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Jason Griffey › Comments

Walt Crawford
I see the Joe & Steve Show moved to TxLA after CIL. Coming soon to your conference?
John's RT hit here the same time I was commenting on it. Somehow, not likely to spend time watching the video, much as I love the Riverwalk. - Walt Crawford
I have never been to San Antonio. This does not inspire me to change that. - laura x from iPhone
The Riiverwalk is lovely, and San Antonio in general is really quite nice (at least in the winter and spring). I really miss ALA having Midwinter there: you never had to cross a city street, you could walk for miles along the river... - Walt Crawford
i had great food and loved the ice houses in san antonio. laura x - we should go together. meg can take care of peter n'such ; ) - jambina
Sounds fabulous. Meg might need a practice toddler. :) - laura x from iPhone
training moment. done. let's start planning. ; ) - jambina
That was the best SLA in 2001. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Spent about 48 hours in San Antonio earlier this week (pre-TLA) ... if you go, make sure to venture out to the Blue Star Arts area. Stella Public House and 1919 were both amazing. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I LOLed at "the joe and steve show". Thanks for that, Walt. :-) - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Joe - Systems Analyst
Do we have to change library vendor admin passwords? And passwords to get Counter stats?
Unlike. - Deborah Fitchett
And this is why my head hurts. So...many....passwords. - Jen
Yeah, probably most things just Aren't That Important. But I would love to subscribe to that journal. - Deborah Fitchett
Probably yes, but not until after the vendor has patched their systems. Which they'll never tell you. So good luck with that. - DJF from Android
You can see if a system is either fixed or was never vulnerable in the first place at - Deborah Fitchett
Waiting for advice from campus computer IT. - aaron
wonder if spring share, libraryh3lp etc are affected. - aaron from YouFeed
I sent a msg to OCLC yesterday asking for a public statement. Disappointed that they haven't said anything. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Keep in mind the chance anyone got your/my password is REALLY small. Some unknown number of passwords/usernames (probably other stuff) were taken from some unknown number of servers. Someone would've had to have been probing a server at just the right time to have grabbed yours/mine. - Blake
Someone should start the journal of password management. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I will write an article on password anxiety. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Aaron, Libraryh3lp IS affected. - DJF
Joe, would that journal be OA? - Marie
No, one will need to signup with an account to read the articles... - Joe - Systems Analyst
The response I got from Springshare is "weren't affected by it". Answer from libraryh3lp is a bit confusing, There is a mention that "login happens on a server that wasn't vulnerable to heartbleed." Followed by a mention , ".. are already patched". - aaron
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
My idea to launch a new website on the same day as the new ILS? Worst. Idea. Ever. We go live next Monday, and everyone is focused on ILS. So, have at it kids, and tell me what patrons are going to yell at me about. There's still stuff to be added and updated, but I'll see what you all find.
So, I am one of your patrons, does that make my comments invalid? :). My first thought upon looking at the page was that the center column seemed oddly narrow. My second thought was "where is the catalog search?" That was a really prominent feature of the old page, and I'm sure lots of people look for it. I noticed it on the upper right before I saw the catalog button on the left. I was... more... - GretelSK
The way it renders for me (Chrome/Mac), the content is pushed too high against the teal nav bar. I think it is because "Archives" runs on to a second line for me--when I changed the font size and the nav bar went to one line it improved. - Steele Lawman
Oh god. Strength to your sword arm (re the two things on the same day) - maʀtha
Hey, this is super pared down! - maʀtha
Wait, new website + new ILS on the same day is a bad idea? Shit. - laura x
Pretty! I think the newsletter signup is where there should be a catalog search. It's very prominent. - Christina Pikas
Thanks, guys! ANd yes, Gretel, you most definitely count. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Someone else told me that font size change didn't work for them. Anyone else? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Font size change works on center column only. This isn't what I expected based on its placement on the page, but yeah, it did work. FFX/Mac latest. - RepoRat
The Contact Us button is a little light for me (Chrome/PC). I would also ditto Christina's suggestion on the newsletter vs. Catalog--though I'm glad it's default to catalog search not site search - Hedgehog
We're going to turn off font adjustment. It's java based. It was something the developer threw in. I'm not wedded to it. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
lots of search boxes. not sure where I'd go to find the novel I want to read. (the chat box looks like a search box - tho' I *know* it's a chat box … actually, it looks like 2 search boxes) …. good luck on Monday!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Just to note comparisons: Livermore Public (which has one search box, with web and library buttons, pretty much where yours is, but also has a larger, more prominent catalog search box that allows for specific index options lower on the page) calls their chat box--in a similar location to yours--"Ask a librarian." (I am *not* recommending LPL's homepage in general; it has good and bad points.) - Walt Crawford
Super pared down - love seeing white space! I looked for the catalog search in the middle, then went right and was confused by the newsletters box. I love the overall simplicity - fingers crossed for Monday! - Jen
Hey, this is really coming along nicely. 15 gold stars for you! And a drink - maʀtha
Are you building this all by yourself? - maʀtha
Lishost got it started, with a lot of design input from another staff member. I've done all the content and am learning lots about Drupal. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Renders fairly well on iPhone, but there are a couple of places where text is hidden under other items. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Rochelle has been our website GODDESS. The rest of simply run away in fear...ahem, I mean we are SOOOOOO busy every minute we cannot, CANNOT possibly learn and help *whistling & looking guilty* - Marge LW
That's a known issue, Jason. It's beyond my capability to fix (as I truly am the accidental web person). Would appreciate any suggestions from Drupal folk. Thankfully, it seems to be a problem on just iPhone. I mean, who uses those? Heh. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Thank you much to everyone who has had a look and offered advice. We still need to make some adjustments, but are focused on the ILS, which launched, then crashed on the same day. Aside from an anonymous hateful message from someone who clearly has an ax to grind, comments have been overwhelmingly positive! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Walt Crawford
While I tend to agree that ALA shouldn't hold conferences in states that don't support LGBT rights (altho' I'd hate to lose NOLA), the first case--Orlando in 2016--gets this response: "Really? You're honestly going to go back to Orlando? Gluttons for punishment? What's next, Miami/Miami Beach again?"
