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walt crawford
Since we've now been informed by The Griffey that the term is neither funny nor useful, I guess I'll have to stop using Glassholes to refer to the portion of the Borg wearing Google Glasses and pretending to pay attention to anything other than "enhanced reality." Or not, since I think it's both funny and a useful shorthand.
I just find it dismissive, and moreover, deliberately insulting. The term seems to be used as a hand-waving way of not actually discussing the technology and instead relying on ad hominem in its place. Much in the same way that referring to me as "The Griffey" might be seen as a critique of my person rather than my point. - Jason Griffey
I find it surprising that someone who hates unwarranted generalizations so much would stick to one even after it's been pointed out that it's an insulting generalization. You would be able to tell us in great detail how un-useful and un-funny it is to make a similar name for retired people or non-librarians in the library field. - lris
Wondered what response I would get. You are both, of course, absolutely right, and I apologize. If I ever said that I was never guilty of the things I decry in others...well, that would be wrong. - walt crawford
The defense might be that Glasshole would only be used for Google Glasses users who behave the way some smartphone addicts do (that is, keeping them "on" while supposedly carrying on a conversation, driving, etc.), but it's a very weak defense. - walt crawford
Note that, while I fully admit that I should not have posted this, I'm not going to delete it--because that would also be wrong. - walt crawford
Thanks, Walt. I got a lot of this reaction to my tweet, and was honestly taken aback. I appreciate your response, very much. - Jason Griffey
Group hug! - lris
You're welcome. There is a more sophisticated response, which I might provide in a post. (It has to do with, well, the Segway and Second Life: Choosing to regard a technology as more silly than revolutionary. I might not get around to it, but I think that's partly what's going on.) - walt crawford
None of which has much to do with name calling. - lris
Absolutely right. (And after reading Griffey's blog post, I don't think I will write a post. Being dismissive of GG: Yeah, I can see that. Being hostile to users *up front*--even before they show Borgish tendencies--that's unfair.) - walt crawford
A google glass on a segway would be cool. - Joe
In turning this towards the actual technology, this rollout has the same feel as Google Plus. Specifically, an engineering solution to the question of being social online. While Plus has changed over time to integrate certain changes, the circles seem like a cacophony of online noise in which only the loudest voices (read: celebrities, online or otherwise) can actually get feedback or... more... - Andy
Man, I like to type. I posted that comment as a reply to your post, Griffey. Yes, I know it's kinda beside your point, but I thought it might help turn the conversation towards the tech. - Andy
Apple will bring out something that will define the market in the next few years... though it might not be as smooth as earlier Apple new-tech (for whatever reason) - Aaron the Librarian
I look forward to reading about their patent wars. - Andy
Awesome - Marie
Jason Griffey
Re: What could a library do with a gigabit Internet connection? - http://boingboing.net/2013...
"Check out all the things the Chattanooga Public Library is doing with their 4th Floor, which has a dedicated gig connection: http://4thfloor.chattlibrary.o... The Univ of TN at Chattanooga library will also have a dedicated Gig lab when it's new building opens early next year." - Jason Griffey
please share with folks: mpow is looking for a Senior Director for Digital Initiatives (ignore closing date). killer team. Montréal. lots of awesome. http://www.mcgill.ca/library...
Might be interested, but can't speak a lick of French. Sounds like a kickass opportunity, though. - Jason Griffey
not at all required. we'll give you free French classes. - jambina
Post your Google Scholar profile links here:
Oh and I am supposed to do a class on Google scholar profiles and Google scholar metrics on top of the usual Scopus/Wos for citation analysis at the end of this month. Me thinks, I am going to get lots of questions.... done all the reading but...going to be interesting .... - aaron
i think i might put a copy of this in my annual review packet this year. i wonder if anyone uses this to supplement their web of science citations, for tenure? seems like goog picks up more than wos does because it's not concerned about what's indexed. - Marie
Barbara huh? Did you set up 2? Both are verified with institution emails?? - aaron
No "verified" email since I'm not institutionalized, but: http://scholar.google.com/citatio... - walt crawford
aaaaaaagh, now I'm spending the entire dang afternoon reading stuff that's cited me recently. - RepoRat
For comparison, here's my profile in Microsoft Academic, which I see needs some cleanup, as the profile includes articles by others. http://academic.research.microsoft.com/Author... - Stephen Francoeur
i've really enjoyed perusing all your profiles. any other peeps want to share theirs? - Marie
we have some influential peeps all up in here. - RepoRat
http://scholar.google.com/citatio... Added my book chapter :-D Must get other stuff up there... - Hedgehog
I got really lucky with my undergraduate research projects in Chemistry. :) Otherwise my citation counts would be fairly low. - Elizabeth Brown
Wow, y'all are super impressive. Here's my less illustrious profile http://scholar.google.com/citatio... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Meg VMeg
Whenever someone says "bitcoin", it's like my brain turns off for the rest of the conversation.
