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Catherine Pellegrino
This seems like the kind of thing that the LSW might want to have a hand in: The Kentucky Challenge | dolly megan dot com - http://dollymegan.com/the-ken...
"We raised money and books for the Ferguson Library because we recognized the importance of the role they play their community; we can reach out to this library and its association and see what, if anything, they need. I hope to hear from everyone who wants to put their money and time out there for Elliott County, because it’s the right thing to do. Email me. Tell me you’re in." - Catherine Pellegrino from Bookmarklet
Related post from @griffey that, if you haven't read, you really ought to: http://jasongriffey.net/wp... - Catherine Pellegrino
YOU ALL NEED TO GO READ THAT POST FROM GRIFFEY RIGHT NOW. A lot of library director jobs in my state pay only slightly more than that. Many of them are part time. It's probably true in your state, too. - laura x from iPhone
I only wish she'd done more footwork or something? Emailing her doesn't feel useful, and there are only 15 posts on that blog (the Griffey post is great). - Meg VMeg
If we want to help jumpstart this, should someone contact her, so we can make it more official, because there are many of us? Or do we assume that it will be official and that details are forthcoming? - Meg VMeg
Did y'all see that the incumbent library director commented on Griffey's post? (http://jasongriffey.net/wp...) Since the incumbent director is part of the conversation now, I've been holding off on emailing Dolly, waiting to see if the director has ideas about whether the effort would even be helpful or wanted by the community. But yes, I agree with Meg that it feels like it needs more infrastructure -- which the LSW might have a hand in providing. - Catherine Pellegrino
She's in conversation with all the right folk. - barbara fister
Whew, good. - Meg VMeg
Metafilter weighs in (disclaimer: I haven't read all the comments yet): http://www.metafilter.com/147365... - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm in - maʀtha
Thanks for the kind words, gang. That was a hard post to write. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Jason Griffey
Re: CM Punk -- I Got Fired From WWE ... ON MY WEDDING DAY! - http://www.tmz.com/2014...
"No real active talent in development? What in the name of all that is holy do you call Kenta, Prince Devitt, and Kevin Steen? Not to mention Neville, Sami Zayne, even Tyler Breeze is a solid performer. I won't disagree with some of their writing choices, but they've got talent coming out of their ears." - Jason Griffey
laura x
Do you have a MacBook Air? If so, what size, and do you like it?
I have a 4-year-old Air in the big size (13") and I love it. It's still running like new and is on Yosemite, but I've had to replace the charger twice because the cords fray eventually. A good friend got the 11" at the same time and I'm kind of jealous of him because that would fit my purse. - kaijsa
3 year old 11". Its good laptop. Sits by my bed for when the tablet can't cut it. Its also the bedrooms Media center for when the Roku won't cut it. It also is the guest laptop when needed. I don't like people on my main rigs. - Me
Two year old, 13", love it. - Todd Hoff
2012 Macbook Air 13" with 256G SSD. Best laptop I've ever had. - Eric - Final Countdown
I miss my 13" Air. Easily best laptop I ever had. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
I live off of my 2013 11" Air. Can be fully opened on any economy class plane or train on the planet* [*that I've tested it on] - Cameron Neylon
So for someone who has never owned a mac and want to start using what would you recommend? - aaron from Flucso
That depends. If you're using it for normal library stuff, then a macbook air of some size is probably fine. If you're going to be doing media editing on it, then a macbook pro. - DJF from Android
I really just want something I can write on (and check FF on) that doesn't want to install updates for 15 minutes every damn time I open it up. - laura x from iPhone
For writing, do you need Word? Because if not -- especially if Google Docs is an acceptable alternative -- I'd really recommend a Chromebook. Plus, they're super-inexpensive. - Catherine Pellegrino
No, I almost never write in Word (I haven't even owned it in years). I just want a keyboard and trackpad I don't hate and a computer that's not constantly in need of Windows updates. - laura x from iPhone
I still use the 2010 11". I still love it. The battery could be better. - Rodfather from Android
We got J this one about 6 months ago, and I use it for Google Apps work stuff sometimes, and it's been lovely: extremely portable and reliable, no (noticable) updates. Can't say whether you'd hate the trackpad, though: http://amzn.com/B00FJXVRM8 - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm LOVING my new Chromebook 11 for writing!!! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
I have a Chromebook and it's good for web surfing stuff, but the sound and trackpad are so inferior to my Air that I rarely use it. I use mine mostly in the kitchen with recipes. Can't beat the price, though. - kaijsa
Yeah, the price is great, but so was the price on my current laptop, which I hate. Maybe I'll brave Best Buy tomorrow and see if I can try some things out. - laura x from iPhone
If you're willing to pay more for a better machine, I am biased toward recommending a Mac. - kaijsa
Macs cost more than cheap laptops. They also last two or three times longer than cheap laptops. - DJF
I adore my 13" Air. And I also am quite fond of the gaming laptop we have at home, but my hatred for its constant need for Windows updates is unspeakable. So if you don't need the graphics or processing power of something more robust, the Air is, IMO, unbeatable. - Jenica
Windows updates take forever, too. - kaijsa
Mac all the way. Jojo (son) loves his Air. I have a 13" non-Retina Pro that I'll trade in for a 15" Retina this summer (it's a VAR program here where I trade in the machine every two years). Because Macs last longer when you're not driving it into the ground with giant image and video files and hundreds of megs of font files, you can save a few hundred dollars by buying a refurb from Apple or a machine that's a couple years old from http://macsales.com or http://smalldog.com. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
2 yr old 13" MacBook Air - Best thing I've ever owned. - SAM
I made my wife and parents all get 13" MBAs. They like 'em just fine. My parents travel at least two-three times a year so they really like the lightness. - rønin
Wow. You *made* your wife get a specific computer. I've only been married 36.9 years so far; I can't even imagine *making* my wife buy a specific computer (or much of anything else). (OK, so we're both happy Windows users, even with the usually-once-a-month updates.) - walt crawford
