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RT @RealCarrotFacts: Happy easter: eat a carrot and remember today is the day Jensus come alive and rabits paint a egg
food banksters
RT @mattblaze: The fact that @hashbreaker can build bug-free crypto software doesn't mean that you can. He traded his soul to the devil for that ability.
RT @tomgara: The real message of Easter is that charities who give food to the hungry without asking too many questions are the true criminals.
I ticked off 7 out of 100 on this list! How Posh Are You Actually? via @TabathaLeggett
RT @gabriel_zucman: .@delong @arindube The problem with Hassett's argument is that as long as we have dynamic efficiency we'll have r>g, irresp. of elasticity
RT @ProfJeffJarvis: Easter was a great A/B test.
RT @catovitch: My cat has been writing for the Mail on Sunday. This is absolutely shameful.
“econ is basically a form of political advocacy, and that it's main value-add is to innoculate us against communism”
OH: @noisebridge is like the Park Slope Food Coop as a hackerspace
RT @BuffaloJimmyz: @guan @ezraklein Duh! April 20th. Get a clue. It's pot head day for the libs.
The farmer and the cowman should be friends
I believe in 4 out of 99 mysteries and unexplained phenomena! How Much Do You Believe In? via @KTHeaney @buzzfeed
RT @patientglacier: Pardon me sir, but is this cocaine conflict-free?
If this White House event didn’t exist, Thomas Piketty would have to invent it
RT @mattyglesias: Hate to ruin your Record Store Day, but CDs > vinyl:
“But is it going to be silly?” “All hats are silly!”
RT @nycsouthpaw: Yeah, a trial at an established federal court in the U.S. would have been so much worse than this fucking farce.
RT @price_laborecon: Greed, patents and the early American aviation industry. Good stuff. I will let you draw your own utopian lesson
I’m pretty sure the US Marshals carry guns when they do this. @allinwithchris
Doesn’t the federal government collect judgments with guns every single day? #inners
Watching last night’s Scandal. Would a paternity test be accurate in that circumstance?
Nej “@kristeligt: Obama udelukker Irans FN-ambassadør med ny lov”
Guys, we can get Lars Svensson to 10k. Follow @leosven!
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