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I am on various forums, social networks, and websites all over the internet.
grrrlriot on Pets & Plants -
">"Pets, plants....and a passport full of stamps from traveling the world! Also, my vag doesn't look like hamburger meat and I still have the energy for sex. So i've got that going for me. Which is nice." >Bonus points if you say that in front of her husband-who-is-not-getting-any. ;) >/snark, sorta Lol. That is so true about sex." - Greta
grrrlriot on This sub reddit is fantastic -
"Me too. Every CF person is welcome here and treated like family. Congratulations about your husband and good luck to him on the surgery." - Greta
grrrlriot on Hurray for my accepting colleagues! -
"Congratulations on having some awesome and accepting coworkers." - Greta
grrrlriot on 33 Rock-Solid Reasons Cats Are More Awesome Than Kids -
"Lol. I totally agree." - Greta
grrrlriot on Advice Columnist Carolyn Hax: Childless by choice, and feeling disconnected from family-centered friends. -
"I can relate. I feel disconnected from coworkers and friends that have children." - Greta
grrrlriot on Well I'm never going back to McDonald's at half three in the afternoon again. -
"Next time go through the drive through. You don't have to put up with kids and their bad behaviors. It's awful what you had to deal with at McDonald's." - Greta
grrrlriot on So is it an instinct or a higher purpose, just pick one! -
"Agreed." - Greta
grrrlriot on Consider the source - Daily Mail - but I agree with them... -
"Exactly. Both of them knew what they were getting into when they were trying to conceive." - Greta
grrrlriot on Childfree Characters -
"Agreed. I wondered this about Sylvia Plath. She is one of my favorite poets and writers." - Greta
grrrlriot on Why did you feel the need to post on fb that your child shit in the tub!? I didn't want nor need to know that! Can we draw the line somewhere? -
"Agreed. That deserves an unfriending." - Greta
grrrlriot on Why cant people discipline their children? -
"Agreed. Some parents are also not into disciplining their children. I think children should be disciplined for their bad behavior." - Greta
grrrlriot on Feminist stereotypes -
"I hate how feminists are labelled man-haters, lesbian, fat, ugly, and can't keep a man." - Greta
grrrlriot on MRAs -
">I've seen a significant difference between people who advocate for the rights of men (like when dealing with sexual violence or intimate partner violence, or toxic masculinity) and the MRA movement you see most often, who tend to just complain about the work feminists do for women without doing anything productive. What generally works the best for me when I've spoken to MRAs is to talk about how the main goal of feminism as I see it is to break down all existing gender roles and expectations, which would improve almost all the deficits in men's rights that they talk about. >men's rights and women's rights should be improved together; they are not opposing movements. I think I will try this tactic when talking to MRA's." - Greta
grrrlriot on Is it time for gender neutral restrooms? -
"Agreed. Gender neutral bathrooms should be everywhere." - Greta
grrrlriot on The toilet seat question -
">The only reason I want it down is if I wake up to pee in the middle of hte night I don't want to fall down into the toilet. Agreed. I have gotten up at night and almost fell in, not realizing the toilet seat was up." - Greta
grrrlriot on Is there a space for male feminists to discuss feminist issues? -
"I was about to suggest that same sub." - Greta
grrrlriot on What is the difference between foreskin and the clitoral hood? -
"I agree. That was a great explanation on male circumcision and FGM. I'd like to adopt the idea as my own as well." - Greta
grrrlriot on I need some suggestions for good feminist literature, I'm writing a script -
"I agree. Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath are my suggestions." - Greta
grrrlriot on /r/AsOldAsTheInternet ... for those of us who had amazing geocities homepages, believed bonzai kittens were real, and talked to our crushes on AOL instant messenger. -
"I subscribed. Been looking for a sub like this. :)" - Greta
grrrlriot on Why are leather jackets so important? -
"That's pretty cool." - Greta
grrrlriot on Why are leather jackets so important? -
">Any kind of jacket does the trick. I personally prefer denim jackets/vests. Patches on jackets feel like badges of honor. Shows individuality and identity. Thanks for the insight." - Greta
grrrlriot on Wikipedia Wants To Ban Feminists From Editing GamerGate Articles | ThinkProgress -
"No" - Greta
grrrlriot on /r/Zines under new management - any suggestions? -
"I sent you a PM about being a mod." - Greta
grrrlriot on Virginia Lawmakers Roll Out Pro-Choice Legislative Agenda -
"Agreed" - Greta
grrrlriot on Demon Child in my Restaurant + Oblivious Mombie -
"Both (not just one) parent should have been making the child mind." - Greta
grrrlriot on What about punk parents? -
"I'm not a punk parent but punk parents are welcome here." - Greta
grrrlriot on Furry fandom as explained by me, a furry -
"Thanks for the explanation of the Furry Fandom. I had heard of it but I wasn't 100% sure of what it was really all about." - Greta
grrrlriot on /r/punksubculture A sub about the punk subculture -
"PM me more about this." - Greta
grrrlriot on Mods Needed for a Persona Q RP Thing -
"What kind of sub are you wanting to create?" - Greta
grrrlriot on Women In Congress Have Nearly Tripled Over The Last Two Decades -
"I agree. This is great news." - Greta
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