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Jason Griffey
And here we go…keynoting the first NISO Virtual Conference! Trying out a new presentation, first time giving it, a bit nervous.
And you mispronounced my name. :P - DJF from Android
Fiander, you so fussy :P - Jenica
There are very few people that I expect to get my name right, but Jason is on that list. As are you. - DJF
Aaaaand now I'm wondering if I'm doing it right. - Jenica
feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ander - kendrak
Kendra's actually not on the list, since I don't think we've ever been in the same city. - DJF
At the same time? Probably not. I do know it's actually Figh-ander, with love. - kendrak
Fy-ANDER - Hedgehog
:-D - DJF
fie-and-ER? ;) - Katie
also, i'm sort of kicking myself for being too slammed today to go across campus to attend the conference. - kendrak
the problem with virtual conferences is that the catering always sucks. - DJF
I should start taking side bets on whether Todd gets my name right this afternoon when he introduces me. Because he SHOULD know how to pronounce it, after a couple of years of monthly teleconference calls with me. - DJF
While I did my mea culpa's (pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove") over on Twitter, I will do them again here. I do know how to pronounce Fiander, and just messed it up. It's also pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove", correct? - Jason Griffey
Well, yes, that's now the Virginian branch of the family says it (yes, there are Fianders that settled in pre-revolutionary Virginia) - DJF
Yes, because you are very very old school. Proper. - kendrak
The Virginians 'settled' there because they had been sentenced to transportation to the penal colony. My part of the family is (relatively) newly arrived. We didn't appear in Cape Breton until the 1830s or so. - DJF
Jason, your talk was great. And Todd got my name right - DJF from Android
So how *do* we supposed to say it, Mr. DJF?! - awd
fee-fye-and-under-ov-ER - kendrak
and ps - somebody bought me the hardware for a library box today. gonna hack this mother! - kendrak
Awesome! Kendra, LMK if the instructions suck or if you run into problems that are my fault. - Jason Griffey
Will do! It's sort of cool. I was explaining it all to my partner (who then promptly went to Fry's and bought the gear) and he seemed really intrigued by the idea. The website did a better job explaining it than my ramblings. - kendrak
Sometime this year I will make one. Challenge myself, do a project with Justin, and walk a piece of the talk. :) - Jenica from iPhone
Jason Griffey
RT @ndiipp: LibraryBoxes will be appearing all over Austin during #SXSW @griffey #SXSWlam @NDSA2
Can't wait for djf's session, so i can finally figure out what a LibraryBox is! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Does the website do a bad job explaining? - Jason Griffey
Reading is difficult. Is there an easy explanation, preferably set to dubstep? - kendrak
I'll make sure to warn you before I drop the bass - DJF
Awesome! I'm ready to go. More seriously though, I think I'm going to buy the hardware today and make my slightly dodgy dreams come true. - kendrak
Jason Griffey
"I always call this "burning the boats". If you get somewhere, and you want to make sure people can't go back from where they came, you burn the boats. :-)" - Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
Why yes, I am drinking a bacon manhattan. The real question is, why are you not?
because bacon doesn't need to be in everything. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
because I don't drink Manhattans, bacon or otherwise. Nor would I drink a bacon wine. - Walt Crawford
because I hate you. - Meg VMeg
what meg said - jambina
Because bacon should be chewed, not sipped! - Jenny from Android
I admit, I was concerned when I ordered, but it was nicely balanced, and the "bacon" aspect wasn't overwhelming or badly done. Touch of maple syrup instead of simple syrup/sugar, and it was quite good. - Jason Griffey
Actually, just a manhattan with maple syrup sounds pretty good. And do-able, as I have all the ingredients in my house now.... - WebGoddess
Jason Griffey
Eliza gets her first library card!
Already??? - Hedgehog
Yep, the local public lets kids get their own card at 5. - Jason Griffey
♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Thanks to host @griffey @webgoddess and I came off as smart as all get out. On #ALLive Direct
Well, you did... - WebGoddess
It was all about you, Maurice. All about you. - Jason Griffey
Nope it was about us. You two were awesome. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
get a room. - jambina
With those two and a bottle of whiskey? Ok. I'm game!! (the other response I could have made was "I did. Yesterday. The link above is to the video of the result of the three of us "getting a room" - that might have gotten us an extra link click or two, yes?) - WebGoddess
wOOt! - barbara fister
Does anyone ever use a smartphone app to control a presentation on a computer?
I've seen it done and was just discussing setting something like that up at work today. We found the presentation clicker, so we didn't, but it is possible. Almost easy if you have a Mac, Keynote and an iPhone. Otherwise, I'm not sure... - WebGoddess
It's a new feature built into LibreOffice 4 (Impress), with an official Android app provided by The Document Foundation. I see several other third-party apps that work with PowerPoint. - Julian
Nice! I hadn't noticed that!! I do know there are apps that work with PP, but I don't know how easy they are to set up. I think I've tried one and failed, but I was rushed, so it may actually be pretty easy, I was just unable to focus. I'll have to take a look at Impress again... - WebGoddess
That is my normal presentation style, but I use my iPad so that notes are easier to read. Keynote on OSX + Keynote Remote on iOS. I wrote up a post about how I do my keynotes and such a year or so ago: - Jason Griffey
Toying with the idea of going to ALA this summer. I've never been.
