wont follow through. :/
Puppy Cookies.JPG
Ack! *bites the bullet and sends email asking if there are any preferred items* - Heather
By the way, if you search "puppy cookies" you get hella cute results. - Heather
Caught Reading | Pinterest -
Caught Reading | Pinterest
Lamoille Union Middle and High School Library - Heather from Bookmarklet
What a cool idea! - Spidra Webster
Called in sick for volunteering this morning. The day feels so messed up. :(
So, is there anyway to do some writing research on 13yo girls without flagging the authorities? I don't want to explain Harry Potter fanfic to cops.... >.>
Yeah... thinking I'll just not do searches... For how teens dress it's about 1/3 how to make your teen dress conservatively (because God) and 2/3 about why or how teens should/could/do dress like sluts. - Heather
For clothes, maybe look at the websites of the hot/trendy/inexpensive stores. Need names? Try the nearest large shopping mall. - Betsy
So thankful that Chris can coax me off the couch when I'm in a funk. Shower and a haircut later I'm feeling much better (though I still have the black cloud in the back of my mind).
I am never getting a contract cell phone EVER again. &@/@:&;)(&-@:$;)-@($;!,":@-$!)&&
It's a good thing my names not on the account, my dad taught me how to get what I want from customer service. - Heather
I'm at the point of wanting to cause permanent harm to whoever made these contract rules. And steal there wallet. - Heather
I want to rage against the world until my voice gives out and my fingers bleed. It seems like you can't look anywhere without running into idiotic assholes.
*hides* - Big Joe Silence
Except here. This is my safe space. :) - Heather
Delaware Bay's stranded horseshoe crabs saved by volunteer effort | -
Delaware Bay's stranded horseshoe crabs saved by volunteer effort |
Delaware Bay's stranded horseshoe crabs saved by volunteer effort |
"When they come ashore to spawn it is at the mercy of the waves and tides. It is not uncommon for crabs to be flipped onto their backs by the incoming tide and never right themselves. The bodies of the unfortunate Chelicerata can be seen curled up on their backs a scant feet from the waterline. Even worse for the horseshoe crabs are man-made obstacles and debris, and every high tide brings more of them in to get trapped and eventually die." - Heather from Bookmarklet
File this under "Things I Shouldn't Find Funny" (The idea of crab flipping, not an ancient species facing man-made threats against it's existence.) - Heather
Alien-Lonely Hearts -
Alien-Lonely Hearts
I'm in love guys. - Heather from Bookmarklet
He's sweet, cuddly, a real looker, and has a physical uniqueness (both paws have toes that aren't separated all the way). - Heather
I was wrong, "lonely hearts" means he's been there over 3 weeks, longer than average. He's now at 50% adoption price. I'm not even a "cat person" and I want to take him home so bad. - Heather
Arg I need like $100 and I can get a cat and kitty supplies. >.> - Heather
Gimmer yer paypal address. I'm good for a few bucks. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
OMG, FF is like Kickstarter for cat adoption. lol Alien's off the website now though, I think someone scooped him up this afternoon. Maybe the next one. ^_~ - Heather
I am all about enabling people when it comes to pet adoption. :) All my cats are shelter pets, so. Y'know. I'm kinda biased. :D I'm always good for a little sumpin' when you find another one! - Hookuh Tinypants
At the rate I'm falling for cats, I might end up taking home the ICU kittens once they're in recovery. Adopt all the kittens! - Heather
Reading the #YesAllWomen posts on Twitter make me glad that I haven't faced a lot of what other women have, but also make me realize how twisted it is that I'm glad for ONLY being harassed a few times and finding out men consider me an object indirectly.
I'm going to be a Kitten Care Specialist!
Which apparently involves a lot of diarrhea. :/ - Heather
Any advise, tips or whatnot about caring for 4-8 week old kittens is very welcome. - Heather
remember to wear long sleeves and thicker shirts because they have claws, don't quite know how to use them yet, and they like to climb. also they are !#!@#$ fast little gits. - Sir Shuping is just sir
wash your hands often, especially if you're handling sick ones because you don't want to transfer germs to healthy kittens. also sick kittens should be separated from other cats, like in crates in another room where the well cats can't get to them (i would hope the place that you're at does this) - Sir Shuping is just sir
We're going to have our own room ("Kitten ICU") and have a smock for each cage. Pretty sure they mentioned gloves. Good point about long sleeves! I'm hoping to get the shift right after my current shift, so I'll have long sleeves with me (the S/N clinic is kept cold) but I'll have to keep that in mind if I go in on a different day. - Heather
I learned that about the sleeves the hard way. those little buggers like to climb and their claws freaking hurt! and they do not like letting go. good about the kitten icu. i always preferred hand sanitizer to gloves, just because i hated taking them off and putting on a new pair. - Sir Shuping is just sir
also, one of the hardest parts about working with kittens, especially young ones, do not let yourself get close to them. god forbid, but if something happens to one of them, it can be hard to deal with. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I have no idea how I would handle that. They said last year they had very few kittens not make it, but I'm a softy and any loss is going to be hard for me. I talked to a woman who has fostered for years and she said she never calls the kittens by name because she doesn't want to get attached... I might have to do that. - Heather
that's what i did. also i hope i'm not discouraging you. it really is a lot of fun to be around them :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
I mentally responded but forgot to post. >.< Not discouraged at all, I want all the good, the bad, and the iffy to mentally prep myself because I want to do this and do well. I'm still thinking about being a vet tech, so Kitten ICU is a good test to see if I can handle the icky stuff. (I still haven't watched a spay or neuter, I'm working up to it.) The more I can anticipate about a situation, the more comfortable I feel so bring on the warnings! :) - Heather
Sign-up email went out today. Most of the times are already taken, including the slot (after my current volunteering) I really wanted. Kind of a bummer, but man if people aren't psyched to force feed kittens! lol - Heather
I still haven't worked up the nerve to watch a spay/neuter. I really want to, but every time I'm actually there my brain turns to "Blood, icky!" mode and even the used instruments squick me out.
