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Re: White House Can’t Afford Its Shapeshifting Alien Reptile Guards -
"always mocked conspiracy theories and theorists ... but lately, looking at america, i am beginning to think they don't go far enough" - Gregory Lent
Re: Wikileaks Was Just a Preview: We're Headed for an Even Bigger Showdown Over Secrets -
"not enough .. this government is dug in for the long haul .. they will die before they will change" - Gregory Lent
Re: Charles Frith - Punk Planning: The Helical Model - Our Galaxy is a Vortex -
"vortational ... the energy that is manifesting into sensible regions has a multidimensional component .. from subtler to grosser levels of existence." - Gregory Lent
Re: ‘Let Me Tweet That For You’ site raises concerns for journalists -
"humans are sooo weird to each other and to themselves" - Gregory Lent
Re: Reports surface of rape and torture in Iraq -
"throughout west asia and the middle east, this is the norm .. low level of sexual-emotional maturity? i don't know. horror stories from dubai, iran, iraq, bahrain, on and on .." - Gregory Lent
"scientists are too often corrupt, taking money to tailor evidence to support corporate donors (tobacco, drugs, agribiz) the hubris of scientists belittling anything their method is not capable of understanding the slavery to tenure, publication, research funding the fake separation of self from world i could go on .. and on .. i am anti-science not because i am barbaric, but because science is" - Gregory Lent
Re: The newsroom of tomorrow: What happens when editors have data -
"too bad there is no relationship between data and wisdom" - Gregory Lent
Re: A Letter to Paul Wolfowitz -
"earth is a schoolhouse .. no students learns from the previous class" - Gregory Lent
Re: The GPP 2013 Shootout: John Keatley, Zack Arias and Lindsay Adler -
"love the energy of this .. learned a lot too!" - Gregory Lent
Re: The Scariest Statistic About the Newspaper Business -
"fact(opinion) ... advertising is a disease fact(opinion) ... most mainstream news is designed to maintain the status quo we need a new way to distribute wisdom" - Gregory Lent
Re: Mobile Template: Story -
"china government has a history of interfering in the business affairs of foreign companies .. making carrefour renegotiate valid property contracts, banning suppliers from selling to tesco .. etc etc makes suspicion easy" - Gregory Lent
Re: Yes, Of Course the Iraq War Was (Partly) About Oil -
"anybody embarrassed that we have a system where idiots rule? .. ever think about changing the system?" - Gregory Lent
Re: AT&T Hacker ‘Weev’ Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison -
"america is a corporatocracy, and a very sick and insane one." - Gregory Lent
"perhaps shallow of me .. but i see Morozov as simply a careerist, making a rep off confrontations with other careerists, and with zero understanding of human beings, consciousness, and the expression into 3D reality of human potential .. not to belittle your writing at all, just my take on your subject matter. thanks, enjoy, gregory" - Gregory Lent
Re: Mobile Template: Story -
"america has been paralyzed for a long time .." - Gregory Lent
Re: Eric Holder: A 'State of Crisis' for the Right to Counsel -
"this is an ironic story, given much of mr holder's thinking .. and actions" - Gregory Lent
Re: TVWHO: Obama Admin Bottles JFK Assassination Records -
"the government behind the government ..." - Gregory Lent
Re: Federal Judge Finds National Security Letters Unconstitutional, Bans Them -
"thank god, finally an american judge with guts" - Gregory Lent
Re: In the Schnabel Chapel, Part 3 -
"hahaha. art critics. it's a dirty tarpaulin with some paint smeared on it. that's it." - Gregory Lent
Re: Does America Suck at Globalization? -
"globalization is NOT about products .. it is about being aligned with nature" - Gregory Lent
Re: The Veronica Mars Movie -
"the future .. of journalism, too" - Gregory Lent
Re: “5 Broken Cameras” shakes up Israeli consciousness? -
"sugarman was a great story .. i can see its oscar appeal .. but am so glad these other two films are penetrating into public awareness, wherever that is happening. am getting impatient waiting for mature consciousnesses to create the next reality." - Gregory Lent
Re: Importance of showing 5 Broken Cameras to Israeli youth -
"the saying in science .. science proceeds on the basis of funerals .. ditto, politics, it seems. may the new generation wake up..." - Gregory Lent
Re: When Artspeak Masks Oppression -
"this article IS art-speak" - Gregory Lent
Re: Shrinking Fronts on Our Global Battlefield -
"i have never watched a country suicide itself before ... it's quite amusing." - Gregory Lent
Re: Shanghai residents declare war on drunken expats -
"weirdest people in shanghai, the 20/30-somethings playing the expat scene.  more water from above, please." - Gregory Lent
Re: Toward a Complex, Realistic, and Moral Tech Criticism -
"Morozov's writing, tweeting, speaking, seems like the work of a careerist, more "me", more confrontation, than anything with actually deep substance. could be i just have a stylistic aversion." - Gregory Lent
Re: Doing Business On A Handshake -
"we have a fear-based economy, a fear-based culture, a fear-based government .. as the race evolves this century, fear, lack, insecurity will be replaced by their opposites, and the handshake can be the preferred method." - Gregory Lent
Re: India's secrets are in Guangdong -
"china owns the internet .. not a country or a company in the world that they can't and don't hack" - Gregory Lent
Re: Mobile Template: Story -
"government sponsored?" - Gregory Lent
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