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Vuln Hunt: Find the Security Vulnerability Challenge #1 -
Whether it’s a riddle, puzzle, or detective mystery novel, most of us like to solve a good brain teaser. As security and program experts, these types of conundrums keep us on our toes. During the next few weeks, I’ll share some of my favorites, and see if you can find the security vulnerability. For this first one, let’s take a look at authenticated encryption. Two points are possible for solving … Read more » - Hacker News
Security Infrastructure: Infrastructure Protection -
With today's emphasis on information collection, processing, and usage, Nearly every organization today has to collect, process, and use data for its daily activities, strategic planning, and administration. Considering how heavily dependent organizations are on their information infrastructures, protecting that infrastructure is critical. As much as we would like to, the systems cannot just be locked away behind thick walls because employees need to be able to generate, store, and transmit data. And that data must be secured against unwanted intruders. Depending on the organization, the… - Hacker News
Vuln Hunt: Find the Security Vulnerability Challenge #1 -
APWG Global Phishing Survey report for 1H 2014 is a must read -
Colleagues and good friends Greg Aaron and Rod Rasmussen have published the APWG Global Phishing Survey report for 1H 2014. Greg and Rod do a deep dive into phishing data and provide one of the best assessments of phishing activity you can find. Commenting on this most recent survey, Greg explains that "It’s chock-full of information about what phishers were up to in the first half of this year, and includes key statistics about the number of attacks, uptimes, server hacking, and more. " Some of the important findings: Apple became the world’s most-phished brand. The introduction of new top-level... - Hacker News
Diamonds Are the Firewall Administrator’s Best Friend -
Following on from his recent Security Management 201 video which provides some key tips to help you easily define, simplify and enforce network segmentation and security zoning, Professor Wool has now produced a new video on how to structure your security policy in a segmented network. Read more on Diamonds Are the Firewall Administrator’s Best Friend… The post Diamonds Are the Firewall Administrator’s Best Friend appeared first on Security Management at the Speed of Business - AlgoSec Blog. - Hacker News
Keeping safe: Assure Threat Defence -
When it comes to your security, we’re serious. When vulnerabilities like Heartbleed or, more recently, Shellshock, hit the headlines, it highlights the paramount importance of cyber protection. The Shellshock bug, for example, has potentially compromised millions of computers — and the full extent of the damage isn’t even known yet. Events like this are why […] - Hacker News
Introducing Cloudlets: Value-Added Applications in the Public Cloud -
Remember Saved by the Bell? You know, Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, Screech and the gang from the early 90's Saturday morning TV show? Mindlessly flipping through the late night channels, I landed on the episode in which Lisa Turtle (Lark... - Hacker News
Focus. In today's ever-changing IT security landscape, focused execution is critical. Copyright © 1996-2013 Juniper Networks, Inc.     All rights reserved                                                                                      Update preferences - Hacker News
US Top Cop Decries Encryption, Demands Backdoors -
CSAM: My Storage Array SSHs Outbound!, (Thu, Oct 2nd) -
Kuddos to Matthew for paying attention to egress traffic. We keep emphasizing how important it is ...(more)... - Hacker News
THP Hacker Bio: Neil Jansen -
Hackers Using Shellshock To Sneak Into NAS Systems -
Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014: Scary False Positives, (Thu, Oct 2nd) -
To "celebrate" cyber security awareness month, we decided to focus on "scary false positives" dur ...(more)... - Hacker News
Security Bug In Xen May Have Exposed Amazon, Other Cloud Services -
NoSQL SSJI Authentication Bypass -
Following my previous post on SSJI (Server Side JavaScript Injection), I received many questions requesting more details and techniques on how applications that use a big data back end may be vulnerable and If I... - Hacker News
Malicious Security—Can You Trust Your Security Technology? -
In my previous post, I discussed the first three steps of four showing how a typical trust-based attack can be broken up into the following: 1) theft of the key, 2) use of the key, 3) exfiltration of data, and 4) expansion of its foothold on the networ... - Hacker News
Germany Warns Google on Privacy Violations -
A stern finger wag usually does the trick In the latest in a series of setbacks in Europe, Google was ordered this week by Germany to stop "profiling" users in that country. According to a German regulatory agen... - Hacker News
Protect VM with Azure Site Recovery with large OS Volume -
Understand OS volume limitations in Azure and how they affect disaster recovery. read more - Hacker News
Why email puts your business data at risk, and what to do about it -
In spite of the abundant availability of enterprise software designed to help businesses be more productive, cost-effective, and security conscious, most businesses today still rely on email as their... Go on to the site to read the full article - Hacker News
Low Tech Solutions for High Tech Security Challenges -
As this is the start of Cyber Security Awareness Month, I think it’s appropriate for us to think about the security characteristics of the heart of our organizations – Our people. Over the last several years an increase in data breaches has forced many organizations to take a hard look at their overall security strategy and investments. Part of the challenge is determining where to sprinkle the investments made. For example, traditional anti-virus software while still very important is clearly […] The post Low Tech Solutions for High Tech Security Challenges appeared first on Data Security Blog | Vormetric. - Hacker News
System Center Technical Preview Retires Some Features and Products -
When testing the Technical Preview of System Center, it's important to understand the features and products that no longer exist, and which features don't yet work. read more - Hacker News
Making the Move Towards Continuous Monitoring -
Last week’s shellshock vulnerability alert sent IT organizations around the world scrambling to scan their environments, patching servers at a fever pitch to keep attackers out. Just days earlier, The Home Depot, the United States largest home improvement retailer, disclosed a massive data breach with over 50 million customers … The post Making the Move Towards Continuous Monitoring appeared first on Alert Logic. - Hacker News
Memories of Microsoft IT’s 7-node mega-Exchange 2003 cluster -
Depending on your taste and the topic under discussion, nostalgia can be either mind-bendingly boring or terrifically interesting. A few weeks ago, I was shooting the breeze with a friend about some of the old Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) events that we had attended and our attention focused on some of the EMEA events that happened at the Acropolis in Nice, France. Tony Redmond's Exchange Unwashed read more - Hacker News
Outlook’s POP E-mail Occasionally Can’t Send -
Fix the problem where Outlook can't send POP email There have been times when I’ve been traveling and I’ve been unable to send email to the POP email account that I have in Outlook 2010. Fixing the problem is easy as changing the port settings. read more - Hacker News
Windows Intune Gets Its Own Microsoft Blog -
Microsoft has rolled out a new blog focusing entirely on Windows Intune. read more - Hacker News
Interpreting the NSS Labs Next-Gen Firewall Results -
NSS Labs shocked industry analysts last week by giving a “caution” rating to Palo Alto Networks’ Next Gen Firewall. What happened to cause such a dramatic change in their ranking? NSS Labs, leading advisors in the information security market, releas... - Hacker News
Shellshock – Picking up the Pieces -
4.1 million. That’s the number of news items, blogs, webpages, reports, and opinion articles related to the recently discovered ‘Shellshock’ (Bash) vulnerability that were matched via a quick Google search for ‘Shellshock bash bug’ this morning. There’s no denying that this vulnerability is Continue Reading → - Hacker News
Six Actions Cybercitizens can take as part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (#NCSAM) -
The National Cyber Security Awareness Month (OCT 1-31) organized in joint participation between the public sector partners and the US Government is an opportunity for citizens to better understand  cyber security risks, cyber ethics and to own the... - Hacker News
The NSA’s Private Cloud -
The NSA is building a private cloud with its own security features: As a result, the agency can now track every instance of every individual accessing what is in some cases a single word or name in a file. This includes when it arrived, who can access... - Hacker News
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