There were a lot of large dog procedures today, and those seem to come with more blood. That didn't really help... - Heather
Why do you want to watch something that squicks you out? Are you planning to become a vet? Otherwise, I'd just skip it because I think it's always a bit hard watching medical procedures... - Spidra Webster
I want to get vet tech certification, it would open a lot of doors. I keep trying to write my reasoning, but every time I start thinking maybe I should just be a dog trainer... - Heather
*Sings "All the pokemon in the western weeds"* *thinks maybe someone else thought of that and searches for a pokemon parody of Girls Chase Boys*
*is disappointed as usual* - Heather
you can be the first? - Big Joe Silence
Sometimes I can come up with words that fit, but not this time. Also, I'm not part of that brilliant section of the interwebs that makes videos and stuff. I need someone that can do that and that I can poke every time I want a music video or gif or whatever. - Heather
Confession: Part of me wants to be a professional organizer just so I can shop at The Container Store regularly.
Also Real Simple magazine is my Cosmo. - Heather
Why the FUCK do they want me to attach a resume if they're going to (IMPROPERLY) scrub it and make me fill out a page for each job or volunteer position. - Heather
DONE. Sometimes Chris is the only reason I function. Is there a Emotion Support System Appreciation Day? Because there should be. He literally transferred the resume info into their template because I was 1000% over it. - Heather
Advise please! I'm applying to Job Lot (maybe a couple steps up from a dollar store?) online. I'm going to upload my resume. Do I include a cover letter?
I don't have experience applying to a retail job online. But if I were to guess, I'd say that a cover letter can't hurt although I would also guess it's not required for an online application. - Spidra Webster
Yeah, I figure they don't expect one. But if I include one, I want it to be good enough not to hurt me. - Heather
Don't worry about it - Eric
Finally decided to include one because I wanted to apply my office experience to retail. Now I'm putting in my availability, which is technically "Any Time" with the exception of Wed a.m. I HAVE NO LIFE! >.< - Heather
"Hourly Wage Desired" .... Worst 3 Words. - Heather
Dang wage discussions suck up front. Of course you want to say $100 an hour. I'm not sure of a good answer to that one. - Steve C Team Marina
Well that is a cryptic and unhelpful password hint I left myself...
The larch. - Betsy
In a strange twist of events, the password requirements (I was going to make a new account) made total sense of the hint. But I still don't know my password. - Heather
Applying for a job shouldn't be this hard.... But I doubt it's this difficult for anyone else. >.< - Heather
My password hint is always the same: ‘BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ But that’s because I use a password manager so password hints are useless for me. - Akiva
I've used MOX%9 as a hint for lots of things. Makes sense to me, but I doubt much for other people. - NOT THE CRICKET
My password hints are usually "Keepass" to remind me where it is stored, in the unlikely event that I forget this. - April Russo
12 pack of camis for $35. Good deal or probably cheap crap? (It's a Groupon Goods thing.)
Haven't worn any in years, so I couldn't say. - Steven Perez
Ugh, what use are you! :P - Heather
Poachers Use Tourists' Geotagged Safari Photos to Find Endangered Animals – Skift -
Poachers Use Tourists' Geotagged Safari Photos to Find Endangered Animals – Skift
"The battle against poachers is becoming a technological arms race. For every elephant’s GPS tracking collar and drone for protective surveillance, there is also a poaching ring that’s trying to scrutinize a tourist’s safari photo to find the exact coordinates of an endangered species." - Heather from Bookmarklet
Small Island Chain Creates World’s Largest Nature Reserve | The Wildlife Society News -
Small Island Chain Creates World’s Largest Nature Reserve | The Wildlife Society News
"New Caledonia, a small island group in the South Pacific Ocean, just established the world’s largest nature reserve. The new marine protected area is larger than Alaska, stretching over 320 million acres." - Heather from Bookmarklet
"New Caledonian waters have a variety of diverse habitats that provide homes and resources for an extraordinary number of species. Deep sediment basins, underwater mountains, and expansive coral reefs support at least 48 species of shark, 25 marine mammal species, 19 species of nesting birds, and five types of sea turtles." - Heather
Looking at the 3 resumes I have.... this is..... *sigh*
But seriously, this is my favorite bit of cover letter ever: "As a World of Warcraft player myself, I appreciate the excitement surrounding the MMO gaming experience. Being a high ranking member of a mature guild has improved many of my real world skills, ranging from time management and multitasking to conflict resolution and public relations." - Heather
^I wrote that... and sent it to a real actual company. - Heather
Oh jeebus, I just noticed the YEAR that I last sent out a resume... *hides in shame* - Heather
One of my references is from college, another has retired, and I live with the last one (Chris's dad). That cool right? #HotMess - Heather
I knew my resumes were kind of bleak, but they aren't as miserable as I was thinking. That said, I have no idea how to improve them aside from adding my new volunteering. - Heather
Took out names and specifics on the cover letters, fixed the email on 2 of them, lost some brain cells. Giving up for now. - Heather
Raw cauliflower- yummy or weird? -
Raw cauliflower- yummy or weird?
I had some tonight (green cauliflower) and it was yummy, but it also was kind of a pain because the florets wedged themselves everywhere in my teeth. - Heather
MY PARENTS GOT ME AN IPAD!!!!!,!!!!!,,!!!
I so don't deserve this. But I love it. - Heather
Chris said something about the iPad for a present is representative of me being an only child. But I think it's the obsessive possessiveness that really cements it. - Heather
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