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RT @timtomch: .@gvwilson live coding is a great way to see instructors screw up - intuitive way to showcase how to debug and improve code. #swcarpentry
RT @timtomch: Watching @gvwilson live code at the end of a #swcarpentry bootcamp is like a nerdy cross between stand up comedy and tightrope walking.
RT @DrLabRatOry: .@gvwilson is doing a live coding demo with messy data to end the @swcarpentry workshop at U of Toronto.
RT @jiffyclub: Blog post about testing with NumPy and Pandas: #pydata
RT @TonyFratto: I joke but this Scotland thing is nuts. I mean...imagine if Canada ever tried to secede from the U.S.
RT @swcarpentry: Building Better Teachers: feedback greatly appreciated
RT @kara_woo: returned to hotel to find my first pull request of @swcarpentry materials had been merged. IT IS LIKE I AM A REAL OPEN SCIENCE PERSON :D 2/2
RT @martin_hamilton: Software Sustainability Institute Fellowships - £3K awards for researchers to work with @SoftwareSaved @swcarpentry
RT @jsvine: CSV Fingerprint helps you visually verify your tabular data. Great idea from @vicapow:
Very little overlap between what I read about Ferguson on Twitter and what I hear about it on the CBC.
RT @guzdial: New NSF Solicitation to Revolutionize Whole Departments
Well, I *was* going to spend this week reviewing pull requests, but instead I'm apparently going to gargle up a lung. *sigh*
RT @MozillaScience: Big day for the Science Lab: Welcoming @abbycabs (lead developer) + @billdoesphysics (community manager) #openscience
RT @torontolibrary: Design and print your own novel, cookbook, family history and more at the library!
RT @mhoye: As of right now the NRA's twitter feed has mentioned Ferguson a grand total of zero times.
RT @swcarpentry: Conversations About Teaching:
RT @jduckles: September 1st I start a new role at OU as Director of Informatics & Innovation. A shared role between Libraries and IT, spreading awesome!
RT @scottsimmie: Was lucky enough to attend @FIAFarnborough airshow in the UK in July. Here's the possible future of #aviation #avgeek
Students learn more if they'll need to teach others:
First-rate tech support from @TekSavvy - Andrew, Jamie, and the rest of the crew were absolutely great. ★★★★
RT @mike_conley: Whoa, did you see this @gvwilson ? I can see this being useful for @swcarpentry :
Monday morning's plan: review and merge contributions to @swcarpentry. Friday evening's result: well, I read a lot of email this week…
Many thanks to @imapsync, who patiently helped me track down a mistake in how I was using his software - open source community at its best.
RT @guzdial: Moving From “CS for a Few” to “CS for All” to “CS For Each”
RT @brandon_rhodes: And the announcement is out—I am scheduled to take PyCon to Portland, Oregon, in 2016 and 2017 as conference chair!
RT @number_three: We're on! Follow the #edamame2014 course at @KelloggBioStn through our website: @ashley17061 @tracykteal
RT @FandaBear: Belated blog post on teaching @swcarpentry bootcamp @ESIPFed bootcamp.
RT @cpezaro: Posting unsubstantiated claims: socially acceptable. Asking for evidence: socially unacceptable. Leads to exclusion and derision. :(
RT @wilw: Hey Media? Maybe instead of sending cameras to Robin Williams’ house to be ghoulish, you could send cameras to #Ferguson to be journalists.
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