Bitcoins synergize the information economy, allowing you to crush it while pivoting into a disruptive market. - Mark Trapp
Also, 'peak oil' has the same effect on me - Mo Kargas
My brain starts to fantasize about some far off future not unlike the one in Jonathan Coulton's song Laura. And is equally uninterested in the actual conversation. - Marianne
I fully admit that there are very few rational discussions about bitcoin happening, as it's all taken over by the crazies. Which is too bad, because the theory/tech is interesting. - Jason Griffey
I heard it framed in Neal Stephenson Cryptonomicon context, which is about the only way I could get my head wrapped around it. - Hedgehog from Android
Mary Carmen
Scott just put on Barbarella.
The theme song to this movie is soooo fantastic. - Mary Carmen
bar bar bardio - Jason P
This movie is solid proof that DOLLS ARE EVIL!!!!! - Mary Carmen
I totally forgot about the creepy silver teethed dolls. - Scott. Cat Herder.
EVIL - Mary Carmen
I <3 that movie. So awful, so great. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
barbara fister
Did you get your letter from Mellen yet? Better go check my mail.... Rick Anderson's SK posts removed. http://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2013...
Looks like a job for Popehat - Pete's Got To Go
... okay, it is time to squash this SOB like a bug -- and for once I don't mean SKitch. - RepoRat
Wow! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
WHOA. I guess they're taking the scorched earth approach? When you've made one big mistake in public, that just means it's time to double-down! - Regular Amanda from Android
I am REALLY curious to see if I get one. - laura x
ooooh, they better not. *flicks switchblade* - RepoRat
Wow. - Joe
Wow. Also, it will be interesting to see how a New York lawyer with a New York client attempting to sue U.S. residents, can manage to get that into Canadian courts, since their chances under U.S. libel/slander laws are almost nonexistent. But mostly, wow. - walt crawford
Original post and comments are still on the Internet Archive: http://web.archive.org/web... - laura x
Holy fucking shit. I mean, HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Sorry, I meant HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. - Andy
I don't have much love for SK, but that shit ain't right. - Andy
Love it. - Meg VMeg
Andy speaks for me. - RepoRat
+1000000 Andy. No letter for me yet either, and you would figure what with the whole Canadian thing.... Plus now I feel guilty about mocking SK with my planned April 1 post, so I may refrain. - John Dupuis
I think we should crowdsource editing that letter since I noticed some errors in it. - Joe
So, let me get this straight: people who offer negative reviews or opinions will get sued. This means reviewers are less likely to review their books for fear of reprisal. Less reviews means less exposure for their titles. Less exposure means less likely to be seen to be purchased. Less purchases means less sales for the company. That's their plan? - Andy
I'm wondering if Library Journal has any reviews of their books up right now. - Andy
I am playing safe, not even retweeting such blog posts. - aaron
But cease and desist letters are so much fun! - laura x
If they are venue hunting, Aaron might be in more trouble if his country's laws are more lenient on these kinds of speech issues. - Andy
Good point. My apologies. - laura x
Canada has terrible laws around this stuff. gah. - jambina
I wonder if they'll send a letter to the Internet Archive to take down the record of the SK site... - Andy
and then to every other person who saved their own copy of it, like i just did. :) - Christa
I'm seriously considering mirroring those posts, just to do it. This is crazy. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
IF you mirror an image capture, can they cease a photo? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Techdirt's on their ass. Pass the popcorn. http://www.techdirt.com/article... - RepoRat
Have I mentioned that I got a nice email in response to my blog post from the guy who wrote Envy of Excellence (the book published by Edwin Mellen about the firing of its founder from the U of Toronto)? - laura x
Laura, that's awesome to hear. It's a good reminder that the authors are NOT the issue here, but the publisher. - Andy
Also, I'm wondering how much it costs them to write a cease & desist letter for each person. - Andy
Well, since the attorney in the SK letter has an @mellenpress email address, I'm assuming no more than what they normally pay her. - laura x
HFS. I go offline for ONE DAY and this goes down. Sheeeeeeeeee-it. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I like how the EM website lists how many of their books are held at major research unis. Methinks these numbers won't be growing... http://www.mellenpress.com/newreas... - Megan loves summer
it's wwwwwwwwwwwwwweeding time! - RepoRat
It seems odd to establish your bona fides by listing how many books were sold to this and that library. Also "we require a literature review." Oh, well that's all right then. - barbara fister
So does a freshman comp prof... - lris
This whole thing is making me nostalgic for dear old Sergio. - lris
