None of the people at SBX dinner remembered the CDA blackout of 1996. #old
Ello got a share button
heading to queens ama
omg i would work anywhere that has an 8 second rule
This guy has 399 pending US patent applications with 115,000 claims. 14 full time examiners work on them.
Executive compensation as a first order capital structure problem
publishing amirite “@BrettLoGiurato: TOO MANY BOOKS”
I sat next to Torsten Sløk at a lunch last weekend, and he mentioned a BI article. A million SBX if you can guess which one.
When did we start using “reconcile” this way?
RT @ProfJeffJarvis: As we celebrate #brands who have served us this Veterans Day, don't forget brands who fell on hard times, like Lucky Strike and JC Penney
I revamped the MARKETREVERSAL hysteresis rules. Still not totally satisfied.
The Rents Are Too Damn Low
Remember when online banking involved Windows software and dialup?
10-year US B visas (and 5-year F) for Chinese citizens is a BFD.
RT @a_greenberg: Snowden's dog: Hero dog or traitor dog?
marriage with deceased wife’s sister
RT @brianstelter: Where the big cable company stocks are closing this afternoon... all down due to the president's statement
That Mischa Barton lookalike from Bunheads is on The Affair.
We have a stupid water bug trapped under a glass. When can we expect it to die?
More Americans Putting Off Marriage Until Ultimatum
RT @AFPceleb: Happy Birthday! .@LeoDiCaprio turns 40 today. Photo: @Robyn_Beck #AFP
RT @nick_bunker: Huge congrats to Robert Solow who'll be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom later this month.
RT @ejenk: #Millennials are the worst, except for all the other generations.
Wait James Risen and James Rosen are BOTH under pressure to testify about sources?
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