I did a quick search and don't see an ALA thread. Who is going or maybe going? - maʀtha
maybe. depends on whether SLIS needs another booth babe. - RepoRat
I will be there for a day trip; not sure which day. - Catherine Pellegrino
You could wear the jacket at the booth. - maʀtha
I'll be there, probably fri-mon - ellbeecee
I'll be there, probably fri-mon as well - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'll be there at least fri-mon, maybe longer. - Marianne
I will be there for Friday-Monday. - Hedgehog
I will be there. Am already booked in the Palmer. - kaijsa
I'll be there Fri-Tuesday - ~Courtney F
I'll be there, days dependent on when my family's free for a 48 hour trip to Rockford, and I can confirm that (no surprise) Griffey will be there as well, as he his my roommate. - Jenica
i just booked my hotel for chicago. plenty of ala-sponsored $200/night rooms left. other rooms out there if you're willing to explore. looking for a roommate (room rate is $165/night plus tax). - henry
I'll be there. - Caitlin
I'll be there since it's so close; I'll likely be staying with friends who live in Chicago - John: Thread Killer
I put in for it at work at got the initial approval, but we'll see how things go with the budget. - Katie
As noted, I will indeed be there. ALA Annual is a circus, loud and busy and if you're doing it right, fun. - Jason Griffey
Thursday to Wednesday... If you want a Circus... wait til 2014 -- ALA Las Vegas! - awd
I'm there Fri-Tues with possible early play days since its a short train ride away - Marge LW
Going! Rochelle is my roomie! - maʀtha
Missed my chance, eh? ;-) - DJF from Android
so, I finally will get to meat Martha? (plus others, of course, but mostly Martha ;) ) - ellbeecee
Yep! - maʀtha
DJF, you snooze, you lose - maʀtha
Since you'll be in Chicago, you should know that there are direct flights from there to here. - DJF
:) - maʀtha
Amanda Clay Powers
Essay argues that Aaron Swartz was wrong | Inside Higher Ed -
RT @alexismadrigal: Theory: any essay that pulls just the 1st part of Stewart Brand's quote on the cost of information will be bad. http ... - Amanda Clay Powers
That was my first sign I should stop reading...the fact that he clearly doesn't know what Brand said. - Jason Griffey
I like alexismadrigal's formulation. And couldn't make it past the first para. of the essay. - Walt Crawford
I'm holding myself back from writing a response, because it would be useless. Don't feed the trolls, and all...but wow, that's a terrible article. - Jason Griffey
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
3rd year reappointment documents submitted. Now to hold my breath and wait. If my stomach were less upset, there would be rum.
NO FEAR - Andy
You'll be FINE. Chill! - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Listen to Griffey. Please. - Mary Carmen
what MC and griffey said - Sir Shuping is just sir
Hah, I just emailed in my midterm review docs today. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Yeah, you will be fine. - Joe - Systems Analyst
If you hold your breath long enough, you will pass out... #trufax (also, don't test this theory) - awd
Jason Griffey
Re: It's Internet Freedom Day: time to share MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech -
"Irony, thy name is US copyright law. Gone already." - Jason Griffey
holly #ravingfangirl
how can you claim to be a big music fan, live in Texas, but have never heard of SXSW?
I always thought SXSW was a computer trade show. *shrug* - Soup in a TARDIS
I'm a big music fan, and live 20 min from Bonnarroo and have never gone. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
i'm not talking about going to it. this person had never even heard of it. "SXSW? what's that? where is it?" - holly #ravingfangirl
Did you mock them publicly, Holly? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I think it depends on the type of music they're in to? Then again, SXSW was always about independent music until indie went mainstream and now it's sort of good and sort of lamestream. Music fan means nothing. - kendrak
heh. she's kind of a twerp in general, 3, so i mostly just roll my eyes and make judgy thoughts at her like this. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Is she under 30? It's been more about SXSWi (i.e., not music) for a while, and people also call it "South by" a lot now. She may not know that "South by" is short for SXSW? Also: TOTAL TWERP. - Meg VMeg
She's probably from Lubbock #zing #texasjokes - Marie
Stephen Francoeur
Jason Griffey, "Thinking about Organizations," Pattern Recognition -
this is HUGELY interesting. I'd be curious to know what the pressures are that incline toward hierarchy. - RepoRat
Pull quote: “Is anyone else seeing the growth of professional positions at the cost of staff or paraprofessional?” - Stephen Francoeur
Sort of? I might blog our story, but we have no parapros - only professionals here. It's... not really working. - kendrak
I would be interested to read that, Kendra. - RepoRat
Probably not the dynamic you are looking at, but here and there (outside of libraries) I see hourly employees replaced with salaried, which in practice tends to be paraprofessional replaced with professional. The basic idea seems to be more skills + no overtime = more flexibility. - Mark Kille
D - we're a weird case since we're a small affiliated library, but I sort of worry we're a model of crap to come. It's going to be a painful learning curve. Also, we drastically reduced staff. - kendrak
Oddly, I think we're going a little bit this way as well. We've seen a lot of attrition of staff positions with retirements but the focus is on getting the professional positions filled. We had 10-ish people retire from tech services last summer, I think they only filled 7 or 8 of the positions and a lot of those job duties were vastly reinvented. - Hedgehog
Kendra: keep talking. :) I'm interested in all situations, all lessons. - RepoRat
I'm gonna go write this up, I'll post the link when I'm done. - kendrak
I have thoughts. I should dust off the blog. - Jenica
we did this where i work... other groups here in the lab have a secretary to help manage routine things like travel vouchers and food for meetings and visit requests, my group is almost all senior professional staff so we do a lot of these things ourselves. - Christina Pikas
We seem to be replacing line positions with Unit Heads and getting *lots* more vertical. Admin suite is the only full unit in the building. , with professional staff primarily but we are also in the midst of hiring a 2nd AD. It certainly devalues the heck out of the line positions of public services work, which are practically all that's left... (also undermines liaison work, which is supposedly the 'future of librarianship') - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Jenica: I like thoughts! - RepoRat
My library lost a staff position in a round of layoffs a year and a half ago; we haven't added professional positions, but we haven't lost any either (current open position notwithstanding). That has more to do with librarians as faculty -- and thus virtually un-lay-off-able -- than larger changes in staffing trends, though. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
thank you, those thoughts are crunchy and chewy at the same time :) - RepoRat
That was great, Kendra. As far as pressures towards hierarchy, RepoRat, they tend to be communication issues, but also management/responsibility lines. Those are sometimes but not always the same thing. ;-) We're getting bigger, mainly in the public side of the world, as backend processes are automated, and that's hard to manage just from a people-per-manager calculus. Our head of ref/instruction has 7-8 people that report them. I have 2. We're both department heads. - Jason Griffey
thanks, Griffey! - RepoRat
thank you. fascinating, and I love the "fog of war" metaphor and will probably steal it. *g* - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
Interesting. The toughest part of switching from print newspaper to Kindle is...finding ways to get the comics we want and (for my wife) Jumble. The actual newspaper part: Easy.
