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Hacker claims to have jailbroken PlayStation 4 to play pirated games, and upset Sony -
Hacker claims to have jailbroken PlayStation 4 to play pirated games, and upset Sony
Wherever you stand on the debate of whether people should be able to jailbreak their home entertainment devices, one thing is for sure. Hackers really don't like Sony. - Hacker News
Latinoware 2014 – Eu vou! -
Em outubro, Foz do Iguaçu será, mais uma vez, a sede da Conferência Latino-Americana de Software Livre – Latinoware 2014. Cerca de 4.000 pessoas, entre estudantes, profissionais e especialistas da áreas, são esperadas para a décima primeira edição do evento, que será realizada entre os dias 15 e 17 de outubro, no Parque Tecnológico Itaipu (PTI), […] - Hacker News
+Zoe Goodacre’s latest #100witf awesomesauce -
+Zoe Goodacre's latest #100witf  awesomesauce  Zoe Goodacre originally shared: Pseudonym as an insult? Privacy as a crime? One of my possible alternative futures for @Forbes #netappvoice  View full size (1024x768) - Hacker News
+Zoe Goodacre's latest #100witf awesomesauce -
How to stop Logstash from auto-starting on boot -
If you have installed Logstash from the deb package like me, you will notice that both logstash (agent) and logstash-web start themselves on boot under the logstash user. The usual removal/disabling via update-rc.d doesn’t work in this case. To stop both of them from auto-starting you’ll have to edit the files located at: /etc/init/logstash.conf and /etc/logstash/logstash-web.conf. … Continue reading » The post How to stop Logstash from auto-starting on boot appeared first on BruteForce Lab's Blog. - Hacker News
Friday Squid Blogging: Build a Squid -
An interactive animation from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered. - Hacker News
A Sysmas Carol – singing the praises of sysadmins everywhere! -
Ever felt as though there should be a song for system administrators? Like a Sysmas Carol, perhaps, celebrating the 0x0C days of Sysmas? Well, here it is! - Hacker News
Associate an Organizational Azure Active Directory with a Windows Azure Subscription -
Find out how to link an organizational Azure Active Directory with your Windows Azure subscription. read more - Hacker News
Socrata’s Open Data Network: A Hub to Connect the Public and Private Sectors -
In San Francisco, open data is no appetizer. It’s what’s for dinner. It’s this sentiment that’s prompted the city to participate in an open data network announced last week by So... - Hacker News
Upcoming Event | ISMG Fraud Summit, London, Sept. 23 -
From account takeover, to payment card fraud and the emerging mobile threatscape, the ISMG Fraud Summit series is where thought-leaders meet to exchange insights on today’s top schemes and the technology solutions designed to stop them. Register here. Event Details:ISMG Fraud SummitSeptember 23, 2014London Marriott HotelGrosvenor SquareLondon - Hacker News
Upcoming Event | FSISAC Fall Summit, Washington, D.C., Oct. 13-16 -
Keynote speaker Theresa Payton, cybersecurity authority and identity theft expert, former White House CIO, candidly equips audiences with far-reaching lessons on how to protect the growing millions who use the Internet daily, as well as the organizations who are on the front lines of fending off rapidly evolving, infrastructure-crippling cyberattacks. Register here. Event Details:FSISAC Fall […] - Hacker News
Study Finds Googlebot Imposters Are Third Most Common DDoS Attackers -
The post Study Finds Googlebot Imposters Are Third Most Common DDoS Attackers appeared first on The State of Security. - Hacker News
ESET video on avoiding tech support scams -
An addition to the ESET WeLiveSecurity page on the topic of support scams that has nothing to do with me – yes, it does happen occasionally – is a video called How to avoid tech support scams. Added to the tech support scam resource page on this site, as ever. David Harley ESET Senior Research Fellow - Hacker News
HP TippingPoint DVLabs–Step into the time machine -
4 years ago, HP TippingPoint DVLabs was awarded their first Frost and Sullivan Leadership in Vulnerability Research award. And we've won every year since. Jump back in time with us, to see just have we did it! - Hacker News
Service Drains Competitors’ Online Ad Budget -
The longer one lurks in the Internet underground, the more difficult it becomes to ignore the harsh reality that for nearly every legitimate online business there is a cybercrime-oriented anti-business. Case in point: Today's post looks at a popular service that helps crooked online marketers exhaust the Google AdWords budgets of their competitors. - Hacker News
Upcoming Event | Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop, Aug. 25th -
PhishLabs senior threat researcher Paul Black will give a talk, “Software Similarity in Banking Malware,” at the Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop on August 25. Register for the event here.  Event Information:The workshop aims to share technical advances in the field of malware analysis, including static analysis, behavioural analysis and recent findings in malware internals. Event […] - Hacker News
Boosting SMB Information Security -
Today, I published my thoughts in The Business Journals regarding how Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) can boost their information security: - Hacker News
Enterprise security: What’s new for the week of July 21st 2014 -