[Unless the logistics of Orlando have somehow been transformed since the last dismal experience...] Of course, since my attendance is entirely optional and, I suspect, increasingly improbable, it's not my fight. (Las Vegas this summer: Haven't ruled it out, but not looking good.) - Walt Crawford
ALA is back in Orlando (which I did not expect due the reasons you state) because we contacted for two originally and postponed the second because the first got such low marks. - awd from Android
Yeah, boy, my one experience in Orlando was awful. Unfortunately, no big deal for me to skip that one. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I'm wondering whether there won't be thousands of "no big deal to skip that one" responses to the logistical nightmare of Orlando. - Walt Crawford
i think the logistical nightmare that will happen in Las Vegas will leave most folks unwilling to deal with the known problem of Orlando. 2 hellish and too damn spread out conferences in a row is a pretty stupid idea. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Given enough time, I'm sure every possible venue can be ruled out for one reason or another. - Andy
Orlando for sheer suckage. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Not the good kind of sucking, I take it. - Andy
Andy, I'm just gonna let that sit there. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
You could let it lay there if you wanted to let it be comfortable. - Andy
Vegas shouldn't be bad. Monorail handles the back and forth pretty well. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Yeah, while I probably won't be going, based on the hotel map Vegas should be OK. - Walt Crawford
I don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere on LSW, but I really appreciate BCALA's statement on Orlando. I understand logistically that ALA can't change venues, but, and I say this as someone who was born and raised in Florida, Florida has gone off the deep end and I'd be happy to see some damage to the tourist economy in protest of Stand Your Ground. - Regular Amanda
(And, as I understand it, BCALA hasn't called for a boycott of Orlando, but is expressing concern. The vindictive nature of "hope there are some economic damages" is mine alone.) - Regular Amanda
Regular Amanda
Is there a (humane) way to create/collect quantified self data? I'm thinking of putting together a super beginner workshop on new info visualization and/or mapping tools. Audience is the general public with no experience. Would it be fun or creepy for people to somehow gather and play with their own data, about themselves?
Examples of what I'm thinking about: download one's own email and run it through text analysis. Download one's own movements (from a smartphone?) and plot on Google Maps. (Though then Google owns a copy of the data?) I can't quite think this through, but something that would (a) give people more ownership over data about themselves and (b) serve as an intro to basic text analysis/spatial analysis tools. - Regular Amanda
Well, you could start by pointing out the ways that companies are already doing all/most of this, and so they might as well know how it works. - laura x
For email, this might help: - RepoRat
i think you can use NodeXL to grab and analyze a bunch of stuff? they've added a bunch of things recently - it's a free plugin for Excel - Christina Pikas
Muse looks awesome! And via the Scout Report I just learned about a Chrome plug in to track your web page visits: - Regular Amanda
I think my larger question is, though: how can people find and access the data their own phones have about them, or their own web browser? It might be easiest to just focus on the browser and email, since those data stores are relatively (?) accessible. - Regular Amanda
I've been playing with an iOS app called "Reporter" that does some interesting data collection (both qual and quant) and then allows you to dump to a csv file...might be worth mentioning? - Jason Griffey
That's perfect! Leaving aside questions of access (is there an Android version, not everyone has smartphones), if a class did use this, would it then be uncomfortable to share results with other members of the class? At first I thought that if people did basic analysis on themselves, that might be more compelling than a canned data or text set. But if my analysis shows that I largely... more... - Regular Amanda
I want to re-buy a copy of Appetite for Destruction, but I also want to make sure that Izzy Stradlin gets ALL of the royalties.
You know, I pulled out some GnR the other day to listen to, and found that I could barely make it through most of the albums because of the misogyny. Didn't notice it when I was in HS....SO NOTICE IT now. - Jason Griffey
Sigh, that's depressing. Not entirely surprising, given their follow-up EP, tho... - Zamms
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Has anyone written about how well-intentioned organizations who started using wikis several years ago, are now stuck with information bogs from which it's hard to retrieve anything? Pretty sure we did it wrong.
