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Re: Nikon ViewNX 2.7.5 and Capture NX 2.4.2 released -
"cannot imagine india, china, africa, south america paying for the adobe cloud .. $50/month is huge money in most of the world .. i expect a lot of innovation, lighter footprint software for the huge growth in 4/3 and mirrorless ..." - Gregory Lent
Re: TripAdvisor’s plan to get another 100 million reviews: Have hotels do the work -
"intrusive" - Gregory Lent
Re: Stowe Boyd, How the Internet is boosting marriage rates - Brad Plummer -
"more crime too" - Gregory Lent
Re: Emerging trends in digital photography -
"hate that floating panel in the left margin .. spooky" - Gregory Lent
Re: My Take on Adobe’s Announcements Yesterday at the MAX Conference -
"india, china, africa ... 50 bucks is a lot of money" - Gregory Lent
Re: Are You Ready to Pay for YouTube? -
"broadcast tv folks smiling" - Gregory Lent
Re: Online Video Ads Have Higher Impact Than TV Ads -
"do these metrics count the unwatched videos because the preroll add was so terrible that i never stayed around to watch the video? (like you, espn ... and a million others)" - Gregory Lent
Re: Coming Wed: Adobe “Sneak Peeks” What’s Coming for Photographers in the Creative Cloud -
"bought the suite with cash, for the photography and video basics, plus to learn some wares i didn't know about .... feels silly to buy the cloud too, resent that cloud customers get updates sooner .. seems manipulative on adobe's part" - Gregory Lent
Re: Wikileaks suspect named SF Pride parade marshal -
"cowards" - Gregory Lent
Re: Eric Holder, James Clapper state secrets privilege claims disclosed in no-fly list lawsuit -
"i am far more frightened of the secretive american "security" establishment than i am of any "terrorist" organization ... besides, who makes "terrorists" more effectively and more quickly than america does? no one, anywhere." - Gregory Lent
Re: Doing business in China: Being efficient isn’t enough -
"no right or wrong in this world, just cultural differences" - Gregory Lent
Re: Man's Natural State: Kindness and Empathy -
"religion is just codified early stage awareness of our own higher dimensionality ... it will evolve" - Gregory Lent
Re: FBI: Ill. man planned to join Syrian extremists -
"entrapment is so far into the fbi dna that it has become an illegal organization" - Gregory Lent
Re: China’s Five Best Business Opportunities -
"eco design fair in shanghai last weekend had a large turnout, and many boothes with organics, composting, natural products .. the boom has begun in living more consciously" - Gregory Lent
Re: Charles Frith - Punk Planning: It's Over. You're Finished - The Last False Flag Attack -
"wonder how they get guys to commit these events who willingly throw away their lives for jail or death?" - Gregory Lent
Re: Selling a town down the river - CHINA - -
"the disease of tourism, one of the best examples in china" - Gregory Lent
Re: Cell service really can be halted -
""Attempts to contact DHS were unsuccessful on Tuesday." if you cannot contact the dhs, whose side are they on?" - Gregory Lent
Re: 4 Reasons Obama's Plan to Raise Tobacco Taxes Is a Bad Idea -
"triple the tax, quadruple it, who cares? except maybe smokers, but it is obvious they are unconscious, how else could they be smokers?" - Gregory Lent
Re: Bijan Sabet - We need to be angry and empathize with the victims... -
"refusing to be terrorized has not been the american way for many years." - Gregory Lent
Re: The Boston Marathon Bombing: Keep Calm and Carry On -
"a frequent happening, often sponsored by usa, in several countries in the world" - Gregory Lent
Re: A future Glass service -
"yogis already have these powers .. it is innate in a developed awareness ... see patanjili, thrid chapter" - Gregory Lent
Re: Obama's Budget Rescues the Pentagon -
"one party state ... with two factions mostly as disguise to pacify the public with "choice"" - Gregory Lent
Re: Charles Frith - Punk Planning: JP Morgan and TIME Magazine Are CIA Bedfellows -
"we can ascribe cause and intent to many things like this ... but i believe they are effects, not cause ... they are the effect of the collective consciousness, the aggregate of all of our individual consciousness levels, acted out in the space of our becoming ... the whack-a-mole nature of fixing these problems has no hope of any kind of permanent change, the collective mindset itself has to be evolved ... one by one through the centuries, is how that happens." - Gregory Lent
Re: Guards, Prisoner Clash Over Hunger Strike At Gitmo -
"embarrassed for america .. so stupid, especially in holding the ones who have not been charged ... sick actions from a sick country" - Gregory Lent
Re: Video Of The Week: The Tech Tonic Discussion -
"regulating the regulators, always a need" - Gregory Lent
Re: A Final Act for the Guantánamo Theater of the Absurd? -
"guantanamo makes me ashamed to carry the american passport ... so evil, so protracted, so unnecessary, so emblematic of american government's failure to show any sort of intelligence, compassion, or consciousness. ugly, in short." - Gregory Lent
Re: Where Are Syria’s Weapons Coming From? | Syria Behind the Lines | FRONTLINE | PBS -
"those prices seem high, even in syria" - Gregory Lent
Re: Can the Utility Industry Survive the Energy Transition? -
"can telcos survive the internet becoming a utility ? ... evolution, plays no favorites .." - Gregory Lent
Re: New Evidence That Team Obama Misled Us About the Drone War -
"corrupt group of people run usa, obama is just the pr frontman" - Gregory Lent
Re: Book Review: Evgeny Morozov Doth Protest Too Much -
"careerist, don't review such people" - Gregory Lent
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