Hey, speaking of Sergio, did anyone see in the SK comments that bit about "Thomas Kelly" and his mysterious, copious, and word-for-word comments in defense of EMP all over the Internet? And how, after they were noted, they started disappearing? - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Techdirt picked up on that bit. Astroturf ain't nothin' new. Be nice if one of the blogs in question could grab an IP address. - RepoRat
Oh, oops, I misremembered where I'd seen that dissected.. I do wish they'd grabbed an IP address or three. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I hereby give you permission to weed either of the books associated with my father (one by, one about). Although if you do, I'll buy 'em off you. They want me to donate them to the Philolexian Society library, but I don't have the dough to buy new copies. :) - laura x
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I will not read Ready Player One until I finish REAMDE. I will not read Ready Player One until I finish REAMDE. http://t.co/w3xhiIe2QB
I will not read Ready Player One until I finish REAMDE. I will not read Ready Player One until I finish REAMDE. http://t.co/w3xhiIe2QB
Sometimes it's good to take a break from one book for a little while. ;) - Ken Morley
I've been wanting to read "Ready Player One" for months now. - Jed
Huh. I just found out that the audiobook is narrated by Wil Wheaton. How strange would that be to listen to? - That's So CAJ!
It was really good. - Jason P
I will admit here in public: I really didn't like Ready Player One much. Don't think it was that well written, then story was only meh, and the characters were flat. I much enjoyed Daemon better (for the Game Gone Crazy part of it). Reamde was was better as well. - Jason Griffey
walt crawford
Stupid question for speakers who use PPT: Do you normally present using the Presenter View? (That is: slideshow on the projector, slides+notes+controls on the notebook.) [I haven't done PPT in a while...but will be doing it several times next month.]
Disappearing shortly for farmers' market & grocery shopping & lunch; back in three hours or so... I hope the answer is "of course"... - walt crawford
Sometimes. Sometimes I also just use a PDF of the slides and scroll through that. - John Dupuis
on the rare occasions that the podium supports that style of dual monitor display - DJF from Android
I thought nearly all Windows notebooks supported dual monitors, one of which is the screen--my cheap old Gateway certainly does (it's built into Windows Vista and 7 and, AFAIK, 8). Thus my question: Is this typical? (I'm using a borrowed notebook during the conference...) - walt crawford
I use presenter view quite a bit, yes. Clock, notes, current slide, next slide does it for me. - RepoRat
I think using it would be great, and having a back-up plan would be important. - lris
OK, I wasn't QUITE gone yet. But will be now. For a while. - walt crawford
Since I'm usually presenting on someone else's computer I've started just presenting from PDF. Ppt is bad at versioning. - Marie
Um. No because I forgot it existed. I just have the slides up #amateur - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I usually present from PDF as well: most robust against setups outside my control. - Heather Piwowar
I always use speaker view, but often use it on my ipad instead of on a second monitor - essentially running the preso separately but simultaneously on the projection and my ipad. - Jenica
Thanks. All helpful. I didn't know it existed (when I did the IL talk last September) and think it would be a lot smoother than holding my printed notes. But I will, of course, have a printed version just in case. And maybe a double-protection PDF version, although my PPT will be so vanilla--no transitions, no video, no nothing--that it should be easy. - walt crawford
That sounds like my plan B setup, Walt. Plan A is always presenter mode, although I do it with keynote on my MacBook, using an iPad with Keynote Remote as a remote control. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Fwiw, the reason for iPad as remote is that it lets you see your notes as you roam around. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Which makes sense...if you have an iPad, which I don't. Nor do I expect to roam around a lot, at least not in the two shorter presentations. - walt crawford
AND: What I've found now that I've gone to adding notes to slides--instead of maintaining a separate Word document--is that it's going MUCH more smoothly, at least for OA. I was going nuts trying to coordinate, and stalling as a result. So, really, thanks a lot--I think I'll wind up with a much better and more fluid/open precon. - walt crawford
[For the two shorter presentations, both already written, I'll move all the notes from Word into the PPT slides, then print off a copy just to be safe. Also much easier...] I will, to be sure, have both .ppt and .pptx versions on the flash drive, along with .pdf fallback. And maybe a second flash drive or Dropbox copies. - walt crawford
Nope. Never. I build my talk as I build my slide set and practice what I will say for each slide as I go. Then talk it out loud advancing slides all the way through to time several,several times.. BUT I use a LOT of slides in each preso and do a kind of modified Lessig-style (claiming the style, not the brilliance) where many slides have single words displayed just as I speak the word. - Kathryn is a free elf
Jason Griffey
Re: SXSW: These Days, Libraries are More than Just Books - http://mentalfloss.com/article...