Preach. - Marie
I'm making everyone weed the wiki. Only because I cannot burn it to the ground. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Every time one of our librarians says "we could put it on the wiki" I cringe. I try not to do so visibly, but... - Catherine Pellegrino
But you guys, wikis were going to change everything! - laura x
You know, there might be something about best practices here: - Catherine Pellegrino
I kinda poked around on there, but didn't find anything super helpful. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Oh man. I love wikis. I love their disorganization, I love their flatness, I love their lack of hierarchy. Love! Note: I may be alone in this. - Jason Griffey
Our internal staff wiki is great! We use it heavily, so much better for many tasks than the shared network drive. - maʀtha
Rochelle, I nominate you to go in and blow up anything I wrote on the wiki :-p - Hedgehog
Time to find those articles where people say how wikis are the future of libraries. - Andy
Hmm. That didn't take very long to find (circa 2005, bonus points since it uses Library 2.0): - Andy
LOL: "Email mailing lists, webmasters ---> Blogs, wikis, RSS feeds" - Andy
Sorry, context: that's how the author sees the movement from Library 1.0 to Library 2.0. - Andy
ours was DOA. saw it coming a mile away. - aaron from YouFeed
Seeing Andy's stuff: 1. "Really? Webology's still around?" 2. "Hmm. Did I cover Maness in my takedown?" Yes, in fact, I did. Part of me mourns wikis. Not a very large part. - Walt Crawford
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Student worker brought me in some white willow bark powder, which he thinks will help my RA in a tincture or tea. He said, "I'm just bringing you the whole bag, because I thought it would look weird to drop off a little baggie of white powder at work." #nosnortinginthelibrary #notusingstudentworkersasdrugmule
Isn't that just aspirin? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Yep - well, aspirin is synthesized salicylic acid/willow bark. The natural form is supposed to have additional benefits. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
You know what they call alternative medicine that works, right? They call it _medicine_. :-) - Jason Griffey
^A fellow Dara Ó Briain fan I hope, Jason? - Soup in a TARDIS
Katy S
Am I the only one doing a double take or raising an eyebrow after reading the last line in Manley's February Booklist column? ETA: Link provided by Andy -
What the fuck - DJF from Android
yeah - maʀtha
eh ? - Peter Dawson
On the plus side, Manley just got fired from another writing gig. - DJF from Android
Um. Ok. Then. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
*rolls eyes* - Kirsten
o.O - RepoRat
Whoa, dude, just... whoa. - Regular Amanda
Eh, and how often is it a good idea to read just the last line of anything? Context matters. Anyone read the entire column? - Library Fool
I read the few paragraphs above, and see what he's trying to get at. But he failed completely as soon as he wrote that last sentence. - DJF from Android
Library Fool - I read the whole column. Obviously, I had it in front of me when I took the photo. It was all about his white man understanding of the black experience. I was not impressed. The last line was just par for the course. - Katy S from iPhone
At one point he laments that black people didn't want his help with civil rights work. - Katy S from iPhone
Poor guy - DJF from Android
Better to burn out than the fade away, amiright? - Andy words - Sir Shuping is just sir
Oh Lord. Dear Booklist: I write well. Please consider hiring me as a replacement. - laura x from iPhone
It's pretty self-indulgent. - Katy S
Sometimes I feel that not having a college education means that I am just not capable of taking a statement and finding something in it that can be seen as something negative. Open discussion? Intelligent exchange? Being able to voice something that doesn't conform to standards currently fashionable? Seems that is not possible. Unless somebody explains to me in terms even I understand... more... - Uli
We all are part of someone elses experience. I am part of my wife's experience. She is part of mine. I am part of the experience of anyone I've met. They are part of my experience. And I think that if we don't accept the fact that we are part of each others experience and discuss that experience openly and without holding back the uncomfortable bits we'll never get any further than this. - Uli
Uli, I think the biggest problem for me is the entitlement that seems to go along with his take that his experience is the only experience and so that's his view. I have a problem with the term "black experience" because there is no singular, monolithic "black experience." My life is as different from the neighbor next door, to Will Smith to President Obama, to the student I helped with... more... - Derrick
Uli - In addition to what Derrick said, there is a long history of white people trying to define and control the definitions of the experiences of people of color in this country. It's still pervasive. - Katy S from iPhone
+1, Katy. - Derrick
as in his blog post about the ALA code of conduct, he sets up his reality as the normative one - maʀtha
It's not about the conversation, it's the rules. Manley wants a conversation where he is comfortable and always important. - Pete
This was his last column. He retired. - Andy
out with a bang, huh. - ~Courtney F
I wonder if this was the "after the Code of Conduct and this column, maybe you should retire" conversation result. Seem awful quick and without any "hey this is my last column," in this last column. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Christ what an asshole - DJF from Android
Just keep in mind that they didn't renew Griffey's contract but Manley's was. - Andy
What? But Griffey is awesome! - RepoRat - Andy
The AL magazine link is 404ing. - Andy
Yeah, it does seem rather... abrupt. - laura x
Well, that sucks about Griffey - maʀtha
the date is for the end of 2011, so it's older news - Andy
yeah, you can tell how often I read ALA stuff *shamefaced* - RepoRat
and yet the AL is still collecting paychecks. - Andy
Same reason. People read that stuff. I shouldn't talk, though; I'm collecting a paycheck from that same org, and they value me because (for an academic-library column) I collect pageviews. ;) - RepoRat
aww, it's nice seeing people be disappointed about that, but yeah, it's old news. In the interim, they totally killed the old URL structure, so pretty much everything that DID link to Perpetual Beta is broken. The content is still around, here: - Jason Griffey
I was pretty pissed at the time about the contract, though. They killed it with 2 weeks left, and no discussion or warning or anything. I mostly like working with AL, but they've done some dumb things. - Jason Griffey
Anybody in here from UNC-Chapel Hill or University of British Columbia?
Raises hand. From UNC-CH. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an from iPhone
Oh, lovely. - Hedgehog
UNC-CH SILS here. - Catherine Pellegrino
*UNC-CH SILS fist bump* - Marie
*Bumps fists with classmates* Bet you didn't know that Catherine & Marie & I got our MLS together. Go Heels! :-) - Jason Griffey from iPhone
~Courtney F
my @LibraryBoxen t-shirt came just in time for #alamw14!
mine too! - holly #ravingfangirl
Awesome! I STILL DONT HAVE ONE. hopefully, tomorrow. - Jason Griffey
I was trying to remember what t-shirt I had ordered :) It's a nice shirt - not too thick, and the printing is great! - ~Courtney F
Have any of you been in southern Spain for Semana Santa?
