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RT @JackieKazil: Love the @swcarpentry class I am have been taking on improving my teaching approach. :-D
RT @JackieKazil: "every time I touch a computer I have wonder if I am bashing the etch a sketch on my head" -- @gvwilson
RT @swcarpentry: And if you're looking for a *great* editor and book producer, I can recommend @amyrbrown personally - give her a shout. [2/2]
RT @swcarpentry: Today was @amyrbrown's last day with @swcarpentry (until we talk her into coming back). Many thanks from all of us for everything! [1/2]
What to do with the multiple pounds of catalogs @RestoHardware sends unasked for: via @cwvhogue #shameful #waste
RT @mhoye: @dabeaz @gvwilson @RestoHardware The bit where they claimed doing it that way was _more_ environmentally friendly was really infuriating.
RT @lmeyerov: If you have WIPs on rethinking languages for people, PLATEAU cfp is in 2 weeks. Looking forward to great ideas!
Damn - apparently can't register .er domains. :-(
RT @yorchopolis: Not open access; not FLOSS; irrelevant research “@mfeathers: "Why many programmers don’t bother joining the ACM"”
RT @JackieKazil: It's here! @pycon 2015 has launched! YAY!
RT @STLTechTalk: CodeCast - Episode 19 - Functional programming with Jessica Kerr: via @YouTube
RT @STLTechTalk: CodeCast - Episode 19 - Functional programming with Jessica Kerr: via @YouTube
“@mhoye: Seriously, how do you people sleep at night?” cc @RestoHardware #shameful
“@mhoye: I just got 9 Restoration Hardware catalogs that I didn't ask for in the mail.” Us too - shameful waste. cc @RestoHardware
Is anyone I know part of the LibreOffice developer community? If so, please ping - I have questions. cc @libreoffice
Is there a free lookalike of the Herculanum font anywhere? Pointers would be welcome...
RT @ctitusbrown: About to give my Moore DDD finalist presentation - "Infrastructure for Data Intensive Biology"
RT @ethanwhite: Slides from my @MooreFound DDD Investigators Finalists Symposium "Bringing Data-Intensive Forecasting to Ecology"
RT @pzmyers: How out of touch can the Twitter CEO be? #askcostolo is an epic PR disaster for his company. They’ll have to spin hard to avoid answering.
RT @dabeazllc: Practical Python Programming. September 29-October 3, 2014. Chicago.
RT @dabeazllc: Advanced Python Mastery. October 20-24, 2014. Chicago.
RT @MozillaScience: 52 hours, 22+ cities, 10 countries. Highlights from last week's #mozsprint heard round the world. #openscience
Really hope functional programming finally takes off so I can skip over Javascript completely…
RT @delroth_: See, this is why women don't feel welcome on the internet. PM recvd by a female friend who works on Dolphin. Crazy.
Is there something like for dates & times? Or people's names? Please?
RT @sadieannel: Really @RestoHardware, did you need to send me *all* the trees?
RT @toastywaffle: Is there a putt-putt range in #Toronto? I wanna go, but only if it has spinning windmill obstacles, mystery tubes and colourful golf balls.
RT @sjackman: I'll be working on adding two Software Carpentry lessons on using #RStudio and #git. @mozillascience @swcarpentry
RT @billdoesphysics: A wild #mozsprint appears! New to Python: Django devs: py challenge:
RT @MozillaScience: Can't make it to one our our 18 #mozsprint sites tomorrow? Don't fret - here's how to join us virtually: #openscience
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