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RT @BusinessChatt: Room erupts when @feetZshoes CEO announces they’re relocating to Chattanooga #CHADemoDay #CHAbiz
RT @jenseninman: We’ll have the first 3D printed shoe company, @feetZshoes, right here in #CHA! Preorder custom shoes: #CHADemoDay
Very impressed that the @gigtank specialists are 50/50 gender mix AND racially diverse. #CHADemoDay
Sitting in on the 3D printing breakout panel at @gigtank demo day. #CHADemoDay
Love Chattanooga and @gigtank. Hate the language and business speak associated with pitching. “Move the needle” “leverage” and more.
RT @chattlibrary: Did you know #CHAdemoday 2014 is the nation’s first and only 3D printing incubator? We’re making history today! #CHA #anotherfirst
RT @ChattanoogaGig: If you can't make GIGTANK 2014 Demo Day you can watch USTREAM: . Conference - @GIGTANK #ChaDemoDay
At Gigtank demo day. (@ Girls Preparatory School w/ @aarongustafson)
If you are interested in seeing what transformative change in a city looks like, watch the #CHADemoDay tag today.
Prep for @gigtank Demo Day is in full swing.
Heading to @GIGTANK Demo Day. Excited to see what the teams have put together!
In CSS hell. Trying to combine/consolidate a number of different CSS files and losing track of order. Slow progress.
Looking at a publication agreement. some of the language is just meaningless. Meant to confuse or intimidate I can only assume…
pretty much, yeah. this is sometimes helpful: - RepoRat
holler if you need help! - jambina
That’s just crazy talk masquerading as…what? I can’t for the life of me figure out what that would even mean.
Like: “ you hereby recognize X as the sole licensee for the publication of the final, definitive and citable Version of Scholarly Record”
RT @circideas: Circulating Ideas has a new website! Check out the freshness at!
RT @slmcdanold: Harassment of women happens everywhere. MT @_AJCousins: Being harassed at #RWA14 .
Clumpies ice cream after a hard day at camp.
Satanists Cite Hobby Lobby For Exemption From Anti-Abortion Laws
RT @jswatz: 4th Ct 2/3 "However, inertia and apprehension are not legitimate bases for denying same-sex couples due process and equal protection..."
Hey DragonCon peeps: is it a good 1 or 2 day trip for a 6 year old fascinated with costumes and roleplay? Deciding whether to take Eliza.
RT @TimesFreePress: BREAKING: Chattanooga Choo Choo announces $7 million renovation, new music venue, restaurants:
RT @Wordshore: Hipster: seasonal beard, MacBook Air, thinks the web started in '05. Old Grizzly: all-year beard, MacBook Pro, building websites since '92.
Amazon launches dedicated 3D printing storefront, including print-on-demand of customized objects:
Hello @4thfloorchatt! Missed you. If @megbackus or @natenatenate or @JustinLibrarian are around you should come say hi. :-)
RT @WIRED: This is what tech's ugly gender problem really looks like
Up early, hauling Eliza to Drama Camp. Not sure she needs to know how to be more dramatic.
On the way to Nashville I was passed by a Maserati, did a double take. Not a car you see every day.
Attn: @walkingpaper and @etches : Join the Center Centre full-time faculty in Chattanooga. Wanted: Unicorn Wranglers
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