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RT @wanderingeyre: You guys! @scribblingsandy sent me a copy of A Tangled Web, new this month for the @LibraryBoxen #RWA14 experiment!
Leaving world showcase full of good food, to go hurl on Test Track. (@ World Showcase)
Brats & beer FTMFW (@ Sommerfest - @waltdisneyworld)
Princess Anna chillin’ in Norway.
I'm at Maelstrom - @waltdisneyworld (Lake Buena Vista, FL)
Three caballeros! (@ Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros - @waltdisneyworld)
Disappointed it isn't listed as "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow" (@ Epcot)
RT @lochwouters: Oh you who present at conferences with iffy wifi - @griffey's LibraryBox is for us. Pre-load what you want to share
Meeting Rapunzel and Cinderella. (@ Princess Fairytale Hall)
First time! (@ Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - @waltdisneyworld w/ 2 others)
I'm at it's a small world - @waltdisneyworld (Lake Buena Vista, FL) w/ 4 others
Here's a selfie of me, taking a picture of Betsy & Eliza taking a selfie of themselves, plus said selfie. #metameta
Eliza's favorite ride. (@ Splash Mountain - @waltdisneyworld w/ 2 others)
I'm at Cinderella Castle - @waltdisneyworld (Lake Buena Vista, FL)
We are here! (@ Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort - @waltdisneyworld w/ 4 others)
Yep. It's Florida. (@ Florida / Georgia State Line w/ 3 others)
Quit my job yesterday, and tomorrow starts a week-long family vacation. This is a pretty good summer.
RT @info_maven: @wccls - going to @Doctorow 's talk tonight at @beavertonlib? Check your device for a @libraryboxen point and download free content by Cory!
Eliza, with car audio on shuffle: “Hey! What’s _Maple Leaf Rag_ doing on here?” Me: *boggle*
A traditional Joplin version, or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's? - DJF from Android
This is the future we were promised
This is not a Library
And just like that, I’m no longer a tenured Associate Professor. Wonder what I get to be now?
Ah, the things you find when cleaning out an office…
Walking to my exit interview.
RT @sfiegerman: Facebook's mood study isn't even creepiest study its done in past year. This is:
Tomorrow is my last day as an Associate Professor at the University of TN at Chattanooga. Feels very, very strange. And very, very exciting.
RT @brainpicker: A musicologist explains why the song "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen is so powerful
The entire @RondaRousey UFC fight can be contained in a gif. She is the best fighter in the world right now.
The entire @RondaRousey UFC fight can be contained in a gif. She is the best fighter in the world right now.
NTS: When working with silicone adhesive, do not get it all over your hands. And when you do get it on your hands, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR.
Wonder how he tweeted this nugget. - Joe
at least he didn't touch his junk? - Big Joe Silence
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