And, admittedly, if I was traveling a lot I'd probably buy a lighter machine. It would probably be a Chromebook. - walt crawford
Tech stuff are the only things I can get away w/doing that. She just doesn't care w/computers & phones. I just hand her things, "Here, use this." Anything else in the house though, forget about it. - rønin
Until my current machine, I've always had Macs at home. I decided to save money last time I got a computer and I have been regretting it ever since. I've gone back to writing by hand because I know by the time the current machine gets going, I'll have forgotten my idea. Mostly I'm wondering if people find the Air a satisfying alternative to a MacBook Pro, which I don't want to pay for. - laura x from iPhone
It doesn't have the retina screen, otherwise I like mine (13 in) - maʀtha
Laura, the biggest differences between the air and the pro are the optical drive and the number of ports. If you don't use cds/dvds, and don't plug a lot of stuff into your computer, then you can get away with an air. I got a pro because I needed those extra connections. - DJF
Thanks--that was my impression, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something I should be thinking about. Now I just have to find some money hiding under a rock or something. - laura x from iPhone
well, the pro also has a faster processor, but that's not a problem if all you're doing is web/email/youtube/netflix. - DJF
If you buy an Air, I've heard that getting extra RAM will make the computer last much longer (i.e., you'll have room for OS upgrades and new applications). You can also buy discounted Applecare on Ebay (though you should use PayPal and "beware fraudulent sellers" : http://www.ebay.com/gds... ). These are all my plans when I get around to replacing my MacBook with an Air. - Meg VMeg
You can also get extra RAM and flash memory later. My bro is a Genius and is going to help me upgrade my Air (I might put in a faster processor, too). I'd love the retina screen, but can't justify replacing a machine that runs almost perfectly even if it's getting old. Correction: he's a Creative who works Genius a few hours a week. Sorry, Brother. - kaijsa
DJF: no more cd/dvd drives in the MacBook pro, fwiw...haven't been for a couple of cycles now. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Kaijsa: you can't actually get new RAM for the Air...the ram is soldered to the motherboard, not slotted. I'm fairly sure even the Geniuses don't do that level of hardware work. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Yeah, he just corrected me and said I can add bigger flash memory but not RAM. This is okay for my purposes. - kaijsa
So I assume I would then want to start with the largest amount of RAM possible? - laura x
^^ yes. And I TOTALLY support a MacBook Air - I LURVE mine. It's so light for conferences & so much easier to type on than a tablet. It's pricey tho, but worth it, imho. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I have the latest 15" MacBook Pro, and I like it much better than the previous version I had. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Get the best standard config MacBook air (ie they sell four models at Best Buy, the best one) as d you should be good for the life of the laptop. - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
I'm going with the 13" with 8GB. I thought about the 11", but I think that's a little too small even for me. Thanks, everyone! - laura x
Awesome call. I would advocate for those 2 extra inches pretty aggressively. Makes all the difference. - SAM
I'm late to the party, but I'd like to comment that the 13" MBA's 12 hour battery life is amaaaaaazing! Very comfortable with all day usage without a power adapter. - Arlan K.
Jason Griffey
Re: GETTING BACK TO MAKING ALL THE THINGS, your input required - http://amandapalmer.net/blog...
"I support a couple of people on Patreon now, one per-piece and one per-month...I don't think they work out radically differently, as the per-piece is lower ($2) than the per month ($5)...I would be happy to do either, knowing that good stuff is coming regardless. I do think that discounts on merch is an interesting bonus, harkens back to old-school fanclubs. First-shot at tickets would be nice when you tour. :-) Otherwise, I love the idea. I think Patreon is a fantastic way to see how this can work for you." - Jason Griffey
Stephen Francoeur
Any advice for the best way to read a JSON file? Using the Backupify service, I downloaded a copy of my contributions to Facebook. The file I got had to be unzipped and then included thousands of JSON files (as welll as JPEGs). Opening a random JSON file in Firefox proved to be unsatisfying.
I'd love to know what you find out - I've got a JSON file of a Ning that I'd like to import into a Drupal site, but no idea how to do it - ~Courtney F
Without looking at an individual JSON file, I can't suggest too much, but the simplest thing to do is create an HTML page with some embedded javascript that takes the name of a file, and then opens that file, parses it, and displays the contents somehow. Think of it as an advanced web programming exercise (unfortunately). Facebook said you could get it out; they didn't say what you got would be useful. - DJF
I've done some work with php on the twitter api json thingy, pretty painless, though that's assuming some php skillz I guess. lots of this->and(that) - Blake
I thought it had a "bankruptify service" for a moment. - barbara fister
What you have when you have a JSON file is a frozen Javascript data structure. Exactly *what* the data structure contains and how it organizes it was up to the exporter programmer. You'll basically have to stare at it with your Javascript goggles on -- figure out what's in it and how it's organized -- and then write some code to pull out the bits you want. - RepoRat
Surely we have enough Jasons around here -- Puckett, Griffey, Fleming, etc. -- that ONE of them could get the gist of it for you, no? - Catherine Pellegrino
I should say that the only reason why I'm bothering with this activity is that it is my last hope for figuring out what date I started using Facebook, which might have been in 2005 or 2006. The exported data from Facebook is incomplete. What I got from Backupify is likely the same limited set of data from my account. If only I had saved the confirmation email from Facebook, I would have my answer without all this other nonsense. - Stephen Francoeur
Jason, thanks! That made the files eminently readable to humans. Now, to get cracking on determining what's what in the ~41,000 files that I got from the Backupify tarball. Somewhere in there may be my first post to a Facebook wall. - Stephen Francoeur
OOh. That's neat, Griffey. - David Rothman (☤)
This will also help http://codebeautify.org/jsonvie... to analyse json data - James Malvi
Jason Griffey
Re: 3D Printing Innovators Invited to Apply to Tour Chattanooga’s Start-Up Ecosystem - http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014...
