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RT @BerkeleyLab: Our 2-day #coding #bootcamp for women was a huge success. Thx @SWCarpentry and all that attended. #WomenInSTEM
RT @swcarpentry: Sage advice for our instructors and learners from an eight-year-old:
RT @CraigSilverman: !!! RT @jillianong: Wonderful piece of writing! 😬 RT @GilesKristian: Oh I like this. In The Times today.
RT @swcarpentry: Summarizing Our Instructors' Skills:
RT @guzdial: Guest Post: Report on a CS MOOC from a CS Lecturer
Does @gitlabhq support plugins (either installed like WordPress's or hosted like Facebook's)?
It's been a busy few days…
RT @cecilycarver: So far, the Software Carpentry class on how to teach programming has been worth the trip to Montreal on its own. #pycon2014
RT @cecilycarver: Few things are more satisfying than fixing bugs on a train. #bugsonatrain #thesequel
RT @kirstie_j: Decided that today's @CamTechWomen #CodeClub project is working through @swcarpentry tutorials on #git and @github
Just intro'd college students in Edmonton to Python hackers in Montreal who are extending their #ipython term project - how cool is that?
RT @rgrrl: #wiseswc quote from last night "potential just needs opportunity" #inspired
.@ctitusbrown Time for us to move to BitBucket?
RT @nrrrdcore: The film she is making is about the dearth of female programmers in tech. GitHub is not mentioned by name in my interview.
RT @nrrrdcore: Also relevant, GitHub's PR firm threatened to blackball a documentary film maker unless she removed me entirely from her film.
RT @nrrrdcore: that GH is using my personal life and relationships as justification for the workplace harassment and hostile environment I experienced.
RT @nrrrdcore: After speaking with GitHub's "investigator" yesterday, a few things have been made very clear to me, the most harmful being...
RT @DrEricHoskins: Great news: Ontario is officially off coal! Coal is no longer used to generate electricity anywhere in Ontario. Enjoy your cleaner air.
OH: "…which autocorrects to 'mini lurker pony'."
RT @lsblakk: Wrote a 3604 word blog post about today's @swcarpentry workshop
RT @amyrbrown: I'm so glad it's going well! <3 RT @rgrrl: #wiseswc dinner, amazing women!
RT @dtrapezoid: On version control and @github @ #wiseswc "THIS IS AMAZING!"
RT @aatishb: How to lie with data visualization Surely this must be 1 of the most misleading figures ever!
RT @jessitron: OH: "It's called less because it's funny, because it's a successor to more." "I hate programmer humor." #wiseswc
RT @choldgraf: "coding is way more fun when you do it with other people" #wiseswc
RT @jessitron: @silentbicycle @swcarpentry Unix was around before usability testing was a thing.
RT @katyhuff: An excellent group of women learning the shell with Suzanne Kiihne! #wiseswc
RT @choldgraf: Your install instructions seem to get better and better, @swcarpentry. Only small troubleshooting needed this time!
RT @jessitron: "I'm not sure I've ever been in front of a group of women this big, in my life." @katyhuff #wiseswc
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