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SQLite 3.8.7 alpha 50% faster than 3.7.17
RT @TheStalwart: Pre-emptive warning: Anyone who tweets that there's no such thing as a Nobel Prize in economics is unfollowed.
They could at least wait until the count is final before they walk back the promises.
RT @AndrewSparrow: MT @BBCNormanS: Sources say new powers for Scot parliament will be "extension of existing responsibilities" - not Devo Max #indyref > Uturn?
See you in 2032. Scotland forever!
No, Peter Hain, just abolish the House of Lords.
A lot of these Scottish place names you are making fun of exist in the US. Midlothian IL/MD/OK/TX/VA. Renfrew ID/MA/PA/SC.
Dumfries and Galloway about to report. Counting officer Alex Haswell.
14 people in Renfrewshire voted in favor of both answers.
Well done. Happy retirement Mr Jack! “@adamcarstens: God bless Bob Jack @StirlingCouncil
Inverclyde looks like a fun place
John Mundell
RT @StirlingCouncil: Stirling Council Area Counting Officer Bob Jack announces Stirling voter turnout #stirlingcount
I just called it here at the Montrose. #indyref
There is only one national result, made up from 32 totals.
It’s really weird that they first count the total number of ballots, and only then count yes/no.
70% no #bordersguesses “@scotborders: We are getting ready to declare turnout in the next few minutes.....#indyref”
RT @lordsutch: Ok, this thing's over. If Yes was going to win, Clackmannanshire almost certainly had to go Yes. #indyref
Elaine McPherson
96.4% “@StirlingCouncil: Total number of postal votes received was 10436 #stirlingcount
There’s going to be a dramatic reading of Bustle headlines #indyref
RT @dgcouncil: That's all the ballot boxes arrived safely #dumgalcount
75,170 registered “@TheMorayCouncil: All boxes now in and shortly to declare turnout percentage. It's high. Well done Moray”
RT @shaneferro: #IndyRefNYC HQ up and running in Brooklyn
RT @midgov: Polls have closed and the verification process has begun in Midlothian.
RT @texasinafrica: For the #indyref polls closing, my favorite Scottish nationalist song:
RT @scotborders: Polling places close at 10pm. If you're not in the queue you won't be able to vote. Not long to go now! #yourvotematters
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