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How Shakespeare sounded when originally performed [video]
Carefree New Yorker high-fives people trying to hail cabs [video]
Good morning from Oslo, Hotel Continental.
RT @jillzzy: @canva I am officially obsessed! Thank you @GuyKawasaki for coming to speak at #INBOUND14 and inspiring us by sharing your experiences.
.@jillzzy @canva It was my pleasure! Be send your Canva design to for our free book. #INBOUND14
3 hours of fun, fun, fun dissecting one of world’s largest squid [video]
Coyote call is eerily effective [video]
A brief history of, well, everything [video]
Enter the strange dream that is “Circle of Abstract Ritual” [video]
Hilarious iPhone 6 parody commercial [video]
What it looks like to skateboard at 80 mph [video]
How to kill any chance of having a life? Wear an iPad on your face
The “no one cares about your snapchat” song [video]
50 worst movies of all time [videos]
10 habits of excruciatingly boring people
How your crush looks when the love goggles come off [video]
The Insights Of An Ebola Doctor Who Became A Patient : Goats and Soda : NPR
Go big or go home: Best college tailgating traditions in the U.S. [infographic]
The cost of smartphones around the world [infographic]
5 DIY greenhouse designs to extend the growing season
Everything you wanted to know about Tarantulas (from the inside out) [infographic]
How to make a classic Sazerac cocktail [video]
Buckingham Palace guard busts a few moves for the crowd [video]
Russian vigilante throws trash back into litterbugs’ cars
How deodorant works [video]
Going back to my Norwegian roots. #Kawaselfie
13 squeaky clean fun facts about dishwashers
Carefree New Yorker high-fives people trying to hail cabs [video]
Butterfly lands on flutist mid-performance [video]
The 10 most (and least) expensive states In America -
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