Just go do the jumble in the public library's copy like everyone else. - Steele Lawman
It's an extra cost annually but I really like my daily subscription to It's $15 a year (I think?) and there are many options. You can look through and see what they have before buying. - Hedgehog
Darkgate comic Slurper is the answer! I'm sure it has holes in coverage, but it's pretty great. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Hedgehog: We've both set up free gocomics subscriptions--going to the website doesn't seem enough more trouble than getting email to be worth $12 each (the current annual sub). That gets about half of what we missed; SFGate's comics center has all the rest (except Dilbert). My wife also found that the Seattle paper's site has most of the comics she misses. - Walt Crawford
Jason: I might look into that. Thanks. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 arrived today--I think--apparently between 6:30 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. (unless it's been sitting on the stoop all night). Now charging; managed to connect to our wifi network (after rebooting router--we have a LONG security key that involves lots'o'shifts on that little virtual keyboard). After shopping, we'll set up Amazon account..
...then see whether the e-edition of the SFChronicle or the Kindle app will actually meet our needs (replacing the print Chron is the reason we bought this: at $530/year vs. either $60 or $100 for Kindle or e-edition, we'll pay for the device in ab. half a year). - Walt Crawford
First impression: The screen is as stunning as the current iPad, if a trifle smaller. And "Gorilla glass doesn't show fingerprints" is, of course, pure nonsense. Oh, and *some* touch gestures are, in fact, obvious, even to a Luddite like me. - Walt Crawford
Looking forward to hearing what you think! - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Jason: I may do a blog post. Our use case is fairly specific: We want to replace the SFChronicle in a satisfactory manner. So far, well... The e-edition (web-based) just doesn't work: After seven minutes of loading, I gave up on the Olive software it uses. The Kindle edition *does* work--lacking comics and ads and obituaries and weather and games, but appears to have all other stories. (We'll see tomorrow: the Sunday paper...) - Walt Crawford
Otherwise: Silk is, shall we say, leisurely. The keyboard is...well, it's not unworkable. The Kindle bookstore does a great job of hiding free books (they're there but not browsable). The screen itself: First-rate. Otherwise: Too early to tell. (And we need to make up our minds by Monday, 'cuz if we need an iPad instead, Target has a $50 rebate, good through Monday.) - Walt Crawford
Oh: Gmail on the web does work, not terribly badly. The problem with using Gmail in the email *app* is, as far as I can see, we'd wind up intermixing my mail and my wife's, and we really don't want to do that. As it is, signing out of Gmail is cumbersome at best. - Walt Crawford
Followup: I will do a probably-long post about this, soon. Sunday paper: All the stories there, and since the "real paper" arrived at 7:45--and I was ready to read it at 6:45--I'd basically read everything by the time the print version arrived. Right now, I'm 95% convinced that we'll keep it and stop the print Chron subscription--which I now calculate as $559/year, not $530. Which means it will take 6.4 months for the Fire HD to pay for itself. - Walt Crawford
Oh: And verified: a 6x9 PDF [e.g. the one-column C&I] looks *great.* And if I keep the HTML C&I essays, I need to tweak the template so they come out as serif in Silk and other "unless forced otherwise, we show sans and YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT" browsers. (The C&I home page: Great. The essays: Not quite so much.) - Walt Crawford
I've now posted a rambling, too-long sort-of review. Currently 95%-99% certain we'll keep the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and drop our print newspaper subscription, keeping the Kindle subscription instead. - Walt Crawford
Followup: The end of an era (for me). I just cancelled the print subscription to the SF Chronicle ($559/year), replacing it with Kindle subscription ($71.88/year). Will set up comics later. - Walt Crawford
Hey, I just found out I'll be at Midwinter for a couple of days. Interested in doing a meetup the night of the 27th or 28th?
is that sunday & monday? sounds good - awd
SI! - jambina
is there a lita thing we can crash? - Marie
*boggle* I'm not finding it on the MW scheduler... nor on the LITA pages nor on the LITA blog ... [eta: I was looking for LITA Happy Hour - of which I would swear there is one at every BigALA conclave] - awd
well, okay then. TBD. - Marie
yes! i think i saw mention that the LITA thinger was not a scheduled event this year... for a reason i can't remember exactly. - holly #ravingfangirl
<profanity-laced intemperate remarks redacted> - awd
Let me find out about happy hour, hang. Will lyk. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Count me in!! - Hedgehog from Android
This latest WordPress update is making me all ಠ_ಠ
NO. SHIT. I'm suggesting to all the libraries in KS that they hold off - it's screwing things up left and right for us. The latest thing is that the Google Analyticator plugin is now messing up the JavaScript on the widgets page and making it only partially display on the backend. That was a fun one to troubleshoot and find... - WebGoddess
Although, in WP's defense - this is the same server that got so full it crashed - twice - before I could move it to a bigger hard drive, so we are trying to decide what was WP's fault and what was the "running out of space on the server''s fault. That makes it extra fun. - WebGoddess
I updated, and yesterday did MPOWs install...haven't noticed anything yet. What are you seeing, Blake? - Jason Griffey from iPhone
They changed a function (which is good) but it's killing sites (which is an easy fix), this never happens, so it's unusual. There have been several other random problems with plugins as well. Just really unusual. I have like 300 WP installs, so even a rare problem gives me ಠ_ಠ - Blake
Yeah, I've got 213 or so, so all problems are magnified... Do you have a link to that fix, Blake? I'm not sure we've run into it yet, but as people upgrade, it will be nice to have to send out. KThxBye Loveya!! - WebGoddess
Awesome! Thanks, Blake - you are the best! - WebGoddess
Walt Crawford
If you're not already a Whatever reader, you must read today's rant:
Noting that, of the first 42, comments, only one sees fit to disparage Scalzi. Which is only one too many. - Walt Crawford
Kind of where I am with speaking gigs; at minimum, "reimburse me and comp me a day." Particularly if they're comping/paying dudes at the same conference, because hello. - RepoRat
I kinda feel the same way about my knitting. - Mary Carmen
there are a couple comments in the comment thread to the post about that, and I agree with them entirely -- knitting is srs bzns. - RepoRat
