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Australian Labor Party Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek’s Plan: Expose Australian Health Workers To Ebola, Then Set Them Loose In Australia -
Jihadist Attacks With Hatchet in New York City + More – Daily Digest -
Wastebook 2014: What Washington doesn’t want you to read. -
People Magazine Gushes Over Elizabeth Warren: The ‘YouTube Senator’ Who’s ‘The Sharpest Voice’ In D.C. -
The Fundamental Transformation Of Journalism -
Network News Remains Silent on Senate Elections + More – Daily Digest -
Political Correctness Trumps Ebola Prevention -
Little Girls Drop F-Bombs To ‘Empower’ Feminism – Video -
Climate Change Australia – Australian Labor Party Keeps Power Bills High To Pretend To Save The Planet -
The Demos’ ‘Good Crisis’ Diversion -
Obama Ties His Boat Anchor to Democrats + More – Daily Digest -
Ebola: A Politically Incorrect Approach -
Ebola Response – Australia’s Labor Party Demands Our Doctors Be Sent To Where The Liberian President’s Son Won’t Go -
Tropical Storm Ana (Central Pacific) at Hawaii -
Recent Energy And Environmental News – October 20th 2014 -
Will Obama Order U.S. Military To Fight Ebola In Liberia Clinics? -
The Poor Are Collateral Damage In The Green War On Coal -
You Know What We Need? An Ebola Czar. + More – Daily Digest -
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