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Michael Habib

Michael Habib

I am a Product Manager for where I focus on streamlining the scholarly literature research workflow.
RT @mrgunn: I don't often wear ties, but when I do...
RT @vivianchan_s: RT @dancow: A Wikipedia editor makes a pretty factual addition to @MarioGoetze's entry
RT @jeffjarvis: Excellent @fredwilson post on platform monopolies: My comment:
RT @Scopus: Want to learn about who is behind #Scopus? Check out our blog posts on the Product Team:
RT @Scopus: Researchers: I'm soliciting ideas for #Scopus blog. What topics/areas do you want to hear more about? Let us know! |
RT @Scopus: Librarians: I'm soliciting ideas for #Scopus blog: What topics/areas do you want to hear more about? Anything goes!
RT @wilbanks: Google runs pricing study on personal data. 4.5€/month/person. Crap deal for privacy if you ask me.
RT @UCLAsel: Is citation and abstracting database Scopus important to your work? Tell UC about it.
RT @UncgSesPhd: UNCG library moves from web of science to scopus
RT @researchinfo: PeerJ attracts new investment - Research Information
RT @alicejmeadows: @CHORUSaccess is looking for a business development manager - know anyone who's interested?
RT @MattAndersonUT: The Morality Of A/B Testing by @JoshConstine
RT @jenniferlin15: No better way to commemorate great #openscience pioneer J-CBradley than Open Notebook Science wkshp. July14 Cambridge
RT @mrgunn: All Metrics are Wrong, Some Are Useful: Great post by @PeterKraker @OKFN #altmetrics
#altmetrics: scholarly activity, scholarly commentary, social activity, mass media in new 2nd ed. of Recipe Book
RT @euroCRIS_Org: See for 2nd edition of Recipe Book including details in CERIFication
RT @LisaColledge1: New Snowball Metrics Recipe Book is available at - 24 recipes, and contributions from UK, US, ANZ and euroCRIS
RT @ryneches: Officially relaunching my blog, now with Erlenmeyer, a tool for scinetific blogging :
RT @TAC_NISO: Hurray for #NISO Happy birthday to us!! #hbdniso #alaac14
RT @lucindarush: Altmetrics = my new favorite thing! #alaac14
RT @BooksMel: Great talks by @altmetric, @TAC_NISO & @herrison @ #alaac14 - "Alternative metrics are no longer alternative."
RT @Scopus: What does #Altmetric track? Attention from broad range of data sources including policy docs @portablebrain #alaac14
RT @Scopus: @MikeTaylor: #altmetrics isn't one thing, attempts to make it about one thing will fail #alaac14
RT @BooksMel: #altmetrics panel in Elsevier booth #717 - SRO at #alaac14 ! Feat. @TAC_NISO & @herrison
RT @Scopus: #altmetrics panel Elsevier booth 717 about to begin #alaac14 . Come join the discussion!
RT @ElsevierLabs: Labs Mike Taylor @herrison on Measuring Usage and Assessing Impact at NISO/BISG Changing Standards Landscape #alaac14
RT @Ammy: The ScienceDirect team is looking for a (sr) Product Manager in London or Amsterdam to join the team
Beyond Bibliometrics | The MIT Press
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