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And now it’s time to write for an hour. Cue the writing soundtrack…today I think that’s Manson’s Mechanical Animals. *hits play*
Fantastic essay by @natenatenate, Public Libraries, Multiple Solutions:
“Lead Pipe prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort.” Fan-freaking-tastic, people. http://www.inthelibrarywiththe...
RT @libraryleadpipe: Announcing In the Library with the Lead Pipe's Community Code of Conduct http://www.inthelibrarywiththe...
Oh hello 4:30am. Thanks so much to the never-ending cough that allowed me to meet you. Now go away, both of you.
RT @BusinessChatt: Room erupts when @feetZshoes CEO announces they’re relocating to Chattanooga #CHADemoDay #CHAbiz
RT @jenseninman: We’ll have the first 3D printed shoe company, @feetZshoes, right here in #CHA! Preorder custom shoes: #CHADemoDay
Very impressed that the @gigtank specialists are 50/50 gender mix AND racially diverse. #CHADemoDay
Sitting in on the 3D printing breakout panel at @gigtank demo day. #CHADemoDay
Love Chattanooga and @gigtank. Hate the language and business speak associated with pitching. “Move the needle” “leverage” and more.
RT @chattlibrary: Did you know #CHAdemoday 2014 is the nation’s first and only 3D printing incubator? We’re making history today! #CHA #anotherfirst
RT @ChattanoogaGig: If you can't make GIGTANK 2014 Demo Day you can watch USTREAM: . Conference - @GIGTANK #ChaDemoDay
At Gigtank demo day. (@ Girls Preparatory School w/ @aarongustafson)
If you are interested in seeing what transformative change in a city looks like, watch the #CHADemoDay tag today.
Prep for @gigtank Demo Day is in full swing.
Heading to @GIGTANK Demo Day. Excited to see what the teams have put together!
In CSS hell. Trying to combine/consolidate a number of different CSS files and losing track of order. Slow progress.
Looking at a publication agreement. some of the language is just meaningless. Meant to confuse or intimidate I can only assume…
pretty much, yeah. this is sometimes helpful: - RepoRat
holler if you need help! - jambina
That’s just crazy talk masquerading as…what? I can’t for the life of me figure out what that would even mean.
Like: “ you hereby recognize X as the sole licensee for the publication of the final, definitive and citable Version of Scholarly Record”
RT @circideas: Circulating Ideas has a new website! Check out the freshness at!
RT @slmcdanold: Harassment of women happens everywhere. MT @_AJCousins: Being harassed at #RWA14 .
Clumpies ice cream after a hard day at camp.
Satanists Cite Hobby Lobby For Exemption From Anti-Abortion Laws
RT @jswatz: 4th Ct 2/3 "However, inertia and apprehension are not legitimate bases for denying same-sex couples due process and equal protection..."
Hey DragonCon peeps: is it a good 1 or 2 day trip for a 6 year old fascinated with costumes and roleplay? Deciding whether to take Eliza.
RT @TimesFreePress: BREAKING: Chattanooga Choo Choo announces $7 million renovation, new music venue, restaurants:
RT @Wordshore: Hipster: seasonal beard, MacBook Air, thinks the web started in '05. Old Grizzly: all-year beard, MacBook Pro, building websites since '92.
Amazon launches dedicated 3D printing storefront, including print-on-demand of customized objects:
Hello @4thfloorchatt! Missed you. If @megbackus or @natenatenate or @JustinLibrarian are around you should come say hi. :-)
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