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Jason Griffey
happy birthday, Eliza! :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Happy Birthday, Eliza! What an excellent time of year to be born (says she whose birthday is today)! - laura x
Stephen Francoeur
Wonder if my 2yo son would prefer this version to Margaret Wise Brown's, which he grew tired of a long time ago. - Stephen Francoeur
I NEED THIS! - Mary Carmen
This. Is. Necessary. - tehKenny from twhirl
Wonder if there's a Goodnight, Rev. Moon as well? - Stephen Francoeur
Channeling My Friends -
Dorothea, in general my dad seems to be able to see inside of their heads and figure out what motivates them to think and act the way they do, and then speak to that rather than to whatever actually bubbled up to the surface. He's also very good at keeping things rational rather than emotional. I fail at both of these things frequently, but when I remember to channel my dad, that's what I try to emulate. (That's very flattering, Steve.) - lris
I channel Iris when I'm trying (and still occasionally failing) to properly pronounce Pecha Kucha. - Greg Schwartz
Uh oh. If you channel me while I channel you, is that dangerous? - lris
On Saturday, I channeled Iris (as best I could), when talking about citations with a bunch of faculty. - maʀtha
Jason P
Flooded Louisville Free Public Library needs your help - Boing Boing -
Holy crap, you guys. BoingBoing picked up Steve's fund raising push. - Jason P from Bookmarklet
that should help reach the goal. - DJF
WOOHOO - lris
HOT. DAMN. Go Neff! Go Steve! Go LSW!!! - laura x
someone better warn Blake... - jambina
Fairly awesome, guys. - Greg Schwartz
Well, Cory's an LSW member. Or at least once briefly wore the ribbon. - Jason P
I wonder how many of the people we reach with LSW messages are donating directly to the Foundation? - maʀtha
I Dugg the Boing Boing, so hopefully it will get even more press. - Holly's favorite Anna
Martha I had someone ask in my blog who to make a Foundation check out to, so hopefully it all helps! - Nikki D.
bump. - Joe
laura x
i sent my raise to the louisville library -
Duh. . . I could have sworn I copy/pasted the address, but apparently not. Anyway, it's fixed now. - laura x
laura x
getting ready for open mic night -
getting ready for open mic night
Great pic! - LB needs a break.
you so purdy! - jambina
Have a great time! - Kenley Neufeld
That's called sunshine, Lawson. I played "The Iowa Waltz" by Greg Brown (I can only play the guitar in 3/4 time) and I sang "The Dove," which is one of those old anti-war/folk songs. The night ended with about 8 people on various instruments playing "Wagon Wheel" and everyone singing along. Both bars closed down before we did. - laura x
great pic - (jeff)isageek
Nathan Flinchum
Watching last night's Daily Show and found favorite new term: "anti-semantic".
Rachel Singer Gordon
I like it...but there's yet another small voice suggesting, by example, that I should rethink my nearly-unpaid or totally-unpaid activities... - walt crawford
I'm totally going to comment on your comment... oh wait, I did. - Rachel Singer Gordon
I regret that I have no time to comment on this. - Richard Akerman
walt crawford
Uncontrolled Vocabulary: Another one down (at least for now) -
I almost didn't post this--only because I haven't been a UV regular, although I'm convinced it was/is a great thing. But UV going on hiatus for all the right reasons is, I believe, another symptom...and I felt the need to note that. (Don't overthink conclusions: So far, at least, C&I isn't in imminent danger. I think.) - walt crawford
I totally understand the reasons for going on hiatus. None of us can be 24/7 library stuff for extended periods of time. Greg - Hope you enjoy the extra time to be present to your family and thanks for all you've done. - Daniel Cornwall
Au Revoir, Uncontrolled Vocabulary -
Thanks, Iris. My selfish side is a little sorry too, but that's kind of the whole point of stepping away from it. - Greg Schwartz
Think of it this way, Greg. If we weren't all selfishly sorry to see it go, it would have been a colossal waste of time. This is how you know you done good and can step away in a blaze of glory. - lris
Yeah, dude -- if you leave them (us) wanting more, you know you're a success. - Jason P
Go out on top, as they say. - Greg Schwartz
Jason P
T Is For Training
Silent in the Morning - UnVocab on Hiatus -
I hope someone will take over the show! Totally understand where Greg is coming from. - Lori Reed
Mary Carmen
Happy Monday!
