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OK folks, how many times we can RT #BeatCancer today? Each tweet with that tag gives $.01 to cancer research
+1 - Fee501st
Do replies with #BeatCancer count? - Thomas
As long it has #BeatCancer in it, it counts - Fee501st
BTW, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. #BeatCancer - Sylvain Nadeau
I'm trying to #beatcancer too. - George Brickner
3 times ! - Rori Osborne
Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte Gets a New Tricycle -
Leo Laporte Gets a New Tricycle
Does it fold up or anything funky like that? - Andrew Leahey
Wow you were moving pretty good. How does it turn? - Harvey Johnson
.................. That.............. Is............... AWESOME!!! - Johnny
Is this what they call re-inventing the wheel? Apart from the 'front' (steer) wheel being at the back, this design/concept has been a round for a very long time. - Kevin J Hatton
Kevin, the Terratrike, a tadpole-type (the other one is "delta") tricycle steers in the front (Ackerman steering), not in the back, only Leo hasn't figured out yet how to adjust it properly and screw down the handlebars. This model is too small for him, as he'll soon be bound to discover, but there are other brands on the market, of bigger size and far better quality. - ianf ⌘
Thanks for the info ianf⌘, it is good to know that this wasn't truly representative of this new design. - Kevin J Hatton
Well, Leo's mouth-agape reaction was typical, representative of the initial awe one feels while riding a recumbent trike. It's like being in the fairground "radio cars" of the fifties. But he's quite mistaken that he is "very low to the ground." This is average height for such trikes, with eyes on the same level as in fast convertibles; there are competition trikes with 20 degree seat... more... - ianf ⌘
It is NOT too small for him and in fact was custom sized for him from the factory. He rides it daily and loves it. - Jeff Yonker
Jet Landing Do-Over - CollegeHumor video -
Jet Landing Do-Over - CollegeHumor video
wow, that was close - Fee501st from Bookmarklet
Sarah Lane
Watching "Deliverance" for the 1st time. This movie needs more dentistry.
have not seen it. - Mike Nencetti
You'll never hear banjo music the same way again... - Thomas from iPhone
Ned Beatty's finest hour. - Dave Friedel from Android
Indeed. ("Squeeeeee!") - George Brickner
Sarah Lane
Why is the Comedian in The Watchmen such a g-d horrible person? I'm confused by this whole movie. Also, too much slo-mo.
he got messed up by the Vietnam War. I think he was twisted to start off with but got worse during the war. - Richard South
Sarah Lane
Wait... Kathryn Bigelow used to be MARRIED to James Cameron? Ohhhhhh I get it now.
Yep - RAPatton from iPhone
Leo Laporte
Live now: Munchcast 71 with Cammy Blackstone: Pie! Discuss here....
I like pie. - Johnny
Tease: - Leo Laporte
John Fogerty – “Rhubarb Pie” - Leo Laporte
“Come Pie With Me” Soup Sales song - Leo Laporte
Anita Bryant – Fruit pie - Leo Laporte
frozen pie commercial who is that voice over? - Leo Laporte
100 best pie shops in US: - Leo Laporte
BTW, Jack Handey currently lives in Santa Fe New Mexico: - Jesse Stay
You can get cheesecake on a stick - Jesse Stay
Bebop-a-Rebop Rhubarb Pie - Q-tip
Leo Laporte
Live now: TWiT 229: Pooh Butter and Scented Candles with John C. Dvorak, Veronica Belmont, Ryan Block, Robert X. Cringely. Discuss here....
I want a paperback size clamshell with e-ink on one side and OLED color on the other (with the e-ink doubling as a touch sensitive keyboard) - Simon Bodger
How many Apple Newtons does it take to change a light bulb? Faux! - Q-tip
yay! SC mention :D - Heather Solos
Even better, Chucktown - Heather Solos
Here is the article Leo is referencing: - Q-tip
When did Bono become an authority on predicting the future? - Q-tip
The trend of services overtaking products has been the trend of the latter part of the decade. As an example, everything that's come out of Google, Squarespace, Citrix... Leo's sponsors. Products have been sparse, mostly smartphones and SFF PC's, and not necessarily more powerful PC's. - Q-tip from IM
Tease: The Google phone, the Apple tablet, and the future of tech. - Leo Laporte
great show today - Chris Heath
its pooh butter - jkm
yeah, some people even use peanut butter too, like leo thought at first - Chris Heath
Hi, I'm interested to know what app Leo used while he was talking about the Bono article - Dan Lavie
either safari or firefox... it was on the new york times ... here's the article again (q-tip posted above) but this version is printable, all on one page, so you don't have to keep clicking through the pages - Chris Heath
"I'll buy whatever Apple come out with" that about sums it up doesn't it? - jccalhoun
Sarah Lane
Sometimes I feel as though I'm getting away with something working at @currenttech. Today, for example.