"Also, that's a....not very accurate description of the device or what it does. :-/ It doesn't connect to a site, it acts as its own webserver, self-contained. I didn't hack it so that it connects to a battery...the device just uses standard USB power. If you'd like to follow up on LibraryBox and how it works, I'm happy to help explain it. :-)" - Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
Re: SXSW: These Days, Libraries are More than Just Books - http://mentalfloss.com/article...
"Indeed, I'm neither in Louisville nor from Louisville. I'm an Associate Professor and the Head of Library IT at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Homepage if you want to find out more is jasongriffey.net. :-)" - Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
CV question for the academic librarians: How the hell should I list hosting American Libraries Live on my CV? I have an idea, but would love to hear opinions.
Most event management ends up under "Service," so this might go there too? - RepoRat
Is it similar to moderating a panel? I have a section in my CV on panel sessions I've moderated or participated in. - John Dupuis
Add a heading for miscellaneous awesomeness? - Megan loves summer
Yeah, John...it's probably MOST similar to panel moderation, overall. It's like being a talk show host, in a way. And RepoRat: I was involved in the planning/design of the thing, which was going to list under Service in addition. But the actual live hosting of the event is more performative than planning. - Jason Griffey
Fair enough. With your other talks, then? - RepoRat
My initial thought was with John: it's mostly similar to moderating a panel. Hmmm, you might have enough other media work where you could create a section called "public media outreach" or something? I have public humanities on the brain, but if your institution values public outreach it could be useful. Chronk thread suggests this works in some places: http://chronicle.com/forums... - Regular Amanda
(Interesting points in that thread on looking-for-a-job CVs versus internal-review-and-promotion CVs.) - Regular Amanda
On the internal-CV vs. looking-for-a-job-CV front, I think it also depends on how much prominence you want to give it in a particular circumstance. Internally, it might make sense to just put it with other, most similar stuff. On a looking for a job/promoting what I do CV, it might make sense to give it its own section and highlight how the Live hosting is really unique. - John Dupuis
fwiw i put moderating panels/unconferences under service--conference activities - jambina
You're doing an excellent job with those, by the way. I've really enjoyed watching them so far. - Lily
I have a section for "moderation and facilitation" that is separate from "publications" and from "presentations" (now that I have enough publications and presentations to have separate sections for them). These are all listed under my "professional activities". - Meg VMeg
thanks for all the feedback, gang! much to consider. I already have sections for "Invited presentations and keynotes" which is separated from "Presentations and Panels" and publications are separated into books, etc...I guess I don't wanna carve the thing up too much, but the CV is already a ridiculous thing. I put it under a "Media" section. If anyone wants to see, the CV is here: http://jasongriffey.net/curricu... - Jason Griffey
did you plan/organize the program? I have a section for programs planned that has a description of the event and my role. - Elizabeth Brown
I don't think there is a right/wrong - probably more a "for what purpose" but in our dossier format I think they would go under presentations like: Griffey, J. (2013, March 1). Title of Really Excellent Event. Host. American Libraries Live Series. Online. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Oh, and if you were invited to do this with a + and if you applied and were selected through a peer review process with a * preceeding. :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
Regular Amanda
Do you have an interesting, hands-on activity for teaching about plagiarism and/or citation that you're willing to share? This great thread from a while ago http://friendfeed.com/lsw... has me thinking about how to better approach requests from faculty who expressly want me to address this.