Yep, and consider the fair price for a requested sweater: In the $1,600 to $2,000 range. Sounds about right to me. - Walt Crawford
Yup. It's time consuming and the materials are not cheap. You are not getting around spending $200 on that cashmere sweater when you knit it yourself. And that may only be the cost of the yarn. Doesn't even consider the time. - Mary Carmen
It floors me how often I've been asked to let someone use my photos or code a website for free, especially when they sell advertising or otherwise intend to make money off of MY work. - vicster: full-bodied
Wow. I guess Scalzi doesn't believe his Mallet of Loving Correction applies to him. That's one of the more hostile things I've ever read. (I don't disagree with his point, just his rhetorical strategy.) - laura x from BuddyFeed
Interesting. It didn't strike me as especially hostile, mostly weary of the situation. Different folks. - Walt Crawford
Possibly intentional. The kind of person clueless enough to make this kind of request/demand is sometimes not put off by reason, much less kindness. - RepoRat
I notice that he mentions the famous Harlan Ellison video right up top, but my personal fav is the Mike Montiero video linked about halfway down the comments: It's about 40 minutes, and worth every minute, as he's got his lawyer there to back him up. It's awesome. - Jason Griffey
I guess when people make clueless requests of me, I just say no. *shrug* - laura x from BuddyFeed
I guess I'm surprised because he usually strikes me as kind and reasonable in the things he writes that people link to. I may lack the context for this, since I'm not a regular reader. (But his comment policies have always irked me--but that's another topic for another thread and typing on an actual computer.) - laura x from BuddyFeed
I particularly like this from the first comment: "Do the goobs who ask you to write for them for free also think that people who wrote their term papers for them in college expected to do it for free?" - John Dupuis
I suspect he was just saying no for quite a while. I'm not suggesting anybody else should be as blunt as he is. There's a followup post today: - Walt Crawford
Scalzi is a self-righteous asshole. Sometimes I enjoy that about him. Sometimes I think it's pathetic. - Steele Lawman
DYING OF LULZ (and Really Bad Cover Art) HERE. - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
Serious question: If we want to get a tablet primarily to use the web (turns out the SF Chronicle's web e-edition is the only complete one), including email, and want high res: What makes the iPad worth $200 more than the Kindle Fire HD 9" or Nook HD+ 9"? (And which of the latter two is a better buy?)
I expect that the answer is that the $200 is worth it if you are ethnically Apple and like Apple UIs and otherwise it doesn't much matter. But I've never really used any of them, so I can't say. - laura x from BuddyFeed
you may want to read some gadget reviews specifically for quality of web-browsing experience; some tablets have pretty bad ones. - RepoRat
The good news is that all of the tablets mentioned have downloadable alternative browsers...the Amazon Fire built-in is decent, but not great...slower at rendering than the equivalent-generation iPad when I tested it, but that was the original Fire and not the HD. I'm sure the HD's horsepower helps, but the general reports online seem to indicate that it's still not the best built-in... more... - Jason Griffey
Jason: Thanks. That's useful. I think we want high resolution and at least an 8.9" screen since the primary use is reading the paper (which is a broadsheet in print form). Actually, the ability to *look* at one before buying gives the Nook and iPad an edge over the Kindle Fire HD. I'll look into the Nexus 10...but I see that it's $100 more expensive than the Nook and Kindle. (Actually $130 more than the equivalent Nook.) Anyway, this is helpful. - Walt Crawford
I do note that Barnes & Noble seems to be the first large-screen tablet maker/seller to charge a rational price for additional memory: $30 for an extra 16GB, as compared to the $100 that others seem to think is reasonable for, what, $8 worth of flash RAM? [That based on the two Sandisk 32GB flash drives we picked up for $9.95 each at Radio Shack, admittedly on Black Friday.] - Walt Crawford
My comment to my wife has been: For *other* content (assuming we'd use the web-based SF Chronicle e-edition), which monopolistic corporation do we prefer: Amazon or Apple? That's if the choice is between the Kindle and iPad... And damned if I'm sure how I'd answer that question. - Walt Crawford
The weird part about the Apple v Amazon thing is that while both are monopolistic content providers, apple wins that one. The iPad can access Kindle content, the reverse is not true. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
I noticed that. I'd consider Amazon a would-be content monopoly; Apple's more of a would-be technology-and-infrastructure monopoly. Barnes & Noble is neither... - Walt Crawford
Re: Amazon/Apple back and forth - From the public library POV, I and many of my patrons use the Kindle app on the iPad to access both Amazon and also OverDrive-pushed Amazon content. Infinitely easier than OverDrive's iPad app for patrons to figure out, in my experience. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
We're still pondering, and I'm sure it's entirely coincidental that today's Amazon Gold Box offering is $50 off the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, bringing it to $249, today only... (This assumes naively that there aren't special Gold Box offerings tailored to what people have recently viewed repeatedly.) - Walt Crawford
I just put in a pre-order for a PengPod. We shall see... - Rebecca Hedreen
Rebecca: Hmm. Not high-def (not even close), not yet shipping, based on unknown chip... I don't see that as meeting either our needs or our desire for an appliance-like device. Might be great for you. - Walt Crawford
The Gold Box special worked--that, and my wife's uneasiness with the low market share of the Nook and somewhat cloudy future of Barnes & Noble. Well, and the 30-day return policy for the Kindle (actually 50-days since it's the holiday season), since we saw some negative stuff about Silk, and wonder how well the Chron will work in the browser. - Walt Crawford
The killer relative to the iPad: We'd want to use the tablet for email when we start going on vacations again, and we'd be a lot less nervous risking a $250 tablet (price after $50 discount) than a $500 tablet. And, to be sure, the Kindle pays for itself in 7 months, where the iPad requires more than a year. Entering the iUniverse turned out not to bother me: if Silk's a pig, we may yet wind up with an iPad. - Walt Crawford
Meg VMeg
Have any of y'all incorporated or LLC'd or whatnot in order to make part-time consulting (or other on-the-side business) easier for taxes? Was it worth it? How *exactly* did it help with financial stuff?