A little bird has told me that the III no longer has a Director of Library Futures. "Too much investment for too little return", I am told.
The future is PLASTICS. - Julian
Right-o, Julian - ellbeecee
I'm bemused by the idea of Library Futures. Where can I buy them? And what is the timeframe to go long on? - Cameron Neylon
Cameron, at the Chicago board of profession, just across the street from the CBOT. - DJF from Android
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ win. - RepoRat
of course now we need to rewrite Trading Places. - Pete's Got To Go
Exactly, Julian - maʀtha from Android
Who wants to lay money on who the next DoLF will be? - maʀtha from Android
I'd last money on the position being eliminated - DJF from Android
that would be my guess too. I can say from experience that getting a position created for you has a way of not working out real well -- at least, where obvious nepotism isn't involved (it's never been for me). - RepoRat
yeah, it didn't last long - maʀtha
Which law suit? - Joe
Innnnnnteresting. - Jason Griffey
For the academic librarians re: the new ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education - https://jfe.qualtrics.com/form... (I'm still reading the text of this as well as the new Framework, so am not going to make any statement yet as to agreement or not).
Having now read this, I'm ok with what they're saying. (it's not that long. :) ) - ellbeecee
Yep, I signed it. I'm not sure any document will have everything we need to consider, but this seems a smart addition. - barbara fister
It suddenly strikes me how vexing it is that the metaliteracy concept (which was dropped from the draft) seemed to leave out "maybe we should resist social media platforms that spy on us" while assuming IL had to prepare students to participate in them. - barbara fister
Most of the document makes sense, but I am concerned about including social justice explicitly. Why should the information literacy framework privilege social justice concepts over other ways of knowing? - DJF from Android
Because it's one of our core values? - barbara fister
DJF, what other ways of knowing did you have in mind? - RepoRat
Better question- whose concept of social justice? - Pete's Got To Go
While many of us identify with the idea of "social justice", that's a very broad heading to be applying to a framework for information literacy. I don't think that "critical information literacy" is synonymous with "social justice", even though it's absolutely true that in today's neoliberal, fiscally conservative, environment, to think critically about information is to take on a social perspective. I would rather not see an ideology embedded in the framework, even if it's one with which I identify. - DJF
Also, what Pete said. - DJF
Then again, the other "ways of knowing" that are included in the document aren't exactly value-neutral. Scholarship is conversation, for ex., assumes one is invited to speak and that a particular manner of speech is uniquely valuable. - barbara fister
It's epistemological stoppers all the way down - Pete's Got To Go
Barb, scholarship is a conversation. The problems of access to the conversation are related, but distinct, and are covered by the framework as well (it could be argued). And that discussion would also have a social justice component to it. Like I said to a bunch of students earlier this month, it's difficult to talk about Open Access without sounding like a Marxist. - DJF
Similar to a lot of academic stuff it takes what on it's face is simple and complexifies the Hades out of the face of it - Aaron the Librarian from Android
To be fair, if you think something is easy, then you haven't thought about it for long. But we're not stuffing all this into a first year one shot, either. - DJF from Android
Absolutely not. This isn't a job (just) for librarians. - barbara fister
+Pete - will now always think of turtles when i hear "epistemology." - barbara fister
Jason Griffey
Something librarians should be reading: http://fortune.com/2014... I said similar things in a few presentations.
Interesting. How do you respond to a photo? With another photo? With words? What happens to conversation? - laura x
May you be as right about this as you were at one LITA TTT I remember. That (Fortune column) was a whole lot of words about the death of words... - walt crawford
Lol. Which one was that, Walt? :-) - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Back when I was still attending ALA. I remember a trio of "this year...but it ends next year" predictions. I believe one of them was that apps were on their way out in a year. - walt crawford
Sorry; that was just mean-spirited. Deleted it. - walt crawford
No worries! I try very hard to watch what I say over time, talking about what I do isn't worth anything if I don't call myself on when I was wrong. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
My memory is it was a combination of hyperbole and equating decline with extinction. And the LITA Blog does not refresh my memory. In any case, words ain't going away... - walt crawford
Totally agree re; words. But I do think there are interesting things happening with communication due to photography and video bring trivial. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
When the first thing I see in BIG TYPE is "Words are dead. Here's what will replace them." it sort of sets a tone. As to your second sentence, that's probably true. But (and I frankly expect better of Fortune, unlike Wired and FastCo), that headline is what it is. - walt crawford
Jason Griffey
Re: Episode 25 - Raspberry Pi PirateBox For Anonymous File Swapping - http://revision3.com/diytryi...
"And if you are a school, library, or other group that wants to distribute files but wants to NOT have anonymous upload capabilities (as well as bootstrap based web interface and automagic syncing updating capabilities) check out a fork of Piratebox called LibraryBox (http://librarybox.us)" - Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
"Well, I'm arguing in a lot of places that the increase in "maker" tech in libraries, while good for empowering our communities, more importantly empowers the libraries themselves. I've said as much in a ton of presentations, will be saying it at ALA Annual as a part of Top Tech Trends, and just wrote a book chapter about it. :-) http://jasongriffey.net/wp/201... But in all those cases, I'm for keeping the name Library." - Jason Griffey
36 Cheap American Beers, Ranked - http://deadspin.com/36-chea...
36 Cheap American Beers, Ranked
I'm always a bit sad about Olympia Beer - it did well enough here, but it used to taste so much better when they actually brewed it in Olympia, using the local water. - Jennifer Dittrich
That said, if they're ranking it way higher than Yuengling, I sort-of doubt their whole system. - Jennifer Dittrich
I can't believe Busch ranked higher than Yuengling. The Busch commentary had me laughing out loud. Also, Natty Ice before Yuengling??? C'mon! - Mary Carmen
Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that list. Yuengling below Busch, Natty light, and freaking budweiser? yeah, i don't think so. - Jason Griffey
I can definitely see the bias against Yuengling. - Julian
For all the ALA attendees, I give you the average temps for June 26-30 in Vegas, from http://www.wunderground.com/history... (the marked out days are earlier that I was just being lazy about cropping). It's going to be hot and whiny.
