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RT @teabass: Build things with small reusable components and then just wire them all together with JavaScript. Real world outcome:
RT @AcademicsSay: What do we want: Open access. When do we want it: Immediately following forthcoming granting agency policy changes to require it.
Does your department publish stats on PhD completion times? Are they easy to find?
Haskell's "The Forest Unseen" really is great science/nature writing - ★★★★★
RT @swcarpentry: Want to help reorganize the WordPress site we use for instructor training Mail - thx
It *should* be easy to find out if any bookstores near U. Washington have Lopes' "Exercises in Programming Style", shouldn't it? *sigh*
Any recommendations on Acton's "Real Computing Made Real" ?
Any recommendations on Acton's "Real Computing Made Real" ?
Music to write talks by:
RT @liamdevlincasey: Toronto Public Health just released a massive, fascinating report about suicide in Toronto. #TOpoli
Does anyone I know have contacts at @3M ?
.@drlabratory is still the thinking I'm proudest of - wish I'd been able to get funding to pursue the ideas…
Thank you @Groupon for doing the right thing (even if it took a while):
RT @amyrbrown: My kid and her friends made a Remembrance Day memorial in Minecraft and I'm all melty.
RT @knewter: Loved this quote from "The Performance of Open Source Applications"
RT @NuclearPride: Be proud, #ansmeeting! LGBTQ+ and Allies gather tonight at 8pm at the tiki bar!
RT @jessitron: Any theory of causality in software (at a high level, architectural) has to be a sociological theory. Software comes out of people.
M'gawd, but @portagebaycafe is good… Please open in Toronto? Somewhere near Coxwell and Gerrard?
RT @grescoe: Exactly. Exactly. MT @modacitylife Brilliant depiction of sad state of walking in our cities. (via #2WalkAndCycle).
LaTeX is to Markdown as C++ is to C. cc @chrismentzel
Dammit: @judell keeps writing things that make me think.
RT @jiffyclub: The only way to make a D3 figure is to find it fully made, waiting for you in the wilderness after falling from some higher plane.
RT @FSEconf: Tom Zimmerman from MSR will give a talk on making data-driven decisions about software at #fse2014
OK, folks, money where your mouth is time:
RT @PBarmby: Feel like everyone else is doing super-amazingly-awesome stuff while you struggle just to keep your shoes tied? Me too. Hang in there, us.
RT @heatherpayne: Okay, brb. Gonna go marry this guy.
RT @gnome: Help the GNOME Foundation defend the GNOME trademark against Groupon! Please donate at
Dear Lazyweb: if 'antediluvian' means "before the flood", what fancy Latinate word means "before the Ice Age"?
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