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.@distribecology What I actually say is, "I won't write in LaTeX, it's needlessly hard."
RT @scottsimmie: Two friends and colleagues - @kdaubs and @rlautens are walking the entire Western Front. Great project.
Best place to take 45 people for dinner in downtown Toronto on a Monday night? Various dietary restrictions, some will have kids...
RT @wikileaks: US silently strips #NetNeutrality from global internet governance negotiations at #NetMundial (paragraph 12)
RT @davidfredman: Day1 of @swcarpentry: 25 biologists bash scripted data analysis, synced files with #git, and had 100 cups of coffee! #swcuib14
RT @swcarpentry: Mr. Biczo Was Right (or, why sprinting for the finish line doesn't work):
RT @swcarpentry: Import Lesson (or, one of the many reasons collaborative lesson development is hard):
RT @swcarpentry: Math Authoring Gap and MathUI:
RT @kissane: .@aworkinglibrary speaks my heart on this GitHub mess. Dead on.
Yay @jiffyclub ! Saves me again...
RT @richardtguy84: Trust is the most valuable asset in your organization. Once it's gone, it can take a generation to get it back (if you are still around).
RT @lexnederbragt: On my way to teach a @swcarpentry bootcamp (tomorrow and Thursday) at Uni. Bergen, Norway, with @karinlag and @davidfredman #swcuib14
.@cfbolz Sorry, ipython 2.0 - yes, Twitter autocorrected that.
Has anyone got Python's cryptography lib to install on Mac OS X 10.8.5 on top of python 2.0.0 and conda 3.4.2? If so, what's the magic?
RT @guzdial: I don’t believe it: Early STEM Education Will Lead to More Women in IT
RT @EllieClewlow: "What do we want kids to do with technology? (Pic) " via @quizbean #ELearning
RT @phylogenomics: And the Boy Scouts prove nothing has changed: still a discriminatory biased organization
Once again, Peter Higgins shows us how it's done:
.@peteskomoroch We want to do *all* the conferences :-)
I'd really like to work on but can't get Scrapy installed because cryptography because libffi because I'm giving up
RT @jacobian: Apparently GitLab offers free unlimited private repos: (and it’s FLOSS to boot).
RT @shanley: So. Today GitHub denies any wrongdoing and the co-founder makes explicit legal threats against anyone speaking up about what he did.
RT @DrClimate: New post on @authorea and the future of scientific writing (featuring @writelatex & @sharelatex also)
RT @mike_conley: Just assigned myself to a bug that is nearly half my age.
Rubin Carter had a life to be proud of.
Maddie made an Iron Woman mask
I can't get to know 500 people as individuals before making a decision about hiring/supervision: I need a sorting mechanism, however crude.
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