ALA temps.jpg
Pack ALL the sundresses - Hedgehog
yisssssssss - holly #ravingfangirl
Also all the sunscreen. - ellbeecee
Well, as one ducks between venues. That's all. For me, that's plenty of time to sunburn pretty much immediately. - ellbeecee
its a dry heat tho. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
which also means pack all the water bottles - ~Courtney F
I expect to be wearing my Madame Chairwoman hat (green silk, yes it has a flower) the entire time. - Hedgehog
"dry heat" my ass. Doesn't make it any better. ;) - ellbeecee
Stay in your hotel and gamble. The conference is just a side event to the real action. - Joe
one never leaves a Vegas building and goes outside before 8 pm under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (well, it's probably okay in the wintertime). The monorail will assist us in following this rule. Bring cardigans for the hotels. (One of my best friends lived in Vegas, playing and dealing blackjack and poker, for about 10 years. I AM SO READY FOR THIS.) - Marianne
This is the average. Last year, while we thought Chicago was hot, Vegas was 124-140 I-shit-you-not degrees, shoe leather literally melting on the sidewalks. (and, 'ducks between venues' -- generally a half mile or so front door to front door, more if crossing a street) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Marianne, the 3 years in Tucson gave me some experience. Note, I never wear dresses. I have 3 ready to take with me to Vegas because I'm not stupid. :) - ellbeecee
I'm into it. It's snowing again here. - kaijsa
yeah, it snowed here today too. I'm ok with melting. - Marianne
FWIW, I just looked up the venues and with the exception of the Hilton - which is very close to the convention center but I don't KNOW you don't have to go outside to get there - every single venue is on a monorail stop. Seriously, I know there will be shuttles, but I recommend folks invest in a monorail pass. I definitely will be. - Marianne
$34 for a 5 day Monorail pass... of course everyone else will also be doing this so the busses might actually be faster - Aaron the Librarian
Nah, the monorail system regularly handles conferences 5x the size of ALA. Won't be a problem. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Curious question from a faculty member about citing material from a website. See "formal academic use is unacceptable" at http://www.gradientlair.com/content... - text of website below
"Formal academic use is unacceptable. I no longer grant any requests to academics (graduate students/professors) to use my content in any way. It is stressful and triggers anxiety to have people in doctoral programs—some of the same programs that rejected me—want my work and ask for it on a daily basis while I struggle. My work is pilfered regularly and over 30 colleges and universities appear in my Stat Counter on a daily basis, with people combing through pages of my content for hours at times. I do not authorize my work cited in any academic context, to be used in any academic/panel presentations or anything of that sort. See: I Could Not Be Any More Tired Of Academia And I Am Not Even A Part Of It" - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Does copyright cover the author to refuse to have their work cited in any academic context at all? Does someone have to request permission before citing the author's content (with the understanding that permission is required for *reproducing* content)? - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Bizarre. Why put something on the web you don't want read ? I don't think you can prevent people from citing or quoting small bits in reviews or criticism - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Haven't read it yet. This person does not want scholarly academic credit for work done? Really? - Joe
Citation doesn't even involve copyright (no copying happens!). A few quotes would be a strong fair use case. - RepoRat
Sucks to be that person. - DJF
to me it sounds like she's just pissed because she didn't get into a program...and she doesn't understand how copyright works. while they wouldn't be able to use images without her permission, at least for publication use, quotes/citations would be just fine and would fall under fairuse. also she licenses the entire blog under a NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 creative commons license, so she can't just block a portion of the population from using her work, as long as they abide by the rules set - Sir Shuping is just sir
I understand her reasoning (in terms of being angry with academics), I just hadnt heard of a non-academic-use argument in citing things, and was curious. Though I would throw it into the LSW tank for good measure. :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Sure, on a practical level, I really don't see how anyone could be kept from quoting and citing her work since it's on the open web. However, anyone who respects the CC license she's put up would have to be very careful, since that would limit academic use--would have to be published OA, I'd think, to adhere to the non-commercial part. And non-derivative is certainly highly arguable in... more... - Kirsten
^Kirsten - I made that argument to the faculty member, noting that the gist of the material she's working with should be findable in other writings where the use is condoned (or even encouraged) by the writer. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
In the US, there is no recognition of the "moral rights" of copyright (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...) which does existing in many other countries. This seems like it falls into this area, as it's specifically the wishes of the creator as to how their work is used that's at question. Copyright law has _nothing_ to do with the wishes of the creator in the... more... - Jason Griffey
even citing moral rights (we have'em) wouldn't really work here. moral rights has more to do with the use of the content, not the mention of it. you can request not to be cited by academics, but i can't think of a legal device for enforcing it - jambina
Moral rights don't give the creator the ability to stop people from citing one's work. - DJF from Android
Sorry I wasn't more clear...I was just noting that her wishes about the use of her work would fall under moral rights, not under copyright law as it's understood in the US. I don't think there's a legal leg here at all, for either moral or copyright. Jambina and DJF are spot on (as usual). - Jason Griffey
I would strongly suggest NOT contacting the author in this case (which you probably did suggest to the faculty person) since she says she mostly hates being contacted and if they're just going to claim fair use why bother her about it. - Marianne
