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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here" (413)813-7036
VOLUNTEER SHIRT! Now I'm going to be bona fide. *is way too excited about this*
I get it Friday when I go in for KICU. Best Friday Evar! - Heather
$5 cat adoption fee... on the day I volunteer...
The closer Friday gets, the louder my rebellious side tells me that Chris's parents just don't know they want a cat and would be happy after about a week if I brought one home. - Heather
Ooh, don't listen to that side. It'll get you in trrrrrrrubble. - Spidra Webster
Did not bring home a cat, but during my shift (I was the only one there so I spent some time with each cat) I fell in love with 2 more kittens. - Heather
kitties!! i think everyone needs a few kittens - Sir Shuping is just sir
My new favorite is also black and white, but short haired. Her name is Peturnia and she's a nutball. But for a lot of reasons (especially money) I rather get an adult. Kittens are $275 and adults can be as low as $9. - Heather
$275?! Good lord. That's outrageous. - Hookuh Tinypants
Dakin runs 100% on donations, no government assistance, so they do have some high prices. The craziest part is that at 6 months they go from kitten pricing to adult pricing, and people still pay $275 for a 4 month old kitten. Go figure. - Heather
Dakin goes through kittens so fast. It is located in the largest city in the area, which is next to the other larger cities of the area. Lots of cats, lots of people. - Chris Topher
All of the shelters in my area are 100% donations and don't cost anywhere near that. I'm kind of surprised. Perhaps ours have better connections for spaying/neutering and vaccination costs? $60 gets you a spayed/neutered kitten with all its shots and a microchip they implant the day you adopt. Does the cost seem to deter adoptions? - Hookuh Tinypants
They do the spay/neuter in house. They have their own vets on staff for the surgeries. It doesn't seem to deter people at all. Kittens last a matter of only a few days before they are adopted. They are in the building that used to be the MSPCA (MA Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and I believe they are the largest animal shelter in western MA. - Chris Topher
Yeah, ours are all in house/on staff as well. Odd. But at least it doesn't deter adoptions! - Hookuh Tinypants
Global wildlife decline driving slave labor, organized crime -
Global wildlife decline driving slave labor, organized crime
""Billions of people rely directly and indirectly on wild sources of meat for income and sustenance, and this resource is declining. It's not surprising that the loss of this critical piece of human livelihoods has huge social consequences. Yet, both conservation and political science have generally overlooked these fundamental connections."" - Heather from Bookmarklet
I bled on the incedent report.
Yesterday, Chris and I were in one of the free roam cat rooms. I had a cat on my lap and she kept putting her claws in my knee. I went to get her to pull back her claws, but she scratched my hand and hissed at me. Silly thing, I bet she didn't realize that means a 10 day mandatory rabies quarantine. - Heather
When she did it, I was shocked. She was so sweet and cuddly. But then I felt kinda bad for telling on her and getting her in quarantine. - Heather
Ralph, my KICU baby is up for adoption. <3 -
Ralph, my KICU baby is up for adoption. <3
What a cutie! He reminds me of a fluffy version of my Livia :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh that face! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Every time I pick Heather up from her shifts, I visit the cat rooms...and every time I leave without a cat I am shocked :P - Chris Topher
I really hope we don't go through another quarantine in the KICU, spending nearly a month with the same kittens... I'm so in love with this guy. They also have Chess for adoption, he's the little semi-feral that purrs non-stop when you hold him, and I have a crush on him too. - Heather
African Elephants in Zoos Threatened by Obesity : Discovery News -
African Elephants in Zoos Threatened by Obesity : Discovery News
"Just like humans, elephants with excess fat are more likely to develop heart disease, arthritis and infertility, Daniella Chusyd, a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said in a statement. Previous studies have shown an alarming number of African elephants in zoos have irregular or no ovarian cycles." - Heather from Bookmarklet
Healthy kittens that don't need to be in the ICU, but have to stay cooped up because of a precautionary quarantine, are INSANE!
I had 3 different cats decide the floor was the best place ever, I was chewed on by 2, had my head batted at by one, almost had a shoulder kitten, and in general everyone was going bonkers. It's like ADHD and cabin fever with claws. - Heather
Oh yeah, the first kitten I picked up... pawed me in the face to say hello. - Heather
But shoulder kittens are the cutest. - NOT THE CRICKET
#ThingsTheyDontTeachInSchool How to write email subject lines.
I read an article... and a half... They were for business people. I am socially handicap. >_< - Heather
Pretty sure the customer service guy at my credit union thinks I'm a total ditz.