Sarah Lane
The Web is Funny. Here's Proof! -
The Web is Funny. Here's Proof!
Nice web finds...:) - Thomas
There are 7 videos in all! Many thanks to @gregaronowitz for writing, directing & building all the props! #guildxmas
There are 7 videos in all! Many thanks to @gregaronowitz for writing, directing & building all the props! #guildxmas
hilarious!!! gift packaging with money ... i will try that this year! :-D - eightymusic
Yeah, that's selling out if ever I've don... seen it. Would someone get me a mai tai? Not the group! The drink, stupid! - Len Bullard
Those are awesome, but whats Eli doing there? - Fee501st
how is your christmas mine is good happy new years - dajah
Leo Laporte
Live now: MacBreak Weekly 172 with MacWorld Expo's Paul Kent, Andy Ihnatko and Alex Lindsay. Discuss here....
Tease: Steve Jobs loses one and wins one, Apple enters the TV biz, and a Macworld Expo preview... - Leo Laporte
Hello from Pasadena, CA, is Andy in town? - George Mag
I won my Fantasy Football League and I am considering buying a Motorola Droid today. I have an iPhone 3GS but I think the Verizon network is faster than AT&T on 3G. - George Mag
will it be a good thing or a bad thing that apple wont be at macworld? - Aaron
Macworld was always a fringe event, Apple is mainstream now and CES is a a mainstream event. - George Mag
Funny how they throw out the Red Carpet for TWiT now we are the biggest name at the conference ;) - Mark
I don't think MacWorld ever had a live feed except for Apple's Keynote, they made too exclusive. - George Mag
yeah but 99.9% of apps will not make the big money - Mark
why is this news that a small number of the millions of developers are making big money? its the same for all markets - Mark
The Killer App for Android has yet to reveal itself. - George Mag
Tap Tap Revenge also has in-game downloadable content that you pay for. I should know. :( - Seth
some PC indie developers make millions, some make pennies - Mark
What true for stocks is true for Apps, Pennies add up, its total transactions that count. - George Mag
yes but its running at 320x240 resolution - Mark
so 500mhz is plenty - Mark
I'm ready for the "death" of traditional TV. If a show isn't interactive in some way (ala TWiT) or topical (news, sports), there's no reason to stream it "live". All the standard dramas and sitcoms will go on-demand, per show, with "release dates". - Ken Sheppardson
And it looks like I totally missed the point. Again :-) - Parody
I'm not talking about some alternative to video, I'm just talking about the way the video is delivered. - Ken Sheppardson
Maybe every 15 minutes you could just say "For those of you who tuned in for the [15|30|60|...] minute version of MBW, thank you for joining us and see you next week"... then just keep going. - Ken Sheppardson
What to Choose: IMAX 3D versus RealD versus Dolby 3D for 3D Movies? - 3D Vision Blog -- - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, the only reason I don't like th Audible ads is since I joined, Andy has cost me a lot of money... Plus I am shopping for a new car in March... I have been looking at a Ford... GAH, GET OUT OF MY HEAD - Johnny
lol johnny.... you're "one of us... one of us... one of us" - Chris Heath
George Mag, have you used the TurnByTurn navigation on android 2.0? voice activated (like ford sync) with street view pictures (with hi-lighted arrows on the road where you need to turn) ... it's pretty killer... the phone itself costs as much as a tom-tom or garmin and you get way way more than those devices offer (for only a small monthly service charge) - Chris Heath
good show do u think we NEAD A APP SHOW - daveccorey
Did Leo find somebody to take his Mustang to CES? If not, I nominate Paul. - Hawklu
Sarah Lane
Cute behind the scenes TWiF of @martinsargent & me when I was still fat & had a driver's license by @brettthemonster:
Cute behind the scenes TWiF of @martinsargent & me when I was still fat & had a driver's license by @brettthemonster:
lol, that is awesome! - Fee501st
So what's the prognosis of getting back on the road or is it by choice? - Jude
Fat? I don't think so. - George Brickner
David Tennant News Updates: How David Tennant's Time Lord Saved Auntie -
sweeeeet - Carol
Felicia Day (The Guild) wins Best Female Actor in ... -
Felicia Day (The Guild) wins Best Female Actor in ...
Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane
Hmm so he loves peeing & his family, must be some interesting get togethers #wtf - sofarsoShawn
This is why I hate Twitter - Jesse Stay
lol, i think he really said that? did he? - Fee501st
I think she made it up, Fee :) - Thomas
Oh that Sarah! - Fee501st
LOLing @jesse what industry are you in again??? - sofarsoShawn
sofarsoShawn it's a love/hate relationship :-) - Jesse Stay
Things to stop Twittering about. - John (bird whisperer)
... - Mo Kargas
If one cannot pee, then one has a serious problem. - George Brickner
Yeah, the hyper cracked out guy with the, " Yeah I've spent the last two nights sleeping in a ditch look", he's probably hammered ALL the time - sofarsoShawn
I got to meet him in Mesa a few weeks ago. Actually a pretty decent guy. - Just another Bubba
He reminds me of my dog. - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
Oh with the jokes and the funny. - Brett Kelly
Excellent tweet. - Josh Haley
Mysterious Light Spiral Appears Over Norway [Mystery Spiral] -
wtf? - Fee501st
A failed Russian missile test. But still cool. - George Brickner
yea they admitted to it later! - Fee501st
Sarah Lane
City hall in Paris is giving SF the finger -
City hall in Paris is giving SF the finger
Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane
Just rode the bus next to the worst smelling person in my life. It was a woman & she was pounding vodka.
Yay! Someone else smells worse than me! THANK GOD FOR VODKA! - Pete D
Get out the mask. Peeee-ewwwwww! - Dave Friedel
Right now that woman may be posting on her friendfeed account: "sat next to a blonde girl on the bus and she stunk of body odour" - Mark from iPhone
Sarah Lane
Have an expired passport? Need to flee the country? You CAN get a new one issued in under 48 hours. Dress slutty & bring your checkbook.
I don't have a cheque book - Johnny
Doesn't that work for expediting just about anything? - Akiva
I was actually wondering this. My parents are going to Mexico next week but my passport is expired. If I needed to get there quickly, say if one of them was in the hospital or something, would I be able to get some kind of emergency passport issued? - Rochelle
Sarah Lane
How about no thanks I'd like to sleep again in my lifetime -
How about no thanks I'd like to sleep again in my lifetime
After what you've been through, the Shining can't be scary. - Dave Friedel
I thought the Shining was hilarious when I was younger (OK, except the old woman!), the woman who plays the wife just cannot act. However, I agree with echostreamer...that cinema is kinda creepy. - Amy
Wait, what's scary about the Shining? I thought it was a comedy... - Thomas
Sarah Lane
My neurologist has cleared Flight Sarah for takeoff. I'm going to Paris to eat croissants till I puke! Holy gruyere, life is grand.
Have Fun Sarah! - Fee501st
Ohh there's better than croissants in store for you :) - Mo Kargas
Sounds great while your there don't forget the cheese's and the wine's or the FrenchMen :) - Randy Nacol
Spring break, wooooo! - Andrew C (✔)
Bon voyage! French men = HOT. Jus' sayin' :) - Amy
Chat with @abbylaporte, before you go - David Eckard
Leo Laporte
Live now: This Week In Tech 223 with Jerry Pournelle, Paul @Thurrott, and Dwight @dSilverman. Discuss here...
