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The Amazon crickets review still holds up.
updated my twitter bio
RT @xor: New draft @CopyrightOffice Compendium specifically calls out monkey selfies as uncopyrightable
RT @a0k: Has anyone ever been dumped via fax? Efficient. Impersonal. Retro. Businessy.
The Archers > Archer
Ask an economist what they think about gold standards
There should only be one federal prison and it should be in Northern IL. There.
RT @tomgara: The Egyptian government today urged the U.S. to show restraint in its treatment of protesters.
One of these is not like the others
40 maps that explain cartography
You can compliment your mailperson here:
May be because they mostly don’t carry guns. Danish police fired 46 aimed shots in 2013 in a much smaller country.
In addition to the standard complaints, telephones have terrible sound quality. 8 kHz is not enough.
RT @grisuy: And living with a cop was interesting, he most of all taught me not to trust them ever. To be on guard be safe & call him immediately
“The ‘beer summit’ is an actual thing that once happened in American politics.”
RT @AnonymousPress: Michael Brown, #Ferguson Victim Paid For His Rellos:
RT @mattyglesias: Wait: a guy who wanted Swisher Sweets also smoked pot sometimes — who knew?
Does someone else have the same key as you?
RT @idiot: Best-designed ampersand ever.
A surge of p-values between 0.040 and 0.049 in recent decades (but negative results are increasing rapidly too)
Are maps the new quiz?
RT @ryanjreilly: There has been a cop who has been great about deescalating interactions between media and other officers #Ferguson
RT @nytimes: Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times
you should all go eat at a mcdonald’s
RT @No_Cut_Card: they'll tear gas a crowd of people on international television before they release an incident report.
contre nous de la tyrannie
do you hear the people sing
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