Overall, I don't have anything to add about the law (which I don't think she's really interested in), but I do think it's cool that she's willing to say "THIS IS WHAT I WANT" in such a no-holds-barred way (even though it's very different from what I would want). The individuality of that strikes me as very 1996-Internet-ish, which always makes me happy. - Marianne
Yabbut ... there's a real problem with people not getting the separation between ownership of one's things (which implies total discretion about what you decide to do with it) and the expression over which one has only limited rights, not total rights. I think the phrase "intellectual property" was a terrible mistake. It's not like other forms of property ownership. - barbara fister
Well, it's not property. That's the first thing to remember. - DJF from Android
barbara, I don't think this author is asserting ownership of property, she's asserting unwillingness for her labor to be exploited, and calling people out on their willingness to use her work - which, in my admittedly half-assed reading and among many other things, *specifically* addresses inequality and injustice for those who won't play various games of whiteness - in ways that she... more... - Marianne
There was some really interesting discussion in the comments, too, re: academics' need to use the voices of other people to connect with their intended audiences: http://www.gradientlair.com/post... and http://www.gradientlair.com/post... - Regular Amanda
Legally, she can't stop anyone. That's partly because the law privileges a white understanding of intellectual property in ways that end up systematically benefitting those who are able and willing to play the academia game at the expense of those who won't or can't. I won't speak for what *she* feels, but if people thought what *I* wrote was good enough to cite (thus sending trolls and... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Yeah, I see. It's not that she objects to being cited. She objects to be patronized and exploited. "I am always asked for something. I am never offered anything." And apparently expected to feel flattered for being asked. - barbara fister
I follow this author on Twitter and she gets trolled constantly by racists, both well-meaning and non. Can understand her fatigue. - YvonneM
John: Thread Killer
Has anyone here ever purchased a WiFi (or MiFi) hotspot? We're toying with the idea of getting a table at our local farmer's market a few times this Summer. If possible we want WiFi so that we can show iPads and other devices we have at the library.
I really want something that is pay as you go rather than contract. - John: Thread Killer
Oh, and a pony. I definitely want a pony, too. Even though allergies and things. - John: Thread Killer
Long shot, but if you have professional event managers in your area, ask them; they may be able to rent you a rig. - RepoRat
That's a good idea. We can also talk to the people who run/organize the farmer's market and see if they know anything. - John: Thread Killer
My dad's got one through Verizon and likes it. I've been toying with the idea of one from Virgin for the no contract thing and I had a cell phone with them for years with no problems. - Katie
also, that is a GREAT IDEA - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
You might also want to get/build a LibraryBox (I'll do the blatant plug for Griffey) to share free materials to people who already have devices with them. - Hedgehog
Another idea would be a smartphone with hotspot capabilities. I've used mine instead of wireless regularly when traveling to avoid carrying a separate gadget or paying for wifi in airports. - Galadriel C. from Android
Thanks, Hedgie. :-) This is very literally the thing that LibraryBox is designed for, outreach in areas without connectivity.... - Jason Griffey
I am definitely in the market for a LibraryBox. Our school district has given iPads to all the students and they are sending them home with the devices for the summer. LibraryBox is a great way to get content to those kids without them needing to come to the desk. - John: Thread Killer
Galadriel I'm reluctant to make a staff person use their personal phone as a hotspot, but we've talked about that as an option, too. So many good ideas. - John: Thread Killer
MPOW has one of those usb things to connect to a computer via our wireless carrier Verizon. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
I totally agree with that concern! - Galadriel C. from Android
i have a personal one and i love it. your campus IT people may have them available for loan or chargeback. try getting a free one from freedompop (not exactly free--the basic service is free but the device costs ... routinely available for $30 from 1sale or similar). make sure there's coverage for clear/sprint (freedompop is a MVNO that uses sprint's wimax network) before doing this. - henry
Sharing with IT guy ( hi Lou!). - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I'm at a public library but I could check with City IT and see if they have anything or any ideas. They are slow to non-responsive :) - John: Thread Killer
Jason Griffey
LibraryBox receives a Knight Foundation Prototype Grant http://jasongriffey.net/wp...
DUDE! - Jason Griffey
Awesome! - Katy S from iPhone
That's awesome!! Congratulations!! - Laura
How fantastic; congratulations! - Galadriel C. from Android
Go Griffey!!! - laura x from iPhone
[insert "I knew him when" comment here] :D - Catherine Pellegrino
walt crawford
I see the Joe & Steve Show moved to TxLA after CIL. Coming soon to your conference? https://twitter.com/library...
John's RT hit here the same time I was commenting on it. Somehow, not likely to spend time watching the video, much as I love the Riverwalk. - walt crawford
I have never been to San Antonio. This does not inspire me to change that. - laura x from iPhone
The Riiverwalk is lovely, and San Antonio in general is really quite nice (at least in the winter and spring). I really miss ALA having Midwinter there: you never had to cross a city street, you could walk for miles along the river... - walt crawford
i had great food and loved the ice houses in san antonio. laura x - we should go together. meg can take care of peter n'such ; ) - jambina
Sounds fabulous. Meg might need a practice toddler. :) - laura x from iPhone
training moment. done. let's start planning. ; ) - jambina
That was the best SLA in 2001. - Joe
Spent about 48 hours in San Antonio earlier this week (pre-TLA) ... if you go, make sure to venture out to the Blue Star Arts area. Stella Public House and 1919 were both amazing. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I LOLed at "the joe and steve show". Thanks for that, Walt. :-) - Jason Griffey from iPhone
LSW: Joe
Do we have to change library vendor admin passwords? And passwords to get Counter stats?