I have lots of friends that have, if you need info. LMK. - Jason Griffey
Griffey! Thanks, I was just looking to wax nostalgic. - Marie
I was there about a decade ago, in Sevilla. I saw the Semana Santa processions. Did you have a favorite paso? - Jessie
Walt Crawford
I probably shouldn't have done it, and I may regret it, but I couldn't resist commenting on David Lee King's post and a librarian's "sorta illegal" comment about torrents. And the wisdom of teaching a child that if a law's easy to break, it's worthless.
I didn't put the second part quite that strongly in my comment. - Walt Crawford
Well. I do think some laws are worthless, and I don't obey all of them. And I will likely explain that to my kid. What he decides to do is up to him. - laura x
All this, of course, assumes that the comment ever shows up. So far, it hasn't. A little surprised to see sign-in-with-some-other-app comment control *plus* moderation before the comment appears. - Walt Crawford
I can see your comment Walt - Hedgehog
Musta just gotten approved. - Walt Crawford
Fwiw: his post doesn't mention torrents. And I can't say I disagree with Laura...stupid laws are stupid. It's nearly impossible to live in today's world without unknowingly breaking copyright law. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
OK, he said "rogue streaming," not "torrents"--but then, my comment didn't mention torrents either. I would argue that "unknowingly" doesn't apply here. - Walt Crawford
I'd actually be interested in examples of Jason's last sentence, assuming that neither fair use nor things that fall under the Betamax ruling count as "breaking copyright law." Nearly impossible? Really? - Walt Crawford
Yep. There have been rulings that prohibit the multiple copies of certain types of code that your computer has to make simply to operate (a copy in resident memory and another on disk, for instance). Did you sing Happy Birthday to anyone this year? When was the last time you made a photocopy of anything? Are you certain that your photocopy falls under Fair Use? Take a picture of a piece... more... - Jason Griffey
You may be right on some of those. As to the last sentence, NO NO NO. Read the damn law. Fair use is NOT defense for an infraction. It is an exemption. - Walt Crawford
laura x
So yeah. Seeing it in print has pretty much blown my head size up about 30 times.
Whoa! GO YOU! - Soup in a TARDIS
Wow! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Woah! Awesome!!!! - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Marvelous! - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Woot!! - Amit Patel
Awesome! - Yvonne from FFHound!
i've never seen a one-paragraph cv until today. O_O
good lord really?! for what position? - RepoRat
"I am alive. Hire me." - lris
I saw a really skimpy one in our last search. From a candidate whose CV should not have been skimpy. It read as "I have issues." - Catherine Pellegrino
Is that possible? - Hedgehog
i can't give any specifics, but just know that i'm O_O. - Marie
also, it makes me wonder how you all learned how to construct your own cvs? who taught you how to do that, or where did you learn it? - Marie
There was formal and informal mentoring in my LIS program, some of it specifically tailored to those of us looking at careers in academic libraries. I think there might also have been a resume-review service offered by the school, and/or the university's career services office. - Catherine Pellegrino
we have an utterly indefatigable student-services coordinator. srsly, this woman is amazeballs. - RepoRat
What Catherine said (Go Heels!) :-) - Jason Griffey
Q for you: Do you know any libraries that makes use of forum software as a means to take and answer questions from the public?
You mean, like LibAnswers? Or that ProQuest thing that I can't remember the name of? - Meg VMeg
Do you mean stuff like getsatisfaction or uservoice or qhub etc .. I remember back then a few libraries were trying. You can probably find a few by doing library - aaron
We tried getsatisfaction on our site early in its life, and got zero use. Students just didn't parse it as anything at all. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Thanks! I was thinking more along the lines of phpbb. I'm really intrigued by your getsatisfaction experiment and I'm sad to hear that it didn't pan out. Perhaps it was because it was viewed more as product support and less as community support? - copystar
Academic librarians: we're brainstorming ideas for restructuring our library faculty governance body. Would anyone be willing to share their bylaws, policies, or general org structure for reference?
How big a place you got? - awd from Android
we don't have any such things for the library specifically, but you might ping someone from UTn-Chattanooga - they might be willing to share theirs - ~Courtney F
We are actually revamping structure right now. But bylaws, etc (and our old structure) are all up on the publicly available wiki: - Jason Griffey
You can see some of our things at, for whatever it's worth. - LB: Ratchet Bear
Aaron - we have about 40 members in our Librarians Assembly. Everyone else -thanks! Any examples are helpful, just to see how other places structure their governance. - Grumpator
Our governance is outlined in the faculty manual, like faculty in other departments. All of us do reference and instruction. I am no help at all. - barbara fister
We are faculty, so our structure is very close to teaching faculty in the academic departments. - Rebecca Hedreen
Will anyone be attending LITA next week? If interested, I'll be presenting on accessibility of library media and technology services during concurrent session 1. Regardless, would love to see folks in Louisville!
I'll be there! I'll be screaming at people about passwords and updating WordPress on Thurs afternoon and Fri morning. - Blake
I won't be there but there's a libtechwomen meet up on Friday night if you're interested. Can put you in touch with people :) - Hedgehog from Android
Blake's giving one of the fancy preconferencing spiels. :) And thanks, Abigail, I may look into that! Being a student volunteer, though, not sure where they're gonna put me and when! - Lily
I shall be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone. - Jason Griffey
I'll be there! - WebGoddess
I might come up and crash the libtechwomen meet up on Friday, depending on what I have going on at home :) - ~Courtney F
Stephen Francoeur
Hmm. An academic librarian has his shingle out at new Google Helpouts service. For $15/hr, help with research.
