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My little sister, Allie, turns 16 today. Regal her with memories of stuff you did when you were 16.
I would, but she's not old enough. - Gabe
I went to Washington DC for the first time and got to climb to the very top of the Capitol building. I also learned how to change in my car while driving. I endorse the first one, not the second. - Jennifer Dittrich
One of the key mistakes made in parenting, is forgetting that you were a child once too.
Yes, I frequently forget that you were a child once. - Gabe
same can be applied to "teacher - student" relationship, too - Özkan Altuner
What do you like/hate abou your smart phone. I'm thinking about getting one.
Looking for some free or inexpensive computer games for my 2 year old. I want to sit her on my lap and show her how to use the mouse - so I'm thinking non-time based games would be best.
Dora? - Gabe
The Dora games on Nick Jr's website are really small in size. So there's a lot of other stuff on the page for her to accidentally click on a take her away from the page with the game. A larger window or full screen option would be better. - Maggie
Researching a playmat/gym for my 1 month old. Who knew there were some many to choose from.
I'm actually amazed at how many only come with a couple toys that don't even rattle! - Maggie
It's 90 degrees on the first floor of my house. Quick, eat the chocolate before it melts!
I'm working on it! - Gabe
The joys of cluster feeding.....
Have you, or ever known anyone who, joined the mile high club?
Does having sex in Denver count? - Gabe
This just seems to be more of an urban myth than any sort of truth... - Maggie
BTDT - Laura Norvig from iPod
Had the last ultrasound today. Baby boy is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I wonder how this bodes for attempting a VBAC
We're looking at getting a wagon for Hazel's birthday. It looks like Radio Flyer and Step 2 are the brands available. Does anyone have any recommendations/connotations for either brand?
A rant about maternity pants -
$25 off of a purchase of $50 or more
For - Maggie
When your child is 22 months old, how do you tell people her age? Is it 22 months, a year and a half, almost two, she'll be two in April, etc.... ?
22 months. I know this from all my experience of telling people how old my kids are - Becca
Arvada Police defend arrest of 11-year-old over stick figure drawing -
Lesson: Teach your children to never talk to police without the presence of a lawyer. - Gabe
For the last week, my husband has been obsessed with making as many words as he can from the letters in "chocolate candy bar"
I think he's almost up to 900 or so. Maybe we can help him break 1000... :) - Maggie
I think every time this baby kicks my lungs and/or bladder I should be allowed to kick my husband.... ;P
When getting a donut at your place of work, do you start eating right away or wait to get back to your desk before diving in?
I would save it to bring home to my spouse. - Gabe
OMG, my husband is watching Glee!
I was editing hockey photos while the TV was on. Glee just happened to be on after the Super Bowl. - Gabe
And it wasn't even the Rocky Horror ep! - Becca
Thinking about making beef stew. What veggies do you put in yours?
Yukon gold potatoes! - Gabe
I like potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsnips. - Clare Dibble
When your spouse is out of town, do you sleep in the middle of the bed or stay on your side?
I use her pillow and half "her" space - WarLord
I stay on my side. - April Buchheit
I sleep more in the middle. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
my side but hug her pillow. - Big Joe Silence
Over the course of the night, I slowly creep more and more diagonal. Sometimes I wake up laying horizontally across the top of the bed. - Maggie
People who put things all on the same layer in autocad should be drawn and quartered!
Is "drawn and quartered" some sort of CAD pun? - Gabe
Lenore Skenazy: The reality is, violent crime against children is down, way down - Pasadena Star-News -
"According to FBI statistics, there is NOT an "increasing amount of criminal activity directed against children of all ages." There is, in fact, a stunning DECREASE of criminal activity against children - and adults." - Maggie
I don't know how you can trust anyone who names her son "Izzy Skenazy". - Gabe
If my baby was born today, he would have at least a 10% chance of survival. That will increase by about 3% everyday until January 29th when the chance of survival goes to at least 80%.
It seems like a silly milestone to celebrate - but it's a rather important one in my book! - Maggie
Makes sense to me - Steve C Team Marina
You could say it as "my fetus is now viable", but maybe it just doesn't have that zing. - Gabe
There's nothing quite like the sounds of construction while you are trying to work. Espcially the sound of an industrial drill that reminds you of the dentist's office!
YouTube - Sesame Street - I Don't Want To Live On The Moon -
YouTube - Sesame Street - I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
Watching Sesame Street with my Pumpkin - Maggie from Bookmarklet
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