Unlike. - Deborah Fitchett
And this is why my head hurts. So...many....passwords. - Jen
Yeah, probably most things just Aren't That Important. But I would love to subscribe to that journal. - Deborah Fitchett
Probably yes, but not until after the vendor has patched their systems. Which they'll never tell you. So good luck with that. - DJF from Android
You can see if a system is either fixed or was never vulnerable in the first place at http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/ - Deborah Fitchett
Waiting for advice from campus computer IT. - aaron
wonder if spring share, libraryh3lp etc are affected. - aaron from YouFeed
I sent a msg to OCLC yesterday asking for a public statement. Disappointed that they haven't said anything. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Keep in mind the chance anyone got your/my password is REALLY small. Some unknown number of passwords/usernames (probably other stuff) were taken from some unknown number of servers. Someone would've had to have been probing a server at just the right time to have grabbed yours/mine. - Blake
Someone should start the journal of password management. - Joe
I will write an article on password anxiety. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Aaron, Libraryh3lp IS affected. - DJF
Joe, would that journal be OA? - Marie
No, one will need to signup with an account to read the articles... - Joe
The response I got from Springshare is "weren't affected by it". Answer from libraryh3lp is a bit confusing, There is a mention that "login happens on a server that wasn't vulnerable to heartbleed." Followed by a mention , ".. are already patched". - aaron
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
My idea to launch a new website on the same day as the new ILS? Worst. Idea. Ever. We go live next Monday, and everyone is focused on ILS. So, have at it kids, and tell me what patrons are going to yell at me about. There's still stuff to be added and updated, but I'll see what you all find. http://lpl.lishost.org
So, I am one of your patrons, does that make my comments invalid? :). My first thought upon looking at the page was that the center column seemed oddly narrow. My second thought was "where is the catalog search?" That was a really prominent feature of the old page, and I'm sure lots of people look for it. I noticed it on the upper right before I saw the catalog button on the left. I was... more... - GretelSK
Oh god. Strength to your sword arm (re the two things on the same day) - maʀtha
Hey, this is super pared down! - maʀtha
Wait, new website + new ILS on the same day is a bad idea? Shit. - laura x
Pretty! I think the newsletter signup is where there should be a catalog search. It's very prominent. - Christina Pikas
Thanks, guys! ANd yes, Gretel, you most definitely count. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Someone else told me that font size change didn't work for them. Anyone else? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Font size change works on center column only. This isn't what I expected based on its placement on the page, but yeah, it did work. FFX/Mac latest. - RepoRat
The Contact Us button is a little light for me (Chrome/PC). I would also ditto Christina's suggestion on the newsletter vs. Catalog--though I'm glad it's default to catalog search not site search - Hedgehog
We're going to turn off font adjustment. It's java based. It was something the developer threw in. I'm not wedded to it. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
lots of search boxes. not sure where I'd go to find the novel I want to read. (the chat box looks like a search box - tho' I *know* it's a chat box … actually, it looks like 2 search boxes) …. good luck on Monday!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Just to note comparisons: Livermore Public (which has one search box, with web and library buttons, pretty much where yours is, but also has a larger, more prominent catalog search box that allows for specific index options lower on the page) calls their chat box--in a similar location to yours--"Ask a librarian." (I am *not* recommending LPL's homepage in general; it has good and bad points.) - walt crawford
Super pared down - love seeing white space! I looked for the catalog search in the middle, then went right and was confused by the newsletters box. I love the overall simplicity - fingers crossed for Monday! - Jen
Hey, this is really coming along nicely. 15 gold stars for you! And a drink - maʀtha
Are you building this all by yourself? - maʀtha
Lishost got it started, with a lot of design input from another staff member. I've done all the content and am learning lots about Drupal. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Renders fairly well on iPhone, but there are a couple of places where text is hidden under other items. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Rochelle has been our website GODDESS. The rest of simply run away in fear...ahem, I mean we are SOOOOOO busy every minute we cannot, CANNOT possibly learn and help *whistling & looking guilty* - Marge LW
That's a known issue, Jason. It's beyond my capability to fix (as I truly am the accidental web person). Would appreciate any suggestions from Drupal folk. Thankfully, it seems to be a problem on just iPhone. I mean, who uses those? Heh. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Thank you much to everyone who has had a look and offered advice. We still need to make some adjustments, but are focused on the ILS, which launched, then crashed on the same day. Aside from an anonymous hateful message from someone who clearly has an ax to grind, comments have been overwhelmingly positive! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
walt crawford
While I tend to agree that ALA shouldn't hold conferences in states that don't support LGBT rights (altho' I'd hate to lose NOLA), the first case--Orlando in 2016--gets this response: "Really? You're honestly going to go back to Orlando? Gluttons for punishment? What's next, Miami/Miami Beach again?"
[Unless the logistics of Orlando have somehow been transformed since the last dismal experience...] Of course, since my attendance is entirely optional and, I suspect, increasingly improbable, it's not my fight. (Las Vegas this summer: Haven't ruled it out, but not looking good.) - walt crawford
ALA is back in Orlando (which I did not expect due the reasons you state) because we contacted for two originally and postponed the second because the first got such low marks. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Yeah, boy, my one experience in Orlando was awful. Unfortunately, no big deal for me to skip that one. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I'm wondering whether there won't be thousands of "no big deal to skip that one" responses to the logistical nightmare of Orlando. - walt crawford
i think the logistical nightmare that will happen in Las Vegas will leave most folks unwilling to deal with the known problem of Orlando. 2 hellish and too damn spread out conferences in a row is a pretty stupid idea. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Given enough time, I'm sure every possible venue can be ruled out for one reason or another. - Andy
Orlando for sheer suckage. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Not the good kind of sucking, I take it. - Andy
Andy, I'm just gonna let that sit there. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
You could let it lay there if you wanted to let it be comfortable. - Andy
Vegas shouldn't be bad. Monorail handles the back and forth pretty well. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Yeah, while I probably won't be going, based on the hotel map Vegas should be OK. - walt crawford
I don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere on LSW, but I really appreciate BCALA's statement on Orlando. I understand logistically that ALA can't change venues, but, and I say this as someone who was born and raised in Florida, Florida has gone off the deep end and I'd be happy to see some damage to the tourist economy in protest of Stand Your Ground. http://www.facebook.com/groups... - Regular Amanda
(And, as I understand it, BCALA hasn't called for a boycott of Orlando, but is expressing concern. The vindictive nature of "hope there are some economic damages" is mine alone.) - Regular Amanda
Regular Amanda
Is there a (humane) way to create/collect quantified self data? I'm thinking of putting together a super beginner workshop on new info visualization and/or mapping tools. Audience is the general public with no experience. Would it be fun or creepy for people to somehow gather and play with their own data, about themselves?