Hmm. An academic librarian has his shingle out at new Google Helpouts service. For $15/hr, help with research.
interesting. i hope he's not using his employer's resources, though. - Christina Pikas
I'm testing hangouts as well, fwiw. Want to see how it works as a service delivery platform. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Please tell me this keynote was a Modest Proposal:
"So what’s post-literacy look like? Cognitive neural implants, perhaps. To him, though, he thinks that’s hyperliteracy—it wouldn’t change the undercurrent of our literary selves. Telepathy? What if we all were telepathic, that it’s a capability we all have that’s just suppressed? Collective unconscious? If we elevate ourselves to a higher level, do we become the Borg? Could pharmacology replace writing? People have been taking drugs to understand the universe for centuries." - lris
I knew it was Mike Ridley before I even clicked over. He is a k00k. - RepoRat
That reads as mostly insanity, yes. But I did, at a recent presentation, talk about what the effect of wearable technology could be on literacy, and how we define basic literacies. We already have tech that can be worn that can, on-the-fly, parse and translate a language you don't understand and read it to you. Does that make you literate? No, but it does mean you can fake it pretty... more... - Jason Griffey
Griffey makes an excellent point. MIT geeks are already looking at neural implants - mostly for mobility issues (hurrah, I say!), but clearly their use could be broadened at some point. People wear bluetooth receivers on their heads - would it be such a stretch to have it internal? That said, Ridley is kinda Ludditing things, from what I can see from the IL tweets. That's not helpful. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
You can watch the recording at - Joe - Systems Analyst
Rudi pointed to a good critique of his book, - Joe - Systems Analyst
Define "literacy" that's the trick. What book was it where an advanced race came to earth, kidnapped some guy, and he later wrote stuff on a wall to the horror of his captors. He was deemed so primitive because he knew how to actually write the characters of the language that everyone knew how to read. - awd
At a WILU conference the keynote speaker was Rick Salutin who I knew as a newspaper columnist with a political bent but he had his origins in theatre. At one point in his talk, he told us that compared to live theatre, he felt that novels seemed 'dead' to him. He then went on to say, that what was even the most 'alive' and more transformational was the act of conversation. I remember having my literary sensibilities being offended but once I got over that, I could appreciate what he was saying... - copystar
I don't think Mike was trolling his audience (as some were suggesting in the twitter feed during his talk) but he was deliberately confronting our sensibilities (and perhaps we could even could call them our biases). The number of folks tweeting how his talk wasn't *useful* was depressing. - copystar
I think of the term "literacy" as something ever-changing. Something like "being competent," whether that's competency in a mode of communication or use of a tool. - Laura Norvig
I consistently read Ridley as meaning "textual literacy"--that is, reading and writing. Which, of course, did not wholly replace orality (as evidenced by the fact that his project has a podcast, presumably consisting of people talking). And which he claims are Inevitably dying, based on zero evidence but lots of bushwah. But since I wasn't there, I can't comment on his keynote, only on his chapters. - Walt Crawford
Walt, you should definitely watch the intro to the keynote.. because you *personally* get a shoutout! - copystar
I can't find that video. The conference site points to the LibConf blog, which has a post about the keynote but no video. (For some reason, I keep confusing CiL--"Midspring ITI" with IL--"Midfall ITI.") Link? - Walt Crawford
Joe's link (from above) worked for me : - copystar
Thanks; somehow, I missed Joe's link. Watched part of the intro. It's an ... interesting ... shout-out. I'll take it. - Walt Crawford
Have any of you read Dave Egger's new novel, The Circle? I'm closing in on the end but my head exploded a while ago. I think I would prefer wearing nothing to wearing technology that tells me things or having neural implants (unless I had a medical condition other than ignorance that it could treat), but that could be the Eggers talking. (As wearing nothing in Minnesota would be a real sacrifice, so take that into account. Do. Not. Want. Implanted or wearable tech.) - barbara fister
Barbara: You're not the only one. I have no desire for neural implants or "wearable tech" (other than wristwatch and glasses). I also doubt that a vast majority of people in the world will use either within two decades. Of course, Bill & Melinda G. could decide to scrap trying to have the third world fed & healthy and decide to devote everything to wearable tech instead, but that seems unlikely. - Walt Crawford
[Actually, I doubt that the vast majority of rich-nation people will go for loads of wearable tech in the next couple of decades either, but I could certainly be wrong there. As elsewhere! Neural implants...that one I'm pretty certain of.] - Walt Crawford
If wearable tech implants would allow measuring learning outputs in K12 students, Bill & Melinda might be all over it. - barbara fister
If a cheap wearable could tell me the names to go with faces, I would buy that. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Not me, whoever you are. - barbara fister
Meg VMeg
Which would you posit to be the *least evil* college/university in the US, and why?