Most I ever did was register a DBA name. Since that venture ended, I haven't bothered; sole proprietorship is fine for the kinds of things the huz and I get up to. The one thing to look into is estimated taxes, by the way. The IRS will kick yo azz if they don't get their cut. - RepoRat
Thanks! Yeah, I was wondering if establishing oneself in this way somehow helped with the estimated taxes problem (and I have to pay estimated state and city taxes too, booooooo). Definitely on my radar, though. My radar of sadness. - Meg VMeg
*shrug* not really. if anything, it makes the accounting more complicated. - RepoRat
one totally-legal way to try to avoid estimated taxes, *if* you are married and regularly-employed, is to ask your employer to withhold at the Single rate. I do this. Haven't needed to pay estimated taxes ever, though this tax year should be interesting. - RepoRat
IANYL, but I agree with RR's advice about the sole proprietorship & DBA name. For a sole person, setting up some kind of corporate structure is not usually worth the cost/hassle unless you need some shield against personal liability. If you were setting up a tree trimming business, then I'd say do it... consulting, probably not so much. - Elizabeth
Meg's Tree Trimming V. Meg's Hedge Trimming Services, LLC. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I will say that it can be worthwhile to have a separate checking account for your business stuffs, especially if (like me) you can be lazy about recording income and outgo. But you don't have to have a corporate structure to do that! - RepoRat
It could be worse: Livermore wants a license fee (one-time business license fee and annual fee based on income) for any home-based business, which includes consulting or writing. Basically, if there's a Schedule C, Livermore comes after you. - Walt Crawford
Meg, you should consult a qualified CPA, better if they have experience with consultants. Ask locally of folks who you know work from home. My accountant was gold telling me about stuff like liability, etc. If your stuff is truly part time then a good accountant will be worth what they charge you. And that cost is tax deductible, depending on how you file. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
DBA and tax ID are good for getting government work. I haven't had too many financial issues so far. I should send you a book. - kendrak
I use an ING account (now Citibank I guess) to hold tax money separate from my regular accounts, which has helped me immensely. 30% of all of my freelance checks go directly into that account and then I pay estimated quarterly. There's always been enough left over to cover the state--which I don't prepay. I do also withhold at single rate, as Dorothea said. I'm not doing much freelance these days though. - Hedgehog
Hedgehog: ING is now part of Capital One, not Citibank. [We have ING accounts, so are very aware of this...] - Walt Crawford
Capital One....right. Thanks Walt. I've been watching the change but I just use it as a holding pen. I've also got an ally account that I might be expanding depending on the moves Capital One makes. ING has been slowly going downhill ever since I started with them.... - Hedgehog
Same here, but our history of causing banks to go under (albeit with no actual causation) is as bad as our history with cruise lines and bankruptcies. I mean: Washington Mutual (and 3 predecessors), Wachovia (actually a predecessor), Countrywide, Ing: We use 'em, they go under. - Walt Crawford
get thee to a credit union! - RepoRat
We already have, for a portion of our banking. - Walt Crawford
I looked into the LLC thing, totally not worth it (as someone above said) since the liabilities aren't there. I do, however, have a totally separate business account that I use for anything business related (travel, software, hardware, whatever). I also pay quarterly estimates so as to avoid any sort of tax burden at year-end. I've never done a DBA, never needed it. - Jason Griffey
in California establishing a LLC guys you into an extra $800 in tax liability right off the top, so make sure you really need a LLC before creating one. - henry
holly #ravingfangirl
Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Potato Frittata) Recipe - -
Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Potato Frittata) Recipe -
"Tortilla española is everything we love about Spanish cooking—lusty, elemental, assuredly simple. Traditionally this Iberian omelet gets its heft from thin-sliced potatoes, but in the cookbook Cocinar En Casa (El Bulli, 2003), the chef Ferran Adrià proposes an audacious update. Eschewing the dirty work of peeling, slicing, and frying the potato, Adrià substitutes a generous handful of store-bought thick-cut potato chips, which soften to just the right tenderness thanks to a soak in the beaten egg before the omelet is cooked. Innovative as this approach may be, the result is absolutely canonical." - holly #ravingfangirl from Bookmarklet
I have this saved to try, as it sounds INSANE. But Adria is a freaking genius, so it's gotta be good. I make mine the traditional way, but the next one I make, I'm doing this. - Jason Griffey
I was dubious until I saw that it was Adria too, so i'm gonna try it. - holly #ravingfangirl
BETTER THAN IT SHOULD BE. - holly #ravingfangirl
Yes, but worth doing instead of the traditional? That's my benchmark... - Jason Griffey
i, um, er, haven't made the traditional yet. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Sarah G.
I have just learned that larger smart phones (the 5" ones, approaching tablet size) are called...wait for it...phablets. ...ಠ_ಠ
Only by "thought leaders"... - WebGoddess
Aw hell no. - Laura
As a guy who writes about the shit all the time: Hell no. That's a stupid-ass word. - Jason Griffey
Yah, it's ridiculous right? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Jason's being too kind. If a speaker used that "word" I might just be tempted to heave an overripe tomato. - Walt Crawford
Can't we call them "tones" instead? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ - John (bird whisperer)
Man, if you upset John you've really gone too far! - Spidra Webster
Phabulous, da'ling! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Can't tell if John flipped a table or a phablet ... - Mo Kargas
hell. ass. no. - holly #ravingfangirl
According to wikipedia, an alternate spelling is fhablet. THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE. - Sarah G.
