Re: Mobile Template: Story -
"government sponsored?" - Gregory Lent
Re: Three Reasons Men Should Read <em>Lean In</em> -
"gender is such a silly way to view the world, so old-paradigm that it hurts.. this issue, and this book, is much better when viewed as a story of types of minds, levels of consciousness ... because the issues are actually gender-independent" - Gregory Lent
Re: Aaron Swartz Case Was ‘a Good Use of Prosecutorial Discretion,’ Attorney General Says -
"mr holder makes me believe in the cabal theory folks who say we are ruled by shape shifting lizards in human form." - Gregory Lent
Re: GitHub gains new prominence as the use of open source within governments grows -
"open, and government ... bet it will become increasingly rare to see those two words in the same sentence." - Gregory Lent
Re: Getting To Simpson Bowles -
"social security, already funded, but the money siphoned off, yes? wars and defense? an easy trillion, not needed, apart for value as jobs program." - Gregory Lent
Re: Who's a Nerdy Girl? -
"good example for why i think types of minds or levels of consciousness are far better classification systems, if needed at all, than gender. or race. or nationality. so old paradigm now." - Gregory Lent
Re: The Deepening Iran-Pakistan Petro-Relationship -
"usa, such meddlers .. ignore them" - Gregory Lent
Re: What You Don’t Know About Intuition Can Hurt You -
"misuse of the term "intuition", which is a power of developed consciousness, known to mystics for centuries. better use above would be "assumptions"" - Gregory Lent
Re: The Filibuster of Follies -
"he also could have connect the domestic drone story with dhs's 2700 armored personnel carriers, their billion-plus rounds of hollow point ammo, #ndaa, police militarisation, prosecutorial overreach, end of due process .. it's all one package ... but i am glad he did what he did" - Gregory Lent
Re: Singapore blocks FBI inquiry into American’s death -
"the china-singapore nexus is set in concrete, nothing will be allowed to get in it's way." - Gregory Lent
Re: Let's Save Great Ideas from the Ideas Industry -
"the leading edge of the status quo, is how i feel about TED .. nothing truly leading-edge ever. ... ideas for people too busy to live." - Gregory Lent
Re: Why The Unlocking Phones Debate Is Important -
"life in a corporatocracy is not pretty .. and not free" - Gregory Lent
Re: How Leaders Become Self-Aware -
"missing the most important technique for becoming self-aware ... who knows more about self-awareness than yogis .. they would say, meditate .. the above is just a recipe book, not the cake" - Gregory Lent
RT @charlesfrith: Giant Food Corporations Work Hand-In-Glove With Corrupt Government Agencies To Dish Up Cheap, Unhealthy Food
Re: Hey Tim Cook: Your `Thermonuclear' Lawsuits Are Making You Look Stupid - by Dan Lyons -
"apple's wealth is coolness ... every lawsuit diminishes that wealth" - Gregory Lent
Re: Charles Frith - Punk Planning: The Plenipotentiary Pope - Via della Stazione Vaticana, 9, 00165 Rome, Italy -
"wonder why the video was taken down" - Gregory Lent
Re: “Like” Feminism -
"feminist, or person, which is paramount?" - Gregory Lent
"mystics see a new race beginning in 200 years, as we discover that consciousness can affect dna" - Gregory Lent
RT @WikileaksTruck: The United States should shorten the title "Global War on Terror" to just "Terror" because we kill far more innocent people than terrorists.
Re: Your Brain Is Hooked on Being Right -
"it's the mind that's hooked ... not the "brain"" - Gregory Lent
RT @charlesfrith: Our food itself is polluted with antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and glyphosate.
Re: Deal: Nikon D600 with a free Nikon ME-1 stereo microphone -
"my d600 is so poorly made .. after just four months, the mode dial spins freely, pulling it out of the bag it's rarely set were is was when putting in the bag, the sd cart slot door opens just picking up the camera, the manual/auto focus switch just gets bumped, it switches ... no dust though :-)" - Gregory Lent
.@DHSgov #DHS10 parallels the decline of america .. just a coincidence?
Re: Japanese Police Arrest 27 File-Sharers in Nationwide Show of Force -
"beginning to despise the corporatocracy of the "developed" countries .. why should the world's technical realities be thwarted in order to serve outdated business concepts? this is abuse of government power." - Gregory Lent
Re: Content marketing is our next big revenue threat — unless we embrace it now -
"i think your new competitors are blogs, non-mainstream media, twitter ... it's the product and the marketing mindset that is killing journalism. say goodbye gracefully." - Gregory Lent
RT @umairh: When your life is totally "transparent", to institutions broken, opaque, and beyond the rule of law...guess what it's called?
i regularly follow @GregMitch for his topics, and regularly unfollow @GregMitch for his sense of "humor".
RT @charlesfrith: BRITAIN’S leading consultant on children’s homes was a paedophile
RT @charlesfrith: Fluoride, Pesticides, & Processed Foods Lower Your IQ: … We've known this for years
RT @charlesfrith: Anybody else notice the countries surrounding Israel are being systematically wrecked?
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