Things I'm thinking about, all inspired by posts in that thread plus Barbara's presentation linked therein: (1) Investigate proper citation/trackbacks/retweeets from blogs or Twitter, why "citing your sources" is expected good citizenly behavior on the internets. (2) Give students a list of works cited and ask them to decipher the list and predict which would be most useful for a particular topic (link being able to create citations with being able to decipher). (3) Give students "edge cases" where it's hard to distinguish plagiarism or not, proper citation or not, and ask them to discuss and determine the principles of what makes something plagiarism. [This idea partially stolen (ETA: really, almost completely stolen) from a Dartmouth College FYE activity.] - Regular Amanda
I'ma gonna PLAGIARIZE this baby here. - barbara fister
Iris' create your own citation style exercise - maʀtha
I tell them that citation is the academic equivalent linking to things on Facebook or email. We all know *someone* who sends us the most appalling crap. Don't be that person in your papers. - Rebecca Hedreen
HA! "Don't be that person on Facebook." And wow, that create your own citation exercise is awesome! I assume this one, right? http://pegasuslibrarian.com/2008... - Regular Amanda
Oh, and this isn't exactly where I heard about the Dartmouth method, but describes it and has an attached powerpoint under the resources tab: http://www.educause.edu/nercomp... - Regular Amanda
Iris's is great! I missed that one before. I'd also add that MLA uses author and page number in text, because they are more likely to be citing a book (and it's polite not to make you skim the entire book to find the idea cited.) APA (Author, Date) is used more, as noted, in fields where currency is important, and that means lots of journal articles, and you can probably read the whole thing. - Rebecca Hedreen
We also have A Magical Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism by Kate Hart on our Citation Help guide: http://www.katehart.net/2012... - Rebecca Hedreen
I recently taught a class doing something similar to your #3 idea above, Amandadon't. I adapted scenarios from this LOEX presentation (http://commons.emich.edu/loexcon...). First we created definitions (and reasons) for academic honesty and intellectual property, then I broke the students into groups and each discussed 1 scenario, then we came back together and the students read... more... - Freeda B.
Nice, Freeda, that's perfect! - Regular Amanda
I don't have a tip, but I do have a story I think you guys might like. My brother is a professor at a community college and teaches creative writing. The school uses TurnItIn as their anti-plagiarism service. He got a report back on a student's paper that it was 99% copied; the highlight from the report is that the paper had content lifted from the Satanic Bible. The student's defense... more... - Andy
I developed a class based around using music to illustrated plagiarism, all about The Amen Break and its use in hip hop and elsewhere. Basically played the students sections of different songs, and let them decide which were plagiarized and which had been changed enough to be original, etc. Was fascinating to see how fast they got it when put in that context. - Jason Griffey
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
EZProxy 2-parter: 1) Can EZP run in a virtual environment? If yes, 2) Can EZP be installed on a virtual windows server, even the web server is Linux? These are the kinds of questions the head of ref gets to ask in the absence of full-strength IT staff. *sigh*
Someone helped me phrase this question because I wasn't sure what to ask. I should actually be thankful, because this is stretching me and is a LEARNDING OPPORTUNITY. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
EZ-proxy and the webserver are completely separate things. Ours aren't even on the same computer. - DJF from Android
Tell me more? Does this matter? Was that the wrong question? All we have is a main linux virtual server. Maybe that's the main point. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Yes, you can run a Windows server on the Linux virtual server machine, then run EZP on that Windows machine. - WebGoddess
Wait - is your Linux machine a virtual server host? Can you spin up other servers on that machine? - WebGoddess
Uhhhh.....let me get back to you. (also, you guys are freaking awesome, but you knew that already) - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
"The lpl website is on a linux server and that linux server is in a virtual environment. We’d like to install EZProxy on a windows server which would also be in a virtual environment. The lpl website and EZProxy would not be on the same virtual host. It sounds like WebGoddess is saying EZProxy can be installed on a virtual server." - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
yes, we're running EZProxy on a virtual server. Actually, I think we're running all three instances on their own virtual servers now. - ~Courtney F
Yes - it most certainly can be run on a virtual server, and you can put a Windows server on a Linux virtual host, no problem. Sounds like it's all doable to me. - WebGoddess
We have EzProxy installed on a virtual host (in a VMWare environment, if it matters), separately from our website server. We are running EzP on linux, though...not windows. We, like Courtney, have multiple instances running on their own servers...we have a test proxy install on it's own, and then the production on a separate VM. - Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
Eliza's LED enabled anti-nightmare bed. https://twitter.com/griffey...
wow - lris
Excellent! - Galadriel C.
Thanks! She's had WICKED nightmares the last few nights, I decided to just go nuclear on them. :-) - Jason Griffey
pls come to my house and do this my nightmares suck kthxbai - jambina
Mary Carmen
At drive in. Prepping to se a double feature of the Last Exorcism 2 and Mama. More excited for Mama. Pimped out the car. Tons of pillows and good food.
fun times! enjoy it, MC. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Sounds fun! Enjoy! :) - Laura
I love drive ins - Rodfather
Damn. That sounds awesome. *goes to check drive in schedule* - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Awesome! - Stephen Mack
Stephen we are seeing LE2 so you don't have to. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I'm hard at work on my sequel to the sequel, "The Exorcism After The Penultimate Exorcism Part Deux Revisited" - Stephen Mack
I'm not sure if you can smell my jealousy from there, but it's active and pungent. :) Hope you have a blast! - Hookuh Tinypants
Jason Griffey
And here we go…keynoting the first NISO Virtual Conference! Trying out a new presentation, first time giving it, a bit nervous.