Hablet should be a little habit, but fhablet is ri. DIC. ulous. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
fhablet would be something Elmer Fudd would say, "I hunting Wabbits with my fhablet... " ;) - WarLord
Tablónes (rhymes with cajónes) 'cuz it takes a lot of cajónes to say tablónes to someone's face. [Tablet less the 'et' + Phone less the Ph = tablónes! Okay, sure, the accent is purely affectation. Which can also be said for ALL iPhones, btw. #kidding #justkidding] - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
While I have one of those size (Samsung Note 2), I'm always going to call it my phone. (Regardless of the fact I make calls on it maybe 1% of the time I use it.) - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
Let's make something between the size of a tablet and a laptop and call it a taptop. - Morton Fox
Taptop. Thread complete. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Stephen Francoeur
Make a RFID shelf reader using Arduino!
Make a RFID shelf reader using Arduino!
Prezi preso. Consider yourself warned. - Stephen Francoeur
Does it come bundled with a dose of Dramamine? - Catherine Pellegrino
I approve highly of this in theory, and look forward to seeing the implementation when I am less woozy. - Marianne
I'm doing a presentation at CiL on this sort of stuff...thanks for the head's up, Stephen! - Jason Griffey
I just met the author of the presentation at a meeting of colleagues from CUNY libraries. This guy has been hiding his light under a bushel. Got sorts of skills we can put to good use at CUNY. - Stephen Francoeur
So we shouldn't hate him beacuse he uses Prezi? - Blake
Well, it was clever the way he put the text of his slides on different places on the bookshelf images he uses (spines of books, the shelves themselves, etc.) - Stephen Francoeur
Sarah G.
Because George being more upset at Mary being single librarian than Potter taking over town, brother dying and rest is some BULLSHIT.
See...I never read it that way. The movie isn't about Mary, it's about George, and he's not upset that she's a single librarian, he's upset that this is the thing that proves to him that he's _not real_. The fact that Mary doesn't know him, isn't with him...that's the thing that finally drives him to realize that this is the world without him in it. #hugefan - Jason Griffey
JG has a point. - Big Joe Silence
I love that film to death but that part always makes me laugh. "She's CLOSING UP THE LIBRARY!" - Spidra Webster
Yes, it's about George. But it always depresses me when anyone's self-worth is so tied up on another person. Also, of course, *I* am a spinster librarian, too, and I resent anything that makes us look pathetic. - laura x from BuddyFeed
I don't see the "self-worth" thing either. In that scene, Mary is upset because she's being accosted by a crazy man, and George is crazy, is going out of his mind, because he's being shown that this _is_ the world that Clarence claims it is. There's little in the film itself to indicate that Mary is unhappy without George, which mostly comes from the combination of our cultural... more... - Jason Griffey
It depresses me that GEORGE'S self-worth is that tied up with another person, is what I meant. I know. I need to let go. But that movie irks me on so many levels. (And probably, on some subliminal level, it irritates me because my father did kill himself, so, you know, you can dismiss all my opinions as mere reaction if you want. But there is so much goddamn cultural stereotyping going on in that movie that it drives me bonkers no matter what.) - laura x
I'm going to disagree with Jason that the film isn't hinting at Mary-the-librarian being unhappy. Body language, facial expression, dress, walking alone, the whole association with shutting a building down -- I think those are pretty strong indicators. They're just not explicit verbal ones. - RepoRat
New Personal Editorial: Managing High Potential Employees in Libraries: The Rock Star Dillemma – Stephen's Lighthouse -
I might have been high-potential once, but I turned into high-PITA and nobody misses me. I do think Stephen's onto something here, however. - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
(That something not being correct spelling, however.) - RepoRat
Without having studied the source, my immediate reaction is "don't manage people, Mentor them, if it's helpful, but mostly make sure they have what they need (so far as you can provide it) and then get the hell out of their way." But then, I'm a certified anarchist. - barbara fister
This is totally about me, I just know it. - Blake
I'm looking forward to his post about how HiPots (or HiPITAs) can manage their managers. I hope he interviews Blake for some examples. - Marie
I'm totally a HiPITA. - kaijsa
I will now always think of Stephen Abran as a "little idea and innovation hamster." And I think we all remember how much he enjoys people with an "edgy" sense of humor. - Steele Lawman
I'm struggling to articulate this, but I think Abram is conflating two kinds of "high potential" employees: the first kind are the ones who excel within their organizations (exhibiting the traits identified by HBR in the long quote that begins, "consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups...") and the second kind are the ones who excel outside their organizations -- as... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
And now, to completely derail this thread, did anyone else notice this? " a profession where a large number of practitioners don’t have as much mobility as some other professions due to family responsibilities..." I'm a little agog at that. - Catherine Pellegrino
yeah, that strikes me as code for "female." - RepoRat
Word. Of course as a single woman without children, I might have less credibility on this to some, but mobility is limited by our own choices. And also the lack of mid-level positions, of course. - kaijsa
Also, I forwarded this to two of my similarly high-potential colleagues. Like one of the commenters on the post, I no longer care if people know I feel stifled. I also am really tired of the culture of mediocrity we foster by not rewarding high performance and allowing low performers to skate by. This is likely not winning me points with a couple of my colleagues. - kaijsa
The topic of professional recognition feels like a cyclical topic, reappearing with a usual bevy of rote arguments. The usual schools of thought are "why do we squander our talented people?" with no viable plans mustered, "isn't everyone who works in the library a hero?" (brought to a high art by a Will Manley column), and "I don't need to be a Mover & Shaker but I'd like my boss to... more... - Andy
I needed to read this. The first two sentences of the second paragraph of Stephen's post perfectly explain what the past 2-3 years have been like for me professionally. - Julian
Picking up Catherine's point, above: Gets even stickier when becoming an external "rock star" is the only way to accumulate and/or exert enough political capital internally to get anything done. - RepoRat
(RR: that is absolutely code for "female," but not only that, it's code for "woman whose professional mobility is hampered because her career is secondary to her husband's career and/or their perceived need for stability for their kids and/or her responsibility to care for aging/ill parents," which, I don't even know where to start with that. Sigh.) - Catherine Pellegrino