As a naive elder, I don't think of most nonprofit colleges and universities as being evil, so can't imagine how I'd answer that question. - Walt Crawford
Oh no, Walt. Some of them are. Believe me: some of them are. - Catherine Pellegrino
what are the criteria? - ~Courtney F
You'd need to define a few vectors of evil. Presumably things like labor relations, relationships with military-industrial complex, investment holdings, would all make the list. - Steele Lawman
I am reasonably certain Georgetown was built over the mouth of hell, which explains what was going on in The Exorcist, WHICH WAS A TRUE STORY BY THE WAY. Totally true. Except for the parts that were fictionalized. - Zamms
The odd thing is, before I wrote that, a name came to mind: Reed. But I can't explain why, and I've never actually been to Reed. (Catherine: Note that I said "most," not "all." In my own neck of the woods, I'll assert that, on balance, none of the UC campuses, almost none of the CSU campuses, and neither UoP, Stanford, USC, NDNU nor Santa Clara are evil. Don't know much about the others...) - Walt Crawford
Stanford is TOTALLY evil. (Note: I am married to a Cal grad.) - Zamms
U of Alabama and U of Florida are certainly evil. (note that I may be biased because of athletic rivalries) - ellbeecee
Zamms: I *am* a Cal grad. As is my wife. After more than a decade working on the Stanford campus (but not for Stanford), I never could recognize it as a university (more like a country club), but as Junior Universities go, it's not evil. - Walt Crawford
Would you include community colleges in this list? They might do better at not overcharging their students for the intro classes. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I would narrow consideration down to state universities and colleges that aren't in NCAA Divison I. Private universities/colleges contribute heavily to the student debt problem, and the NCAA has labor issues. Plus there's the questionable nature of institutions of higher learning dumping large sums of cash into stadiums and coaches' pockets while the rest of the university is facing budget cuts. I think a community college might actually be a good candidate since they play a pretty important role. - John (bird whisperer)
For the sake of the exercise, I'm going to say no community colleges. - Meg VMeg
Non D1 State colleges and universities can also charge an evil amount to out of staters. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Prescott in AZ? And what's the groovy one up in Olympia? And Oberlin. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Evergreen State College in Olympia is probably what you're thinking of, Rudy. I was about to say Deep Springs College might be candidate, but they're only 2-year, and there's the whole men only thing. - laura x
I would toss in Earlham and Goshen colleges. - Catherine Pellegrino
Antioch might fit. - laura x
Other than a few exceptions (Stanford) you'd have to eliminate schools with big time football or basketball programs. Like John said. - Steve C
I'd say Hampshire College, Amherst MA (it's in the same category as Evergreen & Reed) - but it's wicked expensive. Not sure about their financial aid packages. I'd chime in for my current POW, as a relatively inexpensive (for in-state) tuition. Our grads average $15,000 in total debt. But we've been in a bit of a few pickles lately, with the NCAA and other things. Still, I'd go with UNC-Chapel Hill and Michigan for cost-effectiveness and smarts. Also Hampshire is cool. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Yeah, I'm gonna have to nix any place that's got a Division I football program (possibly any football program). The evidence for the cumulative head trauma thing is just getting too damning to ignore. - Catherine Pellegrino
Do not get me started on the monetary evils of DI football. Berea College might be another winner. - laura x
Oh, yes, Berea definitely. - Catherine Pellegrino
I came here to say Berea. Not so sure about Sewanee...I have a theory that it's in league with Cthulhu somehow... - Jason Griffey
I wouldn't trust a college or university that isn't at least a little evil. - Steele Lawman
Are all of these small liberal arts colleges out because of their high tuition? But, one could also consider the amount of scholarships provided, and the end cost to the student. A small private liberal arts might be less expensive than a state school. For example, the average debt at Princeton is about $5,000 give or take. See... more... - Joe - Systems Analyst
Berea is free, Evergreen is hella cheap, Goshen is a "least-debt" school, Hampshire/Antioch/Oberlin/Earlham appear pricier (all are ~$40,000/year), though I didn't check how much need-based aid each school provides. - Meg VMeg
I'd really like to see a mash-up of the Kiplinger's lists with things like Steve's criteria earlier: labor relations, relationships with military-industrial complex, investment holdings. Yale? Um, there's a movie. No. - Meg VMeg
Yale might be a candidate for a most evil list. - John (bird whisperer)
Yale is right up at the top of *my* list, yep. - Catherine Pellegrino
When Sarah was applying in08, the Ivies were free if family income was <100K. Dunno if that's changed, and there's the little matter of getting in. We were very happy with Northeastern and its coop program. (As well as its LD center, at whose activity table she sat during orientation at least one fall.) In fact, I don't think Sarah could have done four straight years of college without them. As it was, she graduated in 4.5 years - a semester early. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
holly #ravingfangirl
Check Out the 1,500-Bottle Multnomah Whiskey Library - Eater Inside - Eater PDX -
Check Out the 1,500-Bottle Multnomah Whiskey Library - Eater Inside - Eater PDX
Check Out the 1,500-Bottle Multnomah Whiskey Library - Eater Inside - Eater PDX
Show all
"With more than 1,500 individual bottles of liquor — and no, not just whiskey — the Multnomah Whiskey Library is set to open its doors tomorrow, October 8 after 10 months of build-out and booze research by owner Alan Davis (Produce Row) and bar manager/head librarian Tommy Klus. "Our intention was by no means driven by wanting to have a certain number of spirits," Davis says of the library concept, whose largest section focuses on his favorite drink, whiskey. "We wanted to have a really quality selection and... have a diverse survey within different categories of spirits. So, if there's a really phenomenal whiskey out of Kentucky that's 24 dollars, and we think it's better than the $150 one, we're going to go with the $24 one."" - holly #ravingfangirl from Bookmarklet
where's multnomah? wait, i don't care. i'm moving there immediately. - Marie
Portland - Todd Hoff
oh, forget it, it's cold up there. but i will go visit. - Marie
That's what the whiskey is for, warm you up :-) - Todd Hoff
i would totally be the librarian of this library. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
Oh my sweet jeebus... - Jason Griffey
Griffey - ROAD TRIP! - jambina
ok, griffey and amy saw this. my work here is done. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
I must pipe in this place. At least once. - Brent Schaus
That would be a fun library to weed. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫ from FFHound!
