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Clicking ‘Like’ can cancel your right to sue a company -
General Mills might be the first company to rig its legal terms to ensure that interacting with it in just about any way online - downloading or printing a coupon, visiting its website, or getting its email newsletter - means you can't sue it. - Hacker News
Michaels/Aaron Brothers Breaches Compromised 3 Million Records -
The post Michaels/Aaron Brothers Breaches Compromised 3 Million Records appeared first on The State of Security. - Hacker News
Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader hacked – it’s the iPhone 5s all over again! -
The Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner can be fooled with wood glue, just like Apple's "Touch ID" sensor in the iPhone 5s. So why are both Apple and Samsung touting fingerprint scanners as more secure than passwords? - Hacker News
Increase Maximum Run Time in ConfigMgr for a Successful KB2919355 Deployment -
Reports have started rolling in where the update will not install successfully in organizations using System Center Configuration Manager. read more - Hacker News
3 Million Customer Credit, Debit Cards Stolen in Michaels, Aaron Brothers Breaches -
Nationwide arts and crafts chain Michaels Stores Inc. said today that two separate, eight-month-long security breaches at its stores last year may have exposed as many as 3 million customer credit and debit cards. - Hacker News
Use PowerShell to Send Email -
Use the Send-MailMessage cmdlet to easily send email from PowerShell via your SMTP server. Content Classification:  Influencer read more - Hacker News
Avoiding The Next Heartbleed – LinkedIn Publish -
Avoiding The Next Heartbleed  How should companies learn from Heartbleed to be better prepared for the next major security event?Full story Coat... - Hacker News
Does America Want a Technology Revolution? -
The American public is excited about the future of technology, but it's also worried about the growing pains that may be necessary to reach that future, according to a new survey. That survey, published April 17 by the Pew Research Center, took the outlook of 1,001 American adults from a wide demographic pool to provide a picture of how the nation feels about technology today. Titled U.S. View of Technology and the Future: Science in the next 50 years, the survey was conducted for use in the May issue of Smithsonian magazine, which will look at the interplay between popular science fiction and actual developments in science. A majority of those surveyed said they believe technology will improve society over the next 50 years. About 59 percent were optimistic about technological advancements, while 30 percent said they think the changes from technology will make life worse for people. Pew Senior Researcher Aaron Smith shared with Government Technology some of what the survey's key... - Hacker News
The “Heartbleed Bug” 101 -
The “Heartbleed Bug” 101 - Hacker News
Heartbleed: Joy and Joanna discuss how HP Security Products stopped the bleeding -
Join Joy Forsythe, HP Security Research; and Joanna Burkey, HP TippingPoint DVLabs, as they discuss the Heartbleed bug and how HP Fortify and HP TippingPoint were able to quickly protect customers. - Hacker News
Stop the Bleeding: How Enterprises Can Address the Heartbleed Bug -
By now, you’ve likely heard about the recently discovered Heartbleed bug. At its simplest, this bug allows cyber criminals to exploit a flaw in technology that encrypts sensitive information, making all types of communications sent over an “HTTPS” connection, including emails and online credit card payments, as easy for them to read as this sentence. [...] - Hacker News
Remediating Heartbleed with Next-Generation Trust Protection -
Heartbleed Impact The Heartbleed vulnerability unequivocally demonstrates the impact a single vulnerability has on all organizations when keys and certificates are exposed. Cyber-criminals have unfettered access to the keys and certificates on vulnera... - Hacker News
Nice article on the Tails stateless operating system. I use it. Initially I would boot my regular computer with Tails on a USB stick, but I went out and bought a remaindered computer from Best Buy for $250 and now use that. - Hacker News
Security industry staffing—the high turnover rate, and how HP is bucking the trend -
A recent study by the Ponemon Institute showed that IT Security departments are understaffed and at risk. See how HP stands up to these numbers. - Hacker News
Heartbleed Check Added to ZULU -
Many of you already regularly use ZULU, our free service for analyzing any URL to determine it's overall risk and we've just made it better by adding a 'heartbleed' check.  ZULU operates by applying a variety of checks to the content, URL and host fo... - Hacker News
The “Heartbleed Bug” 101 -
The "Heartbleed Bug" 101 - Hacker News
Trustwave Analysis of the April 2014 Oracle CPU for Databases -
The 17th of April fell this week, which means it is Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) time. The April 2014 CPU contains 104 fixes across Oracle’s Database, Fusion Middleware, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, iLearning, Oracle and Sun Systems Product Suite, MySQL, Oracle Linux and Virtualization and Oracle Java. Read on for more information about what's included in this month's update. Eighty-four of the fixes in this Critical Patch Update are for vulnerabilities that are remotely exploitable without authentication. In other words, anybody on the network can exploit these vulnerabilities. Seven products have fixes for vulnerabilities that allow for a complete... - Hacker News
Heartbleed: Wake-up call for Two-Factor Authentication -
Symantec VIP would have dramatically reduced the threat of Heartbleed. If you’re still just relying on passwords, it’s time to wake up. Read more... - Hacker News
Joy of Tech™, Are You Saved? -
via the sarcastic genius of @Nitrozac and @Snaggy at The Joy of Tech™ ✭ - Hacker News
M-Trends on the Importance of Rapid Detection and Response -
Every year I look forward to reading the new M-Trends Report. It’s a powerful summary of the lessons Mandiant learns from conducting incident response engagements for global clients. The report describes what our teams see in the field. It does not attempt to provide a statistically significant representation of the global population of incident response activity. Read the rest - Hacker News
Bugcrowd Campaigns for OpenSSL Code Audit in Wake of Heartbleed -
The post Bugcrowd Campaigns for OpenSSL Code Audit in Wake of Heartbleed appeared first on The State of Security. - Hacker News
Organizations Remain Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attacks -
The post Organizations Remain Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attacks appeared first on The State of Security. - Hacker News
Malware Detection Technique Spots Abnormal System Calls -
The post Malware Detection Technique Spots Abnormal System Calls appeared first on The State of Security. - Hacker News
Canadian teenager is first to be arrrested for Heartbleed bug attack -
A 19-year-old teenager in London, Ontario, Canada has become the first criminal to be arrested for exploiting the ‘Heartbleed’ bug to steal information - in this case, private information on Canadian taxpayers. The post Canadian teenager is first to be arrrested for Heartbleed bug attack appeared first on We Live Security. - Hacker News
Well wrought screed, by Sean Leach, on CircleID, asking the questions so many of us ask daily, to wit: Is... - Hacker News
Privacy in the Age of Ubiquitous Computer Vision -
With Google Glass, cell phone cameras, hidden cameras, and ever cheaper surveillance cameras, can there truly be user privacy? With Google Glass and facial recognition apps, tagging people can happen at full walking speed, without a pause or possibility of the action being recognized. Is there any parallel in other realms? At one point, a car with an expired registration would only get exposed when it was pulled over for a ticket. When license plate recognition (LPR) cameras came out, however, a car couldn't hide anymore. Police cars equipped with LPR cameras could cruise down the highway at… - Hacker News
Taking Ownership of a File or Folder from the Command Line -
With the Takeown.exe command-line tool, administrators can take ownership of a file or folder. Content Classification:  Influencer read more - Hacker News
State Legislatures Grappling with Biometrics Use in Schools -
Biometric technology has embedded itself into the security protocols of both public- and private-sector organizations worldwide. But while the efficiency benefits gained from using fingerprint and iris scans can be u... - Hacker News
Block Computer from Connecting to Non-Domain Network -
Use Group Policy to stop machines from connecting to non-domain networks if they're already connected to a corporate network. Content Classification:  Influencer read more - Hacker News
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