Examples of what I'm thinking about: download one's own email and run it through text analysis. Download one's own movements (from a smartphone?) and plot on Google Maps. (Though then Google owns a copy of the data?) I can't quite think this through, but something that would (a) give people more ownership over data about themselves and (b) serve as an intro to basic text analysis/spatial analysis tools. - Regular Amanda
Well, you could start by pointing out the ways that companies are already doing all/most of this, and so they might as well know how it works. - laura x
For email, this might help: http://mobisocial.stanford.edu/muse... - RepoRat
i think you can use NodeXL to grab and analyze a bunch of stuff? they've added a bunch of things recently - it's a free plugin for Excel - Christina Pikas
Muse looks awesome! And via the Scout Report I just learned about a Chrome plug in to track your web page visits: https://chrome.google.com/webstor... - Regular Amanda
I think my larger question is, though: how can people find and access the data their own phones have about them, or their own web browser? It might be easiest to just focus on the browser and email, since those data stores are relatively (?) accessible. - Regular Amanda
I've been playing with an iOS app called "Reporter" that does some interesting data collection (both qual and quant) and then allows you to dump to a csv file...might be worth mentioning? http://www.reporter-app.com/ - Jason Griffey
That's perfect! Leaving aside questions of access (is there an Android version, not everyone has smartphones), if a class did use this, would it then be uncomfortable to share results with other members of the class? At first I thought that if people did basic analysis on themselves, that might be more compelling than a canned data or text set. But if my analysis shows that I largely... more... - Regular Amanda
I want to re-buy a copy of Appetite for Destruction, but I also want to make sure that Izzy Stradlin gets ALL of the royalties. https://www.youtube.com/watch...
You know, I pulled out some GnR the other day to listen to, and found that I could barely make it through most of the albums because of the misogyny. Didn't notice it when I was in HS....SO NOTICE IT now. - Jason Griffey
Sigh, that's depressing. Not entirely surprising, given their follow-up EP, tho... - Zamms
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Has anyone written about how well-intentioned organizations who started using wikis several years ago, are now stuck with information bogs from which it's hard to retrieve anything? Pretty sure we did it wrong.
Preach. - Marie
I'm making everyone weed the wiki. Only because I cannot burn it to the ground. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Every time one of our librarians says "we could put it on the wiki" I cringe. I try not to do so visibly, but... - Catherine Pellegrino
But you guys, wikis were going to change everything! - laura x
You know, there might be something about best practices here: http://www.libsuccess.org/Main_Pa... - Catherine Pellegrino
I kinda poked around on there, but didn't find anything super helpful. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Oh man. I love wikis. I love their disorganization, I love their flatness, I love their lack of hierarchy. Love! Note: I may be alone in this. - Jason Griffey
Our internal staff wiki is great! We use it heavily, so much better for many tasks than the shared network drive. - maʀtha
Rochelle, I nominate you to go in and blow up anything I wrote on the wiki :-p - Hedgehog
Time to find those articles where people say how wikis are the future of libraries. - Andy
Hmm. That didn't take very long to find (circa 2005, bonus points since it uses Library 2.0): http://www.webology.org/2006... - Andy
LOL: "Email mailing lists, webmasters ---> Blogs, wikis, RSS feeds" - Andy
Sorry, context: that's how the author sees the movement from Library 1.0 to Library 2.0. - Andy
ours was DOA. saw it coming a mile away. - aaron from YouFeed
Seeing Andy's stuff: 1. "Really? Webology's still around?" 2. "Hmm. Did I cover Maness in my takedown?" Yes, in fact, I did. Part of me mourns wikis. Not a very large part. - walt crawford
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Student worker brought me in some white willow bark powder, which he thinks will help my RA in a tincture or tea. He said, "I'm just bringing you the whole bag, because I thought it would look weird to drop off a little baggie of white powder at work." #nosnortinginthelibrary #notusingstudentworkersasdrugmule
Isn't that just aspirin? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Yep - well, aspirin is synthesized salicylic acid/willow bark. The natural form is supposed to have additional benefits. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
You know what they call alternative medicine that works, right? They call it _medicine_. :-) - Jason Griffey
^A fellow Dara Ó Briain fan I hope, Jason? - Soup in a TARDIS
Katy S
Am I the only one doing a double take or raising an eyebrow after reading the last line in Manley's February Booklist column? ETA: Link provided by Andy - http://www.booklistonline.com/The-Man...
