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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here" (413)813-7036
Opened the fridge to find a snack. Got attacked by the Cheerios box. :(
Has anyone used hairball control food? We have some even though the cat doesn't have hairball problems. A quick search says that it might not be that healthy.
I have, and some seem to work a lot better than others. The ones I've had recommended by the local store tend to use fiber that would be in a normal diet. The Wellness "Indoor" version has that as part of the formula. - Jennifer Dittrich
Zoey hasn't had hair balls, but she's drinking a lot of water (hairball control has a lot of fiber and that takes more water) are had been sick a couple times after eating. Just not sure what the problem is, she could be eating too fast. - Heather
I'm just trying to figure out if the food is ok for her if she doesn't need it. - Heather
My cats aren't, but I've found that their hairball production has dropped since I started drizzling oil on their food. I do it for Plum's itchy skin issues. It's an added benefit. - Katy S from iPhone
I'm just about to start Noah on one (mixed with his weight management food) because he's hoiked up a couple this week. - Melly
Has she ever had hairballs? - Melly
Not that I know of. I think Chris's mom bought the food as a preventative thing. I'm just worried that it might be like taking medicine for a problem you don't have. - Heather
Maybe check with a vet? I've had four cats - one of them had hairballs very infrequently that were easily treated with a laxative. I'm only putting Noah on this hairball food for a couple of weeks until I'm sure he has no more. - Melly
Last night I dreamed about the Avengers. I was talking to an unhelpful S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and got mad so I told them "Well Coulson would know what to do."
The X Games uses a guy with a GoPro to get the downhill shots.
They (ESPN) also used a drone for live shots. - Julian
Haha, GoPro dude just crashed. >.< - Heather
I JUST noticed I'm sore from PT yesterday.
Tried to do wall push ups like at PT. Ow. - Heather
*freaks out* I just realized I had a dream last night that I realized was a dream. I don't remeber that ever happening before!
I've had that happen a few times, where in the middle of the dream, I think, 'Oh, this is a dream'. - Greg GuitarBuster
it's been a regular feature of my life since i was 7. the neat thing is that sometimes you can alter how the dream progresses. Lucid Dreaming FTW. - Big Joe Silence
That was the thought I had. "Oh this is a dream, that means I should be able to control it." Unfortunately I can't remember anything after that thought! It was my first go at it (that I know of) so maybe next time. :) - Heather
I am having waaaaaay too much fun with #MakeHistoryCute
I'm a terrible fan, my Pats sweatshirt is in the wash.
Your sweatshirt is more than a year old, worn in everyday life so it's needs washing and has been worn when they don't win. You're good. - Johnny
Don't tell my dad. lol - Heather
Oh you know, just making an Avatar/Korra original character for no good reason. >.<
#SaturdayFF The most angry my dad has been with me was a half day in middle school when I went downtown for lunch "without permission." It was winter so I got chewed out about how I could have been frozen in a ditch somewhere.
BTW, I asked if I could go to McDonalds the day before. Going downtown for lunch was the cool thing to do on half days. - Heather
I remember those days in middle school! Walking to fast-food restaurants was the business on minimum days. Not so much fun now. >_> lol. Also, if that was the reason your dad was at his angriest with you, I'd say you were a pretty great kid. :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
We used to walk to the pizza place in elementary school which was half a block away but sooo not allowed. - Laura Norvig
Anna, my dad earned an easy kid after my 2 half-siblings. My school was across downtown, so getting lunch was kind of on the way home but took a while. He got home in the afternoon so he was expecting me to be there already. - Heather
That moment when an intensely engaging movie/book/etc ends and you can't remember how to do life for a few minutes. #GeekIssues
Black Mirror did that to me. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
In my fantasies, I have a named property with a fancy ironwork gate.
At 11 minutes with a scammer
Dammit, almost made it to 13 minutes. Next time I talk to "Windows Help" I'll go for 15. - Heather
My wife's phone received these Windows Help messages. I just responded My wife is dead, and hung up. Phone's disconnected now. - Mike Nencetti
Stuffy face, headache, runny nose, soar throat. Nope, not sick. Lalalalala can't hear you, not sick!
Things not to say because context is important: I like it slow and creepy.
Fuck you, all day migraine. No one likes you, go home.
:( i hope it leaves you alone soon. - Sir Shuping is just sir
No, absolutely nobody likes that migraine. - Marie
Volunteered with my dad at Open Table again. Chris joined us. There were so many people, it was crazy. Good work out though.
Anyone who says not being able to ID hunger early is good, say that after what just happened to me. Sitting on the couch suddenly feeling 'wrong', start shaking, get dizzy, waves of warm/cold. Good thing there were cracker in arms reach and Chris got me a drink and half an apple with peanut butter.
I know it's my own fault, but after 4 cinnamon buns it's easy to forget food! - Heather
The cat just nuzzled my boob, twice. I think I'm her girlfriend...
Listening to 2 cops online talk about tazers and pepper spray. Never threaten a cop with either, they've felt both and they don't want to do it again! lol #TheMoreYouKnow
My "Goals for 2015" has 19 items. My OCD will not let this stand, must have 20!
Health is the smallest category, only 4 goals. But besides exercise, PT, and self-care what can I do? Plus, health is boring. lol - Heather
#20 Finally find Waldo. - Eric - Let Me Know
Eric wins. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Happy 2015! May this be the year you look back on fondly as the year it all went right. *hugs, love! and best wishes to all my FFeeps*
ARG! I HATE trying to type on my iPad. GRRRRRRR. >:(
"Doctor, it hurts when I do this" ;-) - Amit Patel
Siri to the rescue? - Stephan from iPhone
Crazy cat is crazy! Also pointy, send thick leather gloves. Like the kind for handling birds of prey.
pfff even those won't work! you need chain mail, its the only thing that will work - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm hoping nail clippers at nap time will help a little. - Heather
I do best with specific goals, so I'm re-framing my "resolutions are meant to be broken" mindset to "reasonable, accomplishable goals for the year". But I have no idea how many things I can expect myself to accomplish.
I've never found the sweet spot between passing my comfort zone without pushing wildly beyond reason. - Heather
Just watched How to Train Your Dragon 2. I want my own Toothless so much!
OMAN! Giant plushie! - Heather
Plaid, chocolate, dual alarm clock, and other awesome stuff. I'm a happy girl.
We also got a tin of my dad's cookies, a basket of chocolate/hot coco stuff, and gift cards for dinner and a movie. - Heather
Hyperbole and a half! - Amit Patel
Volunteering with my dad tomorrow at Open Table, a local supper program and food pantry, before shopping. He does it every week and he's very excited I'll be joining him.
Teaching my dad to use the TVGuide app. I'm going to lose my mind if he keeps flicking through stations and watching commercials to find out what's on.
Hooray! - Chris Topher
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