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Hollywood Amanda

Hollywood Amanda

Insane & Explicit: Professional journalist. Thirst for knowledge & establishing communication. Tech savvy.
#Wednesday -- Good morning, #friends. I cannot believe that I'm saying this, by no means do I wish to jinx myself, but I feel *good* this morning. In comparison to the debilitating #pain I physically (and emotionally) go through each morning. To the Lord I am appreciative. (not to offend anyone's religion).
→ Charlie and I had a wonderful #talk last night. I am so thankful that I have a man who also values open and #honest communication as I do. Typical, to *normal* #relationships we both exchanged time to speak of our day; he inquired and I asked too about his. -- He wanted to view my #website and expressed to me how proud he was of what I did and that I should give myself a pat on the back instead of being *down* on my productiveness. - Hollywood Amanda
...In regards to the #Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge, beginning May 5, 2010, he was even more encouraging to me and loved the idea. I am so #thankful for him, for #Renee, and for my peers/coworkers// #friends whom I have #online for supporting my unique idea; again if you wish to have more information on this #environmental challenge please go to (also feel free to join the #Facebook page). - Hollywood Amanda
→ I also inquired with a *list* of people, who I consider as third parties as they know nothing of my #stalker, regarding the way I choose to #word some things on my personal social media blog (or other methods). My question "do you consider it an act of bragging when I state my employment position and/or status"? -- Twenty-five people, twenty-five answers, twenty-five *no's*. - Hollywood Amanda
Good morning! glad to hear you are feeling good! I'm finally recovering from a nasty cold, and 14 hour work days. Need to find some easier work! my frozen shoulders have been hurting like hell. - Robert Ayling
→ Hello, hello Robert!!! I was wondering about you Sir, I am so glad that you are recovering from your cold as those can be dreadful. Allergies are the problem here, with counts in the 8,000 to 9,000 range (due to everything budding at once linked to the winter). I'm so glad to hear you finally obtained employment, I know how hellish that was for you hon. My best wishes, perhaps the work days will shorten with time? - Hollywood Amanda
...New hires, as you know, are always required to prove themselves and their ability. My fingers are crossed that your day's get shorter and close to normal and also that your shoulders will cease hurting. Frozen? - Hollywood Amanda
→ From the looks of it, today is going to be a wonderful day. Peaceful too. - Hollywood Amanda
→ I woke up feeling good, not even three hours later tears stream from my eyes. Life, at times it's too hard and I cannot help but to think why does it seem like I'm *cursed*. My baby is sick, Ruby Doobie. She's very ill and has an #appointment with the #vet when he comes in at 4.I cannot help but hurt, thinking that my baby hurts and that this time the #possibility is that she may have something seriously #wrong with her and that it could be very #serious. - Hollywood Amanda
...I cannot stop crying, I just don't want to face the facts Dr. Baily may tell me she has a serious illness that may or may not be able to be treated quickly. I want to take her in *now* but there is no one at the office as they are all out doing livestock calls. I'm really #scared. - Hollywood Amanda
...I mentioned that I thought she was sick and was told that they had said that it was seasonal allergy related; I don't think it is. Today is the first day that I've noticed a change, a major one. It's hurt me so bad that I don't think I can take her, I don't think I can hear that she may have something serious wrong with her; he's going to take her and wants me to keep calling. I may... more... - Hollywood Amanda
...For those who pray, please please please say a prayer for Ruby's health to be okay and for nothing serious to be wrong with her. Please. - Hollywood Amanda
→ Sigh. I just found a picture of exactly what I am seeing in my queen bee and it lists nine causes (some are simple to treat such as allergies which I was told) and others are dreadfully serious. It's called #Blepharitis. Please pray or think the best. I'm very upset so much so that he insisted to stop in on his lunch break to see if I was okay and if Ruby was okay. - Hollywood Amanda
...He insisted I also get my mind off from this as I am getting myself too #upset, but I'm sure you can understand she's my baby! This is a bacterial infection and it can be caused by a number of blood disorders also. They are all very serious, so that's my reason to worry. However, I have to wait; I cannot diagnose her myself as I am not a vet but i can write all of this down for the vet I see. To help my baby. - Hollywood Amanda
→ I'll update this as soon as we come from the vet, or do a new thread (possibility is good if serious). Which will be this afternoon. Right now, she is acting very great and she's running around normality outside. I am so upset that I'm having trouble even posting or concentrating on my work. I'm glad he's coming home in 25 minutes to check in on the situation. - Hollywood Amanda
→ We took her to the vet office, however they are not in the office until 3pm-6pm. She did really good in the car, usually gets sick but this time she was very active and looking around alert. I just don't understand why her eyes have this alarming blue cloudiness to them both. - Hollywood Amanda
→ Please #pray for us, we're going back to the vet; I'm thankful that I'm not going alone as I told him earlier, I don't think I can handle it, at all, when they tell me the outcome.. I know there is something wrong.. They also told us earlier, there was something #wrong due to her eyes. -- Please pray. - Hollywood Amanda
You and your canine friend are in my thoughts, Amanda :) - Renee Hendricks
Creep by Stone Temple Pilots -
Stone Temple Pilots – Core
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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium
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Johnny Cash – American V: A Hundred Highways
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Rucka Rucka Ali – Go Cops (Radio Single)
Love The Way You Lie (Part II) by Rihanna -
Rihanna – Loud (Explicit)
My Dark Place Alone by Murderdolls -
Murderdolls – Women And Children Last
Umbrella (Single Version) by Marie Digby -
On My Own by Three Days Grace -
Three Days Grace – One-X
Love The Way You Lie by Eminem -
Eminem – Recovery (Explicit)
What I've Done (Acoustic) by Marie Digby -
And So It Goes (Demo) by Billy Joel -
Billy Joel – My Lives
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