RR: I have seen what you described happen firsthand and up close. I am still professionally (and, to some extent, personally) dealing with the fallout -- years later (with the fallout having begun even before I showed up) -- from someone (multiple people, actually) having had anything close to an individual professional identity and presence outside of the workplace that connects to said workplace. In that particular situation -- and there is no non-sexist way to put it -- I suspect quite a bit of QBS. - Julian
OK... so I might have mangled that a bit. I guess I meant to say that I have seen how having a whole career, and not just a job, has had a significant effect (negative or positive) of some kind on one's standing in the workplace in Libraryland. - Julian
but wait, i'm being honest: women with husbands and children aren't as mobile. there is nothing wrong with that, but i can pick up and leave way easier than most women my age. and frequently being an external "rock star" IS the only way to get noticed internally. not saying it's right, but i don't think either of those statements is wrong. - jambina
for that matter, I know male librarians who have mobility issues because of family. - holly #ravingfangirl
As a male librarian who has mobility issues because of family: yes, thank you. Anyone who has kids/spouse/both is definitionally harder to move than someone who is single _because there are other people that have a vote in that choice as well_. This strikes me as neither novel nor controversial. As someone who has had the "rock star" label thrown at me before, there certainly is a... more... - Jason Griffey
I'll second what Griffey just said. - Zamms
I really like Catherine's first comment in this thread, the one that begins "I'm struggling to articulate this," and ends with her perfectly articulating an important problem/distinction in being recognized for working hard in an institution and being recognized for being a compelling or provocative voice in the profession. They need not necessarily be at odds -- which I guess is Stephen's most obvious point -- but we should also not pretend that they go hand-in-hand. - Steele Lawman
what steve just said. - jambina
what jambina just said that steve just said. - Jason Griffey
Perhaps beyond "working hard for the institution" and providing a compelling or provocative voice in the profession (aka "internet famous") is a third dimension "Willingness to work within the system". If you see something that you think is really really wrong or something that needs to be done NOW but the mgt disagrees how do you respond to it? People leave for many reasons including... more... - aaron
Beyond the management point, I also think co-workers can drag HiPot people down too. Professional jealousy can be poisonous and insidious both for moving and shaking inside - and outside - the institution. I also see alot of that crap going on (under my nose right now). As a manager, trying to deflect that from teammates is like...Gaahhhhhhh! - Marge LW
thank you for trying, Marge! - RepoRat
Then there are the ones who think they are HP, but are just assholes. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Also, Marge is freaking awesome to work with. ;-) - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Back atcha, Ro! - Marge LW
Yeah, Rochelle, one of the things I'm still trying to work out is where I am on that continuum. - RepoRat
Rochelle said exactly what I didn't know how to say. Abram's post doesn't distinguish between them and in fact flatters people who are just assholes and may or may not be HiPots. In fact, there's a HiPot/Asshole Y/N chart that can be visualized. People in each of the quadrants present their own challenges and opportunities. - John Dupuis
And to add a third dimension to the table, external vs. internal HiPot. - John Dupuis
heh. at DLF I was talking with a friend of mine about a mutual acquaintance who's off the charts on both HiPot and HiAss. there is a definite ring of truth in what you say, Rochelle and John. I guess I do think that circumstances can push HiPots higher up the HiAss scale, though. I'm absolutely *positive* I wasn't nearly as HiAss as I am in, oh, 2007 or so. - RepoRat
Ooooh, Hipots as asshats. Yes, I know many of those as well. But I was reading Stephen's definition as those who listen and accept comments. So I decided to only think of benevolent hipots whop are just trying to move it all along. - Marge LW
I often have a hard time telling whether I'm just an asshole. Maybe someone could actually make that HiPot/Asshole Y/N chart for me? - Laura Krier
But also: Stephen's post raised a lot of questions for me, and one of the issues I've been facing lately is that I am having a hard time articulating what isn't working for me in my current work situation. It's hard to try to fix something when the problem feels nebulous and hard to pin down. I wonder if anyone has experience with that, or suggestions? - Laura Krier
Post about Hippos is right below this post about Hipots. So I read Marge's comment as, "Oooh, Hippos are asshats." Wha? - Betsy
<threadjack> "High Potential Asshole" sounds like the title of a porno.</threadjack> - Andy
There's always going to be posers who think they are high potential; that's just the nature of personalities and the social fabric that brings it together and it's nothing unique to libraryland. Some of them will find success, others will not, the earth still revolves around the sun. My initial reaction to the introduction of the asshole aspect to this thread was "well, you say it like... more... - Andy
librarianship is a social science - heavy on the social, not so heavy on the science. As such it seems to be all about personalities. Stephen's hipot theory is interesting - holding back the hipots seems to become more important are more social interaction occurs. - Elizabeth Brown
sorry about the pre-emptive post. - Elizabeth Brown
Laura, I'm still trying to work that out about my previous work situation, a whole year and a half later. The other thing about HiPot/HiAss discussions is that they're prone to the fundamental attribution error. IMO both HiPotness and HiAssness result from a complex dance between individual and environment, granting of course that some individuals are inherently PotProne and/or AssProne... more... - RepoRat
An environment has the power to systematically kill potential dead. - Julian
Calling out a vendor is not assholish. Using what talents you may have and hoarding them or separating yourself from the herd, not contributing to your org--that's assholishness. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
What ROchelle sez - Marge LW
Do I get a badge if I use the term AssProne in my next conference presentation? - Megan loves summer
I will totally get you a badge. *g* - RepoRat
"If you see something that you think is really really wrong or something that needs to be done NOW but the mgt disagrees how do you respond to it?" Watching this happen at MPOW, I think I'd rather the person either took the opportunities to get themselves into positions of authority or leave for a different institution that fits better, if that's even possible. The unprofessionalism and backstabbing that happens otherwise is leaving me breathless with astonishment. - Holly's favorite Anna
*shrug* And when neither of those options is possible? Fundamental attribution error, folks. Bad fit reflects on the organization as well as the individual. (Disclaimer: #btdt, acted out from frustration, left much later than I shoulda.) - RepoRat
Either way, RR, "don't be a dick" is the best approach to life, IMHO. - Holly's favorite Anna