Happy Birthday Leo! - Chris Heath
EDIT: You are crafty. Original: Leo, don't go with the Win7 surpassing OS X. See Paul's article: - Eric Geller
Leo, you're my hero! - J.D. Wegner
Tease: - Leo Laporte
Happy Birthday Leo!!!! - Pearletta Wilson
Happy Birthday Leo!!!! - david
Leo, we can't all fit in your suitcase for CES. - Eric Geller
Happy Birthday Leo it's cool that you're doing what you LOVE on your birthday! - John Brazel
Happy Birthday Leo! - Matt Pollari
Happy Birthday Leo! Congrats on another great year! - Sean
Happy Birthday Leo Thank you for all you do. - Jess Newcomb
Happy Birthday! - Johnny
That is the greatest Twitter quote ever, Jerry! - Johnny
Happy Birthday Leo! Gefeliciteerd! - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Great communicators are the most valuable thing - Johnny
Happy Birthday Leo! - Jim Bednarz
Happy birthday Leo !!! Greetings from Brazil! - Pedro Rodrigues from iPhone
Kindle in Canada is crippled version in that the web browser is useless - Greg
Happy Birthday Leo!! - Doug
You know what... now that I think about it... I WOULD be interested in when Jerry is having a sandwich... he's fascinating... - Johnny
very good point by Jerry - Jim Bednarz
Walmart in Canada has no competition - Greg
The only reason my parent's bought a PC is because they couldn't afford a Mac. Now that netbooks are cheap, they bought one of those. They wanted a computer, not a type of computer. - Johnny
I was just at Walmart looking at laptops for 30 mins and left without purchasing since no one asked me if I needed help and Walmart so called 2 day deal was the same price 10 days ago - Greg
Happy Birthday, Leo!! Enjoy yourself!! - Garmon Estes
I drove 45 minutes across Brisbane just to visit the Apple Store (only one in Queensland) - Johnny
The Office 2007 Professional Plus download (pre SP2) is 457 MB - Jim Bednarz
That's fine, but in return can we take out the amount of forced business sales out of the market share numbers? - Johnny
People still use ME and Windows 98. 'Normal' people use a computer because it works, not because it's the latest. - Johnny
happy birthday Leo God bless.............ZZZZZZZZZZZ - Pam Gwenzi
Adjusted for inflation? :P - Johnny
In Soviet Russia, Face pokes you! - Johnny
*cough*.. How much did Yahoo pay for Geocities... *cough* - Johnny
They can't sell overpriced drinks on-line - Johnny
I have a new business model... Selling tiny GPS trackers for Leo's stuff - Johnny
Thank you Jerry!!! What an immense pleasure to hear your commentary on the show this evening. - Jim Bednarz
Happy Birthday Leo! - Jayesh
Happy Birthday Leo! - David Schmidt
Jerry doesn't take to much time, everyone else just interrupts him :P - Johnny looks to be locked for non established users - i did add in a citation for the claimed download numbers (from 2006) so i'm sure it's even higher than 80,000 now - Chris Heath
Leo Laporte
Live now: The Tech Guy radio show 618 with Leo Laporte. At 3p Pacific, TWiT with Jerry Pournelle, Paul Thurrott, and Dwight Silverman. Discuss here...
buonasera, listening from Italy - FullSite
Leo, good news. Your answer to my radio call-in question last week (about my computer crashing) was dead-on. It was a logic board problem! And it didn't cost that much to replace. Thanks for the advice! - Eric Geller
I'm so happy, I don't even mind that my name was misspelled in the show notes for that day! :P - Eric Geller
Happy Birthday, Leo - Peter Costello
Who needs tech tv,we have twit network! :) - pcguru626
good 2 have u back on the air leo good show hi from georgia - daveccorey
leo,these kids a so dang rude. it's sad how they are acting. lol - pcguru626
Leo, I sent you a tweet with the link, but here is the Bill + Melinda Gates interview: - Eric Geller
Handbrake? I use that to convert from .TOD to H.264 - Johnny
Hey Leo is it alright if I give out the URLs for the direct TWiT video feeds (the Cachefly XML files) to people asking about video? - Eric Geller
Leo, your promo should be about figuring out all your Black Friday purchases. - Johnny
Leo. With time comes wisdom. In your case sir, time is just catching up :P - Johnny
Happy Birthday to the Mayor/King of the Interwebs! - SAL
SAL, actually the President --> Happy Birthday Mr. President! - Chris Heath
Happy Birthday, Leo! - J.D. Wegner
Right; and thanks Chris, mixed up my Heads of State... I live in a monarchy/blossoming right-wing state ... - SAL
lol - Chris Heath
Sarah Lane
Whenever I take walks in my hoodie w/ the letters TWiT across the chest, people glance at me like I might be crazy. They're the crazy ones.
If you don't watch TWiT programming -- especially TWiF with the lovely Sarah Lane -- you MUST be crazy. - Eric Geller
I know Sarah, I have one aslo and i get the same stares, i think there just jealous! - Fee501st
Sarah Lane
My family Thanksgiving: my mom & aunt are watching Dick in a Box on Hulu. We're just tight-knit like that.
nice I love a box - sofarsoShawn
Hope your turkey day was well... - Thomas
ROFL!!!!!!! - rowlikeagirl
Sarah Lane
Just to make my RT perfectly clear, @martinsargent & @molzy are getting married!! (If I'm not best man ima be pissed, srsly)
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