Re: Book Review: Evgeny Morozov Doth Protest Too Much -
"careerist, don't review such people" - Gregory Lent
Re: Guantánamo Officials Release Names of Prisoners Tortured by Force Feeding -
"i despise america for this" - Gregory Lent
Re: Women’s bodies: Cause of ‘epidemics and disasters’? -
"it's all fear .. how does one remove fear in anyone?" - Gregory Lent
Re: Future of Business & Communications: FuturistGerd — But what makes them really interesting is their... -
"life-force is an aspect of food, and of reality, that science has no clue about .." - Gregory Lent
Re: China's Export Boom That Wasn't -
"like america and its "seasonal adjustments"" - Gregory Lent
Re: President Obama Would Get 3 Terms Under Pending House Resolution -
"whatever preserves the status quo will be the norm for the next few years ... they be frightened" - Gregory Lent
Re: OS X Snow Leopard shows signs of becoming Apple's XP -
"i'm sorry i upgraded .. would love to go back to snow leopard, but bleeping apple makes updates like final cut pro dependent on the latest os ... thinking of ditching the iphone, thinking of ditching the mac world ... i think apple exists on the basis of crappy windows alternatives" - Gregory Lent
Re: Eric Holder: Some prison terms too long -
"his won't be" - Gregory Lent
Re: Stowe Boyd, Yes, total debt in the U.S. economy, public and... -
"stop printing money, america, then tell us about the real debt." - Gregory Lent
Re: Reports surface of rape and torture in Iraq -
"in prisons, by security guards, would wager it is more common in the areas i mentioned" - Gregory Lent
Re: Outliers & Complexity -
"we are in a postlinear age, with legacy systems designed in an age of linear thinking .. watch the crumble :-)" - Gregory Lent
Re: Women’s bodies: Cause of ‘epidemics and disasters’? -
"fear takes such strange paths" - Gregory Lent
Re: Chinese Censors Slow the Net, and With it, U.S. Businesses -
"china, like a bald man with a comb-over, trying to hid his baldness, only emphasizing it." - Gregory Lent
Re: Drug War Gone Wild: A Heartbreaking Sentence of Staggering Idiocy -
"america is the evil empire in increasing numbers of ways .." - Gregory Lent
Re: Syria Has a Massive Rape Crisis -
"can whole cultures be said to be sexually and emotionally immature? it seems so" - Gregory Lent
Re: The Oldest Surviving Aerial Photograph -
"scary stuff, early balloon flights." - Gregory Lent
Re: The Oldest Surviving Aerial Photograph -
"scary stuff, early balloon flights." - Gregory Lent
Re: Fine Dining In Shanghai Trends Towards Locals -
"M on the Bund? 15 years now? and still hot?" - Gregory Lent
Re: Relatives of Qatari held in UAE in despair -
"avoid emirates airline" - Gregory Lent
Re: With China’s Hottest Social Network in Danger, Netizens Cry: Hands Off! -
"sounds like american telcos" - Gregory Lent
Re: Horfe Talks to Hypebeast TV About His New Works and "Imaginarium" Exhibition (Video) -
"butt ugly mcdonalds ad, had to sit through, then the video wouldn't play ... hope you made some money off that ... how bout sharing it for my time, thanks" - Gregory Lent
Re: Is My Marriage Different At Its Core from My Grandparents' Marriage? -
"marriage is over .. by the end of the century it will be just a historical footnote ... relationships will continue, of course, with the understanding that they are changeable, their value is in learning and growth, and when that stops, so does the relationship" - Gregory Lent
Re: Google Chrome Bug Plagues Mac Users -
"deleted google chrome, went back to firefox ... which is really bloated .. time for a new browser?" - Gregory Lent
Re: Bangalore Bhath | Mapping the mug - Livemint -
"16 microbreweries ... and all closing at 11pm ... haha" - Gregory Lent
Re: China's Useful Dissident -
"so what are you actually saying? agenda-alert seems warranted here." - Gregory Lent
Re: Donglegate: Why Tech Culture Hates Feminists -
"i think they aren't comfortable with the feminine aspects of themselves, and project that externally, unconcsciously" - Gregory Lent
Re: Hiring Whole People Instead Of As Role-Fillers -
"very un-western, this concept ... asia seems to already grasp it" - Gregory Lent
Re: Have We Moved Beyond Church And State: Top Publishers Discuss Native Advertising -
"advertising, no matter what type, is a human disease, symptoms of which include huge loss of time and attention." - Gregory Lent
Re: What's Actually Wrong with Yahoo's Purchase of Summly -
"words don't carry enough density of meaning per unit of time for the current age." - Gregory Lent
Re: BBC study reveals surprising insights about the future of news -
"i'm going to interpret these findings as the success of media brainwashing .." - Gregory Lent
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