Walt Crawford
A tiny confession (I'm among friends, right?) The Most Anticipated New TV Show of the Season last night, by a creator who can Do No Wrong (and whose past works we adore and mostly own)...left us both cold; we tuned out after the first half. Clearly, we're bad, bad human beings. I will say no more.
I wouldn't worry too seemed to be the general consensus on my facebook feed. - MontglaneChess
You mean it isn't universally loved? I'm shocked. (The only FB/Twitter feedback I've seen, in the circle I follow, seems to be fanboi-level enchanted.) - Walt Crawford
If you're talking about SHIELD...I'm as big a joss fanboy as they come, and I was meh. But he's earned the benefit-of-the-doubt credit, so I'll be back. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
If it turns out to be magnificent in the long run, in a way that we'll deal with (if we don't find at least one or two characters likable/sympathetic, we don't much care how good the drama supposedly is), we can always watch it a year late on DVD/Blu-ray. By next fall, we may be watching *all* TV that way anyway... - Walt Crawford
I still want to see it. BTW, I was totally meh about Dollhouse from start to finish. - maʀtha
I liked Dollhouse until the last few eps (I still luh you, martha small m). But I put that off to trying to wrap a planned long range plot in 2 - 3 eps. Missed Shield. I may watch it but I'm skeptical it can make it on it's own. Not sure why. Could be that for long time funny book readers like me, Shield is the proverbial supporting cast. Also without Fury ... *shrugs* - MoTO Moca Blend
thanks for the update. I will wait to watch it in case it gets better. I did that with Dollhouse (i.e., didn't watch) and didn't regret. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'd forgotten about Dollhouse. Probably deliberately. Saw two episodes. We both found ourselves actively repelled by the show. I mean *actively* repelled. So I guess we're fair-weather Whedon fans. - Walt Crawford
Actively? Please expand. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Sure. Much as we liked the star (as an actress, not in this role), we found the whole setup repellent and misogynistic. I've managed to forget enough not to go much beyond that. Something about mind-wiped prostitution? - Walt Crawford
Agents of SHIELD: Where we're going, we don't need roads. It looks promising, but they need to work on the attempted humour. - DJF
Walt - I saw it as class warfare actually. how people are increasingly seen as faceless "assets" to be used and then re-purposed as employers see fit. Did you feel that the repellent elements were in anyway glorified or endorsed? - MoTO Moca Blend
It's been a while, and I've mostly forgotten it, but yes, I did feel that they were being--well, glamorized if not glorified. But, again, it's been a while. [Realistically, it's been long enough since we've watched anything but Buffy and Angel that I probably shouldn't comment on Whedon's current oeuvre at all. Maybe those two shows weren't representative. Great if others like them; no reason people should all like the same things.] - Walt Crawford
I felt that way, Walt, about the first few episodes of Dollhouse, but it definitely became much more complex and interesting, IMO, - the class warfare piece came through as mentioned above. It was very very dark, though, in the end. I admit to preferring a bit more light (as in the end of Buffy and Firefly/Serenity). - Sarah from FreshFeed
Yeah, "very very dark" doesn't really suit us for TV. We're all about entertainment or enlightenment. Maybe 'cuz we're, um, less young than some. - Walt Crawford
Any libraries using Intuit or Square to accept credit cards?
not a library, but my friend Dave uses Square to take payments for his larp business, and for our events on site. - Jenica
I need to research it some more to see if this would be a viable option for us. - Miriella from Android
if possible, calculate the fees that you would pay compared to the current service you're using. that's what we did when we were looking at using paypal for online payments for our statewide consortium - ~Courtney F
We don't accept cc at all right now! - Miriella from Android
We (a library support system, not a library) use Intuit. Laura, our business office person, chose Intuit because it recognized non-profits: many require either a business tax number or a social security number for an individual - no ability to set the non-profit's tax number as the money receiving entity. Intuit made that fairly easy for her, so she chose that one. - WebGoddess
Intuit is a lot cheaper than square, so that's a double bonus. - Miriella from Android
Intuit and square charge the same for non-subscription swipes, 2.75%. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
FPOW went with whatever the bank was offering for mobile payment. The one thing about which you will want to be highly aware is the network over which the transactions will travel. - Julian
Square. - Katy S
I may have assumed mobile payment. Are you looking to accept credit cards at the circ desk, thus requiring a point-of-sale credit card terminal? - Julian
I thought intuit had a cheaper monthly price. I'm looking for anything - mobile or otherwise. We're thinking maybe trying to accept credit card for printing/copies at the ref desk too. So a mobile option would be handy. - Miriella from Android
Intuit has a cheaper rate if you do enough that you can eat their $12.95 per month subscription...that takes the rate down to 1.75%, so if you do more than $1295 per month of charges it's the cheaper option at that point. I've used Square in the past personally, but that's mostly due to ease of setup. - Jason Griffey
Try your local banks for a better rate. Some (like BOA) have reader programs. We use one of our local banks to process CC's with a traditional swipe machine. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Alright. Trying to go an uncomplicated route - but I don't think I can anyway with town rules and whatever other hoops I have to jump through. - Miriella
Thanks for all the info! - Miriella
Everything is possible and nothing is real.