It might be because I forgot my password, got locked out of my account, and wasn't 100% on whether or not I knew my account number. >.> - Heather
I never have a clue on bank account numbers but then I too might be a total ditz so you're not in the clear yet. :) - Steve C Team Marina
I keep trying to blame dyslexia, I think it's working. But I still got laughed at. (not in a rude way, more like "oh another one of these") - Heather
I've done that, but when they ask for my account, I always just ask if they'll accept my social. It's far easier to remember. - NOT THE CRICKET
Has anyone begged for item donations from businesses?
Dakin is doing a fundraiser even and looking for raffle and silent auction donations. Since it's not local, it's the only way I can help out. But I've never done this before. I don't know how to figure out which businesses to approach. I can get info materials to do the actual asking, I'm just not sure where to go because everything I think of is local (so not near the fundraising area) or a major chain. - Heather
So I took like 5 minutes and came up with a few things. I hate that I've lived here so long and still don't know much about what's around. Also, the even is called "Mutts & Mimosas" so it feels like it's fancy and the donations should be "nice" things. - Heather
I asked my mom if she could think of any shops she likes out this way. Her first thought? The yarn shop. #knitters - Heather
Heather, I've done this several times for charity events. What's worked for me is going to independent businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, hotel chains, boutiques, groceries, etc. Consumables are always good. - Corinne L
It's really best to visit in person and have a spiel ready for the manager, along with a letter of intent. Much harder to say no when someone's standing in front of you asking for a donation. With restaurants, go right after the lunch rush because otherwise they won't have time to talk to you. Grab business cards for managers/owners if the person you speak with can't make the decision re: donations. - Corinne L
If this event is geared toward more affluent folks, combine several items to make a prize pack for the silent auction. For example: a "Getaway Prize Pack" could include a one-night stay at a high-end hotel with a gift card for a nearby restaurant or cafe and maybe a couples' massage/spa treatment. - Corinne L
Hope that gives you a head start. DM me if you have any specific questions. I'm happy to help! - Corinne L
Brilliant! They're going to email me materials for in person or email once I let them know what business I'm talking to (they don't want multiple people going to the same place). Combining gift cards for nearby places is a great idea. Thanks. :) - Heather
Just snipped 2 (and made Chris snip another) skin tags from my armpit. My armpit is now skintag free and I can shave easier. WOO motherfracking HOO!
Mayonnaise jar..... of mercury.
On the news, a family had to have a hazmat team clean out their house after a "forgotten mayonnaise jar of mercury" contaminated the house. GUYS, CHECK YOUR MAYO JARS FOR MERCURY! - Heather
When I was in elementary school I knew a kid who collected the stuff. His dad had some sort of job where he'd come across it, and he'd save it for him. He had jars of the stuff! He was always a little wacky, I think now it was probably mercury poisoning: - Ken Morley
I remember a couple of times at school when some kid would bring in a little bit of mercury from a broken thermometer. We'd all play with it, rolling it around on our hands. Back then, a broken thermometer was no big deal. - Betsy
I remember those days. It was difficult to clean up too. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Chris: Of all the guys on Merlin, I'm going to say he's the most attractive. -
Chris: Of all the guys on Merlin, I'm going to say he's the most attractive.
It's true. - Chris Topher
Finally switched on my TracFone. Now I can actually use a cellphone to make phone calls!
And I have to change my phone number with like 100,000,000,000 places. - Heather
This is Chip, he's one of the 3 KICU kittens I took care of currently up for adoption. I had no idea how proud I would feel seeing the kittens graduate to the adoption floor. -
This is Chip, he's one of the 3 KICU kittens I took care of currently up for adoption. I had no idea how proud I would feel seeing the kittens graduate to the adoption floor.
I'm glad you've been finding the volunteering so rewarding! - Spidra Webster
Bad news: 2 of the 3 are back in the KICU, which is in quarantine. One of the kittens came up positive for panleukopenia (the kitty version of parvo). It's a little sad and scary, but the kittens should be fine and it was super quick getting them all taken care of. - Heather
This day, we celebrate our Independence Day! #MyKindOfPatriotism
I don't feel like I've been hit by a truck, I feel like it parked on my head. Migraine started last night just before bed. I woke up with it (called in sick for volunteering), napped, and I'm still feeling crappy.
I'm stuck in that limbo between thinking I should take more meds to knock out the rest of it or wait and take more meds at the proper time. - Heather
:( Migraines suck. - Spidra Webster
Chris saw this and brought me meds. The hardest thing about migraines for me is that they used to be straight forward (OMG my head is going to literally kill me!) and now I get this foggy confusion where I'm not sure it's a migraine and I don't want to over medicate. Luckily if I get foggy and uncertain, Chris brings me meds. lol - Heather
Tried to activate the TracFone my mom gave me. They're sending me a new SIM card (3-5 business days). So I'm going to lose all the phone numbers that were already in it AND I don't get a working cell phone until maybe 2 Mondays from now.