It’s time for this week’s enterprise security information! Here’s what new in Security Intelligence & Zero-Day Coverage for HP TippingPoint for the week of July 21st. - Hacker News
Data breach – European bank’s info “held to ransom” -
The European Central Bank has revealed that information including email addresses and contact data has leaked in a data breach - and that the unknown attackers demanded “financial compensation” from the bank in return for not releasing the information, according to the BBC’s report. The post Data breach – European bank’s info “held to ransom” appeared first on We Live Security. - Hacker News
via the erudite sarcasm of Randall Munroe, at XKCD. - Hacker News
Firstly, this vulnerability is not related to the Oracle database or the Oracle Company in any way. In cryptography, an ‘oracle’ is a system that performs cryptographic actions by taking... Go on to the site to read the full article - Hacker News
Sony offers games as part of $15m Playstation Network breach settlement -
Sony has offered gamers digital goods as part of a $15m settlement in the 2011 PlayStation Network (PSN) data breach case. - Hacker News
Well scrivened piece, detailing the motivations, and demotivators, as it were, of the late, great Barnaby Michael Douglas Jack (22 November 1977 – 25 July 2013). At the end of his life, he was certainly one of the world's most highly respected security professionals. A year on, we say, again, Requiescat in Pace , Barns. - Hacker News
VerAfied Feature – Security: the ugly secret at the heart of #eventtech? -
This blog post was originally published by GenieConnect at GenieConnect joined the ranks of our VerAfied secure software directory in June of this year using our static binary analysis service. We’re excited to see and supportive of GenieConnect’s decision to make the security of their software and users, a priority. If you’re short of […] - Hacker News
Fonix Mobile – Mobile & Billing System Security in Amazon Web Services (AWS) -
While Alert Logic has been working with companies in Europe for years, with the opening of our new office in the United Kingdom, we’re meeting and working with … The post Fonix Mobile – Mobile & Billing System Security in Amazon Web Services (AWS) appeared first on Alert Logic. - Hacker News
VerAfied Feature – Security: the ugly secret at the heart of #eventtech? -
Robust Security Intelligence: How Different Security Infrastructures Measure Up -
What constitutes good security infrastructure? Ask a member of a security vendor's sales team, and he might hand you an order book with all the boxes checked. Ask a consultant, and her solution might focus on an extended hand-holding engagement. Ask a member of a country's cybersecurity emergency response team (CERT), and he will talk about national infrastructure and public-private partnerships. The reality is that good infrastructure is the best security you can afford that reduces risk. While this may sound a bit flippant, it is steeped in reality. International and National Infrastructure… - Hacker News
Building a Legal Botnet in the Cloud -
Two researchers have built a botnet using free anonymous accounts. They only collected 1,000 accounts, but there's no reason this can't scale to much larger numbers. - Hacker News
Banks Face Sophisticated Attacks, Hacker Attempts Blackmail, WSJ Breached and more | TWIC – July 25, 2014 -
Each week, the PhishLabs team posts The Week in Cybercrime (TWIC) to recap noteworthy cybercrime articles and reports (open source). Malware Bypasses 2-Factor Authentication (Bank Info Security) A sophisticated spear-phishing and malware campaign, dubbed Operation Emmental, bypasses the Android-based two-factor authentication systems used at 34 banks. Customers of financial services firms in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Japan have been targeted. The attacks are characterized by volume and sophistication, including localized spam, non-persistent malware, rogue DNS servers and more. Personal Bank Accounts in Jeopardy from Multi-Pronged Cyber-Attack (Tripwire) Researchers discovered a new, highly sophisticated attack hitting Swiss bank customers, both online and via Android devices, that is capable of compromising systems, intercepting SMS tokens, poisoning DNS settings and manipulating SSL. The Trojan, known as “Retefe,” uses a combination of attack vectors, including classic... - Hacker News
Side note- we are aware of the site issues and are working hard on them. There were major changes to the platform we use, and it conflicts with our high-security setup. I think we should have it fixed soon, and we apologize. That’s what we get for having a non-DevOps-y legacy site. Right now it is 68 degrees Fahrenheit here in Boulder, with an expected high of 89. A little toasty. It’s 92 in Phoenix, with an expected high of 109. Yesterday they hit 115, breaking the record. A little helly. Stupid humans and global warming. We are down to the last five days of our month in Boulder. Staring down 110+ degree temperatures isn’t doing much to improve my enthusiasm about heading home. Then again, I’ll only be home for one night before I head off to nine days in Vegas for Black Hat and DEF CON. I think it might be 1-2 degrees cooler there than Phoenix, so I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. The end of a trip, especially an extended one, is always a melancholy time. I didn’t accomplish... - Hacker News
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