And you mispronounced my name. :P - DJF from Android
Fiander, you so fussy :P - Jenica
There are very few people that I expect to get my name right, but Jason is on that list. As are you. - DJF
Aaaaand now I'm wondering if I'm doing it right. - Jenica
feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ander - kendrak
Kendra's actually not on the list, since I don't think we've ever been in the same city. - DJF
At the same time? Probably not. I do know it's actually Figh-ander, with love. - kendrak
Fy-ANDER - Hedgehog
:-D - DJF
fie-and-ER? ;) - Katie
also, i'm sort of kicking myself for being too slammed today to go across campus to attend the conference. - kendrak
the problem with virtual conferences is that the catering always sucks. - DJF
I should start taking side bets on whether Todd gets my name right this afternoon when he introduces me. Because he SHOULD know how to pronounce it, after a couple of years of monthly teleconference calls with me. - DJF
While I did my mea culpa's (pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove") over on Twitter, I will do them again here. I do know how to pronounce Fiander, and just messed it up. It's also pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove", correct? - Jason Griffey
Well, yes, that's now the Virginian branch of the family says it (yes, there are Fianders that settled in pre-revolutionary Virginia) - DJF
Yes, because you are very very old school. Proper. - kendrak
The Virginians 'settled' there because they had been sentenced to transportation to the penal colony. My part of the family is (relatively) newly arrived. We didn't appear in Cape Breton until the 1830s or so. - DJF
Jason, your talk was great. And Todd got my name right - DJF from Android
So how *do* we supposed to say it, Mr. DJF?! - Aaron the Librarian
fee-fye-and-under-ov-ER - kendrak
and ps - somebody bought me the hardware for a library box today. gonna hack this mother! - kendrak
Awesome! Kendra, LMK if the instructions suck or if you run into problems that are my fault. - Jason Griffey
Will do! It's sort of cool. I was explaining it all to my partner (who then promptly went to Fry's and bought the gear) and he seemed really intrigued by the idea. The website did a better job explaining it than my ramblings. - kendrak
Sometime this year I will make one. Challenge myself, do a project with Justin, and walk a piece of the talk. :) - Jenica from iPhone
Jason Griffey
RT @ndiipp: LibraryBoxes will be appearing all over Austin during #SXSW http://librarybox.us/ @griffey #SXSWlam @NDSA2
Can't wait for djf's session, so i can finally figure out what a LibraryBox is! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Does the website do a bad job explaining? http://librarybox.us - Jason Griffey
Reading is difficult. Is there an easy explanation, preferably set to dubstep? - kendrak
I'll make sure to warn you before I drop the bass - DJF
Awesome! I'm ready to go. More seriously though, I think I'm going to buy the hardware today and make my slightly dodgy dreams come true. - kendrak
Jason Griffey
"I always call this "burning the boats". If you get somewhere, and you want to make sure people can't go back from where they came, you burn the boats. :-)" - Jason Griffey
Jason Griffey
Why yes, I am drinking a bacon manhattan. The real question is, why are you not? http://twitter.com/griffey...
because bacon doesn't need to be in everything. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
because I don't drink Manhattans, bacon or otherwise. Nor would I drink a bacon wine. - walt crawford
because I hate you. - Meg VMeg
what meg said - jambina
Because bacon should be chewed, not sipped! - Jenny from Android
I admit, I was concerned when I ordered, but it was nicely balanced, and the "bacon" aspect wasn't overwhelming or badly done. Touch of maple syrup instead of simple syrup/sugar, and it was quite good. - Jason Griffey
Actually, just a manhattan with maple syrup sounds pretty good. And do-able, as I have all the ingredients in my house now.... - WebGoddess
Jason Griffey
Eliza gets her first library card! https://twitter.com/griffey...
Already??? - Hedgehog
Yep, the local public lets kids get their own card at 5. - Jason Griffey
♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Thanks to host @griffey @webgoddess and I came off as smart as all get out. On #ALLive Direct http://youtu.be/SxfeRUTuqIM
Well, you did... - WebGoddess
It was all about you, Maurice. All about you. - Jason Griffey
Nope it was about us. You two were awesome. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
get a room. - jambina
With those two and a bottle of whiskey? Ok. I'm game!! (the other response I could have made was "I did. Yesterday. The link above is to the video of the result of the three of us "getting a room" - that might have gotten us an extra link click or two, yes?) - WebGoddess
wOOt! - barbara fister
Does anyone ever use a smartphone app to control a presentation on a computer?