Photo 5.jpg
girl, you're too funny. - Mary Carmen
Your smile is contagious. Thanks. - Daniel Cornwall
Jenny Levine
"the role of the library used to be to bring the world to the community. now it's to bring the community to the world." - @ulotrichous
Daniel Johnson, Jr.
@gregschwartz and I had a great chat @podcampohio. Look for it on the next episode of the Journey Inside My Mind.
Leo Laporte
"Medical errors" as they call 'em. Boy howdy that doctor talk is complicated.
Leo Laporte
"It's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning." Mmmkay.
McCain taking the lead from the Chirs Christofferson film, Millennium - Sean Reiser from twhirl
McCain is a Smashing Pumpkins fan. He gets my vote! - Tom Wentworth
I agree, what exactly is he talking about? - Joshua Oehler
I think it means we're not done yet. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Yea, I said Huh? when I heard McCain say that. - Jeff P. Henderson
He was quoting Winston Churchill after a British victory early in World War II. Churchill's delivery was better. - Alan
Here's Churchill's quote from 1942: "The Germans have received back again that measure of fire and steel which they have so often meted out to others. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Alan
Now see, the Churchill quote makes sense. I had no clue WTF McCain was talking about - Rahsheen
holly #ravingfangirl
*Loving* The New Pornographers! thank you, musical mojo :)
Once in a while, I like to think I get one right. :) - teleken
you're only hearing of the New Pornos now? you poor deprived person! I love Neko Case! - DJF from twhirl
I know. I somehow missed the boat. but no more! - holly #ravingfangirl
and the music mojo works a lot more than once in a while. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
I'm glad we have that. :) - teleken
Mary Carmen
Chicago – Make Me Smile -
Great, great song. - Greg Schwartz
I LOVE Chicago - Mary Carmen
Mary Carmen
Men at Work – Overkill -
love this song - Mary Carmen
GREAT song. This is my favorite version of it, though: - David Rothman (☤)
i love the acoustic version. i love the episode of scrubs when colin hay opened the show with it. - Mary Carmen
David Rothman (☤)
EveryZing: Search the Transcript of a (Medical/LIS) Podcast/Video -
David Rothman (☤)
Listening to lat night's Uncontrolled Vocabulary -
♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Thanks to Uncontrolled Vocabulary for being the inspiration to this room and this podcast
You know your technophilia is spreading when....your mom sees the THX audio opening to Star Wars and asks why the TV is thanking you.
That's awesome! - LB needs a break.
David Rothman (☤)
So cute! He looks so content. - Jason Griffey from twhirl
Most of the time he IS pretty long as someone is holding him. As chores go, it is a ver agreeable one. :) - David Rothman (☤)
You're welcome to come to Syracuse and revisit them, Steven. :) - David Rothman (☤)
Hah! What a little character! When my second son was that age, I spent many hours listening to podcasts on my iPod in the middle of the night as I was trying to get him to sleep. I don't miss the late-night frustrations but I sure do miss the faces and expressions from that age. - Stephen Francoeur
David Rothman (☤)
Ben Folds – Rockin' the Suburbs -
Louisville Library Celebrates Centennial: Louisville’s Free Public Library opened its doors 100 years ag..
Except that Carol Sheffer is president of PLA, not ALA as the article suggests. - Greg Schwartz
Mary Carmen
wow, apparently today is High Stress Wednesday in Library Land!
Liking this to agree, not cuz I like being stressed. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Chris Brogan
One of my favorite FriendFeed features? The podcast media embeds.
missed that - thanks - Jonathan Greene
Hmm.. I didn't notice that feature. Thanks for pointing it out! - Mindy Koch
If you like that -- check out this room: - Shey
Absolutely. Just discovered this feature by accident. If only this would be possible for images as well. - Benedikt Koehler
I agree, very nice feature. - Jim Kukral
I know this sounds like a step backward, but I would also like (suggested by Rizzn originally) a way to pop out the mp3 player into a small window a la google reader. - Phil Glockner
I find podcasts in FF in general a waste of time (I thought podcasts were a feature for mobile users -- do they work on the iphone?) -- if it is important enough to say it is important enough to write down. - Brian Sullivan
@Brian But I *am* using FF on my mobile ;-) - Benedikt Koehler
benedikt: that may be the difference -- my cel is an old LG (which I use only as a telephone) -- when I am not near my computer I am not interested in FF - Brian Sullivan
Many people (including myself) listen to podcasts at their computer while working. Podcasts are not limited to portable devices. - Bwana ☠
Mine too. - Jennifer Leggio
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