What the fuck - DJF from Android
yeah - maʀtha
eh ? - Peter Dawson
On the plus side, Manley just got fired from another writing gig. - DJF from Android
Um. Ok. Then. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
*rolls eyes* - Kirsten
o.O - RepoRat
Whoa, dude, just... whoa. - Regular Amanda
Eh, and how often is it a good idea to read just the last line of anything? Context matters. Anyone read the entire column? - Library Fool
I read the few paragraphs above, and see what he's trying to get at. But he failed completely as soon as he wrote that last sentence. - DJF from Android
Library Fool - I read the whole column. Obviously, I had it in front of me when I took the photo. It was all about his white man understanding of the black experience. I was not impressed. The last line was just par for the course. - Katy S from iPhone
At one point he laments that black people didn't want his help with civil rights work. - Katy S from iPhone
Poor guy - DJF from Android
Better to burn out than the fade away, amiright? - Andy
...no words - Sir Shuping is just sir
Oh Lord. Dear Booklist: I write well. Please consider hiring me as a replacement. - laura x from iPhone
It's pretty self-indulgent. - Katy S
Uli, I think the biggest problem for me is the entitlement that seems to go along with his take that his experience is the only experience and so that's his view. I have a problem with the term "black experience" because there is no singular, monolithic "black experience." My life is as different from the neighbor next door, to Will Smith to President Obama, to the student I helped with... more... - Derrick
Uli - In addition to what Derrick said, there is a long history of white people trying to define and control the definitions of the experiences of people of color in this country. It's still pervasive. - Katy S from iPhone
+1, Katy. - Derrick
as in his blog post about the ALA code of conduct, he sets up his reality as the normative one - maʀtha
It's not about the conversation, it's the rules. Manley wants a conversation where he is comfortable and always important. - Pete's Got To Go
This was his last column. He retired. https://twitter.com/ALA_Boo... - Andy
out with a bang, huh. - ~Courtney F
I wonder if this was the "after the Code of Conduct and this column, maybe you should retire" conversation result. Seem awful quick and without any "hey this is my last column," in this last column. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Christ what an asshole - DJF from Android
Just keep in mind that they didn't renew Griffey's contract but Manley's was. - Andy
What? But Griffey is awesome! - RepoRat
tametheweb.com/2011/12/31/jason-griffey-signs-off-perpetual-beta/ - Andy
The AL magazine link is 404ing. - Andy
Yeah, it does seem rather... abrupt. - laura x
Well, that sucks about Griffey - maʀtha
the date is for the end of 2011, so it's older news - Andy
yeah, you can tell how often I read ALA stuff *shamefaced* - RepoRat
and yet the AL is still collecting paychecks. - Andy
Same reason. People read that stuff. I shouldn't talk, though; I'm collecting a paycheck from that same org, and they value me because (for an academic-library column) I collect pageviews. ;) - RepoRat
aww, it's nice seeing people be disappointed about that, but yeah, it's old news. In the interim, they totally killed the old URL structure, so pretty much everything that DID link to Perpetual Beta is broken. The content is still around, here: http://almag.lishost.org/categor... - Jason Griffey
I was pretty pissed at the time about the contract, though. They killed it with 2 weeks left, and no discussion or warning or anything. I mostly like working with AL, but they've done some dumb things. - Jason Griffey
Anybody in here from UNC-Chapel Hill or University of British Columbia?
Raises hand. From UNC-CH. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an from iPhone
Oh, lovely. - Hedgehog
UNC-CH SILS here. - Catherine Pellegrino
*UNC-CH SILS fist bump* - Marie
*Bumps fists with classmates* Bet you didn't know that Catherine & Marie & I got our MLS together. Go Heels! :-) - Jason Griffey from iPhone
~Courtney F
my @LibraryBoxen t-shirt came just in time for #alamw14!
mine too! - holly #ravingfangirl
Awesome! I STILL DONT HAVE ONE. hopefully, tomorrow. - Jason Griffey
I was trying to remember what t-shirt I had ordered :) It's a nice shirt - not too thick, and the printing is great! - ~Courtney F
Have any of you been in southern Spain for Semana Santa?
I have lots of friends that have, if you need info. LMK. - Jason Griffey
Griffey! Thanks, I was just looking to wax nostalgic. - Marie
I was there about a decade ago, in Sevilla. I saw the Semana Santa processions. Did you have a favorite paso? - Jessie
walt crawford
I probably shouldn't have done it, and I may regret it, but I couldn't resist commenting on David Lee King's post and a librarian's "sorta illegal" comment about torrents. And the wisdom of teaching a child that if a law's easy to break, it's worthless. http://www.davidleeking.com/2013...
I didn't put the second part quite that strongly in my comment. - walt crawford
Well. I do think some laws are worthless, and I don't obey all of them. And I will likely explain that to my kid. What he decides to do is up to him. - laura x
All this, of course, assumes that the comment ever shows up. So far, it hasn't. A little surprised to see sign-in-with-some-other-app comment control *plus* moderation before the comment appears. - walt crawford
I can see your comment Walt - Hedgehog
Musta just gotten approved. - walt crawford
Fwiw: his post doesn't mention torrents. And I can't say I disagree with Laura...stupid laws are stupid. It's nearly impossible to live in today's world without unknowingly breaking copyright law. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
OK, he said "rogue streaming," not "torrents"--but then, my comment didn't mention torrents either. I would argue that "unknowingly" doesn't apply here. - walt crawford
I'd actually be interested in examples of Jason's last sentence, assuming that neither fair use nor things that fall under the Betamax ruling count as "breaking copyright law." Nearly impossible? Really? - walt crawford
Yep. There have been rulings that prohibit the multiple copies of certain types of code that your computer has to make simply to operate (a copy in resident memory and another on disk, for instance). Did you sing Happy Birthday to anyone this year? When was the last time you made a photocopy of anything? Are you certain that your photocopy falls under Fair Use? Take a picture of a piece... more... - Jason Griffey
You may be right on some of those. As to the last sentence, NO NO NO. Read the damn law. Fair use is NOT defense for an infraction. It is an exemption. - walt crawford
laura x
So yeah. Seeing it in print has pretty much blown my head size up about 30 times.
Whoa! GO YOU! - Soup in a TARDIS
Wow! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Woah! Awesome!!!! - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Marvelous! - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Woot!! - Amit Patel
Awesome! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
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