So I'm told. - RepoRat
What if one was a great fit at first, and then regime change alone made one a perfectly horrible fit? Is the individual then at all to blame simply for existing? - Julian
No, no blame to individual, unless they choose to behave poorly as a result. When people ask me if I plan to stay in my job forever, I tell them I do as long as nothing changes to make me want to leave. This has been true of every job I've had. - Holly's favorite Anna
Em, why should management (or regime) get to call the shots. Oh, crap, there I am being my self-governing anarchist self again. I remember when we couldn't do stuff, but we just had this idea black market happening. Management was too disconnected to say no unless you asked. But it was a pain to have to go underground to do anything cool. Having that revolution was time consuming and stressful, but a smart investment.Yes, having tenure helped. So did critical mass. - barbara fister
I guess it depends on how large of a structure you're working with. At MPOW, management makes the big picture decisions because that's what they're tasked to do, and the University Librarian is the only one who isn't a "working" manager. It's not done in a vacuum, and all smart managers know that there has to be some level of buy-in for things to work. Day-to-day work is handled by the... more... - Holly's favorite Anna
I think it depends on culture (how likely is management to simultaneously stomp on any good ideas and wonder why so few people offer up good ideas) though this may to some extent correlate with size and/or hierarchical-ness-ity. -Which is part of why I silently groaned when I saw the suggestion of a follow-up for how to manage your manager. Not that I don't think this is a valuable... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Q: Is seek forgiveness not permission, HiAsnness? - aaron
I suspect it's a survival strategy, Aaron. Or bravery. Or just impatience. Deborah - that's such a sharp insight. Too right. What frustrates me is highly-paid people who don't do the hard work of management (e.g. dealing with a person who has been racking up deserved complaints for years) and solves it by handing off their work to functioning employees, then makes decisions about things... more... - barbara fister
I have nothing against management who try to think big picture, because it is rare that a mid-level or entry-level person will think at that level (most care only about their projects), though admittedly people who try to drive the organization "to greatness" are extremely dangerous if they have no idea what they are doing or if they bet wrongly. What I dislike most is interference at... more... - aaron
anyone know yet if they are going to CiL?
depending on my finances and availability of roommates, I might lobbycon. - DJF
I'd like to lobbycon, but won't know until much closer to time. - ellbeecee
lobbyconning isn't really an option for me. - maʀtha
Don't know yet. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
likely lobbyconning. - holly #ravingfangirl
Lobbycon! Or Bistroducoincon. - Zamms
My boss would like me to go, so entirely possible (we need to work out a scheduling detail.) - Jennifer Arnott
It's one of my priorities for next year. I STILL think about Bistro du Coin. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Lobbycon. My college roommate is having her 3rd baby in late February, so I'll be baby-visiting, and J and I are going to go be tourists in DC, but I'm planning that I'll make that trip overlap with CiL so I can hang out. And, er, network. - Jenica
people. FIREPITCON not lobby con FIREPITCON - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
still unknown. trying! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Looks like I'll be there! Anyone esle? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Looks like I'll be there. - Jason Griffey
If my proposal is rejected, then probably firepitcon. It's close enough for a vacation. - Holly's favorite Anna
If I ever keynote a conference my speaker contract is going to require a Georges St.pierre entrance to the podium.
I'm tempted to finagle it so that you keynote at NASIG next year just so I can see this. - Holly's favorite Anna
If this means you'll eventually go down into the audience to choke people into submission, I can get behind this idea. - Andy
^^^ ha! I need to make this happen. - Marie
I always wanted a full-on pro-wrestling Ric Flair style entrance. I just can't afford the feathered robes. - Jason Griffey
That's some teased hair right there, Jason. - Andy
I've always liked the Stone Cold entrance. - Andy
I like to think my entrance would be but I'm sure it would be more - Jason Griffey
I favour Kane's entrance myself, complete with the pyro at the podium before I start. Then, after my brilliance has laid waste to the assemble masses, I would depart to the Undertaker's funeral dirge. - John Dupuis
I wonder when Fake Library Statistics will start noting the number of Sekrit WWE Fans among librarians? (It's been years, but once upon a time...) - Walt Crawford
There are at least two at my library, and they're not sekrit about it. - Betsy
I am a bit partial to John Cena: <>. Or: <>. - Julian
You gonna get Vaseline rubbed on your eyebrows? :) - John: Thread Killer
Now I just want to see a presentation done inside of an octagon. - Andy
I love Georges' entrances for a mix of class and showmanship. If you drop the "class" part, I also love Mayhem Miller's old Pride entrances: - Steele Lawman
I am not secret in my love for the pro wrestling. Willing to bet I'm the only librarian with his face on an official WWE piece of merchandise, though. :-) - Jason Griffey
Don't be coy, Jason! - Steele Lawman
Oh, ok. I was the lead playtester and helped with some of the design of the WWE Collectible Card Game, called Raw Deal. They featured me on a card in 2005 as a joke: I was the lead playtester on most of the sets that got released, was their World Championships judge for years, etc. BELIEVE IT....OR NOT. :-) - Jason Griffey
I'm impressed. So, with all these WWE folk around: What former WWE personage has done best as a non-wrestling actor (where you can define "best")? [As opposed to "what WWE personage has been in the most wonderful film," where Andre the Giant wins in a walk.] - Walt Crawford
You killed my answer already (Andre by a mile) but my vote goes to Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live. Either that, or Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on Saturday Night Live. - Jason Griffey
I would have said Rowdy Roddy Piper for exactly the same movie, but I think Dwayne J. has pretty much established himself as a solid actor who is no longer The Rock, in quite a few movies now. I guess for "wrestler as actor," Piper still takes the kilt. - Walt Crawford
RRP would get my vote too. - holly #ravingfangirl
Just getting back to that. Awesome, Jason. - Steele Lawman
Jason Griffey
I listened to this last night. Very interesting. Now I understand what the Library Boxes do. (I also want to build one, but I need to look into it and see if I could. Me=noob.) - Betsy
Feel free to ping me with any questions. Happy to advise. :-) - Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
Re: The Library Box is Coming -
"FWIW: I am working towards a non-Internet-needed install. There are significant changes that need to be made in order for that to work, but it's a goal for v.2 of the software." - Jason Griffey
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