How many GTD / productivity blogs do you read regularly?
Lifehacker.com. That's it. - Eitan Burcat
I have 35 in Reader, but after reading the top 5 religiously, the others get an occasional skim on the weekend (most of the others rarely have a new post). - Todd Mundt
I subscribe to about 7 of them – I read every post from 3 of them, and the others get skimmed. - Chris T.
we need a list of all these great GTD / Productivity blogs...please! - Susan Beebe
Susan: http://hdbizblog.com/blog... (more than 400) + http://www.collegedegree.com/library... (the top 100) + http://imgriff.com/2008... (the german ones) - fst
great, thank you! (that was super fast!) - Susan Beebe
And here's another one: http://www.evancarmichael.com/Tools... - fst