Hell yes Living Colour! - Jason Griffey
Glamour Boys. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Steven M. Cohen - Small colleges are putting the same administrator in charge of IT and libraries
That should work out well. One of the local community colleges in my area put the VP of Finance in charge of the library when the last director search came up empty. As a finance guy, he started making cuts and looking for savings in the collection. No catalogers? No problem. Do they really need all these databases? And so forth, chopping away at it. Eventually the President of the... more... - Andy
My alma mater put the College Librarian in charge of the Library and IT. It did work well. - Rebecca Hedreen
MPOW (in Western Australia) has a merged library/IT service ("information services"). This means that the University Librarian is also the Big Boss of all IT systems, servers, desktop support, servers, etc. Obviously there are managers for the various departments, but we're all one unit. Library circ staff are expected to do student IT troubleshooting. A few other Aussie unis have this model, and apparently it's common in the UK, too. - Megan loves summer
I'm not at all sure why this is news. Been very common for a long time, esp at smaller schools. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Greg Schwartz
Been a while since I posted here, but just learned that I'll be helping with some tech stuff at LITA Forum in November here in Louisville. Any LSWers coming to town for that? Anyone interested in seeing Colin Meloy's solo show Saturday night? It'd be fun to show up with a libraryland posse.
oh man, now i wish i was going. - holly #ravingfangirl
Who is this Greg Schwartz character? - Steven M. Cohen
Who is this Steven M. Cohen character? - Stephen Francoeur
If I was going, I'd definitely want to see that show. - Stephen Francoeur
Party like it's 2010! - Steele Lawman
Things were so much simpler then. - Greg Schwartz from Android
Ah yes, the mid 2000s. I remember them well. - Steven M. Cohen
HOLY SHIT SCHWARTZ IN THE HOUSE. Dude, I will be there. Not sure about the show, but will lyk. - Jason Griffey
What?! That would be awesome. I will be at LITA Forum. Where is he playing? How much are tickets? - Laura Krier
Headliners. $25 in advance, $28 day of show. - Greg Schwartz
I'm sorry, I can't see LITA Forum without thinking of her duet with Ozzy. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) - Zamms
Zamms, FTW! - Steven M. Cohen
RT @griffey: I’m only 30 people away! Help me hit 100 subscribers so I can play with live streaming on YouTube!
I get nothing out of kissing up to Jason Griffey except for the satisfaction of a job well done. That job being kissing up to Jason Griffey. - Zamms
If you have to kiss up to might as well be Griffey. I'm #91. *shrug* - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
hahahahahahahaha ++ to zamms. made me literally lol. - Jason Griffey
I think I might be either 102 or 103. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Question for those of you who have a license to show movies in the library: do you abide by the clause that indicates you cannot publicize the name of the movie or the studio OUTSIDE the library? DMs accepted to protect the guilty.
The term "outside" means physically beyond the building(s) of the library (system), right? [And "publicize" is limited to things that are physically printed?] - Julian
"Advertising to Non-Card Holders/General Public: If you choose to advertise through public media (such as public radio, television, newspaper or a website), you may do so, as long as your message does not include the movie title and studio name. For example, "Join us at Anytown Library for a Neighborhood Movie Night at 7:00pm" is permitted." - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
we are pretty good about it at my library, from what i have seen, but one of our neighboring libraries... not so much. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Ah, a "You may advertise as long as your advertisement is *absolutely useless*" clause. Nice. - Deborah Fitchett
Yeah, we have that same shitty clause. We just put in "call for title" on the outside publicity stuff and use the name on handouts and whatnot that we give at the library. - Andy
Yes, we abide by it. In our newsletter and flyers, etc. we typically will say things like "Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe star in this musical set in France" without naming the movie or studio OR showing a photo from the movie. - John: Thread Killer
Oh! Here's an actual quote from our online calendar "On December 26, a Tsunami races across Thailand and engulfs a family’s hotel grounds. This is the story of that family caught, with thousands of others, in one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. Starring Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland. PG 13" - John: Thread Killer
Oh, yeah, I used to do that too. I'd write something like, "I can't tell you what the title of the movie is, but it's that Alfred Hitchcock film where Jimmy Stewart is in a wheelchair." - Andy
This is a great example of how f$cking ridiculous this stuff gets. Good grief. - barbara fister
That of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. And I've read some _crazy_ licenses. Huh. - Jason Griffey
FIGHT - jambina
You academic types miss out on all the fun. - laura x
it would apply to us too. (except in canadia - where you no longer need performance rights for educational/research use) - jambina
My understanding is that in media PR we could say, Join everyone's favorite mischievous monkey and the guy with the mustard-colored hat in this children's movie romp....or maybe not! - Marge LW
My old library apparently got some sort of cease and desist order once, so ever since then we were extra careful not to name anything and follow the rules to a T. - Miriella from Android
Sarah G.
RT @marywhisner: Michael Gorman: "Information Science is library science for men." #AALL13
Did he really say that?! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I wasn't in the session, but the person I RT'd is highly trustable. - Sarah G. from iPhone
I cant find my surprised face... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Wowwww. - Jed from iPhone
I've heard people say that before, but it wouldn't surprise me if it originated with him. - Katy S
He just set us menfolk back 20 years with that one. - Julian
Julian: I don't think so. Gorman is no friend of Information Science, AFAIK. - Walt Crawford
[And really? People are still asking him to speak? Hmm...] - Walt Crawford
That was my thought, Walt...really? These days? - Jason Griffey
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