I've seen it done and was just discussing setting something like that up at work today. We found the presentation clicker, so we didn't, but it is possible. Almost easy if you have a Mac, Keynote and an iPhone. Otherwise, I'm not sure... - WebGoddess
It's a new feature built into LibreOffice 4 (Impress), with an official Android app provided by The Document Foundation. I see several other third-party apps that work with PowerPoint. - Julian
Nice! I hadn't noticed that!! I do know there are apps that work with PP, but I don't know how easy they are to set up. I think I've tried one and failed, but I was rushed, so it may actually be pretty easy, I was just unable to focus. I'll have to take a look at Impress again... - WebGoddess
That is my normal presentation style, but I use my iPad so that notes are easier to read. Keynote on OSX + Keynote Remote on iOS. I wrote up a post about how I do my keynotes and such a year or so ago: http://jasongriffey.net/wp... - Jason Griffey
Toying with the idea of going to ALA this summer. I've never been.
I did a quick search and don't see an ALA thread. Who is going or maybe going? - maʀtha
maybe. depends on whether SLIS needs another booth babe. - RepoRat
I will be there for a day trip; not sure which day. - Catherine Pellegrino
You could wear the jacket at the booth. - maʀtha
I'll be there, probably fri-mon - ellbeecee
I'll be there, probably fri-mon as well - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'll be there at least fri-mon, maybe longer. - Marianne
I will be there for Friday-Monday. - Hedgehog
I will be there. Am already booked in the Palmer. - kaijsa
I'll be there Fri-Tuesday - ~Courtney F
I'll be there, days dependent on when my family's free for a 48 hour trip to Rockford, and I can confirm that (no surprise) Griffey will be there as well, as he his my roommate. - Jenica
i just booked my hotel for chicago. plenty of ala-sponsored $200/night rooms left. other rooms out there if you're willing to explore. looking for a roommate (room rate is $165/night plus tax). - henry
I'll be there. - Caitlin
I'll be there since it's so close; I'll likely be staying with friends who live in Chicago - John: Thread Killer
I put in for it at work at got the initial approval, but we'll see how things go with the budget. - Katie
As noted, I will indeed be there. ALA Annual is a circus, loud and busy and if you're doing it right, fun. - Jason Griffey
Thursday to Wednesday... If you want a Circus... wait til 2014 -- ALA Las Vegas! - Aaron the Librarian
I'm there Fri-Tues with possible early play days since its a short train ride away - Marge LW
Going! Rochelle is my roomie! - maʀtha
Missed my chance, eh? ;-) - DJF from Android
so, I finally will get to meat Martha? (plus others, of course, but mostly Martha ;) ) - ellbeecee
Yep! - maʀtha
DJF, you snooze, you lose - maʀtha
Since you'll be in Chicago, you should know that there are direct flights from there to here. - DJF
:) - maʀtha
Amanda Clay Powers
Essay argues that Aaron Swartz was wrong | Inside Higher Ed - http://www.insidehighered.com/views...
RT @alexismadrigal: Theory: any essay that pulls just the 1st part of Stewart Brand's quote on the cost of information will be bad. http ... - Amanda Clay Powers
That was my first sign I should stop reading...the fact that he clearly doesn't know what Brand said. - Jason Griffey
I like alexismadrigal's formulation. And couldn't make it past the first para. of the essay. - walt crawford
I'm holding myself back from writing a response, because it would be useless. Don't feed the trolls, and all...but wow, that's a terrible article. - Jason Griffey
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
3rd year reappointment documents submitted. Now to hold my breath and wait. If my stomach were less upset, there would be rum.
NO FEAR - Andy
You'll be FINE. Chill! - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Listen to Griffey. Please. - Mary Carmen
what MC and griffey said - Sir Shuping is just sir
Hah, I just emailed in my midterm review docs today. - Joe
Yeah, you will be fine. - Joe
If you hold your breath long enough, you will pass out... #trufax (also, don't test this theory) - Aaron the Librarian
Jason Griffey
Re: It's Internet Freedom Day: time to share MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech - http://boingboing.net/2013...
"Irony, thy name is US copyright law. Gone already." - Jason Griffey
holly #ravingfangirl
how can you claim to be a big music fan, live in Texas, but have never heard of SXSW?
