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Walking to my exit interview.
RT @sfiegerman: Facebook's mood study isn't even creepiest study its done in past year. This is:
Tomorrow is my last day as an Associate Professor at the University of TN at Chattanooga. Feels very, very strange. And very, very exciting.
RT @brainpicker: A musicologist explains why the song "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen is so powerful
The entire @RondaRousey UFC fight can be contained in a gif. She is the best fighter in the world right now.
The entire @RondaRousey UFC fight can be contained in a gif. She is the best fighter in the world right now.
NTS: When working with silicone adhesive, do not get it all over your hands. And when you do get it on your hands, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR.
Wonder how he tweeted this nugget. - Joe
at least he didn't touch his junk? - Big Joe Silence
.@itsjustkate I’ve never had anyone mistake me for @misterbisson but like a dozen people over the years mistake me for @librarythingtim
Another photo of the young mutant discovering her abilities.
Eliza begins to manifest her latent mutant power of pyrokinesis.
At vet with our dog Indiana, getting check up and shots update.
You named the dog Indiana. - Betsy
Betsy wins - DJF from Android
I’m not sure I trust this pilot…
It's the stripes. - Betsy
Pilots are looking younger and younger. - Joe
. @MayOneUS is only $70K from their goal of $5 Million. Amazing!
Flying over Sewanee -
Flying over Sewanee
RT @monteiro: 🇺🇸 You jerks donate to yet? Today’s your last chance. And it’s important. 🇺🇸
RT @PratchettQuotes: Death: THERE ARE BETTER THINGS IN THE WORLD THAN ALCOHOL, ALBERT. Albert: Oh yes, sir. But alcohol sort of compensates for not getting them.
Now is the time we shred 9 years worth of files and delete multiple GBs of old personnel records.
And thus begins the penultimate drive to UTC. #quitting
Eliza and her cousins made tie dyed shirts today. I’m rinsing them in the bathtub, and it looks like I murdered a clown.
Now unsubscribing from ALL the listservs. Don’t worry, some of you will get resubbed. Others? it’s you, not me. Sorry.
I just completed the last meeting that was on my calendar at UTC. Now to clean office and pack up.
I love the South and Appalachia and this NYT story makes my heart hurt for both: My hometown:
RT @jessamyn: ALA Report Confirms Negative Impact of [Internet] Filtering on Student Learning.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig. (@ Griffey's house)
Bless his noodly appendage it isn’t 110 degrees here.
o.O - Melly
Touchdown! (@ Nashville International Airport (BNA) - @fly_nashville w/ 22 others)
Wheels up, heading east. Next stop Nashville.
Assuming this is a first? “@librarycourtney: I’ve been inaugurated as President of the American Library Association. ♡♥ #alaac14
This is worrisome. IRS denies Yorba 501c(3) status for alarming and confusing reasons.
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