Adrian Chan
Re: Market makers on Empire Avenue — the algos -
"Just want to note that @dups tweeted that there are limitations to what their algos can do, owing to the data services and firehoses make available and possible. I have often thought that the un-coupled nature of tweets (responses are not directly coupled to their sources, but refer to sources using RT, @, the retweet, and links). This means that, unlike a market exchange, statements and their responses are not bound to one another. Tracking is thus more difficult. Tweets are not buy and sell orders of an "object," but are stand-alone messages. So tracking of tweets and their downstream amplification is imprecise. Furthermore, "influence" of twitter accounts (and others) is easily manipulated. Good influence data would have to recursively factor in not only the influence of the influencer, but influence of members of his/her audience. The system wants a two-sided accounting paradigm (eg our system of credits/debts) -- but implications for data processing and storage in such a fast..." - Adrian Chan