I always thought SXSW was a computer trade show. *shrug* - Soup in a TARDIS
I'm a big music fan, and live 20 min from Bonnarroo and have never gone. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
i'm not talking about going to it. this person had never even heard of it. "SXSW? what's that? where is it?" - holly #ravingfangirl
Did you mock them publicly, Holly? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I think it depends on the type of music they're in to? Then again, SXSW was always about independent music until indie went mainstream and now it's sort of good and sort of lamestream. Music fan means nothing. - kendrak
heh. she's kind of a twerp in general, 3, so i mostly just roll my eyes and make judgy thoughts at her like this. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Is she under 30? It's been more about SXSWi (i.e., not music) for a while, and people also call it "South by" a lot now. She may not know that "South by" is short for SXSW? Also: TOTAL TWERP. - Meg VMeg
She's probably from Lubbock #zing #texasjokes - Marie
Stephen Francoeur
Jason Griffey, "Thinking about Organizations," Pattern Recognition - http://jasongriffey.net/wp...
this is HUGELY interesting. I'd be curious to know what the pressures are that incline toward hierarchy. - RepoRat
Pull quote: “Is anyone else seeing the growth of professional positions at the cost of staff or paraprofessional?” - Stephen Francoeur
Sort of? I might blog our story, but we have no parapros - only professionals here. It's... not really working. - kendrak
I would be interested to read that, Kendra. - RepoRat
Probably not the dynamic you are looking at, but here and there (outside of libraries) I see hourly employees replaced with salaried, which in practice tends to be paraprofessional replaced with professional. The basic idea seems to be more skills + no overtime = more flexibility. - Mark Kille
D - we're a weird case since we're a small affiliated library, but I sort of worry we're a model of crap to come. It's going to be a painful learning curve. Also, we drastically reduced staff. - kendrak
Oddly, I think we're going a little bit this way as well. We've seen a lot of attrition of staff positions with retirements but the focus is on getting the professional positions filled. We had 10-ish people retire from tech services last summer, I think they only filled 7 or 8 of the positions and a lot of those job duties were vastly reinvented. - Hedgehog
Kendra: keep talking. :) I'm interested in all situations, all lessons. - RepoRat
I'm gonna go write this up, I'll post the link when I'm done. - kendrak
I have thoughts. I should dust off the blog. - Jenica
we did this where i work... other groups here in the lab have a secretary to help manage routine things like travel vouchers and food for meetings and visit requests, my group is almost all senior professional staff so we do a lot of these things ourselves. - Christina Pikas
We seem to be replacing line positions with Unit Heads and getting *lots* more vertical. Admin suite is the only full unit in the building. , with professional staff primarily but we are also in the midst of hiring a 2nd AD. It certainly devalues the heck out of the line positions of public services work, which are practically all that's left... (also undermines liaison work, which is supposedly the 'future of librarianship') - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Jenica: I like thoughts! - RepoRat
My library lost a staff position in a round of layoffs a year and a half ago; we haven't added professional positions, but we haven't lost any either (current open position notwithstanding). That has more to do with librarians as faculty -- and thus virtually un-lay-off-able -- than larger changes in staffing trends, though. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
thank you, those thoughts are crunchy and chewy at the same time :) - RepoRat
That was great, Kendra. As far as pressures towards hierarchy, RepoRat, they tend to be communication issues, but also management/responsibility lines. Those are sometimes but not always the same thing. ;-) We're getting bigger, mainly in the public side of the world, as backend processes are automated, and that's hard to manage just from a people-per-manager calculus. Our head of ref/instruction has 7-8 people that report them. I have 2. We're both department heads. - Jason Griffey
thanks, Griffey! - RepoRat
thank you. fascinating, and I love the "fog of war" metaphor and will probably steal it. *g* - RepoRat
walt crawford
Interesting. The toughest part of switching from print newspaper to Kindle is...finding ways to get the comics we want and (for my wife) Jumble. The actual newspaper part: Easy.
It's an extra cost annually but I really like my daily subscription to http://www.gocomics.com/. It's $15 a year (I think?) and there are many options. You can look through and see what they have before buying. - Hedgehog
Darkgate comic Slurper is the answer! http://darkgate.net/comic/ I'm sure it has holes in coverage, but it's pretty great. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Hedgehog: We've both set up free gocomics subscriptions--going to the website doesn't seem enough more trouble than getting email to be worth $12 each (the current annual sub). That gets about half of what we missed; SFGate's comics center has all the rest (except Dilbert). My wife also found that the Seattle paper's site has most of the comics she misses. - walt crawford
Jason: I might look into that. Thanks. - walt crawford
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