TLDR: RAWR *drinks strawberry daiquiri* - Heather
2 kitties are now on the "Hide In My Pocket" list for next week. >.>
Wish I had my phone, you guys would get pictures of Fabio the semi-feral who is no longer terrified of my hand and purrs when I hold him, Ralph the Congested who makes all sorts of noises when he breathes but is still cute as hell and snuggly, and (not take-home kitties) the orange twins that are both super gross and super cute. - Heather
The orange twins like to eat criss-cross so they can spread food over as much of themselves and each other as possible. I mean seriously, faces, necks, and ears covered in dried on wet food. And they like to play tackle in the litter box. But they are kittens, so by default they are adorable. - Heather
Oh yeah, and a kitten named Heather was in under rabies quarantine because she's too bitey. (She's not actually sick, it's just a precaution.) - Heather
I feel bad that I got over halfway through and stopped reading. It's not that I disliked it, I loved it. But I loved it like one loves Doctor Who, or Sherlock, or Supernatural or anything else that makes you smile and then cry and then smile while you're crying.
The Fault in Our Stars.jpg
Yeah, ok. I read something on Pinterest that had a single line (the last) and I started cry. No idea how I'm supposed to finish this book, but as of now the only book I've ever not finished is Travels with Charlie (Steinbeck) and I don't want to turn that into a list. - Heather
So, kitties. Today was day 1 at the Kitten ICU (KICU). I didn't give fluids, but I did force feeding. After we finished with everything (less to do in the afternoon than am or pm) we can play with the kitties, but they were all napping.
And I didn't even smuggle one home in my pocket. - Heather
Second day at KICU was better. I gave fluids and force feeding was a tiny bit easier. But like last time, someone had to get a kitten of my shoulders. Being short the kittens look at me like an easy climb. - Heather
Glad you had a better day! I think the 'kitten cat tree' problem strikes tall and short alike, it just takes less time for them to get to the top :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, I'm about three steps: "hey, no climbing", "oh crap, get down", and "can I get a hand?" If I could get both front paws I could get them down no problem, but it unhook one and the others firmly stuck. - Heather
Lost yet another ball of my belly button ring. I go through those things like most girls go through bobby pins.
This is Peter. Peter is one of the cutest kittens ever. Peter wants to play by latching into your hand and making you bleed. -
This is Peter. Peter is one of the cutest kittens ever. Peter wants to play by latching into your hand and making you bleed.
I have 5 clear claw marks, most on my fingers. Chris wants me to keep an eye on the red (most likely to be infected) one. - Heather from Bookmarklet
Also, Dakin has lots of black cats so their doing a special, $25 adoption fee for black cats 6months and over. I WANT A KITTEH! - Heather
Went shopping for washable shoes today. Bought pj shorts instead... o.O
The shorts are like guys athletic shorts. I really needed them, all my other pj shorts are indecently short. - Heather
But I really need shoes I can clean off easily if I get kitten sick on them. - Heather
All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls" -
All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls"
I think it's pretty amazing to have this list, but I have a major problem with listing something like this in alphabetic order by title. Order of appearance people! - Heather from Bookmarklet
Also, of course an Aussie took this on. Crazy people. - Heather
Good lord I'm a nerd, I just scrolled through my "Nerdage" Pinterest board and found a second pin of all the books read/mentioned on Gilmore Girls. - Heather
This is very cool. - Friar Will
How I know horse racing has become popular: It's cool to bash horse racing.
*shakes fist at hipsters* Get off my infield! - Heather
(Totally jk about the infield, hipsters can't afford it since they redid Churchill Downs. Now those were the tickets anyone could get. #TheGoodOl'Days) - Heather
They had the author of "Seabiscuit" on NPR this morning and I loved the story she told about CA Chrome's history and owners. - Spidra Webster
Dakin (the humane society I volunteer at) is having a Flea Market and asking for baked goods donations for their table. I want to make something, but I'm afraid something will happen and I wont follow through. :/
Puppy Cookies.JPG
Ack! *bites the bullet and sends email asking if there are any preferred items* - Heather
By the way, if you search "puppy cookies" you get hella cute results. - Heather
Caught Reading | Pinterest -
Caught Reading | Pinterest
Lamoille Union Middle and High School Library - Heather from Bookmarklet
What a cool idea! - Spidra Webster
Called in sick for volunteering this morning. The day feels so messed up. :(
So, is there anyway to do some writing research on 13yo girls without flagging the authorities? I don't want to explain Harry Potter fanfic to cops.... >.>
Yeah... thinking I'll just not do searches... For how teens dress it's about 1/3 how to make your teen dress conservatively (because God) and 2/3 about why or how teens should/could/do dress like sluts. - Heather
For clothes, maybe look at the websites of the hot/trendy/inexpensive stores. Need names? Try the nearest large shopping mall. - Betsy
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